Taboo Initiation


Back in the 80’s no one really worried about your age when you hit the bars out in the country, actually I guess I was such a hick I didn’t even know what the legal drinking age was. Growing up out on a farm in the middle of nowhere and becoming sexually aware may not really be a good thing when you had only your grandparents, aunts and uncles, and cousins living nearby. My cousin Steffi and I were 18, in our last year of high school and looking forward to finishing school and moving to town and sharing an apartment together. My Uncle James was the older and worked on the farm. Don was home for the summer from college and was working on the farm during his summer break.

One hot summer night, my Uncle James and my cousins Don and Steffi were heading for the corner bar. We had just one thing in mind, getting drunk off our asses. Steffi and I were still virgins, I don’t know if Uncle James and Don still were or not. There just weren’t any boys we were interested in out in the country. They were just boys we had went to school with and not very exciting, another reason we were anxious to be on our own in the city.

It was steaming hot summer night so Steffi and I were wearing halter tops and shorts, the guys nothing but swimming trunks. We hit the bar and got our beer and cigarettes, feeling very cool and sophisticated. We headed behind the bar to where the creek came close to the gravel road. It was great for having a pretty deep swimming hole and we sat on a blanket we had brought along, drinking, and laughing with my Uncle James going back frequently to buy more beer.

When the guys slipped off their shorts and jumped in the water Steffi and I cheered and clapped, laughing as they dared us to do the same. I looked at Steffi and shrugged. We laughed and started doing a very sexy striptease before we jumped in the water with them.

It was fun having them trying to grab us as we swam in different directions, teasing them as we brushed against them and darted away again. Finally, Steffi and I climbed out of the water and decided to give them a real show as we molded our slippery wet bodies pendik escort together, holding tight and licking tongues. Steffi and I had, of course, played “doctor” many times while growing up together and were very comfortable with kissing and touching each other. We collapsed on the blanket as the guys climbed out of the water.

I was drunk and didn’t really mind when Uncle James laid down beside me and put his hand on my breast, squeezing it tight as he licked my lips and thrust his tongue between them. In the back of my mind I knew we shouldn’t be doing this, it was wrong to even be thinking such things about a blood relative, but the wicked sinful excitement increased my desire. I licked his tongue and sucked it hard. His hand slid down my belly and between my thighs, spreading my thighs as he gently slid his fingers between the lips of my hot throbbing pussy.

I glanced over at Steffi and Don and saw Don lying on top of her, kissing and caressing her. It was so unbelievably hot that I felt myself tremble with excitement. Uncle James sucked my breasts, sliding his fingers gently from my clit to my tight little asshole, fingering, touching gently. My pussy was hot and throbbing so much I didn’t want to think about how wrong it was to be doing this. When he whispered in my ear that he wanted to eat my cum I arched against his hand, hotter and filled with the aching desire to let him do it.

He laid down on his back as I straddled his head, his hands gripping my ass as I moved my wet pulsating pussy against his lips, feeling his tongue licking my clit and gently pushing into my vagina. My brain exploded as I orgasmed, feeling the cum shoot onto his lips, drenching him as he sucked the hot wet juice from my virgin pussy. When he rolled me onto my back I started to tremble from fear. This was the moment I had dreaded as I felt his hot throbbing cock pushing gently into my tight little hole. Giving one hard stab, I felt the pain explode inside me as he tore through my hymen feeling the blood seeping onto him and down the crack of my ass.

He held still, kissing me, and caressing my escort pendik nipples until I started to relax again. As he started to push harder inside me it still hurt but the pleasure that started to pulsate wet and hot was winning. I was arching against him trying to get him as deep inside me as possible. I felt my pussy explode again as my hot juices, mixed with tinges of blood shot from me. soaking us both. I felt him pull out and watched as he wiped himself off before kneeling beside me, pushing his cock against my lips begging me to suck it hard. I did it, letting his throbbing cock slide into my mouth. I had never done this before, so I just let him thrust it into my mouth and tried no to gag as he shoved it in as far as he could.

I felt him tremble as he fucked my mouth harder. I grabbed his ass as his cum shot down my throat, surprising me with how much I loved the taste and feel of it hot in my mouth. He laid beside me and held me close, whispering that he didn’t want to cum inside me because he didn’t have any protection with him and couldn’t take a chance on getting me pregnant. Of course, he couldn’t! That would be the ultimate sin as I finally thought about the significance of what we had done. Steffi looked at me and I saw the same shame and fear in her eyes as I felt in my own heart.

We knew it had been wrong but how could we stop the hot throbbing desire that had urged us on. When the guys switched partners, we didn’t object. The worst had been done so what difference did it make now? When Allen got me on my knees, so he could start licking my tight little asshole I moaned with pleasure feeling my pussy pulsate as an electric thrill shot through me. He pushed deeper into my ass with his tongue as I reached beneath myself to play with my clit shoving harder and harder against his mouth feeling his tongue deep inside me. Uncle James, I saw, was doing the same to Steffi.

This was completely new to me. I had never done anything like this. It was so hot I shoved my fingers up inside my vagina, slippery and wet as Allen started to push the head of his cock into my ass. I screamed pendik escort bayan and stiffened, it hurt! He pulled out and pushed his hard dick in my pussy fucking me gently until I started to pulsate, pushing back against him. He put his finger in my ass, finger fucking me. I felt myself throb, told him I was going to cum. He pulled out and again pushed the head of his dick into my ass, moving gently as I grabbed his hand, pushing his fingers into my tight throbbing pussy. It still hurt but as the cum exploded from me, dripping down his hand I pushed back against him. Not understanding why, the pain now felt so good as I let him fuck my ass, pushing tight against him until his cum shot out to scald my insides.

I collapsed on the blanket as I watched Steffi on her knees with Uncle James behind her, fucking her hard. I reached between her legs to play with her clit, sliding my fingers into her. I was fascinated as I watched her move harder against him until she screamed, and I felt her pussy juices soaking my hand. Allen got behind Uncle James and started rubbing his dick up and down the crack of Uncle James ass. I had no idea they might have “played” together as Steffi and I had done.

Allen pushed his dick into Uncle James’ ass as Uncle James fucked Steffi harder. This was unbelievable. Cum was exploding everywhere, running down Steffi’s pussy as she rolled out from beneath Uncle James and watched as I did as Allen fucked him hard in the ass. I straddled Steffi’s head feeling her tongue licking my pussy as I licked the cum from her tight little hole.

Allen groaned loudly as he pulled out and shot his sperm all over Uncle James’ ass. As he licked it off I tasted Steffi’s cum in my mouth as she moaned and moved frantically against my mouth. Feeling my own cum explode all over her lips I moaned even louder. The guys watched as we licked each other’s pussy juice and finally collapsed on the blanket again which was soaked with cum.

All four lying entwined we held tight to each other and stared at the stars. Not wanting to think of what we had done, we finally dozed off under the dark summer sky. The next morning, we got dressed without saying a word to each other. I was sure I would regret and feel guilty about what had happened someday, but that incredible wicked sinful still remains buried inside me.

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