Sunday Sessions


Miley rummaged through her purse as she moved up the line at the coffee shop. She didn’t usually haunt this particular establishment, but her regular place had a line out the door and she was in a hurry this lovely June morning. As she retrieved her credit card from the depths of her purse, she turned her attention to the barista working the counter. She froze for just a second as a wave of recognition swept through her brain.

“Hi, uhmmm…a large half caffe latte to go, please.”

Without looking up the tall broad-shouldered young man tapped the screen in front of him as Miley racked her brain. As he raised his eyes to hers, it hit her.

“That will be four fifty, ma’am,” he said with a polite smile.

“Alex? Alex Brown?” she asked now with some certainty. It was him – it had to be him. A broad grin washed over her face, but there was uncertainty in his smile.

She had babysat Alex years ago. She’d have to do the math, but it had to be, what, six years? Maybe seven? Alex and his family had been neighbors when Miley’s parents still lived in town. That summer between her sophomore and junior years in college had been filled with odd jobs of all sorts, including baby-sitting gigs when they meshed into her haphazard work schedule. Alex had probably been around 11 or 12 at the time and had two younger siblings a few years behind him.

In any case, she never forgot a face, and this was sure as shooting Alex Brown – and now a grown young man.

Alex looked at Miley with a quizzical face, trying to place her himself. Good Lord, he was a good looking young man now. His blond hair was disheveled in that perfect way – long wisps of hair hanging over his ears. His pale blue eyes sparkled and anchored the chiseled face of a boy entering adulthood. He stood several inches over six feet and his rumpled shirt had the top three buttons deliciously undone. He had a lanky frame and large smooth hands. Miley was smitten in a matter of seconds.

“Miley. Miley Corcoran,” she stated with some authority. “I used to babysit you and your sisters back in the dark ages.” His eyes crinkled with a huge grin of his own as her name jogged his memory.

“Miley? Yes! Wow! Of course. How are you?”

As they completed their transaction and Alex passed her order down the line they chatted briefly. Miley was able to garner that Alex had just graduated high school and was headed off to college in September. He was working the summer and saving money for the fall. A short line had formed behind Miley, so their conversation was truncated by the pressure to keep moving.

Quickly Miley grabbed a pen from her purse and wrote down her number on a small white napkin.

“Alex, this conversation was too short. I’d love to catch up. Give me a call.” She couldn’t believe she’d just done that, but she had. She waved good-bye to him as she moved down the counter to pick up her coffee and he nodded with a smile as he folded the napkin and put it in his shirt pocket.

“I will. Thanks,” he replied, before turning his attention to the next customer.

Miley waited a few minutes and grabbed her coffee as it was finally slid across the counter to her. As she put a plastic lid on top she glanced back at Alex once more, but he was focused on the customers, as he should have been. From this angle she could see the way his jeans hung on his hips and the perfect proportion of his long lean profile. She smiled and left the coffee shop.

As the day progressed Alex slipped from her mind and she turned her focus to her work – her career. Miley had never expected to return to Burlington after leaving for college at 18. She’d always thought she’d end up in the big city. Her parents had moved to Florida while she was in graduate school and her older brother was firmly ensconced on the west coast.

So while there was no family connection to return to, a job offer at a very exciting high tech start-up in Burlington lured her back in a weird twist of fate. She’d taken the job with some trepidation, but the risk had been worth it. Her company was setting up to be acquired in the next year or so and she was sitting on stock options that stood to be worth quite a bit of money.

She’d always loved her home town and smiled at the irony of having returned to her roots with all the options available to her upon finishing graduate school. But she loved the vibe of Burlington and the proximity to so much natural beauty. It had turned out to be a good decision.

She was 27 now and living the single life. Her work schedule didn’t leave as much time for her social life as she would have liked, but she’d been enjoying dating when time allowed and playing the field. She was close enough to the big city to keep life interesting, but far enough out to avoid the intense hubbub of urban living. She still had many friends around the northeast – including a few with benefits – and never wanted for male companionship. She’d even started dating a few older men in the past year or so and was enjoying exploring new horizons escort bostancı – sexually and otherwise.

