Susan’s Special Spa

Big Tits

She sat for a few more moments, when the door swung open again.

The sight before her made her pulse race. He was 6’3″, dark hair, swept to one side and piercing blue eyes.

He had a white sarong style wrapped around his hips. Chest completely exposed, his skin tanned, and glorious.

He smiled, “Good day Susan, it’s so nice to meet you. I will be one of your attendants today. Please follow me.”

She stood almost mesmerised by the vision in front of her, and followed, checking out his muscular back, the curve of his buttocks under the sheer white cotton, and immediately wondered if he was naked underneath.

“Clam down” she said the herself, “Relax.” She could feel her heart racing, her tummy churning. She had never visited a place like this before.

He showed her into another room. The low massage table in the centre covered in soft white towels. Candles burning in the four corners of the room, along with the sound of a babbling brook or stream in the background. To one side was a changing room, shower and wardrobe.

“Please, get changed, and when you are ready, just lay face down on the bed. We’ll be back shortly.”

She slipped out of her clothes, admiring her ample breasts in the mirror, and as instructed lay naked on the fluffy cotton towels covering the bed. Positioning a small white towel over her cheeks. After all she had some decency!

She closed her eyes, took in the sounds and aromas of the room and waited.

As she waited, she allowed her mind to wander to the attendant. She wondered if he would be touching her and thought about what it would feel like to have his big strong hands manipulate her body.

She was a bit embarrassed that she felt the tell-tale wetness of arousal grow between her thighs. She wondered if she would have enough time to touch herself and relieve some of the pent-up desire she was feeling. She closed her eyes and let a hand drift to her moist slit to gently rub her swelling clit.

She was in her own little world and had not heard the door open. The next thing she knew she felt a pair of warm hands on her back. She jumped and looked up. He was a handsome man dressed in loose fitting white clothing, linen she thought. She was blushing furiously.

He smiled and told her that today was about her pleasure and she was more than welcome to touch herself or anyone else in the room if she felt the desire to do so. He introduced himself as Steve and he would be her main attendant. His hands were strong and soft as her began to expertly knead her flesh.

He told her that his assistant’s name was Caesar and would help as necessary, but that he was in charge and would attend to her every need, every want, every desire.

She felt a shiver run through her as he said those last words. She was getting the idea that this would not be a usual massage.

He found a knot in her back and began to work it hard. She sighed and moaned, and he encouraged her to let go and ask for what she needed.

She felt him pour warm oil over her back and she cooed again as he worked it into her skin.

“You know what you want, you know why you are here, Susan. Tell me what you need.” he whispered.

She was frozen. She knew what her body truly wanted, but could she tell him. He could feel her breathing quicken. When she said nothing, he said “You will tell me when you are ready. In the meantime, relax and enjoy.”

He rubbed her back and neck, to her arms and hands, her fingers. His touch was driving her crazy. Everything was drifting away, and she was fully aware of the increasing wetness in her now aching cunt.

He called to Caesar and they moved to her feet. Like a well-choreographed dance, they each took a foot and rubbed simultaneously. The toes, heel, ball of the foot, and soles. It was so good. She nearly lost herself when she felt their hot mouths on the arches of her feet.

They smiled knowingly as they continued to her ankles and calves. She found herself almost gripping the sides of the table. Her thighs were beginning to part without her knowledge as their hands worked in tandem. They were moving over the back of her knees when they used their mouths again on the inside of that joint.

This time she cried out and moaning “Oh yessssssss.”

“What do you need?” he asked again sensing she may be ready to tell.

The hands moved in unison onto the back of her thigh, each pair sweeping in circles around the muscle on each leg, alternatively caressing the outer sides, back and inner thigh. With each stroke she was conscious her thighs were parting slightly further; her swollen lips would be clearly visible to them both.

The hands continued working on her, moving up and down her inner thigh, but always stopping short of her tingling kartal escort lips.

“Higher” she moaned “Please go slightly higher.”

“Of course, Susan” said Steve “We are here to satisfy your every command.”

