Taking Care of Business Ch. 13


Ryan got several days of relaxation before he got the call that he was going to be needed to help IT set up the new office in two days. The only interruption of his peace and quiet was daily calls from various news outlets wanting an interview. By the second day he had turned the ringer off, turned down the volume on his answering machine and emailed his family and friends they could get him on his cellphone.

The same day he got the call from work he also received a huge surprise at his door…a very pleasant surprise. The doorbell rang. Ryan considered ignoring it, thinking it was just another pesky reporter that he didn’t want to talk to. Whoever it was as the door was persistent. The doorbell kept ringing till Ryan got pissed and went to the door, ripped it open and yelled, “What!” His jaw dropped because the doorbell ringer was not another reporter but his raven-haired beauty, Stacy.

Stacy smiled nervously, gave a little wave and weakly said, “Hi.” Stacy was afraid Ryan would hate her, yell at her, slam the door on her and reject her for how she left.

“Stacy,” Ryan said, confused. “What are you going here? Does Deke know you’re here?”

Stacy was cautiously optimistic. “Doesn’t matter what he does or doesn’t know.” Stacy held up her left hand and wiggled her bare ring finger. “I divorced him.”

Ryan was shocked again. Divorced, he thought, she’s divorced!

Stacy could see the thoughts running through Ryan’s head. “Can I come in and explain, maybe answer any questions?”

Ryan snapped out of his thoughts, “Oh, yeah, of course, come on in.” He closed the door once Stacy was inside.

Stacy sat on the couch where Ryan had been lying. She saw the ice pack lying next to the couch that Ryan had on his shoulder, “I saw what happened. How are you?”

“I’m fine,” Ryan said as he sat next to Stacy, “lot better than most. Have a badly bruised shoulder. Still, lot of people we know didn’t make it.” Ryan’s voice trailed off, his eyes misted. “Anyway, I’m fine. What about you though? What happened? I though you and Deke were trying to save your marriage.”

Stacy laughed, “Yeah, so did I till I found out he’s nothing but a two-faced, lying, no-good son-of-a-bitch!” Ryan was shocked by her outburst. He could tell she was really angry. Stacy continued, “I found out he’s been cheating on me for YEARS with his secretary. That’s why she got moved out to the same office he did.”

“Lemme start from the beginning.” Stacy had calmed as she began. “A friend of mine worked in the building next to Deke’s. She got a promotion and a new office that faced the building Deke works in. As we found out, it faced Deke’s office. The night she got her office she moved her boxes but hadn’t unpacked yet. That bothered her because she’s like that, she wanted it done. So she went back in to unpack. Well, when she went into her office she saw the office in the next building and saw this naked man. She thought she’d get to see something good so she left the light off and snuck to the window.”

Stacy continued, “She couldn’t see much, just the guy’s back. She could see he was definitely fucking so she went over to her telescope. It was something her company gave her, one of those nice brass ones. Anyway, she looked through it and saw the guy’s back but couldn’t see his face. She also couldn’t see the woman but she saw the woman’s blonde hair. My friend also saw the man had a tattoo on his right shoulder. Now, she knew Deke had a tattoo on his right shoulder but she didn’t know what of. So she continued to watch.”

Ryan thought he knew where this was leading but he stayed silent as Stacy spoke. “Once the couple finished the man walked to the washroom attached to his office. When he walked back out, that’s when my friend saw that Deke was the fucker. She then looked back at the woman on the desk and it was his secretary, Gloria. Young, big boobs, blonde hair, blue eyes, thin, long legs…you get the picture.”

Ryan got more than a picture. He could see a potential bombshell of a development. He’d met Gloria at a party Stacy and Deke had once. Gloria was Deke’s secretary here and she went out to be Deke’s secretary when he got promoted. Guess we know why.

Stacy saw the wheels in Ryan’s head turning. “Lemme finish. So my friend wanted to tell me but she wanted proof to show me and that I could use. As it happened, her husband is a professional photographer and videographer. The next night he brought in his cameras and special lenses. He videotaped and took pictures. I was pissed when I found out. I also thought the same thing you are thinking…if he is fucking her there then he was probably fucking her here before we moved.” Stacy took a breath and continued, “he was. I had come back here for a couple days for training and ran into his old boss. I confronted him with the pictures. He admitted that Deke and Gloria were doing it in his office nightly. Not only had Deke told him but he walked in on them once.”

Stacy’s anger was surfacing and her rosie cheeks were escort kartal getting redder. “When I got back I confronted Deke with everything. He was so fucking smug at first. He was alright if I divorced him but he would fight giving me anything. Once I threatened to notify his company, he became very timid.” Stacy began to grin, “see they have a VERY strict policy about employees dating and for a boss to date a subordinate is grounds for termination. Deke knew that if they found out, he would be canned. So he gave me damn near everything I wanted. So now, I’m single…unless you’d like to see what happens between us?”

