Taking My Sister’s Cherry


I heard her in the bathroom laughing quietly as she bathed. my younger Sissy was just 18 now and had that sexy look to her and had a nice ass and her tits were filled out real boobs. I would get a hard on looking at her some times. She would be always giving me this kind of ‘fuck me’ look at odd times..

She had more than once had walked in while I was in the shower and squeaked at my cock and once she came in while I was standing there with a hard on… I told her that is what boys put inside pussies and she laughed and dug at her own pussy for a quick second and ran out of the room.

The door was open just a bit and I stood there, not believing my eyes as I watched her fingering her slit. My cock sprang up like it was on a switch and just got turned on. I stood there watching as she got into it, moaning some and closing her eyes as her fingers worked their magic in that young virgin cunt..

Then she opened her eyes and looked right at me. “I see you, I know you are there.”

“Well, so what, I caught you fingering yours pussy and you can’t say anything to anyone.” I answered back, stepping into the room, my 8 inch cock in my hand. “See, you’re doing it, too,” she laughed. “That is a really nice big hard cock, just right for fucking,” she laughed again.

Good thing Mom and dad were out for the night or we would be in a lot of trouble, I thought.

“You can see how hard you make my cock, let me see your pussy,” I shot back at her.

“Get in the tub with me,” she said, seriously. “I can play with your cock and you can play with my pussy then. it is nice and juicy”

I stripped off the rest of my clothes and climbed in. Sissy made straight for my cock and started to stroke it with her sweet hands. I lay back and moaned for her. Wow. This was so great. I lay there for a few minutes while she explored my cock up close, then she smiled and said, “This is what I saw mom doing with dad’s cock.” She brought her lips to it and began to kiss and lick it, finally sucking it into her little mouth and stroking it at the same time…

I felt all the blood go out of my head and finally pulled her off my cock because I wanted to get to her pussy before she made me bursa escort shoot my load…

“Let me see your pussy first,” I begged. She quickly turned around and I had her cunt right in front of me… The first cunt I ever saw up close. I stuck two of my fingers in it and she moaned so nice. It was wet inside and bubbling.

I began to move my fingers in and out and she got real quiet, pushing up against my hand hard and really liking it, I could tell.

“Suck on it, please, Corey, just like dad does for mom,’ She laughed. I needed no prompting and got my mouth right into its open lips and licked and sucked as she pushed into me.

We were all but drowning in the tub and I slipped under, my mouth still stuck to her cunt. I pushed her up and we laughed.

“Let’s go to my room,” she offered and we went quickly into her room and lay naked on her bed, my face right back on her pussy. She spun around and sucked my cock again. We were two wet crazies sucking away at each other. I wanted it to never stop.

Sissy pulled off my cock and told me to lie down on the bed. She told me she had been watching mom and dad fucking and wanted to try and do what they did when she watched. Her room was right next to theirs and she had found a small opening in a vent in her closet that was right next to their bed. She had been watching them fuck for a long time now. She fingered her pussy when she watched.

I lay on my back with my cock straight up in the air and Sissy straddled me, her cunt right above my cockhead. I was twenty, but this eighteen year old knew more about fucking than I did.

“Watch this,” she exclaimed and lowered herself onto my rock hard 8 inch virgin cock and reached down, opening up her cunt lips, letting them envelope my cock head. It was the greatest feeling ever. She pushed down until the whole head was inside her, but had to stop. Something was preventing her from getting it in any further.

“I know what it is,” I said. “It’s your cherry. you have never been fucked by a cock”

“Help me break it, Corey. I want to be fucked by your cock tonight.”

I rolled us over and laid her on her back and I got between her legs, my cock head still in her pussy.

“OK, bursa escort bayan hold on, Sissy, I’m going to have to push real hard.” I lunged down into her cunt with all my might and something popped inside her. My cock slid down almost all the way and she yelped out out in pain and surprise.

“It’s Ok, Sissy, I broke it open now and I can fuck you good.”

“Oh boy, I’m being fucked,” she cried out and I started to pump my cock up and down inside her cunt. It was tight and she was bleeding a little, but I was not going to stop now.

As I fucked her, she was moaning and twisting around, crying out for me to fuck her harder. I guess that’s what mom says when she is getting fucked.

Anyway, I didn’t need to be encouraged. I was fucking my hot and horny sister and I knew that she would be my fuck girl for as long as I ever wanted. “Oh, give me more cock, baby,” she sure knew a lot more about mom and dad’s fuck life than I did.

I was ramming my cock into her as fast as I could and she began to jerk under me in some kind of spasms, “I’m cumming, Baby, I’m cumming,” she moaned as her body convulsed under me.

It was all I needed and I arched into her, shooting my cum into her tight pussy. I jerked into her again and again as I came. I felt like I broke my cock I came so hard.

We lay there in each other’s arms for a good 5 minutes, just feeling how good we felt. Then, ever the director in charge of our fucking, she had me roll over and lay back while she lowered herself onto my cock again and pumped up and down on my still hard cock .It felt great and I got harder watching her slid up and down my cockstick, bouncing off me each time she buried it all the way in..

“Grab my tits, baby and squeeze them for me,corey,” she gasped. I grabbed her tits and squeezed, holding onto her by her breasts as she romped on my cock.

“Oh daddy, mamma loves to fuck your hot cock,” came out next as she suddenly cried out and shuddered again all over me, sitting flat on my belly and swinging back and forth on my prick, buried to the balls in her wet cunt. “I’m cumming, cumming, cumming,” she gasped out as she gave me reason to think I was about to follow escort bursa her.

Then Sissy stood up and turned around, lowering her pussy to my face.

“Eat my cunt again, Corey, suck my cunt out like mamma and dad. I am going to suck your cock juices out with my mouth”

With that she lowered her pussy back to my eager lips and lowered her mouth onto my cock. I licked and slurped away as she sucked on my cock, knowing that it would only be minutes before I came again.

Her sweet cunt juices, mixed with my cum made little bubbles all over and I licked and sucked out as much as I could get, all the while pushing up against her mouth as she sucked and stroked my cock.

Sissy began to shudder all over again and I knew she was cumming. She all but ripped my cock off me as she sucked it down harder. I pushed her up in the air on top of me as my cum shot into her mouth, and she slurped it down like she was born for cocksucking. It would be the first of hundreds of times she ate my cock for me.

Later, we lay beside each other, just thinking about what we had just done with each other, fully fucked and sucked out.

“Corey, I watch mom and dad all the time fucking and sucking. Now we can do everything they do, but we can’t tell anyone or we will be in real trouble. I know that, I do. Brothers and sisters aren’t supposed to fuck each other”

I realized then that she had not accidentally left the bathroom door open tonight. She had it all planned out. I had been set up by my kid sister, but loved her for it. i would have been afraid to ever touch her on my own. I glowed with love for her. I sucked on her bright pink nipples and watched them grow hard and long, her firm young breasts pushing out to me, begging to be sucked and loved.

She rolled over on top of me and kissed me on the lips, her tongue working into my mouth. Our naked bodies melted into one body, one being and we explored our bodies, rolling around, licking and touching and tasting, knowing each other like a single spirit.

Soon mom and dad would be home and we would have to back to being separate beings again, just brother and sister once more until the next time, the next taste of her sweet juices.

If you want to talk about your own brother or sister love making, or watching your parents fucking… let me hear from you..

I grew up in a family of incest, learned that way and still enjoy it today.

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