Sweet Summer Ch. 04


Lots of action in this chapter. I recommend reading the earlier chapters of the series (and the side-story Sweet Summer: The Punishment) first. If you don’t want to do that, here’s a quick recap of the story so far:

Anya, a young German girl, is seduced by her cousins Nina and Sam, who are incestuous lovers. The siblings take Anya’s virginity, and she falls deeply in love with them both. After Anya returns to Germany, Sam saves Nina from being date-raped by a jealous girl named Cynthia at a house party. The three cousins then reunite for a holiday in Berlin, and Anya discovers that she is pregnant with Sam’s child. She and Sam decide to keep the baby, but are unsure how to tell Nina about it.

All characters involved in sexual situations are aged 18 or over. Comments/suggestions are welcome.


The rooftops of Berlin gleamed in the light of the setting sun. The pale sky was slowly darkening to a deeper shade of blue, streaked with jet contrails and wispy bands of cloud. A cool breeze sighed in through the half-open bay windows of the hotel room, carrying with it the low murmur of traffic from the street below.

Sam and Nina lay naked on the big double bed, their long tanned legs entwined as they shared a tender, silent kiss. Sam stroked his sister’s flowing, silky ash-blonde hair and savoured the statuesque curves of her body in his embrace. Her fingers were stroking his firm pectorals and tousling the light fuzz of hair on his chest, while their tongues danced a slow sweet dance together. He felt her reach down between their bodies to squeeze the thick smooth shaft of his cock; he gave a soft grunt of pleasure through the ongoing kiss, feeling his erection swiftly rise. One of his hands ran down Nina’s sleek torso until he reached the moist, hairless cleft of her vulva. He heard her hiss in surprise as he fingered the outer lips of her pussy.

Anya was reclining on the bed next to them, also naked, looking almost angelic with her pale, delicate limbs and small pert breasts. She wore a gentle smile as she watched her cousins kiss and fondle each other. Sam met her gaze and briefly broke the kiss to smile back at her. Then he turned back to Nina, kissing her long smooth neck and deftly licking her prominent nipples before moving further down her body. Nina parted her lovely legs and sighed with pleasure as Sam dipped his head to kiss her vulva. The night’s festivities were about to begin.

It was their first full day in Berlin, and Sam had to admit, it had been a fantastic day so far. The morning had been one long, intense threesome, their straining bodies and wet orgasms leaving the bed in damp disarray. After a light lunch in the hotel’s restaurant, they’d headed out into the city to see the sights. The weather was sunny and reasonably warm the whole day, though not like the Mediterranean heat Sam and Nina were used to. They rode an open-topped tour bus around the city, and snapped silly photos of each other posing in front of the Reichstag and the Brandenburg Gate. Then they wandered the streets, buying snacks from street vendors, chatting and laughing and making eyes at one another, before setting off for the Tiergarten. They hadn’t, in the end, been able to make love up the Siegessäule as Nina had wanted – there wasn’t enough privacy on the column’s little viewing platform – but they did manage to find a secluded spot in the sprawling park below to indulge in some pleasantly laid-back oral sex. Lying together on the grass in a daisy-chain, the three of them had licked and suckled each other’s genitals, trying their best to be quiet as they climaxed. After that, they’d enjoyed cold drinks and a bite to eat in a café on the Unter den Linden; Nina had joked that she was sad to wash the taste of Sam and Anya out of her mouth. All in all, Sam couldn’t have imagined a better start to the holiday.

All through the day, though, Anya had been giving him strange, furtive, fearful looks. She was as lovely as ever to be around, but there was a haunted look in her pretty blue eyes, and he kept catching her staring off into space. He knew she was worrying about the baby, and what Nina would say when she found out about it. He wanted to comfort her, but the truth was, he was worrying too. He still wasn’t sure how Nina would react, to say nothing of their parents. As to how they’d raise the child after they went off to university, he hadn’t a clue. He hadn’t even decided how or when he was going to tell his sister. He wasn’t sorry that he’d impregnated Anya – he was just ever more unsure of the consequences.

After they got back to the hotel, with the sun setting over the city, they began preparing for the evening. Nina loved clubbing, and she’d found a list of highly-rated Berlin nightclubs online. One of them was only a fifteen-minute walk from the hotel. “We’ll start there, and see where the night takes us,” Nina had said brightly. Sam and Anya, however, both wanted to stay at the hotel and make love, so Nina had illegal bahis compromised with exaggerated reluctance – “One more time, then we get going.”

