Sunbathing Ch. 01


I rolled over onto my stomach. The hot summer sun was beating down upon my naked flesh, leaving it tingling with sweet sensations. The ground beneath the blanket unyielding as my tits pushed into it. Turning my dark head I could not help but admire the young beauty laying beside me. She too was naked. Her blonde curls lay beneath her head, shimmering in the kiss of sunlight. Her youthful features were so perfect and pure. Her eyes were closed. I smiled at my daughter then continued to explore her body with my eyes.

Stephanie was home from college for the summer and we had spent many summers just like this. laying out in the sun together, naked in our back yard. We were both very comfortable with our bodies. I let my eyes follow the curve of her throat so slender and smooth. I lingered as they landed on her pert breasts. They were not big by any means but pert little mounds tipped with the lightest of pink nipples that rose and fell as she breathed so peacefully.

I traveled over her sunken belly , the flesh tanned and shimmering beneath the sheen of oil melted by the sun. I sucked in a deep breath as I gazed now upon her mound dusted with light blonde curls. So perfect. Her thighs toned and tanned as well. Long legs that seemed to go on forever, shapely as if made only to wrap around a mans humping ass as He fucked her.

Something made me lift my eyes to her face. She was awake, watching me. I smiled and so did she. “Mom, will you put oil on my back please” As she rolled over giving me a lovely view of her backside.

Pushing upwards I kelt beside her. People had always commented on how different mother and daughter were. I poured the hot oil into my palm , bringing them both together, caressing then reaching out to slide my touch over her back. I smiled seeing how her skin quivered from my touch. Stephanie moaned.

Leaning over her my ripe breasts fell forward, I had always been endowed well and the nipples that peaked my tits were a dark coral. My dark curls fell over smooth shoulders to tease over Steph’s back. It was obvious that I was much older than my daughter, but my body had been kept in sleek shape over the years and still when I walked down the street with Steph younger men would cat call and holler at us both.

My hands slid down to the small of her back. Fingers splaying wide then stroking inwards until the tips teased over the swell of her pert ass. My fingers found each globe of her ass, kneading. I wasn’t aware of just how much pleasure I was finding until she moaned. “Mom, that hurts!” Laughing I pulled my touch from her ass leaning towards her legs I polished them well with the oil. My exploring eyes noting how her pink pussy peeped out between her thighs.

Forcing myself away from her I lay back atop the blanket beside her, this time my tits lifted upwards to greet the soothing rays of sunshine. I pulled my sleek thighs apart in a feeble attempt to ease the aching in my cunt. My breath came a bit faster. I had done this with my child for many years and it never seemed to be like it was today. What was wrong with me? She is my daughter after all. I shook my head in disgust! Forcing my eyes closed I could envision my fingers exploring her blonde pussy. Teasing between those pink wet lips.

Just as I was about to go inside Stephanie spoke. “Mom, while I was in school I met a girl”. I settled back down and listened. We had always had a very open relationship, sharing everything. I knew Steph needed to talk. “I’m listening baby girl” Steph’s voice was low and soft as she began to talk. ” It was different with this girl, her name is Tara, we hit it off great from the beginning. We have all the same classes together and not long after she moved into my dorm room with me.” I nodded and reached out to stroke her golden strands in an attempt to soothe her. Steph lifted upwards on her arms and turned to look at me. “Mom, we sleep in the same bed, together, naked” I watched her cheeks flush and I have to admit that I was a bit taken back as the realization of what I was hearing came clear. I softened my features and drew Steph into my warm embrace, our tits touching, caressing.

Steph was crying now, mumbling about how I was ashamed of her and how she was sorry. I lifted her face to mine now and looked directly at her. “Baby, I am your mother, I love you, no matter what. You are beautiful. Let me ask you this. Are you happy?”

Steph swiped at her tears and laid her head on my thigh as I sat up and crossed my ankles, my cunt open to her. “I am Mom. I like men. I need men in my life, but I love when Tara and I touch. It is different but it is so exciting too.”

