Swinging Parents Ch. 02


It was a month after the first time I joined my parents, Bill and Karen, in their sexual exploits. I quickly got better and lasted much longer in bed and gave my mom a good time. Dad loved to watch his son and mother lustily pounding each other on the bed as he wanked off on the side with a video camera shooting the whole scene.

Sometimes Bill would join in and we would have a threeway. One of us would be fucking Karen while the other got his dick sucked off in the front. We would then switch places and do different positions. We grew closer after that first threesome. Mom and Dad even let me call them by their first names. I respected and loved them and only did so once in awhile. Besides it was a lot hotter to call Karen mom while I fucked.

About a few days ago, I had a new experience. I managed to fuck my mother’s ass. This was how it happened.

I was fucking Karen from behind, pounding her hot twat with pure lust. My dick was pistoning into her as my pelvis slapped against her soft round ass. Bill was on the side with a leg on the bed wanking his long hard prick as he watched me bang his wife with eagerness. He had mounted a camera to film the whole scene.

As I pounded my horny mother, her heavy tits hung below and swung about as I slammed into her. Dad reached over and used his free hand to pinch and tweaked her sensitive nipples. Mom rested her head on a pillow, pushing her ass up higher and giving me better access to her pussy. I had both hands on her waist that time and I slid one below her and found her pussy as my hand grazed her trimmed bush.

I fumbled about until I found a little hard nub buried in a hood of flesh and the curls of her pubes. I started to rub it and pinch her clit, driving mom wild. She was moaning and groaning into the pillow.

“Fuck her good boy,” Dad cheered as he stopped jerking and concentrated on her tits. I went faster a bit and she soon was thrusting back into me. I felt her shaking slightly as I could feel her orgasm approaching. Her breathing grew faster and deeper and then I felt her cum on my dick.

Her pussy was convulsing and milking my cock. I had already had a long blowjob and had fucked her for a while now so I was really close. I controlled myself. I loved to see how long I could last. I stopped fucking her but continued attacking her clit.

“FUUCCCKKK!!!” mom screamed as she came. She screamed into the pillow and I was afraid the neighbors would notice. After a while, I pulled out and sat on the bed in front of her, my orgasm subsiding. I was on the brink of shooting a load. Dad walked over to where I just was, his dick bouncing about wildly as he moved. He was dripping a lot of precum around the place so I guess he was near too.

Bill rubbed the swollen purple head of his engorged cock against mom’s wet slit. After a few seconds, he pushed forward and he was balls deep with in seconds. Karen was super wet and it made it easier to slip your dick into her.

Within a minute, he too was frantically slamming his dick into her cunt, his belly making a hypnotizing slapping sound against her round ass. After five minutes, dad pulled out and slapped his dick against her ass.

“Fuck I almost lost it,” he grinned as he kept himself under control. I took over for another five minutes, bringing myself very close several times. Dad was ready again and he whispered something into mom’s ear. She grinned and nodded.

Bill took out a bottle of lube from the bedside table. He oiled his already saliva coated cock. He then squirted cold lube into mom’s ass. Fuck, Dad was going to have her ass. I wanted to be next.

Dad stroked himself for a minute or two then laid down on the bed, his soldier standing ninety degrees. Bill’s cock was longer than mine but thinner. Mom straddled him, facing his feet. She squatted and positioned dad’s pole at her entrance. After a few seconds, she lowered herself until the head of his cock touched her hole.

Mom grabbed his dick and stroked him a bit. Then I watched excitedly as the purple head disappeared into mom’s asshole. I was at their side and I leaned back to watched as dad’s dick entered and re-entered mom’s tight asshole.

Karen then leaned back and Dad gripped her hips tightly. He started bucking his hips and I saw his cock pistoning into her asshole. His pelvis kept slapping her ass, making her soft heavy tits jiggle with each pound.

“Play with that pussy son,” Dad ordered. “She likes it if I play with her pussy while I buttfucked her.” I complied and stuck 2 fingers into her wet vacant hole. I used my thumb to rub her clit.

Mom was going wild. I leaned over and grabbed a breast and brought her nipples to my hungry mouth, sucking it and flicking the sensitive nubs with my expert tongue. Mom was going wild and screaming vulgarities.

“Finger that pussy…Fuck that ass…” she yelled in ecstasy. “I’m cumming…. I’M CUMMING!!!” Mom’s pussy tightened over my fingers and I felt her cunt gushing with her warm juices. I could feel Dad’s balls slapping against her ass, occasionally bahis firmaları touching my hand.

