Surprise Visit


Why did she have to be trapped with him? Somehow—through others at work—Lacy had been volunteered to visit Cameron at his house. He had been sick all week and so it was her job to deliver the gift basket courtesy of the office. Cameron, however, was an ice cold bastard and Lacy wasn’t looking forward to seeing his face. Those gray eyes of his, they always seemed to glare at her and she could never figure out why. It made her uneasy.

Her black high heels tip-tapped as she climbed the steps to his door. They echoed her heart as she felt it racing in her chest. She was getting nervous. She waited there for what seemed eternity, almost ready to leave the basket and bolt when she heard the lock click and the door slowly creak open.

There, in the dim shade of his house, stood Cameron.

Lacy took a breath and her stomach flipped. He wasn’t the same, and yet he was. The Cameron she had known always seemed so uptight in his crisp suits, so uninterested. Guarded. Cold even. But now he stood in-front of her, forearm over his forehead, leaning lazily against the doorway. His starlight blonde hair fell into his face in waves, so unnatural compared to his usual slick back. His mouth hung slightly slack as he stared at Lacy without a word.

Lacy didn’t know what to say, what to think. It was as if he was too tired to put up his usual defenses, his usual airs. He was messy, wild—unhinged. But yet—still focused. His wild eyes were still focused on her. She felt her stomach knot as the usual tension between the two filled the distance between them. It surrounded the space around them, somehow making it feel as if she was being squeezed into a small, cramped space with just him and him alone. How Cameron looked in the doorway, messy, and not giving a fuck—Lacy had to admit—he looked damn sexy sick.

Before she could open her lips, Cameron had opened his first.

“Come in.”

The words, said softly, seemed to tumble smoothly out of his soft lips. His eyes burned into her a few seconds longer before he turned around and slunk deeper into his cave. He was leading her deeper into his home, into his territory. It was alluring—though Lacy had hesitated at first, she was drawn in by his aloof figure walking away.

He waited for her in his minimalist living room, seizing the few steps he had ahead of her to think. Think about her soft neck, the nape kartal escort of it curving sweetly into her delicate jawline. How sweet it would be run his lips across her chin, holding it up as they slowly found their way to her plump little lips. She was just that kind of girl, one you wanted to rip to pieces. Sink your teeth into. So feminine, so delicate. So easy to break. It made him an animal. It was everything he could do to not take her into a closet at work and take her breath away each and every time he saw her. But now, oh now—he had her in his home—his kingdom—unaware, even a little frightened. Fuck it—how was her going to control himself?

Her soft voice chimed, “Cameron,” before it drifted off into uncertainty.

He spun around and their eyes locked. Silence.

And then she felt it in her. Lacy felt the dangerous attraction she had to this man’s icy stare. That tension—surrounding her, squeezing her, suffocating her—it was her undeniable lust to taste him and feel his hard exterior against herself. She wanted to be fucked, and he knew he wanted to be the one doing it.

“Where do I put this basket?” “Right here” He said huskily, motioning to a table a bit a ways from him.

Without a word, she walked up to the table, avoiding his admiration as she slowly set it down.

Lacy’s eyes, demure at first, seductively found their way to Cameron’s gaze and like always, it was glued on her. Erotic fever burned in his eyes. Fire, passion—all promised in his stare. She could feel his gaze like hands unabashedly touching her every part of her body. Groping, sliding—claiming. His presence was dominating.

Cameron walked in a circle around Lacy , taking his time to get every inch of her curvy figure imprinted upon his brain. Finally he stopped behind her, his breathing getting heavier as his mouth approached her tiny ear. His moist, hot breath sent shivers down her body. Having her so close, Cameron could take it no longer.

Her sheer floral shirt came off first. Lacy’s rounded breasts jiggled happily as the black bra restricting them/caging/fastening them was pulled off, it’s corset like design tumbling to the floor. Her pale skin was as soft as a layer of freshly fallen snow—cool compared to Cameron’s burning hot temperature/flesh. Slowly, her small hands found their way to his zipper, pulling down the key to her pleasure. maltepe escort bayan She could see his swelling in size, the embodiment of his manhood. With veins buldging through his tan skin, his cock was a hairless fat idol Lacy would passionately worship with her body. She would pour her pussy juices all over it. He ripped her thin skirt apart, leaving it in shreds on the ground eagar to start. Just seeing her smooth legs leading up to her pussy’s pink lips reved Cameron’s engine. Quickly, he removed his shirt as well to reveal his scuplted body, defined nicely by shawdows.