I stroked my daughter’s cheek lovingly. “Then that is canlı bahis all that matters baby. That you are happy”

We remained as we were for a bit, the sun soothing both of our naked bodies. Our minds whirling, full of our own thoughts. I continued to stroke her sweet cheek. I was startled when I felt something brush against my dark cunt. I looked down and was shocked to see her slender finger just lightly teasing over the curls. Immediately my eyes went to her face. Her eyes were open but a different look was mirrored there. Was it lust or desire I seen upon her features? I did not stop her but opened my thighs even wider. I knew she could smell my arousal as my cunt lips parted a bit more and the tip of her finger slid easily into my wetness. It felt good. I knew I should stop her but I wanted this badly. I had to wonder how long I had harbored thoughts of fucking my daughter. It didn’t matter now. I was going to live for the moment.

I could not help but moan as her delicate finger slipped inside my wet tight walls. I let my head fall backwards. I heard her moan and suddenly I was eager to taste her lips. My daughter has traits that she inherited from her Father. She is much bolder than I would ever be. I noted this as she shifted and I felt myself being pushed backwards on the blanket. Her head hovered over my splayed pussy now. My eyes locked upon hers as she looked to me. I was seeing for the first time a new face of my daughter. Heated desire now replaced her features. Could it really be true? Was this really happening?

I cried out, feeling her breath tickle over my dark hairy mound. God I wanted this. I lifted my hips and trembled suddenly feeling her mouth push against them. It was raw sheer heaven. The pleasure seeped quickly through me and soon I was rocking into my baby girls face while she fed from her mom’s cunt. I writhed and tossed until she pushed me to the limits. Screaming as I yielded to the release to which she had taken me. My come squirted into her sweet mouth. As I lay there panting for breath, I became aware of her sliding up my naked body, I could only respond and soon our lips were mashing together. I could taste my cunt on her lips. Our tongues hungrily tangled together. Mother and daughter lay there, naked, lustfully bound together in our back yard savoring the newfound desire of incest.

I knew that we would not be bothered for many hours to come. Opening my eyes the sun was dropping lower, it must be late afternoon. I had plenty of time to explore my sexy daughter. Pushing aside the little voice that kept reminding me this was my child I focused on the desires she had awakened. Gently I rolled atop her, my tits teasing against hers, our nipples hard. Sitting up I gazed down upon this perfect creation. When I spoke my voice was hoarse. “Mom is going to explore you baby girl, tell me what you like and don’t like”

I reached out a trembling hand and found how firm her tiny breasts were. The mound fit perfect in my palm. Her flesh was so soft. My other hand went to one of my larger tits. Each hand mimicking the other as the fingers found nipples, one light pink, one dark coral. Steph arched and offered me her tits. “God yes Mom, that feels good” her voice breathless. I smiled then leaned over until I could suckle the other nipple into my wet mouth. I wondered if mine felt this same way when a man was nursing from them. The pink bud was pulsating in my mouth. My lips suckling in her flesh, taking in her entire nipple and nursing. I felt a tightening in my belly, my cunt contracting. Lifting my lips, a string of saliva connecting her glistening nipple and my lips. Slowly breaking that string with the tip of my flicking tongue. The summer heat melted our bodies together as I shifted and moved between her sleek thighs. He body was so perfect. The soft pads of my fingertips brush along the flesh, so hot, and slick. I struggled to not rush myself. Steph shifted and opened her legs even wider.

My hands slid to her thighs and pushed her legs upwards. Hissing softly watching her pink cunt part. “Yes baby girl, so fucking beautiful, do You want Mom to touch you there baby? Will it feel good?” My fingers had moved to her mons, the curls so course, wet with her need, the flesh beneath silken soft.

She cried out. “Oh god yes Mom, fuck me please. I need you!” The response of her body and her cries was all I needed to let loose my inner animal that ached to savagely fuck my daughter.