Her body almost melted as first one set of fingers moved over her most intimate parts, then up between her cheeks, around her buttock and back down her thigh. As it reached her knee the other pair of hands were already on the same journey.

This was delicious, each stroke sending waves of pleasure through her, each rotation getting slightly faster, and pressing in a little further, until the fingers we’re moving along her thigh, over and between her lips, around the tightness of her arse and back down.

They were certainly experts at judging her levels of arousal, keeping her right on the edge for 20 minutes. She stifled a scream, biting her bottom lip.

“It’s quite OK Susan” Steve said “These rooms are soundproof; you can make as much noise as your want – just enjoy.”

All four hands, twenty digits now brushing around her arse, between her lips, over her super sensitive clit.

She let go, her body shook and convulsed on the bed, waves of heat rushed from her hips through her cunt and up to her chest. She screamed louder and longer than she had for absolutely ages.

She lay there on the table, as the ripples subsided inside her. She felt invigorated, alive, every nerve end in her body was on fire.

“You needed that” Steve’s voice said softly. The four hands gliding up and down her back, from her neck down to her buttocks. “Now you can relax and enjoy yourself.”

“Mmm you’re right” Susan replied, stretching out on the couch like a contented cat.

“Would you like to roll over?”

“Why not, if that’s the effect the two of you have had by caressing my back, I can’t wait to see what you will do with my front!”

She rolled, lying face up, her breasts each falling slightly, her pussy wet from the earlier stimulation. For the first time, she studied her masseurs. Caesar was tall well built with broad shoulders, his face slightly rugged, dark hair, brown eyes, and a swarthy complexion. Spanish or Italian she thought. Steve was the contrast. 6′ plus, fair hair, attentive blue eyes and a softer smiling face.

They stood either side of her, “Well boys, that was fun” her hand running down their smooth chests. “What next?”

Caesar poured a bottle of warm fragrant oil over her breasts, down, filling her navel, along each leg and emptied the bottle just above her finely trimmed pubic hair.

“Oh yes” she moaned the anticipation and the warmth of the oil now running down either side of her pussy setting her pulse racing again.

They quickly smoothed all the oil into her skin. Slick and glistening in the candlelight, the sensual aroma of ylang ylang filling the air. Steve started on her neck, and shoulders. Caesar at her feet.

“Close your eyes, enjoy, and if you want anything just ask.”

Susan obeyed, the sensation was wonderful, Steve’s hands moving down between her breasts, to the base of her stomach and back up, brushing over the top of her breasts, before starting their journey again. Caesar’s hands extending to the top of her thighs, then with a firm pressure drawing back down each leg in turn to the very tip of her toes.

She felt her body respond again, but this time it wasn’t the sudden rush as before. More a gradual warmth, growing inside her. Deep inside, building, getting stronger as the four hands moved across her skin. Her nipples were hard, and Steve had yet to touch them. His hands gliding over the top, the side and under her tits, but not on them.

“Stroke my nipples” she said, wondering if he would respond as asked.

“Of course” his hands moving over them for the first time, sending a flash of electricity right down to her cunt.

“Pinch them” she commanded.

His thumb and forefinger immediately gripping each nipple, rolling it between his fingers.

“Harder, oh yes” Susan liked that, the warmth grew inside her.

Caesar’s hands were now on her upper thigh, her groin, she felt her hips moving to meet his strokes. She parted her legs slightly. He smiled. His hands moving over her mound, and down.

“Just there” she said, “oh god yes.”

Steve still standing above her now massaging each breast, alternate hard and soft caresses. His face close to hers, whispering.

“Feel his fingers inside you, fucking you, deeper, reaching your most secret places”

“Oh god” Susan moaned. The narrative turning her on as much as the physical stimulation.

“Give in Susan, abandon yourself” his voice so sexy.

Her legs completely apart, his fingers deep inside her, thumb flicking roughly across her maltepe escort bayan clit. The glow inside her grew still more. Deeper, more intense than she had ever felt.