“Us,” Ryan said excitedly, “dating?”

Stacy laughed, “Yes silly…us dating!”

“I think I’d like that,” said Ryan.

“Oh,” exclaimed Stacy, “I almost forgot to tell you that best part. Right after the divorce was final, Deke got Gloria pregnant. He had to transfer her so they didn’t lose their jobs.” Stacy wrapped her arms around Ryan and snuggled tight. “But enough about them, when I got back here I decided to get a place and get settled in and then come to see you. Then the day I decided to come to you was the day of the explosion. I was so scared that I was too late. Even when they said you were alive but trapped. I was scared they wouldn’t get to you. I don’t think I stopped crying till they said you were out of the rubble.” Stacy sat back and looked at Ryan, tears in her eyes, “I didn’t want to miss the chance to tell you I love you Ry!”

Ryan’s eyes began to tear as he smiled, “I love you too Stac! I didn’t want to admit it when you told me you were leaving but I do.”

Stacy smiled, wiping the tears from her eyes. “I wish I would have followed my heart back then, told you how I really felt. I was scared though, scared that you didn’t feel the same, scared that you’d say you did feel the same but that we wouldn’t work out, scared I’d end up alone with nothing…scared to take a chance but scared not to take a chance. I was very confused at the time.”

Ryan chuckled, “I was the same way. Not knowing for sure how you felt. What if I told you to stay and it didn’t work between us? I didn’t know what to do, say.” Ryan pulled Stacy back into him and held her tight, like if he let go she would disappear. “Anyway, when do you want to go on our first official date?”

“Oh? Hmmm…our first official date, huh? Lemme think…I am free this weekend. They’re not going to make you work the weekend are they?”

Good question, thought Ryan. “Nothing was said but I’ll check. Can’t image they’d make us work in the evening even if we worked during the day. So how about Saturday night? Like Italian?”

Stacy was excited, “yes and yes! You just have to promise me one thing.”

“What’s that,” said Ryan apprehensively.

“Drunk or not,” Stacy said with a smile as she put her hand on Ryan’s check, “you have to bring me home and take advantage of me.” Ryan smiled and pulled Stacy onto his lap, one arm around her shoulder, one resting across her abdomen.

Ryan kissed Stacy softly and then pulled back. “Hmmm, I thought since we’re dating that you wouldn’t want to make love till we’ve dated for a while,” Ryan said with a devilish smile.

“Oh fuck no,” Stacy said, “we can get to know each other better by making love. Besides, I want you!” Stacy reached under her and squeezed Ryan’s semi-rigid member, “feels like you want me too.”

“Maybe,” Ryan said before he pressed his lips against Stacy’s. It was a long, warm, loving but hungry kiss. Their tongues danced, their hearts raced. The passion grew and grew, neither wanting to break the first tender, passionate kiss of their new life together. Ryan and Stacy kissed for minutes before they broke apart, both breathing heavy.

“Oh damn,” Stacy said as her chest heaved, “I missed that!”

Ryan whispered in Stacy’s ear, “I missed you too Stac.” Ryan softly traced her earlobe with his tongue. The whisper sent a shiver down Stacy’s spine and his tongue elicited soft moans. Ryan nibbled on her earlobe briefly and then moved to her neck, kissing and gently sucking. Stacy moved her head to the side, closed her eyes, savored the feeling and continued to moan her approval.

Ryan took his time, letting the feeling of her soft skin and her warm body, the smell of her perfume and the sound of her moans wash over him and fill his heart and mind. “Ry,” Stacy moaned softly, “Ry, let’s go to your bed.” Ryan sat up to allow Stacy to stand. She stood in front of his, took his hand and led him to the bedroom.

Once in the bedroom, Stacy turned Ryan so that he was standing in front of the bed. She stood in front of him and reached for the hem of his shirt. Since Ryan was over a foot taller than Stacy, he bent over so she could pull it off. Stacy threw it to the side and pulled his belt loose. She slowly unbuckled, unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans before pushing them down over his ass. Stacy squeezed Ryan’s ass as she kneeled before him. She pulled the jeans off his feet as he maltepe escort stepped out of them. Mere inches from Stacy’s face was the bulge she remembered and desired. Stacy reached to the waist band of Ryan’s black boxer-briefs and pulled them off. She took care to pull the waist band down and over Ryan’s erect cock. It sprung up once free of the cloth cage of his underwear.