Bill was pounding his wife faster as she climaxed. He then let out a loud groan and I saw him slow down but continued. He was taking long strokes, pulling out almost all the way then pushing his dick back in, almost forcing himself. As his cock slid in and out, I noticed that it was covered in foamy white cream as he spunked into her ass.

As dad re-entered her asshole, I could see some of his thick jizz spurting out of her used asshole. On the fourth penetration, his dick slipped out and he finished his climax, letting out the rest of his heavy load onto his balls and inner thighs.

Karen’s asshole was contracting and relaxing as it seeped Dad’s jizz. I didn’t dare jerk off as the whole scene was too wild. I was now half hard and ready for my first ass. Dad lifted mom off him and she laid on his side. He was breathing heavily as his cock lost it’s hardness but remained semi-erect. I jumped to mom’s side and started making out with her, my hands roaming her ass. I could feel some of dad’s cum on my fingers. I brought it to Karen’s mouth and she sucked off the sticky goo.

I was rock hard. Mom and I were making out passionately on our sides so my member was stabbing her tummy.

“That was fucking good,” dad said loudly. He sat up and watched eagerly as his wife and son made out. “Dave, do you want to have her ass?”

I nodded hungrily. Mom smiled.

“Let me ride you,” Karen said. She slid herself down to my cock and sucked it for awhile. I was already lying on my back enjoying her warm mouth.

Mom got up and straddled me, facing towards me. She was squatting with my cock at the entrance of her backdoor.

“Don’t I need to lube up my dick?” I asked.

“We’ll just use your father’s cum. Besides, I see that your cock’s all wet and lubed already.” she was right. I had practically oozed my own precum over my whole shaft.

Mom caught some of Dad’s white cream from her dripping red asshole. She then rubbed it over my cock, making it slimier. She then swiftly lowered herself and I felt the head of my dick probing her entrance.

“You’re really thick so we need to go slowly,” mom said. I nodded. Dad was already filming the whole thing. I would definitely remember this moment.

Mom lowered herself onto me, with my hands on her hips. I felt and saw my cock head disappear into her asshole. She had her mouth wide open with no sound.

“Spread my ass,” mom instructed. I grabbed each soft ass cheek and pulled them apart. I felt her lowering herself quicker and in a matter of moments, my whole dick was inside her.

I could feel that it was very tight and warm from Dad’s jizz. It was weird having Dad’s cum on my cock but I didn’t care. Karen and I held still for awhile, letting her get used to my thickness. I started playing with her pussy, teasing her very engorged and sensitive clit.

Mom started to ride my throbbing cock. I couldn’t believe that I was really near to climaxing after a minute. Her ass really did bring me to the edge. I tried controlling my orgasm by pushing her back or pulling her in to change the angle of penetration. It did help me by a couple of minutes

“Fuck that ass…” mom cried. “Cum in me…fill that tight little asshole!”

“Give it to her boy!” Bill shouted excitedly as she stroked his cock and maintained his hardness. “Slam that ass.”

I grabbed mom by the hips and held her in position as I lifted myself of the bed and started pounding her from below. My pelvis was slamming into her soft ass cheeks and her tits jiggled like crazy. Mom was rubbing her pussy and fondling her tits, pinching and pulling her hard nipples.

“Fuck,” mom shouted. “Don’t stop…don’t stop…I’m cummminngggg!” she tightened around my cock and I felt warm juices bursting onto my abs as she leaned in and held me close. I could feel her heavy breasts pressing onto my chest. I was kissing her furiously as I tried to pound her ass. It was really hard to as it was extremely tight.

I was losing control and then just before she ended her climax, mine started.

“FUCK!” I roared as I released a torrent of cum into her ass. I continued fucking her, shoving my dick into her tightening asshole, my balls flailing about and slapping her asscheeks.

I released a couple ropes of jizz into my mom’s ass and then my dick popped out and I creamed all over myself. I could feel my hot cum spurting all over my shaft and onto my balls and lap. Mom quickly rolled of me and got between my legs to clean up the sticky mess I made.

Dad and I were still hard. The ass fucking we gave mom made us horny as hell. I liked how her asshole felt like but I preferred her pussy. Dad, as I later found out, loved anal sex more.

Bill and I laid down on the bed side by side, our dicks pointing up. Mom was on all fours and kneeling between both of us, stroking our dicks. Karen leaned down to gobble up Bill’s long meat as she gently jerked me and helped me maintain my hardness.