Steve’s face so close she could feel his breathe, smell his scent. Her hips rising and falling increasing faster as Caesar’s finger stretched her, entering her more deeply. Then a mouth, right on her cunt, the feeling of a tongue so different, sucking her clit, the tip vibrating inside her.

The glow began to boil. From deep inside her, somewhere behind her hips, she could feel it coming. She could almost vision it as it consumed her entire body. She began to pant, the breath not coming from her fast enough. Then it hit her, Steve’s fingers pinching her nipples so hard. It should hurt, but instead all she could feel was intense pleasure.

She screamed, deep and guttural, rising to a crescendo, the pitch getting higher and higher.


The two boys smiling at her. “Two down, at least three to go”

Lost completely in her orgasm, her body convulsed violently on Caesar’s tongue. Her hands had reached up and were holding on to Steve’s for dear life. He continued to tease her sensitive tits and she found herself telling him to suck her nipples.

Before he moved, he asked in a whisper if she would like Caesar to continue as well. She was beside herself with lust when she moaned a weak and whimpering.

“Yesssssss. Please.”

Steve moved to her breasts and flicked at her hard nipples with his tongue. She could feel his warm breath on her. His lips engulfed her nipple as he began suckling her gently.

She sighed a contented, “Mmmmmm, Yess” and arched her back up to him.

Caesar had returned to his position between her thighs and was cleaning up the river of juices pouring out of her. Her clit was so stimulated that she could barely stand when his tongue danced across it again.

Steve was a breast expert and knew how to suck a tit. He had the perfect technique and style. Everything he did sent ripples deep into her pussy.

She let wave after wave of another orgasm wash over her. It had been so long since she had felt this way. They said that she would get anything that she asked for.

She wondered if it was true as all kinds of requests raced through her mind. After her fourth orgasm ripped through her, her thoughts became public.

“I need to be fucked!” she demanded.

Steve gave Caesar a look that indicated she was ready. He bent to her ear and said, “Are you sure, because once we start down that path we will not stop.”

She opened her eyes and fixed him with a stare that said she wasn’t joking and said “yes”

“You will need to do something for us though.” he replied.

She laughed, “Oh what an extra fifty?”

Caesar and Steve both unsheathed their cocks simultaneously. They were a magnificent sight. Just seeing them made her squirm on the table.

She timidly asked, “What?”

“We enjoy oral stimulation as much as you. To be at our best performance we require to be well sucked first.”

Susan smiled. They had done their homework and knew how much she enjoyed sucking a big hard cock.

Caesar unwrapped his sarong and Steve slipped out of his linen drawstring pants. Susan was beside herself with glee as she ogled the testaments to manhood before her. They stepped to either side of the table close to her head and presented her with their erections.

She took Caesar into her mouth and began to suck him hard. He growled as she pleasured him. He went quickly, cumming hard and fast in her mouth. He looked shocked and somewhat embarrassed that he had cum so quickly. She swallowed his seed, turned to Steve smiled and said, “You’re next.”

Susan’s fingers wrapped themselves around his shaft. The glans on the head exposed swollen and red. The veins under the skin standing proud, blood pumping through them.

Susan was a rare woman. She loved sucking cock and was exceptionally good at it. Ceaser hadn’t lasted long, but she knew that he would last longer next time.

“So Steve, do you like this?” her tongue tip running over his frenulum, “or this?” as she pushed the tip into his japs eye, tasting his precum, “Or maybe this?” as she wrapped her lips around his shaft and sucked his length into her mouth.

His gasps telling her the answer. Her fingers cupped his balls as she moved expertly along his rigidity, from swirling her tongue around the tip to deep throating him.

Everything she did was sending waves of pleasure through him. His breathing getting faster, panting, until she sensed he was close.

Withdrawing the head, gripping the base of his cock tightly, she felt his hips jerk. The first explosion escort pendik hitting her face, over her hair, and shooting into her wide-open mouth.

Sucking him again, he shot load after load into her. Swallowing it all, she smiled and licked her lips.

“Nice one” she said.