Miley was particularly proud of the small condo she now owned out in the Orchards – a development perfect for millennials and up. It was south of town and overlooked Lake Champlain and the Adirondacks in the distance. Her parents had helped her with the down payment – perhaps a move borne of guilt as they moved out of town just as she moved home. But their generosity had been put to good use and she was paying her mortgage, working her way up the company ladder, and feeling quite pleased with herself.

Life was good.


As Alex was undressing that night he checked his pockets and found the small folded napkin with Miley’s number. He smiled to himself.

He vaguely remembered Miley from the past. As a strapping handsome young man he’d gotten more than his share of propositions working in the coffee shop – from women of all shapes, sizes and ages. He figured it was just part of the scene. He usually crumpled up the business card or hastily written phone number and threw them in the trash and never gave them another thought.

But it wasn’t often someone as stunningly beautiful as Miley crossed his path. He looked at the number scrawled in blue felt pen as he pondered what to do. He’d recognized Miley’s face once she’d said her name, but his specific memory of her was hazy at best. He and his sisters had had so many sitters over the years.

But that was then; this was now. And a very pretty older girl had given him her cell phone number; he hadn’t had to ask. He pondered his next move – throw it in the trash or contact her? His girlfriend, Sarah, was gone for the summer. But the thought of her made him immediately feel guilty for even considering a next move other than discarding the napkin.

Still, he remembered Miley’s pretty face and amazing eyes. Her white teeth shown perfectly as she smiled and he recalled the dangling earring as she pushed her long brown hair back over her ear. She’d been dressed very professionally, but that still didn’t hide her lean slender body and a sensuous hint of curves. And that voice. That was what stuck with him. Something about the deep silky tone of her voice was like honey to his ears. He wanted to hear it again.

He decided to do nothing that night. The guilt of Sarah still hung heavy on him. But two days later the folded napkin was still on his night stand and his resolve had ebbed. On a whim as he sat in bed, he texted her.


Miley arrived at the coffee shop she frequented on Church Street a few minutes early and snagged a booth against the back wall. She was just settling in when Alex sauntered in. She could see his baby blue eyes scanning the room until they settled on her smiling face. He waved and made his way toward her. They gave each other a polite hug and then wandered over to the counter together and each ordered a coffee.

Once ensconced back in their booth they launched into conversation. Alex may have only been 18, but he seemed somehow older to Miley – or at least as mature as many of the man-boys her age. She’d found herself dating older as she had eased into her mid-twenties. She loved older men and had grown to appreciate a man who wasn’t in angst about…himself. She preferred the patience and calm experience that went with a man in his late thirties or forties. One recent lover – a father of one of her childhood friends – had even tipped the scale into the fifties.

But she also couldn’t deny a fascination with certain younger men, and Alex fit that bill to a tee. His long lanky frame and blond good looks tapped into all sorts of deep-seated desires. She couldn’t deny, despite her most recent dating record, an attraction to the stamina and sheer eagerness of a younger man.

As they each spent the next hour ogling one another, they also caught up on one another’s lives. Miley learned that Alex had a girlfriend, Sarah, who had also recently graduated and was away for the summer working at a camp in Maine. She was headed off to Middlebury in September and Alex had a baseball scholarship to Syracuse. While they would be going to different schools in the fall, it was quite clear the relationship would continue. That took a little wind out of Miley’s sails, but she also smiled at the fact that Sarah was out of town – for the rest of the summer.

Alex continued to pinch himself as Miley talked about herself and her job. He wasn’t used to hanging out with a woman almost 10 years his senior, but he couldn’t take his eyes off Miley as they talked. She was physically beautiful, of course. But she had a sense of self-confidence about her that Alex found alluring and arousing. He wasn’t sure why she seemed to be exhibiting so much interest in a young fellow just out of high school, but he decided to just enjoy the moment and not question the why.

He garnered that she’d been dating quite a bit, but didn’t have a steady boyfriend. She seemed quite settled in town, ümraniye escort even though her parents had left shortly after she’d moved back. She had a pretty high-powered job and owned a condo in a very nice development. And they were an hour into a very interesting conversation when he realized he hadn’t even thought about Sarah. This older woman was casting a spell over him, and, at least at this moment, he didn’t mind.