Stacy looked at the object of her desire with lust in her eyes and licked her lips. To Ryan’s disappointment Stacy stood. She pushed him down on the bed and he now sat before her. Stacy took a step back and pulled her off her shirt in a slow, sexy striptease. The removal of her shirt revealed her light pink lace bra…his favorite. Ryan told her she looked so sexy in that bra and how it complimented her body and skin. Stacy gave Ryan a wink and moved her hands to her pants. She unbuttoned her pants and began to sway her hips back-n-forth as she pushed them down to the floor and off. Stacy stood up slowly, running her hands up her sexy legs, over the matching light pink lace panties, up her stomach and over her breasts and finally up in the air to give Ryan a full look at her beautiful body. Ryan’s cock jumped and throbbed as he memorized every inch of her. Stacy smiled when she saw his cock twitching and jerking. Still got it she thought.

“Lay down Ry,” Stacy said as she stepped next to the bed. Ryan lay back as Stacy kneeled next to the bed and grasped the object of her desire. She slowly began to jerk Ryan’s cock as she bent over and kissed the head. The first dribbles of pre-cum ran from the head and Stacy collected it with her tongue. She ran her tongue slowly down the shaft. Ryan groaned low as Stacy continued to tease his manhood. Stacy moved her mouth to his balls and sucked each one in her mouth as she stroked his cock.

Ryan began to squirm with the feeling. Stacy wanted to tease more, really take her time but she was horny and wanted to taste his cum. She licked her way back up the shaft and engulfed his cock. Stacy slid her mouth down his pole and back up. His cock went down her throat with each downward motion. She knew this was the quickest way to coax the sweet nectar from his balls. Stacy started slow but increased speed with every movement. She knew he was close when Ryan began moaning louder, calling her name and pushing her hips in time with her movements. Stacy began to caress his balls and set off his orgasm. “OH STAC!!” Ryan yelled as shot after shot spewed from his cock. Stacy swallowed each blast. She pulled back once she felt Ryan’s cock begin to soften. Stacy ran her tongue over the head one last time to collect the last remaining cum.

Stacy moved up and lay next to Ryan, snuggling close in his arm. They began to kiss again. Their kisses were passionate, urgent, loving. Ryan broke the kiss and moved his lips to her neck as he moved his hands to her bra and removed it. He began kissing and lightly sucking on a spot below Stacy’s ear. Ryan knew this spot was the one spot, besides her delicate pink parts, that lit Stacy’s fire and turned it into a raging inferno. “Mmmmm, Ry, you know what that does to me you tease,” said Stacy.

Ryan smiled and whispered in Stacy’s ear, “Yes I do!” He left a trail of kisses as he moved from her neck to her sensitive nipple. Stacy jerked when she felt Ryan’s wet tongue glide over her hard nipple. She moaned and rolled onto her back. Ryan watched Stacy’s face as he took her nipple in his mouth and sucked on it as he flicked the hard nub. Stacy’s body jerked and squirmed, her eyes shut and her lips parted to allow the moans of pleasure escape. Ryan moved a hand to her other breast and began to massage it. The hard nipple pressed into the palm of his hand as he worked his hand back-n-forth. Stacy’s moans grew louder. Ryan concentrated on stimulating her hard nipples. He never had time to try but Ryan thought he could bring Stacy to an orgasm by stimulating her sensitive nipples. Stacy’s body was squirming more and her moans became louder as he gently bit and rolled the nipple in his mouth.

“Oh baby,” Stacy moaned as Ryan continued to attack her nipples. She felt the growing feeling of an orgasm rapidly in her crotch. She felt like her nipples were directly attached to her pussy. She couldn’t believe he was going to get her off by just sucking and touching her nipples, but he was. “RYAN!!” Stacy moaned loudly as she orgasmed. She arched her back, grabbled the back of Ryan’s had and held him against her chest as she enjoyed her first orgasm.

Stacy relaxed as the orgasm passed. Though not a long orgasm, it was powerful. She pulled Ryan’s head back by his hair and looked down at his grinning back, breathing heavy, “dear God hunnie, how do you do that?”