Now, lying on the bed with an eager smile on her lips, Nina gave a long happy moan as Sam stroked his tongue over the wet pink folds of her labia. He kissed the delicate bud of her clitoris, tweaking and teasing it with the tip of his tongue, making her shiver and sigh. Then, holding her thighs gently but firmly to keep her still, he lavished attention on her smooth vulva, his tongue roving over the warm flesh in long, loving licks. Nina whispered Sam’s name, closing her emerald-green eyes as her whole body quivered with pleasure.

Sam kissed his sister’s clit again, enjoying the way she whimpered in response. He slid his tongue between her engorged labia and licked the moist walls of her vagina. Her hot sweet taste filled his mouth as her pussy juices flowed over his tongue. He inhaled her delectable feminine scent and lapped eagerly at her cunt. Her slender, athletic legs trembled with pleasure on either side of him. Anya was watching intently all the while, impatiently stroking her pussy lips with her small pale fingers.

“God, Sam, that’s so good,” Nina gasped as Sam flicked his tongue in and out of her cunt. Her hands moved restlessly, clutching at her breasts and grasping the rumpled cotton of the bedsheets. Her hips shuddered with each of Sam’s licks and kisses. He could sense her approaching climax; his face was wet from her squirting pussy. As much as he loved the taste of her, he didn’t want her to orgasm so soon. He wanted to feel her come on his cock.

He gave Nina’s vulva one more teasing lick, then wiped his face dry and began to kiss a line up her toned belly. “No, don’t stop,” she moaned in frustration. “Don’t stop, I’m so close.” Ignoring her pleas, he briefly licked her neat little navel before moving up towards her full, high breasts. He kissed each of them in turn, licking the firm, gleaming flesh and momentarily suckling her erect nipples. Then he brought his face level with hers, looking down at her with fierce desire. His cock was so hard it hurt, its thick crimson head throbbing, yearning to be inside her. Abruptly, he seized her wrists, pinning her arms onto the bed by her sides. He held her down and kissed her open-mouthed, relishing her surprised expression as she tasted the sweet juices of her own vagina on his tongue. “You like that taste, babe?” he whispered in her ear.

“Please, Sam,” she said, her voice softly urgent. She squirmed in his grip, unable to break free as he pressed her down onto the bed. Her pretty green eyes were wide and sparkling with anticipation, almost fearful. For all her energy and enthusiasm, Nina secretly had a submissive streak. Sam knew she liked it when he took charge like this.

He guided the tip of his cock to the outer lips of her cunt and penetrated her with a quick hard thrust. She squealed and writhed underneath him, and he held her down, pumping his cock as deep into her as he could go. The wet, pulsating walls of her pussy welcomed his thick shaft in a soft, silky, wondrous embrace.

He fucked her hard and fast, losing all sense of time amid the hot whirl of sensation. She gasped and swore and called out his name, her heavenly body contorting with pleasure in his grip. His cock filled her soaking wet pussy to the limit with each thrust. He still couldn’t believe how tight she was, even after months of fucking her on a daily basis. He knew he was hurting her a little – he could see tears gleaming in the corners of her eyes – but he also knew she loved the pain, loved his roughness. He’d learned long ago how to keep a girl on the line between agony and ecstasy, making the sex intense without making it truly painful.

When Nina came, it was with a suddenness that surprised even Sam. She convulsed beneath him, her arms still pinned down in his grip, and cried out in wordless joy. Her pussy squirted its warm nectar onto her thighs and the cotton sheets beneath them. Sam kissed her neck and pushed down into her even harder, the firm musculature of his chest pressing against her luscious breasts. The exquisite softness and warmth of her cunt was almost maddening around his thrusting cock. It took a superhuman effort of will not to come inside her immediately.

He didn’t slow down, keeping his eyes fixed on Nina’s enraptured face, trying to hold her still despite her wild twisting and thrashing. Anya was sighing in pleasure as she watched them and toyed with her pussy. After what might have been minutes or seconds – Sam didn’t know or care – Nina gasped that she was coming again, and then she arched her back beneath him with impressive strength as the orgasm took her. Still thrusting away inside her, he held her down, enjoying the fierceness of her reaction. The bed was rocking and creaking in protest beneath their entangled bodies, and Sam wondered if they might break the bedsprings. It wouldn’t be the first illegal bahis siteleri time.