She was wearing shorts and a relatively tight top that showed off her lovely bust. She had a very slender body, but there were definitely nice curves in the right places. Her skin looked so incredibly smooth and Alex found himself imagining what it would be like to touch Miley – anywhere.

And while Alex was finding his brain scrambled from a very pleasant conversation with an older woman, Miley was enjoying herself equally. He may be a rising freshman in college, but Alex had a good head on his shoulders and a very dry sense of humor that she loved. Alex, once again, had left a couple buttons undone on his shirt and Miley found herself casting glances at the smooth hairless skin of his upper chest. His hands looked smooth and young, but long and thick as well. She found herself having thoughts she knew she shouldn’t. This young man was just off to college and had a girlfriend. But one can’t deny attraction, regardless of age, and Miley let her emotions and natural feelings rule the day.

During the course of the conversation, Alex mentioned how bummed he was that the town pool he usually went to was closed for renovations all summer. It had been hot and muggy and he’d missed the relief provided by the one public pool in town. Miley smiled and filed that fact away for future reference.

They each had a second cup of coffee and their conversation was beginning to wind down. She finally looked at her watch, feigning the need to go. She didn’t want to appear overly eager either. But as they packed up she decided, once again, to be the aggressor.

“Listen, Alex. It’s been great seeing you again. I hope you’ll give my best to your parents.”

“Oh, I will, Miley. Thanks. It was great seeing you too,” he smiled.

She hesitated for just a second before saying what was on her mind, but she’d come this far and decided to plunge ahead.

“So you’re around this summer til you head off to school?” she asked, with a tip of her head, an earring dangling next to her inquisitive smile.

“I am,” Alex replied, leaving his reply short, as he wasn’t sure what else to say.

“So, I know the town pool is closed, but the pool in my complex is open and great. It’s kind of underused too. You’d be welcome to come by and use it this summer, as long as I’m around. I know I’m going to be hanging there on Sunday afternoon. Why don’t you come by?” she suggested, hopefully.

“Geez, Miley. That’s a very kind offer. I might just do that.”

Heartened by his response, she swooped in to nail the deal. “Well, the place empties out this time of year. There’s a hot tub, lap lanes…lots of nice scenery,” she added with a grin.

Alex smiled and nodded. Something was happening here and he’d be damned if he wasn’t going to find out what it was.

“Sure, Miley. I’d love that. Thanks. What time on Sunday?”

They made plans and both left the coffee shop with smiles on their faces. ‘It’s just a swim,’ Alex thought to himself. ‘What harm can that do? Sarah wouldn’t care,’ he rationalized.

But he knew, or at least had an inkling, that something very interesting was in store. Sunday couldn’t come fast enough for either one of them.


And come it did. Sunday was a blistering hot day and a perfect afternoon to lounge by the pool. Miley had suggested 2pm and maybe she’d stir up an early dinner after the pool and before he headed home. So he’d worn his trunks and brought a change of clothes and was waved through the manned gate after giving his name and the person he was visiting. He parked where Miley had instructed and wandered carefully down the manicured walk that led to the central courtyard of the sprawling condo complex. He spied the brightly colored umbrellas before he actually saw the pool, and headed in that direction as Miley had instructed.

He opened the gate and surveyed the scene. It was a quiet Sunday afternoon and, while there were a few people scattered about on chaises and in the pool, it looked like a light crowd from what Alex could tell. He scanned the pool deck until he saw a young lady in a skimpy bikini and sunglasses waving at him with a smile. He sauntered slowly toward her, trying to look cool, but finding it impossible to keep the hopeful grin off of his face.

Miley had hopped up from her chaise and walked to greet him. Damn she looked good, Alex thought to himself. She was wearing a blue top and white bottom that clung to her tight little body like a second skin. Her hair was up in a loose tangle and she wore oversized sunglasses. Her body looked tan in contrast to the suit and Alex smiled at the fact kartal escort bayan that he’d be spending the rest of the afternoon with this babe. They hugged like casual friends and Miley pointed toward the chaise next to hers.

“Saved a seat for you, Alex. Settle in,” she smiled.

