Anna stood with her naked back pressed tight against the pale yellow wall of her bedroom, her long black hair coming down over her shoulders and laying against the outer sides of her breasts, leaving her erect nipples fully exposed. The movement of her neck was restricted but still enabled her to look directly down onto the busy street below through the opposite window. The people rushing to and fro from office blocks, restaurants and banks in the lunch hour provided welcome entertainment after the few hours she had stood there with little to observe or distract her from her humiliating position. The odd dog pissing against a lamppost or a mother pushing a perambulator could hardly be described as ‘ action cinema’. Now though, at mid-day the noise and chaos drifted from the street into the stark, bare room; at times voices would provide clarity to the mute action she was voyeur to. If any of the passers by decided to glance up at the window above them they would see Anna naked and helpless.

Unlike her they have work to do, people to meet and talk to. It wasn’t completely without bitterness that she began to mull over her current predicament. Never though did she consider leaving to start anew. She wasn’t prepared to exchange the things that she had for those that she didn’t, and couldn’t imagine having with anyone but him. At 24 years old she was going to enjoy his games while her body could take them. Her pert tits and tight firm arse weren’t age defying and there is a limit to the punishment that can be physically endured.

Before T had left he stripped Anna naked without saying a word and meticulously bound her in position using thin leather strips. She had kicked and tried to bite him but was over powered by his strong arms; knowing that escort kartal she would regret her outbursts later she had quieted all resistance. Anna had never noticed the hooks on the wall before now but he had threaded the leather through them with such ease that she was sure he had used them many times before.

Her legs were spread wide and held by thongs around her thin ankles. Forced by the restraints holding her wrists to stand on tiptoes she was very uncomfortable. As T was leaving he had smacked her hard across her upper thighs causing her to fall flat onto her feet and sending pain rushing through her as the thongs cut into her tanned flesh. Her own arms restricted the movement of her head. They were bound so tight and high above her head that by now they were beginning to feel numb. As she was trying to calculate how long she had been in the same position she heard the key turn in the lock. She closed her eyes, knowing that it must be T returning and wondered what was going to happen now.

As T stood in front of her she saw the person her friends saw. Anna with her long dark hair, black round eyes and full lips was always told ‘she could do better’. T wasn’t exceptionally smart or exceptionally good looking, in fact walking down the street you would barely notice him, perhaps bump into him but definitely not give him a second glance. Today he was dressed in tight blue jeans and a black short-sleeved shirt. He had had a haircut since they had last met. His deep brown hair now flopped over face barely allowing him to see. Anna could see the huge bulge in his pants where the sight of her so helpless was already turning him on. He caught her glancing at his groin from the doorway and quickly crossed the room to force it against maltepe escort her naked shaven pussy. As he rubbed himself against her his jeans chaffed her skin.

“So, did you miss me?” he asked. He knew that she would be unable to answer, he was leaning his whole weight against her so hard crushing her breasts and making it hard to breath, let alone answer or remain high on her toes.

Kneeling down on the ground below Anna’s pussy he had a perfect view of her shaven lips, at first he began to bite gently on the soft flesh of her thighs, holding onto her arse cheeks with both his hands at the same time. Using them to pull her away from the wall and towards his waiting mouth. As Anna let herself relax, her pussy juices began to flow from her slit, shining on her thighs where T was waiting to lick them up. By now T was licking all over her outer pussy taking care to avoid her clit and slit. In attempting to thrust her pussy towards T’s mouth the thongs on her wrists dug deeper into her skin, causing her to groan loudly. She could barely stand because she was so desperate to have T’s tongue inside her pussy, she was sure if he teased her any longer she would faint.

“Please, please….”

“What do you want me to do? Tell me exactly and I will think about doing it.”

“What you are doing is so so good but lick me properly. Please. I want to feel your tongue deep inside me and know that my juices are flowing into your mouth. I need to come.”

Anna knew she was begging but was so horny she didn’t care. Her body was so hot and desperate to be touched everywhere. T on the other seem calm and detached, the only sign of his arousal was his hard cock stretching the fabric of his jeans.

“Tell me more.” As T said pendik escort bayan this he bit hard on Anna’s shaven pussy lips. It felt so good having him so close to her slit, Anna couldn’t say anything and by now was panting heavily and writhing around as much as her restraints would allow her. Knowing that Anna was about to come T stopped teasing her and untied the leather around both of her wrists, after quickly undoing his pants he grabbed Anna by the hair and pulled her head roughly down to his cock. Anna was now bent double with her arse against the wall. It was difficult not to gag on T’s cock as he thrust it hard into her mouth. T still had a firm hold of her hair and was using it so he could thrust more and more of his cock into Anna’s mouth. As he came he pulled his cock out of her mouth, lifting up her head and coming all over her neck and breasts.

Despite shooting so much come, T didn’t seem any less horny. The blood was already beginning to rush to his cock again. He held Anna by her neck forcing her to stand and rubbing his hand in his cum and offering it to Anna to eat. Anna obliged, keenly licking each drop from T’s fingers, the back of his hand and his palm. As Anna was licking T’s hand she was using one of her free hands to bring herself off. As her orgasm was approaching T offered his help, thrusting hard into her with two of his fingers and kissing her hard on the mouth. As Anna tried to recover from her orgasm she slumped against T, just at this moment he stepped out of her way, leaving her to fall on the floor on all fours. There was just about enough room for T to stand behind Anna and fuck her hard from behind. He entered her in one deep thrust, holding her by her hips and slowly pulling her back and forth onto his cock. Anna fell forward onto her elbows giving T a perfect view of her arse, as he thrust deep into her Anna began to groan and grind her pussy against T’s cock. T and Anna came at the same time, filling Anna’s cunt up with his cum. For now, they were both satisfied…

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