Nina came a third time, screaming Sam’s name and kicking her legs in the air. The long blonde tresses of her hair were spread out medusa-wild on the white pillows as her head whipped from side to side. “More, Sam, I want more,” she pleaded, but as she spoke, Sam reached the edge of his own climax. He swore heartily and pressed himself forcefully down onto Nina as his semen filled her tight young cunt. It seemed to last forever, his hot milky seed flowing like a loving river into the beautiful girl who lay pinned beneath him. When he’d spilled the last drop of his passion into her, he finally relaxed his tensed muscles and released his grip on her wrists. The two of them stared into each other’s eyes for a moment, panting for breath.

“That was a nice start to the evening, big brother,” Nina said with a tired smile, her lovely face pink with exertion.

Sam didn’t reply. Instead, he pressed his lips against hers, and stroked her face with loving fingers, feeling the contours of her superb cheekbones before running his hands down to her neck and shoulders. He kissed her for a while, lightly caressing her breasts while his spent cock rested inside the moist folds of her pussy. At last, with great reluctance, he slid back out of her and gazed down silently at her naked perfection. Then he looked aside at Anya, who still sat beside them, eyeing them enviously. She was next, and judging by her nervous anticipatory smile, she knew it.

Leaving Nina to relax, Sam moved over to Anya and knelt behind her. He reached his hands forward to lightly massage her delicate shoulders, and then cupped and caressed her pale breasts as he waited for his cock to recover from fucking Nina. When he was fully hard again, he kissed Anya’s neck and whispered a soft command in her ear, and she obediently bent forward on her hands and knees, her cute little ass in the air. She looked over her shoulder and smiled at him, her eyes gleaming with anticipation.

Sam usually preferred to have Nina and Anya missionary-style, so he could see the joy in their beautiful eyes as he fucked them. But there was something pleasingly animalistic about mounting Anya from behind, grasping her firm buttocks as he eased his way into the tight confines of her vagina. She gave a quick squeal of surprise, and then giggled delightedly as he slid his full length inside her. She was gratifyingly responsive when he began thrusting in and out of her, her hips moving with him in a slow, steady rhythm. Her pussy was deliciously warm, pulsing and clenching with each of his thrusts. She clutched the sheets and sighed his name as the bed once again shook beneath them. Nina, who still lay drowsing naked beside them, smiled lovingly up at them.

“God, Anni, you’re so tight,” Sam grunted, gripping his cousin’s lovely ass and ploughing into her cunt in long, deep strokes. Anya’s small, perfect breasts were bouncing and jiggling delightfully as she rocked forward and back on her hands and knees, straining and moaning sensuously. The dripping-wet walls of her pussy contracted, squeezing the throbbing length of Sam’s cock in a way that almost brought him to climax right then. He fought to stay in control, focusing on the smooth lines of Anya’s pale back and the long dark waves of her hair spilling over her shoulders.

As he fucked her, Sam had a wonderful premonition of how Anya would look in a few months’ time, once her pregnancy became obvious. Her slender, pale, graceful young body twinned with the lovely, fertile roundness of her belly, looking up at him and smiling her beautiful shy smile as she spread her legs for him. Sam could hardly wait; he’d never made love to a pregnant woman before, though he sometimes fantasised about taking his heavily pregnant sister-in-law Valerie. Anya would be an even more divine fuck. But, as ever, the glorious image was soured almost immediately by dark thoughts of the consequences. He pictured his mother shouting at him for shaming her, his uncle Markus cursing him for deflowering his daughter, and worst of all, Nina weeping that he’d betrayed her. He shook his thoughts of the future away, and tried to focus on the far more delightful present.

Sam held Anya’s hips tightly and pumped into her, making each thrust as slow and deep as he could, so he could feel her small body convulse with pleasure every time. The wet throb of the walls of her vagina was intensifying. Gazing down, he could see her warm juices trickle from the engorged pink lips of her pussy and flow around the thrusting shaft of his cock to run down her pale thighs. Anya didn’t squirt quite as much as Nina, but she still got gratifyingly wet, and he could sense her approaching orgasm in the trembling of her limbs and the excited gasps that escaped her mouth.

