Sweet Dreams Daddy


This is my first ever erotic story, and hopefully not my last other submissions will be coming. There hopefully will be a nice mix of fantasy and reality though I won’t be telling you the reader which is which. I will leave that up to you imagination. Btw all stories involve only consenting adults over 18. I am learning how to write better stories so feel free to let me know how I did and how I can make it better, I love hearing everyones comments. So I hope you enjoy.

I wander up to your bedroom, peeking into your room I can see your alone as I knew you would be, everyone else is gone for the weekend and it’s just you and me in the house, its late, the soft glow of the street light fills your room, watching you lay there on your bed naked sleeping so softly in the pale light, my god you are so handsome.

Standing in your doorway naked my heart beating fast my breathing heavy I just stare at your chest rising and falling with every breath, your mind your body, mature, older, very fit every inch of what a man should be. The man for me, I slide my hands slowly over my young girls body, so slim and firm just like I know you love, that’s why I’m all the sports I’m in, not just because I love competition but because it keeps me in incredible shape and I know you like it too by the way you always watch me.

But right now taking a deep breath all I want to do is just lay next to u. My head on your tummy. Listening to your heat beat. Feeling your body’s warmth on me, my body moving on yours with every breath you take. My hand touching and stroking your lovely cock.

I walk quietly into your room, heart racing slowly I start to crawl onto the bed with you, my hands trembling trying not to wake you up, trembling just a little, slowly I crawl up to you and start to lay next to you resting my head on your firm tummy. Barely breathing hoping not to disturb you trembling ever so, I start to relax feeling your warm skin on mine, curled up so close so safe next to you, my body small next to yours, my head gently resting on you moving with each deep breath so peaceful almost becoming one with you.

I can’t help but smile as my hand gently caresses your body so soft so firm and yet slightly rough just as a man of your age should feel, so much knowledge and experience, I sigh content. I open my eyes continuing my gentle caress down your body till my fingertips touch your wonderful manhood.

Fingers finding your incredible manhood laying off to the left side of you away from me, even in its softest, relaxed state it still inspires, intimidates and arouses me like no other I have seen or experienced. I from the first time bahis firmaları I saw it to this moment I am and will always be mesmerized by it, it is my very own forbidden addiction I just cannot get enough of it. Gently, slowly, running my fingers up to your head tracing along the soft ridge under and around your head, mmmmm, before tracing my way back down its length.

Stopping at the base of your shaft, I ponder my next move, you’re breathing unchanged, I smile then start tracing down and around your balls, those wonderful soft and firm balls, heavy, filled with your precious warm seed. So smooth and soft they are, as always you are shaved smooth, perfect to touch caress and so much more, I love fondling your balls feeling them in my fingers moving them around feeling them move and pull closer to you. Ohh I stop not wanting to wake you your breathing unchanged. Snuggling into you I cup your balls gently feeling them so heavy soo full, I gently squeeze then release, my own body tingles slightly as I do that my mind filled with memories of past moments with your precious seed, so warm, so thick, so slippery, the way it feels, and cannot forget the taste, that wonderful taste so sweet and delicious. A gentle wave of warmth flows through my body.

Releasing your balls I run my fingers up along your shaft noting that still soft it as gotten a little longer an thicker than just a few moments ago, tickling savoring each inch of touch till I return to that velvet soft head of yours. Teasing along that familiar ridge watching your cock slowly grow and twitch, oh how I luv watching this almost magical moment, your cock slowly growing as you sleep as I have done to you many times before will continue for as long as we are able.

Slipping my leg over yours feeling closer to you, moving my head back a little ever so slowly so I can watch this moment that I luv in its fullest. Your breathing gets a little heavier as I gently run my fingers up and down your growing shaft, sometime using just the palm of my hand rubbing slowly gently, your cock swells an grows twitching every once in a while. Again I run my fingers back down to your balls carefully teasing touching caressing them, softly cupping and squeezing them oh how I luv the feel of them, before resuming my slide up your long shaft. It twitches, swells then grows a little more always getting larger with each stroke of my fingers, I smile I luv watching and playing with your cock hypnotized by it.

Your head swelling growing now past your belly button I sigh contented, happy, in love, I can almost kiss it from where my head lays. In fact I pucker up my lips and yes I give it a soft kaçak iddaa tender kiss pressing my lips to your firm yet soft head feeling it pulse gently on my lips, I feel a slight warm rush through my body and a wonderful tingle in my pussy.