“Fuck,” kaçak iddaa dad moaned as he covered his face with his hands and laid flat on the bed. I knew what he felt. Karen loved to clean our cocks off after we fucked her, and we were usually really sensitive.

I was fondling mom’s tits as the hung below as she blew my dad. I was pinching her nipples and tugging them playfully. I sat up and reached behind her to finger her pussy and slap her lovely ass. I could feel both sperm leaking out of her asshole, covering her juicy swollen slit.

Dad was bucking his hips and fucking mom’s mouth, causing her body to ripple as his pelvis slapped her face. This caused her tits to jiggle. I reached under her and sucked on her tit.

“Yeah! Suck those juicy tits boy!” dad cheered. “Suck them like you were a baby!” for some weird reason, that turned me on and I devoured her faster. Dad was teasing her other breast and mom was fingering her pussy. I found her clit and rubbed her off and soon she was cumming all her hand and mine.

Mom had let go of Dad’s cock and she fell forward, between us. Dad flipped her onto her back and started sucking her tits. I realized that my dick hadn’t gotten any action for the last couple of minutes so I kneeled next to her head, my fat cock hovering over her face.

Karen reached up lazily and tried to catch my cock with her mouth. She succeeded after a few pokes on the cheek and nose from my prick. Soon she was sucking me and cupping my balls.

“Fuck my face!” Karen said desperately. “I want you to fuck my face like it was my pussy!” I readjusted the angle at which my cock was in her mouth and I started to thrust my hips gently.

I could feel my sensitive cock slipping into her warm wet mouth, sliding along her tongue and going past her throat. Over the last few weeks I learned that Karen had no gag reflex so she could take a deep throat. It was harder for me to receive one as I was thicker than Bill so I stretched her mouth significantly.

I was slamming into my whore of a mother and then I grew close. I pulled out in time as I wanted to fuck her again. I noticed that Dad was probing her ass with his dick.

“Dad, can I fuck mom again?” I asked.

“Let me have her ass first,” Dad replied impatiently as he slipped his dick into her gaping red asshole, allowing more cum to ooze out.

“I just want her pussy,” I replied just as impatient.

Mom then sat up.

“Guys, I have an idea,” Karen said happily. “Why don’t you both take me at the same time?”

I looked at dad and saw that he had cocked his eyebrows.

“What do you mean honey?” Bill asked confused.

“Well, Dave loves my pussy and you love my ass, and you both want to fuck either holes desperately so why not at the same time?” Karen asked. She looked excited.

Whoa, was she saying what I think she was saying?

“Mom you want me and dad to double penetrate you?” I said, feeling myself get more excited. My cock was hardening even more. I’ve always read and watched porn with two guys fucking both a woman’s holes and I had this secret fantasy to fulfill it. Dad looked excited too.

Since I had joined my parents’ sexual exploits, I was very comfortable being naked with another man and even sharing sloppy seconds. I was not really sure about having contact with another penis.

Still the idea of sandwiching my mom was highly arousing and the fact that dad and I could potentially ‘cross swords’ was oddly erotic. I wasn’t bisexual and dad made it clear he wasn’t too.

“How do you want it?” I asked. Karen grinned.

“I want to ride Bill and Dave to fuck my ass from behind. I love that fat cock in my ass. I feel so full.”

Dad and I were a little crestfallen as we were going to have the hole that we desired less, but still this was going to be great. Bill first laid down and then mom impaled herself on him. Dad told me not to join in yet.

“The ass man always cums first,” he said. “At least that’s what I heard. Let me fuck her and get her ready first, then you can slip that fat cock of yours up her ass.” I agreed and watched excitedly as mom rode dad to a mini orgasm, knowing that I was going to DP mom. She was sucking my cock, lubing it up for her ass.

After 10 minutes or so, Dad told me to join. He was pounding her slowly and I got behind mom and in between dad. I rubbed and stroked the head of my precum soaked cock along her ass crack and the bottom part of her pussy, making erotic contact with part of Bill’s shaft. I probed her cum filled ass. I then leaned in and spat a huge load into her asshole. I then slipped my cock into her and was surprised that it was still warm with sperm.

Dad had stopped fucking his wife as he eagerly tried to watch me slip my cock into her ass from underneath. My dick slipped out a few times but I managed to burry myself balls deep in her ass.