“I’ve always wanted to try that,” said Ryan, “your nipples are always so sensitive. I figured I would give you an orgasm if I had the time.” Stacy released his hair as Ryan crawled up to give her a deep, passionate kiss. Ryan then pulled away and crawled between Stacy’s pendik escort bayan legs. He hooked his fingers into the waistband of her panties and pulled them down. Free of her panties, Stacy spread her legs to reveal her aroused womanhood. She couldn’t wait to feel his talented tongue on her clit again. Ryan lay between her legs and saw Stacy’s swollen labia spread apart, wet pussy and engorged clit. Instead of driving right into her pussy, Ryan began to kiss up Stacy’s inner thigh. He inched closer and closer to her womanhood with each soft kiss. His kiss left an echo of pleasure and anticipation. Stacy was breathing heavy and biting her lip as Ryan kissed. Her body tensed and she moaned when she felt Ryan’s lips on her labia. Ryan planted a kiss on both sides of her wet hole before moving his lips to her other leg and trailed down her inner thigh. Stacy moaned in disappointment as his lips moved away from her needy pussy. Her orgasm did not satisfy her need for him, it intensified her desire to feel his tongue and fingers pleasure her body, to have him inside her, filling her completely.

Ryan’s kisses stopped at Stacy’s knee. He moved his head and returned hit attention to Stacy’s aroused pussy. Stacy moaned louder than before as Ryan kissed up and down her wet slit. Ryan slipped his tongue between her labia and grazed his tongue over her engorged clit. Stacy’s hips bucked from the touch of his tongue. Finally, she thought as she moved her hands to his head. Ryan’s tongue glided down over her sensitive womanhood till it slipped inside her. He flicked his tongue in and out of Stacy’s wet hole, tasting her. Ryan’s cock began to rise again as the taste of her pussy and the sounds of the pleasure she was experiencing aroused him. Stacy let out with a long moan and her body tenses for several moments. Ryan felt a small gush of juices against his tongue as Stacy had another orgasm.

Stacy’s body relaxed back to the bed as the orgasm subsided. She breathed heavily. This one was more intense and lasted longer but it didn’t satisfy her hunger. Ryan wasn’t done and she knew it. Ryan tongue glided back up to her throbbing clit. Stacy gasped as he sucked her clit into her mouth. Her hips began to thrust as Ryan sucked her clit in and out of his mouth, allowing it to slip between his compressed lips. Ryan moved his hands to Stacy’s pelvis to keep her from bucking so wildly as she approached her next orgasm.

Ryan felt Stacy’s beautifully polished nails dig into the back of his head as her orgasm hit yet again. This time Ryan didn’t stop to allow her to ride the wave to the end. Stacy’s body locked as wave after wave of pleasure emanated from her spasming pussy. Ryan continued to suck and lick as Stacy yelled, “FUCK, OH FUCK,” over and over again. Stacy pulled on Ryan’s head, pressing him tighter against her pussy. The pleasure continued and grew in intensity with every lick and suck. Ryan was determined to pleasure her body till she made him stop. She didn’t make him stop but he did when he felt her body got limp and her fingers fall from his head.

Ryan raised his head to see that Stacy had passed out from the intense pleasure. He hurried up to her head and gave her a little shake. Stacy woke with a start, still breathing heavily, “You ok Stac?”

“Yeah,” she said, “guess I blacked out. It was so intense!” Ryan went to lie next to Stacy when she said, “What are you doing?”

Ryan looked confused, “I’m lying down to hold you.”

“The hell you are,” Stacy exclaimed, “make love to me Ry, I want you inside of me!”

“Honey,” Ryan said, “you just passed out. Don’t you think you should relax?”

Stacy interrupted Ryan, “Ry, I’m fine, make love to me, take me, make me your woman. Neither of us belongs to anyone else…be one with me!” Stacy’s eyes welled up with tears. This wasn’t just about sex. This was the most intimate expression of their love.

Ryan saw the tears in her eyes and felt the feelings behind the words. “Ok Stac,” Ryan said. He climbed above her as Stacy spread her legs. They both held their breath as Ryan penetrated Stacy’s womanhood. The collectively groaned at the feel of Ryan’s hard cock slowly sinking deep in Stacy’s tight pussy. The extreme wetness allowed Ryan’s cock to easily slip inside Stacy. Ryan used long, deep, slow strokes. Stacy wrapped her legs around Ryan’s hips and rolled her hips to take all of him inside her. Stacy was filled completely with each deep thrust.

The two were now one in mind, heart, body and soul. The feeling of love coursed through their connected bodies. Ryan and Stacy stared into each other’s eyes as Ryan continued to slowly stroke his hard cock in and out of Stacy’s velvety pussy. Neither could speak, only moans of pleasure and love would escape their lips. Ryan could feel his own orgasm slowly building and he knew that Stacy’s was as well. He increased his speed little by little. Ryan wanted to feel her explode all over his cock before he came.

Stacy thrust her hips in time with Ryan. She was close, “Oh Ryan, Ryan, Ryan hunnie..I love you…cum with me baby!” Stacy’s words were replaced by loud screams as she arched her back, her body stiffened and her orgasm overtook her. Ryan pounded her spasming pussy, elongating the orgasm with each deep penetration.

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