You start to move and squirm, I guess you couldn’t stay asleep for long, Mmmmmmm feeling your big strong hands running through my hair caressing my neck and shoulders sliding so gently up and down my back ohh the way your touching my body, your hands rough an strong exploring my soft young skin. Mmm purring daddy your giving me goose bumps I resume rubbing your cock down up and down slowly moving back down to your balls, cupping and massaging them felling them so full of cum. They move and roll in my hand soooo smooth and warm feeling so full I smile and think about the warm sweet sperm that is building up inside them.

I see the tell tail sight of that semi clear precious fluid start to leak from your head, instinctively moving my head closer again and kiss your swollen head. Lips pressed gently feeling your warm slippery wet sticky sweet precum on my lips, I stick out the tip of my tongue and slowly start licking your head tasting your precum swirling the tip of my tongue around your head feeling it swell again.

Licking your head all swollen an leaking precum tasting daddy’s sweet precum mmmmm soo yummy, smearing it on my lips as I keep rubbing an playing with your cum filled balls. Slowly I suck your swollen head into my mouth and gently suck on it, I hear you moan softly as I do so. Your hands feel amazing on my soft skin teasing and tickling my tight teen body. Moving my body more so you have better access to touch and rub more of my body, your fingers and hands caress up and down my back to the top of the crack of my ass, slowly you start rubbing my soft cheeks omg I moan quietly.

I shiver mmmm daddy that feels sooo good, more goose bumps all over my body, the tingling spreads out from my pussy through my body in another warm rush. Sucking more intently on your head now working the tip of my tongue into your pee hole tasting more precum you moan even louder grabbing my cheek tightly in your strong grip. Letting your head slip from my lips taking my tongue I lick up more of your precum swallowing it all down.

Hearing you gasp loudly. Now rubbing my head on your tummy with your head pressed to my lips I keep stroking your hard thick cock your breathing gets deeper I can feel your heart beat increasing as I keep stroking your cock holding it pumping it, watching, feeling, your cock bounce an twitch in my hands. Your peehole opens up as I pull down to your balls oozing more precum kaçak bahis then closes as I pump back up to my face then opens again Watching it mesmerized by the sight as it open and closes oozing more and more precum, I keep kissing, teasing and licking it, mmmm this is heaven daddy.

As I keep stroking wrapping my fingers around your cock holding it tight in my hand, then up and starting to rub your head with my fingers squeezing as I do, smearing your precum all over your head making it so slippery, then back down your shaft mmmmm cum for lube. Stroking harder then slower, gripping tighter then softer rubbing and squeezing your head. Your breathing gets heavier and more desperate your hands move up to my head starting to grip my hair tighter then loosen your tummy gets firm then softens, I can feel your heart beat really strong and fast now. I see and feel your cock really start twitching swelling and getting even harder, your peehole opens wider, your precum stops flowing.

I smile, my own heart beat is now racing and my breathing is getting deeper and faster, I start moaning mmmmmmmmmmm I know what’s coming I lick my lips and keep moving my hands up n down, twisting as I do, fast then slow, tight then soft your hand starts gripping my hair real tight almost hurts. I moan oh my god another rush flows through my body to my pussy, making me squirm, I start to notice my own wetness dripping down across my thigh. Your cock twitches hard in my hand your tummy gets really l hard.

You groan loudly, your hips start humping the air moving in a rhythm matching my hand, staring into your peephole, mouth open, gasping, panting, watching, all of a sudden you groan loudly your hands tighten their grip in my hair, your head swells up hardens and opens wide, then the sudden rush of cum shoots out of your cock right into my face. The splash of your thick cum, so warm, so sticky, so hot on my skin, another thick squirt right across my face into my hair across my eyes as I pump faster, squeezing soooo hard, another squirt of hot precious seed sprays across my face and hair again dripping into my mouth.

Your moans turn into grunts as u keep thrusting your hips in time with my hand, pumping squirt after squirt onto my face, hair, and mouth oh I love the taste of your sperm so thick sticky and slightly sweet. Slowly your orgasm fades, you’re cum starts to slow then stop as I slow my pumping of your cock till I stop and just gently caress it, spasming as I do.

Laying there, my head resting on your panting tummy, hot cum dripping and sliding off my face onto your tummy, oh how I love that warm feeling of your sperm on my face, my head moving up and down as your breathing slows back to normal, though your heart beat is still fast. Laying my head there in a pool of your precious sticky sweet seed all I can do is purr mmmmm, sweet dreams, I luv u daddy.

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