“Oh, fuck, Sam, I’m coming,” Anya moaned, half-slumping forward onto the bed as Sam pounded her pussy. She gave a little scream, canlı bahis siteleri muffled by the cotton sheets, as she climaxed. Sam felt the hot rush of his cousin’s sweet wetness around his shaft, and held onto her even tighter, slamming into her again and again. Barely a minute passed before he felt her come again beneath him. With a low grunt of satisfaction, he forced her forward with his deepest, hardest thrust yet, utterly filling her perfect tight cunt with the throbbing bulk of his cock, and then he was coming inside her in great shudders. Even after fucking Nina, he still had plenty of come for Anya. He let most of his thick white seed spurt into her, remembering the child he’d already sired in her young womb. Then he pulled out, grasping the wet shaft of his still-erect manhood and aiming the last warm jets of his come onto Anya’s lower back. As Sam spurted his loving signature on her, Anya relaxed onto her side with a happy sigh, and lay there with her graceful legs curled up, a picture of sleepy contentment. Semen dripped from the dainty pink lips of her pussy.

Sam knelt there on the bed, his penis still semi-hard and trickling come, admiring the girl he’d just fucked. Anya really did look divine, with her long black hair spread out on the sheets, her pert white breasts rising and falling with her breath, a drowsy smile on her sweet lips. Sam lay down on his side so he was facing her, letting his slick, gleaming-wet cock brush against her lean thigh. Their lips met and their tongues intertwined in a languorous kiss. Sam stroked his cousin’s tangled hair away from her beautiful face and looked into the blue depths of her eyes. He was so fiercely in love with her at that moment that he could easily imagine running away with her, marrying her, raising their child together – and making many more children.

Except that would mean leaving Nina. And Sam could never, ever do that.

He looked over at his sister, seeing her softly affectionate smile. Nina always enjoyed watching him fuck other girls, and Anya especially. She usually begged him to fuck her afterwards, but she was evidently still tired from their earlier passion, and just lay back on the pillows, naked and happy and achingly beautiful. Sam yearned to make her pregnant too, to just throw her damn pills out the window and give her the child they both wanted so much. It wouldn’t solve their problem, he knew – in fact it would just make it worse – but it would certainly make him feel better.

Nina spoke, ending Sam’s reverie. “We should get ready, guys. The clubs are opening soon.”

With drowsy reluctance, the three of them rose slowly from the bed, and went through to the ensuite bathroom to run a bath. Sam saw to his pride that both girls were walking a little gingerly after being fucked so hard. They all got into the bathtub together, kissing and whispering amiably, admiring each other’s naked bodies. Sam sat with his back against the bath taps, Nina sitting on his lap, while Anya sat facing the two of them. Their legs twined together pleasantly under the warm water, and Sam reached round to squeeze his sister’s lovely tits, kissing her on the cheek as he carefully soaped her down. He felt the firm, toned cheeks of Nina’s ass press delightfully against his semi-hard cock, and grunted with pleasure.

“Enjoying yourself, big brother?” Nina murmured.

“You could say that.” Sam kissed her smooth neck and the graceful curve of her shoulder. He gazed over at Anya, who was smiling shyly at him and Nina. As he watched, she leaned forward, kneeling in the warm water, and placed her small hands on Nina’s breasts. She kneaded the tanned flesh, brushing Nina’s nipples with her fingertips, and began to kiss her with slow, gentle grace. Sam sat and watched his sister and cousin make out for a long happy while, savouring the heat of the bath and the feel of Nina’s ass cheeks against his cock. With such pleasant distractions, it took the three of them some time to actually get themselves clean, and by the time they all languorously rose from the bath, Sam was sporting a full erection once more. After he had carefully towelled himself and the girls dry, he kissed them both and quietly asked Nina if he could have her again.

“Do you never learn, Sam?” she laughed in response, her long ash-blonde hair still gleaming wet. “No fucking before we go out. We’ll get all messy again, and I want us to be nice and fresh for the club. So tell your big silly thing to go back to sleep.” She lightly and teasingly squeezed his erection, and went through to the bedroom, radiantly naked.

Sam sighed in disappointment and made to follow his sister. As he did, he caught Anya’s gaze. Her blue eyes were mournful once again, and he knew immediately what she was thinking about. She was standing there nude right in front of him, droplets of water gleaming on the pert curves of her breasts, the neat pink slit of her pussy an invitation to pure heaven, and yet Sam felt his penis soften as he regarded her. Instead of lust and desire, the sight of her evoked a painful, protective anxiety. He stepped forward and hugged her, pulling her lovely naked body into a tight embrace, and whispered in her ear, “It’ll be alright, Anni.”

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