The tip of my finger now probed between her cunt lips, so slick and hot. I felt her clit, she yelped and bucked into my touch. Teasing it , flicking my touch quickly over it until her hips locked upwards in pleasure. Her moans and cries music to my ears. bahis siteleri Slowly sliding my finger into her walls. Oh god, so wet and tight she was, I could feel her muscles milking it. Wiggling it she cried out louder. I could tell she liked it. I knew I loved to be finger fucked. Panting I began to plow my finger in and out of her juicy fuck hole, pushing in deep then pulling out. Her hips met each of my thrusts. “Mom, oh Mom, god yes, Mom fuck yes. ohhhhhhhhhhh” Steph cried out. I wanted to watch her cum. It was important for me to make her come. I slid yet another finger into her sweet blonde snatch, twisting and pushing in and out. My daughter’s motions become savage in her desire, the velvety walls spasming, then she cried out. As she did I dipped my head low, pulling open her juicy pussy lips, my own found her clit. My teeth nipped the pulsating bud as my fingers continued to plow hard and fast, demanding the sweet bitch’s release. I felt her shudder and tense then I began to taste the salty sweet nectar. My own cunt clamped tightly and I was afraid I was going to cum again as I tasted for the first time another woman’s cum, but not just another woman, my daughter’s cum. I fed eagerly of her snatch until I felt her collapse.

Reluctantly I pulled my lips away and licked along her belly. So pleased as she struggled to capture her breath. Cooing softly to her, “That’s it baby girl, be mom’s hot bitch, you taste wonderful.. Mmmmm Mommy is gonna fuck you like never you have been fucked today”

Her cunt was everything I had dreamed of and more. I pushed her thighs wider then dipped my head into her come filled cunt. She struggled a bit. “Mom, oh god please, My pussy is filled with come Mom. This is so wrong!” I heard her voice and i pulled my face from her cunt and smiled at her.

“Does it feel wrong baby girl” I pushed my fingers once more into her wet depths and she writhed then gasped.

“No Mom, god no it feels fucking wonderful, don’t stop.” I laughed and slowly continued to explore her cunt with my fingers, my free hand pulled open puffy lips so my eyes could feast on her pink pussy. The blonde dusted curls of her pubic hair wet now from my mouth. Mmmmmm her clit so perfect. A tight bud of throbbing sex, slick. I reached out to slide the pad of my finger over it. I know how I would react to it and was not disappointed in the least when her hips lurched upwards. Seems my daughter too liked her clit stroked.

I began to slide my fingers from her tight snatch to coat her puckered asshole with her cum. Just looking at it made my cunt throb. Puckered so tightly, I wondered if she had ever felt a touch here. She would grind into my finger as it swept over the nasty little hole, which encouraged me to continue. I put pressure on her hip and she rolled over on her stomach. My hands found her ass cheeks and I pushed upwards until she was on her knees. Her face buried in the blankets. “Do you like this my bitch daughter in heat? huh.?” I cooed, “You like mom touching your nasty asshole?” As I spoke I continued to smear it with her cum. Once it was slick enough I began to push against the tight ring. Steph screamed and I eased up. Knowing well how it feels, understanding that about now she was anticipating pain and struggling to fight against it, I had to know if her ass was virginal “Steph, baby girl. Tell Mom, has anyone ever played in your asshole?”

She moaned loudly…”Oh god no Mom, nooooooo” I moaned. I wanted to be the first to use her ass, suddenly it was so very important to me. Leaning down then biting into her ass cheek, pushing my fingers into her cunt and growling low.

“Baby, you know mom wants to fuck your ass don’t you? It feels good. Mom loves it when mine is fucked. You are gonna let me do it aren’t you? My palm slammed into her ass check just then.

She screamed…” Fucccck yes yessssss please mommy oh god pleaseee.”

“Shhhhhhhhhh baby.” I whispered, stroking her body I needed to take her into the house, to my bedroom where my strap on was. Not only did I want to fuck her ass with my fingers, and my mouth, I wanted to slide that cock deep into her tight unused canal and mark her as my first conquest. Taking her hand we moved from the back yard into the house. My own legs trembled as we climbed the stairs to my bedroom and as we entered I pulled her to me, our lips mingling. feeding, exploring. Her hand lifted to pinch and tug at my nipples. Fuck I was hot.