His hands authoritatively held her hips in place, running them up and down her waist, over her flat stomach. His touch was everywhere. And Lacy let him. She let his finger slide down to her wet pussy that was yearning to be touched.(underneath her thin clothes that were so easily torn apart.) They rubbed her in circular motions, making Lacy moan in his embrace. Fast, slow—his fingers firmly kneaded her soft, fleshy clit. Pinching the little juicy thing between his fingers, rolling it until she was riding his hand herself.

“oooooooh,” Lacy moaned, closing her eyes in ecstasy.

Taking that as a clue, Cameron pulled Lacy’s hips into his, feeling his rock hard cock dry grind against her voluptuous ass as she thrust. That soon to be slippery voluptuous ass. His ass—he’d make sure of that. Taking control, determined to make her kneel at his feet depraved for his cock, he rammed his finger hard into her pussy. Oh the feeling, like silk on his skin. Warm, wet, succulent and so tight it fit like a glove. He could imagine slipping his red and meaty tongue in her, lapping her insides up—eating her like the hungry man he was. He was oh so hungry. He was going to fucking ravage this whore until there was nothing left.

Roughly, he spun her around and started to suck her breasts tender, nipping them every so often. She whimpered a bit, legs giving out to him. Submitting to him. He lifted her delicate body up, bringing her to his bed to claim. She collapsed onto the sheets, sore breasts sinking into the soft blankets. He came up behind her, his weight pushing her deeper into the mattress.

“I’m going to fuck you, hard Lacy.” He whispered in her ear.

Then it happened, and it hit her with a bang. Her pussy’s soft flesh squeezed against his meat as it was escort pendik penetrated. Lacy was so tight, she almost believed that there wouldn’t even be enough room for his cum to seep into. Every movement sent a sensation of gratification running through her body, starting down the tips of her feet to her hands twisting the sheets at the top. She was in utter bliss.

“More!” She breathed, “Oh, more! Fuck me harder!”

He used every inch of his cock, giving her long, quick thrusts. Each time, he pounded it farther and farther into Lacy, stretching her out. It was like he was drilling into her, getting as deep as he could to unleash his torrent of cum to mark her inside out. Aggressively, nostrils flaring, Cameron grabbed her hair and lifted her head.

“Move bitch, move that ass.” He growled. “oooooooooooooh,”

Her ass waxed his balls with their juices that were dripping out of her pussy. She rode it like a ride on the carnival, bouncing and jiggling her ass each time he thrust. He pulled out, flipping her onto her back and violently spread her legs apart, (more than she was used to stretching). One leg on his shoulder, and the other out of the way. He only wanted to see her pussy, not her fucking legs.

With lips as pink and wet as those on her face, he gave them a long kiss and lick before he drove his cock in once more. This time there was no stopping. She was ready too, he could feel it, see it in the way her body moved and her eyes rolling in her head. Even though he was going hard, he knew she liked it as her cries of pain were mixed in with her cries of pleasure. He closed his eyes and focused on her. Her pussy was like a warm wet kiss, a warm wet dream. He wanted to add a little something of his own to this dream. With a manly groan and one hard thrust, he finished, leaving the warmth of his cum to fill her. Her body trembled in release as well, her pussy milking every drop.

As he pulled out, a stream of white liquid followed and Lacy smiled in satisfaction. She took her finger and swiped it up, putting the white icing in her mouth to suck on. She’d savior the taste.

Her smiling eyes—beautiful and serene, sparkling like the sea—locked with Cameron’s. She began to think, began to feel that this was the start of something amazing. That he could be someone special. He could be the love of her life and that they…

“Get out.” Cameron said abruptly, tossing Lacy’s clothes at her in a heap. He took out a cigarette., ignoring Lacy’s bewildered face. “You’re way too easy.”

He then turned around and strutted out of the room, leaving her alone. Oh Cameron, that ice cold bastard.

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