She smeared the cum running down her chest into her tits, mixing it with the oil. Her hands slick. Reaching out she took each cock in her hands. Caesar immediately hardened again, and to her delight Steve was still hard (must be the Viagra she thought).

“I hope the fun doesn’t stop there” she said, her nails scratching along each of the two cocks. “I so need to be fucked”

“Could you manage both of us at once? Steve asked.

“Mmmm now that would be a first” came the lusty reply, “why not.”

Lowering the massage bed, Steve lay back, his magnificent body stretched out. His cock hard and erect, standing proudly.

“Climb on” he said, his fingers stroking along his length “I’m ready.”

Straddling him, she slowly bent her knees, his hand caressing her tits, until the tip of his cock was brushing over her swollen moist lips. Looking down into his face, the muscles around his eyes twitching with pleasure as she teased the tip of his manhood.

Caesar behind her, massaging her shoulders, her back, his finger between her legs parting her lips. Playing with them as she lowered herself slowly. His fingers smearing her juices up over her arsehole.

Sinking all the way on, she could feel the member throbbing inside her, grinding her hips down, a low guttural moan emanating from deep inside her body.

She could feel Caesar’s fingers playing with her rim as she slid on and off Steve’s cock. Leaning forward, looking back over her shoulder, she could see he was ready.

“Fuck my arse Caesar, get another fucking cock inside me now!” Almost screaming.

Smiling he knelt in position, “Of course Susan, it’s my pleasure.”

Steve held her body as Caesar began to penetrate her tight little rose. She pressed her body against Steve as she tried to relax to let Caesar enter her as well.

“Ohhhhh, fuccckkkkk,” she groaned as she felt his cock push past the tight ring in her ass.

He smiled as he began to push himself in and out of her ass. Once he set up a pace and was deep enough in her, Steve began to fuck her as well.

They were wonderfully in synch. She could not contain herself as they took her to places, she had never been, but longed to go.

“OHHHHHH YESSSSSS” she screamed as they filled her so completely. This was a massage she would never forget and will long for again and again.

Her pussy and ass were clenching the cocks buried deep inside her. She could hear Caesar grunting with the effort to please her while Steve hissed filthy little things in her ear.

“You love being serviced this way, don’t you? You deserve this kind of attention. You are soooo hot, we had a lottery to decide who would be your masseuse. You are our little slut for now so relax and enjoy it.”

As Steve finished his last words, Caesar cried out as he slammed his cock deep inside Susan. He came violently in her ass. She could hear him swear.


Steve whispered that he had never seen Caesar lose it early let alone twice in one day.

He got to his knees and began to lick his cum from her ass as Steve continued thrusting deep inside her whispering, “Don’t worry Susan, I won’t let you down.”

She was beside herself with desire between the softness of Caesar’s tongue and the hardness of Steve’s cock. He finished his task and left.

Steve shook his head and said, “He must have thought you were incredible. I think you are too.”

Steve pulled out and asked Susan to change places with him. She lay on table and spread her legs wide as Steve re-entered her. His hips meeting hers over and over and over. She lay watching his face as he continued to pleasure her in the most intimate way possible.

He was looking at her, lust and desire in his eyes.

He finally said, “It’s not generally allowed, but I wonder if I may kiss you?”

She smiled up at him and said “yes.” He leaned into her as his hips continued to thrust and kissed her deeply. Her arms and legs wrapped around him to hold him closely as her body moved with his.

“Oh god, Steve, you feel soooo good.” she cooed in his ear. He kissed her again. Her hips began working faster and he met her stroke for stroke.

They were like one writhing together on that table with their hands and tongues exploring until she groaned a deep and guttural moan as the most incredible orgasm wracked her body causing him to let loose his load as well.

They lay together completely spent wrapped in each other’s arms. They looked into each other’s eyes and Steve knew Susan’s gratitude. Neither made to move and they fell asleep on the table.

Caesar came in to find them still in each other’s arms. He took a blanket and covered their naked entwined bodies before leaving them to a well-earned sleep.

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