Miley tried to pretend she wasn’t watching, but she couldn’t help admiring Alex as he casually kicked off his sandals and doffed his black tee shirt. She couldn’t contain her smile as she gazed at his muscular physique. He wasn’t one of these overblown body builder types. But he had a tall sleek hairless body without a hint of fat…anywhere. It was the body of a young fit athlete and she smiled at this sensual turn in her summer.

For his part Alex tried his best to maintain his cool. But he was not sure his high school experiences and relationship with Sarah had prepared him for this moment. Miley seemed so comfortable in her skin and was clearly proud of showing off her body – which she should have been. He tried to pretend he wasn’t looking at her long lithe frame as she reclined in the sun, but he knew he was failing miserably.

Still, Miley didn’t seem to care. She wasn’t covering up her curves. If anything, she was flaunting them for his benefit. She was on her back, occasionally turning to speak to him. But when they weren’t talking Miley closed her eyes and soaked in the rays. Alex took those moments to survey her lean body.

The thin stretchy fabric of her 2 piece suit clung to every curve and indentation. Her breasts weren’t large – perhaps a nice full B cup – but they lay perfectly on her torso as she lay on her back and Alex was quite sure he saw the hint of nipple. His eyes scanned south across her perfectly flat tummy, until the gentle rise of her puffy mons pushing up the skimpy white bottom caught his attention. The material was so thin and clingy he could see it defining the tender ridges of her outer labia and the sweet indentation of her slit. He felt a stirring in his trunks and thought perhaps now was a good time to test the water temperature.

“Okay if I go in?” he asked…realizing what a silly question that was before the words were even out of his mouth.

Miley turned and smiled. “Of course, Alex. Enjoy.”

Now it was Miley’s turn to watch. She smiled as she scanned Alex’s tall sleek body as he ambled toward the deep end of the pool. His broad shoulders narrowed down in a vee to a slender waist. He had a cute tight butt for a tall guy and Miley watched intently as he strode down the length of the pool.

Once he’d reached the other end and turned she feigned closing her eyes and figured she’d wait a bit before checking him out again. After ten minutes of swimming laps and floating in the pool, Alex emerged up the steps at the shallow end and Miley’s eyes were once again open for inspection.

His trunks were of a thin material that clung to his lower body as he climbed out of the pool. She was thankful for her dark sunglasses as he headed back her way. His cock was hanging thickly and the outline of its girth was clearly visible in his wet suit. If he was aware of how exposed he truly was at that moment he didn’t seem to show it. He sauntered back to their perch slowly and grabbed a towel to dry off.

“Refreshing?” she inquired.

He smiled as he faced and dried off. “Excellent. Thanks so much for inviting me, Miley.”

“My pleasure,” she replied. And she hoped that it would be before the day was done.

Alex lay down on his back and she once again scanned his body – smooth, strong, muscular, and hairless. Miley smile and felt a twinge in her pussy and couldn’t help but smile as the late afternoon sun warmed their bodies.

They were silent for a bit, just enjoying the summer rays. Miley was finally ready to turn over and lay on her tummy. An evil thought crossed her mind.

“Alex, would you mind putting a little sunscreen on my back?” she asked innocently. She had felt his eyes on her as she lay on her back and knew how he’d respond. His shy smile was her answer.

She handed the bottle to him as he sat up and she turned over. She knew he’d been checking her out as she lay on her back. But she also knew how hot her tight little ass looked in this new bikini and Alex was going to get a nice show as he spread lotion on her backside. She turned her head to the side and rested it on her folded arms as Alex took up residence on the edge of her chaise and she heard him squeeze the bottle.

She then felt his slippery hands on her shoulders. The bottle had been sitting in the sun and the lotion felt warm on her skin. She spoke as Alex tentatively massaged her shoulders.

“Alex, would you mind undoing the top, please? I don’t want to get greasy sunscreen on my new suit.”

She couldn’t see his face, but she wished she could have at that moment. She smiled inwardly as she heard him mumble ‘Sure’ and felt his fingers fumbling with the clasp. Now her lean back was bare and Alex’s tentative touch became a bit more assured as he applied dollops of sunscreen and spread it up and down her tight lean frame. She moaned softly – barely audible – as his hands skirted the top of her bikini bottom and slid up and down the curvature of her hips and ass as they rose from the tightness of her waist.

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