Putting Steph into the same position she was in outside on my bed I paused to stroke her puckered asshole again, making it wet. My finger pushed inwards and I heard her cry out. I could not help that I found some satisfaction that it hurt her and it was bahis şirketleri intensified because I knew just what my daughter was feeling at that moment. I continued to push until the tight rim swallowed the tip of my tiny finger. I wanted to ram it deep and plow in and out raping her tight ass hard but I held back. She needed to be opened slowly. I did not want to harm her. My free hand found and cupped her cunt then began stroking her clit. Both hands working in alternate motion. Steph rocked and shuddered, her cries were hoarse and ragged. My own pants and moans mingled with hers. Her ass hole relaxed a bit and yielded allowing my finger access to her depths. It was time. Pulling away from her I slipped off the bed.

Digging into my drawer I dug out my strap on. It was a new experience for me. I had never used it like this before but now, now I would soon be taking my baby daughters tight ass. My cunt spasmed and I gasped afraid I would begin to piss cum down my thighs right there. Thrusting my hips forward as I watched the cock move, I tightened the straps a bit, making sure it was secure. I couldn’t wait to watch it penetrate her asshole.

My slight weight on the bed as I moved up behind my daughter. Her little ass was absolutely perfect and when I dug my fingers into each cheek I was pleased to see my imprint there. Steph spoke haltingly “Mom? Mom? What are you doing? Ohhh, I have never felt like this, I am so fucking horny. You drive me wild,” I smiled and once more my fingers found her cunt. Teasing in and out then stroking her cum juices on the rubber cock.

“Mom is going fuck you now baby bitch. Yessssss that is right. First, I am going to slide this dick into your cunt, like this.” I positioned the cock to her cunt lips then slowly began to thrust my ass inwards. Amazed to watch that tight snatch devour the cock. Pulling out then thrusting back in. Steph moaned and panted. I was also panting now. I was just so beautiful to watch the dick disappear into her wet snatch. It glistened as I pulled out and placed the bulbous head to the darkened pucker of her ass. “MMMMm you liked that didn’t you cunt? So did I… now…” growling deeply in my throat.” I am going to fuck your asshole. You want it don’t you?”

Steph was lost now in the lust and passions and could only moan and nod her head buried in the silken sheets of my bed. With my hand I held the cock. I had selected a thinner one so as to not hurt her this first time. Slowly I pushed forward. Watching the tight ring stretch as it opened for the head wrapping around it so slowly it took all I had to not shove in deep. Steph’s cries were clearly pain now and for a moment I was afraid I would not be able to continue. I did not want to hurt her. I cooed softly, assuring her that it would turn into the most intense pleasure she will ever experience. “Just breathe slow and deep baby, feel it? Relax and let mom fuck you deep.” I moved slowly and soon I could tell Steph was relaxing. The pleasure now perhaps was beginning to tease the edges of the pain. The cock head now pushed slowly inside her asshole. It was opening nicely and I dipped my finger into my own cunt, and stroked the stretched ring making it even wetter, lubing her well. Biting into my lip I pushed a bit harder and with a shuddering gasp Steph leaned back into the cock. Her tight ass swallowed it deeply.

She cried out and sobbed and I heard myself ask if she wanted to stop. “Yes, no, yes, oh god it hurts, fuck don’t stop, ” She sounded like me. My fingers dug into her hips as I balanced myself then slowly began to pull the dick from her ass. Knowing how she was feeling simply driving me mad and knowing I was doing it to her only enhancing it. I found a tempo now and slowly began to increase it until the cock was driving in and out of her ass, my thighs slapping into her ass cheeks. Steph was screaming and sobbing wildly now and just then she stiffened. I watched her rectum tighten around the dick and she rocked into the cock and came, her body writhing around the fucking dildo.

It was too much. She was so beautiful. My hand flew to my cunt and stroking it quickly I too pissed sweet come from my dark snatch. Drained, I pulled the dick from my daughter’s puckered, but now used asshole. Collapsing close to her and pulling her into my arms, we lay there for a long time, catching our breaths and taking in the enormity of what we had just done.

Our breathing slowly our bodies relaxing we both must of drifted off to sleep. Held fast in each other’s arms. A new bond formed between mother and daughter. As I awoke and felt Steph shift a bit in my arms I thought of what had happened. I had no regrets and only an enormous hunger to continue exploring with my daughter. I hoped that she would not be embarrassed or ashamed. I knew that when she awoke we would talk and share our feelings. Closing my eyes I pulled Steph closer into me and fell back to sleep.

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