“Oh fuck I feel so full,” mom gasped as we started to slowly fuck her. At first it was awkward. Dad and I were banging her with different irregular strokes kaçak bahis and it made it difficult for one of us to stay inside her. At one point our cock slipped out at the same time and I felt us ‘cross swords.’ He reached behind her to try and slip his dick back in but accidently grab mine instead.

I was surprised and dad was too. I didn’t totally hate the feeling. It just felt different. We got back inside her and started to slowly plow her. Bill and I found that it was best if we alternated strokes. He would pull out and then I would push in and vice versa. Soon we were getting into a good routine.

The membrane between her asshole and her pussy was thin enough for me to feel our cocks rubbing against each other on the underside of our shafts. I wasn’t disgusted at it. As I said earlier… it was as different feeling. I could even feel his cock pushing onto mine through the thin wall between mom’s pussy and asshole.

“Fuck…yes…two dicks…” mom grunted and groaned as we fucked her with alternate strokes. She was going wild.

After a good steady fuck (I had to go really slowly as her ass was super tight and it was driving me crazy) dad announced that he wanted to switch places.

“I just need that ass,” he said as Karen dismounted the both of them.

Karen laid down on her side and I followed suite, facing her, my cock poking her stomach. She gave it a few light strokes then guided it to her pussy, in which my dick slipped into her. I reached behind her to grab her ass cheeks and pull her apart. Dad was probing her ass from behind. He too was lying on his side. I helped him enter her ass by spreading her ass wide, allowing him to slide in with little resistance.

I loved the feel of her pussy on my dick. It felt like home. I leaned in and sucked a tit, flicking my hungry tongue on her sensitive nipples. I started to thrust my hips, taking long hard strokes into her hot dripping pussy. I also had a hand on her ass cheek, spreading her ass and massaging it.

Dad was fondling her other tit as he kissed her neck and nibbled her ear. He was alternating his strokes with me into her ass. He loved anal sex and he knew he couldn’t last.

“Fuck those 2 holes…” Mom cried as we started picking up the pace. I could only hear her cries of pleasure and the slapping of the men’s bodies with hers as we fucked her. Her pussy was contracting on my dick and I knew she was near. She started bucking her hips and matched the rhythm with ours.

“Let’s fuck her on the same stroke,” Dad suggested. I nodded and we started thrusting into at the same time. Bill let go of her tit and slid his hand down to her pussy, teasing her clit. I could feel his hand touch my pelvis and pubic hair as I banged my mom on the penetrations.

She was going wild.


Karen was getting wetter and my cock was making a sloshing sound as I slid into her faster and faster. I was near and I noticed dad was closing his eyes, trying to hold it in. We were on the brink of losing control but Karen beat us to it.

“DON’T STOP!” she shouted. “OH FUCK…I’M CUMMING!!!” her pussy clamped down on my dick and started milking me as I continued pounding her. At the same time Bill was groaning and telling us he was going to blow. I knew mom’s asshole had tightened and it somehow restricted the flow of his cumshot.

Dad pulled out as I continued plowing my mother. He pulled his head back and started spraying his load.

“Oh fuck…” Bill groaned as I saw a huge load of creamy spunk splash over her ass. The second shot flew over her ass and hit me on my hip. He was exploding onto her sexy ass. Just as he was finishing, I started releasing my load into her.

“Oh fuck mom…” I groaned loudly and blew a huge load inside. After the first 3 ropes, I pulled out and spurted over her bush and added to dad’s spunk on her ass.

Our dicks were now flaccid but still in its large state. They were oversensitive and twitching as we sat up and started to tease mom. I was sucking her tits as dad spread the cum on her ass with his hand and cock. He scooped some jizz from her ass and fed it to her.

“Mmm…” mom would moan as she swallowed a handful of sperm. I was fingering mom and within minutes, she had a mini-orgasm.

“That was some really great sex,” Dad panted. I nodded and agreed.

“We fucked her silly,” I said chuckling. Mom sat up and kissed us both.

“I love my two favorite men and their two nice big hard cocks,” she said as she kissed each of us passionately. “We definitely have to do that again.”

“Damn straight,” I replied as I got off the bed. Dad got off too and dismounted the camcorder.

“This is going to be a great video to jack off too,” Dad said as he rewound the whole scene.

A couple hours later I was sitting on the couch with my parents and their friends. Bob and Judy were our next door neighbors. They have been close friends with our parents for years. Bob and Judy had a daughter and her name was Hailey, whom I’ve had a crush on for years. We’re good friends and went to the same high school. I we even went to the same community college so we had a lot of time to spend together.

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