Surprise Siblings Ch. 02


A text alert interrupts his music briefly, asking; if he would want to do something with Bree. He replies with; doing what? Another came; a threesome. He thought about it some, they did want to spice up their relationship, they might have sex all the time, but it isn’t always special. He did like Bree, maybe not as much as she did, or acted, but he did think she was about as hot as Monique. He replies with; sure, she’s pretty hot.

“I told you he’d go for it. Yay God-girlfriend,” she whisper-yelled.

“Fine… I’m game. Never been with a girl, ever, but I’m game,” she agreed.

Kevin follows the texted instructions to the alcove area, where they’re hiding.

“What’s he doing here,” she queried.

“You were gonna suck my dick, right,” he asked.

“Stop being coy, Bree. We already know you have a crush and wanted to prove your worth by giving him head,” she said matter-of-factly.

“Don’t lie to yourself,” he whispers, leaning in for a kiss.

Her knees quiver a bit when their lips part, she slips down, carefully sliding his piece out, looking up; “I do want you, I want to feel what she feels. I haven’t ever been with a girl either, before. I’ll do it, if that’s what it takes.”

The moment she placed him in her mouth, she felt it grow, not moving a muscle to take it all in, on all levels. Once fully erect and twitching in her mouth, then did she suck. Her tongue caressed the shaft as her lips drug themselves to the base of the helmet. A gentle, satisfying moan came illegal bahis from both. Her fingertips just hooking his pockets, pulling her mouth deep onto him. Tongue cupped, pulling slowly back out, the head just shy of falling from her lips, she goes back down.

“Atta girl,” Monique purrs.

You could time her strokes with a metronome, each pull bringing him closer and closer, his breath deep and shallow, clenching the bookshelf, bracing himself, “she tightens her lips like you do.”

“I’m getting wet, watching my man so pleased,” she purrs.

His hips start an opposing rhythm, looking down seeing her pleasured eyes staring back, glancing at Monique biting her lower lip. Her slow firm strokes are getting the best of him. With an abrupt growl, he unloads right in her mouth, his piece in an uncontrolled spasm. It creeps toward her throat, as she makes sure all is gone. She finally releases him, licking her lips and teeth with her cum covered tongue, before swallowing.

“Bree…,” is all he mustered.

“Bree; I think-“

“No, lover, ” her voice low. “It’s your turn, I should learn this quick.”

Bree pulled her pants down, pressing her nose between her legs, breathing deep, exhaling through her mouth, the warm air sending tingles up Monique’s spine. Her legs slowly open as she braces herself on the adjacent bookshelf. Bree’s tongue runs across her lips, tasting her juice. Runs back, sucking her lips in to hers, giving Monique the same metronome rhythm. Kevin stares at the pleased illegal bahis siteleri look on her face. Her mouth falls open. Her tongue writhing about aa deep in her as she can get it. Slowly she engages the clit, pressing her tongue firmly, rubbing, Monique struggling to stand, trying to muffle her stutter. Heavy tongue petting, taking it’s toll.

“You sure know how to pick them, Mo-mo,” he grinned.

Monique looks down, the sight of having her first girl is turning her on even more. Out of nowhere she felt suction with licking on her clit, her knees weaker. It’s like she couldn’t breath, the pressure intense, that tongue work. He knew she was going to scream, burying her face in his chest, feeling the sharp screams, her legs closed around Bree’s head, ready to drop.

“So… worthy,” they slurred.

“What are we gonna do with her,” Monique took a large bite out of her pizza slice.

“Have wicked sex,” he questioned.

“She’s probably gonna want it all the time,” she exclaimed.

“Yeah, but I’m not fucking her without you. We’re trying to evolve our sex life, not mine,” he grabbed another slice.

“She insisted on making out, when we got home, earlier,” knocking the rest of her soda back, like a shot. “Not a bad kisser, either.”

“Girl kisses,” he said with a mouthful.

“Oh stop it.”

“So I got a plan,” he stated.

“About Bree,” she wondered.

*Nope. For tonight. Later on, it’s a surprise,” he said.

They stop by his dorm house canlı bahis siteleri before going to the movie theater, he handed her a bag, when she opened it; there was a pair pant panties in it. A hole in the back and something slightly intrusive in the front.

“Are these what I think they are,” she inspected them quizzically.

“Yep. Vibrating panties, not really part of your surprise, but I figured I’d give’em to you early and they’ll make tonight a bit more fun,” he explained, waving the remote.

“Against better judgment; I’ll give it a try,” she replied.

She hiked her skirt up some and slipped them on. The small wedge like protrusion found it’s way, right at the slip-between of her pussylips.

“Were you not wearing underwear?”

“Nope, kinda breezy tonight, might ‘accidentally’ flash somebody “


He turns it on to vibrate, she jumps a little and had to catch herself, glaring at him as he turned it off. He just smiled it her.

“I am the Key Master,” he laughed.

“I’m the Gatekeeper and I’ll change the locks.”

On the way to the movies, he set the vibrator to some uneven burst mode with a five second to two second vibrate at three second intervals. She was joyfully uneasy, having small orgasms every few blocks. Her body reacting to every buzz, throwing her shoulders, arching her back. Once arriving at the theater; he set it to a regular pulse.

“Oh my god,” she stammers.” I can barely walk.”

Kevin just smiles as he watches her legs twitch and body jerk as she tries to play cool.

“Th-this is embar… bare… baressing,” she stutters.

“It’s not that bad.”

“I c-c-can’t-t stop-p-p stut. Stut. Stuttering-ing “

“It’s cute because I know why.”

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