Ted couldn’t possibly ever concentrate on finishing his Trigonometry homework when, down the hall, he could hear the oh-so familiar slurping noises that he had grown up listening to. His older sister, Ana, had brought home her boyfriend, Darren, and was now giving him a nice, deep blowjob in her room. He strained his ears to pick up every one of his sister’s noises, making him so horny that he trembled. Oh, how he wished that he was Darren, getting his cock sucked by a gorgeous girl like Ana.

Ever since she had developed into a lady, Ted had become obsessed with the sheer beauty of his older sister, whom was voted Prom Queen, Most Popular, and Best Dressed during High School. She had an angel face, with bright, blue eyes and a shimmering smile. Her hair was like strands of gold, and it cascaded down her back, often reaching her succulent ass, which Ted often caught himself gazing at when Ana lounged around the house in her panties and tank tops. Every inch of her smooth, soft skin was tan, including her plump, natural breasts, which Ted thought to fit into at least a 34C cup.

Ted couldn’t be more different than his older sister. He was shy and reserved, spending most of his free time in his room, on the internet. He was tall and lanky, and topped with a thick mop of light brown hair. Over the previous summer, he had started lifting weights in his room during his spare time, and had since developed a pair of toned biceps and a very ripped six-pack, of which he was extremely proud of. Of course, Ted was still no match for Darren in that department. He was a High School football star, who was most likely pumped full of steroids. Darren was also a total asshole to Ted whenever he came over, often bullying him and calling him names. Ted didn’t mind, though, he was used to it. At school, he was an outcast. Everybody expected him to live up to the legend that was Ana, but no matter how hard he tried, Ted just couldn’t fill his sister’s shoes.

He did, bursa escort however, know that he was not going to end up like Ana after he graduated, flunking out of college and returning home to live with her parents. She came home every night drunk and coked up, but no matter how many times she messed up, her and Ted’s parents always took her back in. She was 21, and still unemployed, whereas Ted, a freshly graduated Senior had just been accepted to a prestigious Chicago technology institute, with a full scholarship.

Now, it didn’t matter how big of a screw-up Ana was, all Ted wanted to do was focus on the moaning and sucking noises coming from her room. Through his loose-fitting pajama shorts, Ted furiously pumped his fully erect cock in and out of his sweaty palm, gritting his teeth and grunting in vigor. He soon decided to get a closer look; the wind had blown Ana’s door almost closed, and it was difficult to hear anything.

Ted, shaking with nervousness, crept down the hallway and peeked in through the door. He was just in time. Ana was on her knees, and Darren was leaning against the dresser, with his eyes closed and his head back. He held the back of her head and shoved it in and out of his lap.

“Get ready, baby, it’s coming…”

Darren emptied his load in her mouth and she immediately choked, moving her hand under her mouth to catch the semen dribbling over her lip. Darren didn’t even care. He drove his head back and forth even faster, and when he was done, shoved her forehead off his dick, causing Ana to fall back on the floor. Ted clenched his fists in rage. Darren put his shirt back on as she stood up and then spanked her hard on the ass before leaving. Ted stood completely still behind the door as it flung open. The handle barely missed his arm.

He watched as Darren left and then strolled into Ana’s bedroom. She was sitting on her bed, playing with her nails, wearing a big sweatshirt that covered over whatever it was she bursa escort bayan was wearing underneath. She shot him a nasty look.

“What do you want, freak?”

Ted didn’t say a word, but instead leaned against the dresser like Darren had and mimicked his facial expressions, moving his hands over the air where Ana’s head was. Her face turned red.

“Why were you watching us, you little jackass? What are you gonna do, tell Mom?”

Ted nodded.

“That’s exactly what I’m going to do, that is, unless you do what I say.”

Ana glared at him while she contemplated what to do. Her parents were such prudes. If they had found out about this, it would be the last straw and she’d be out on the street. She rolled her eyes.

“Fine, what do you want? Money? You know I’m broke.”

Ted shot her a superior smile.

“Actually, my dear, I was thinking something more along the lines of what you did for Darren. That looked good to me.”

Ana looked appalled.

“You want me to suck your cock? You’re a sick fuck, you know that?”

Ted frowned and moved closer.

“Listen, you know that I don’t have a lot of luck with girls, and I’ve never had…one of those before, plus you blow tons of guys. Just pretend that I’m someone else.”

She still looked shocked.

“I can’t believe that you want me to do this…and even if I did, I couldn’t pretend that you were one of the guys that I’ve sucked off. I know cocks, and a little one just isn’t the same as a nice, big, fat one like Darren’s.”

“Who are you calling small, Ana?” Ted retorted defensively, “I bet I’m bigger than Darren!”

She grinned mischievously.

“I’ll believe it when I see it.”

Ted, on an adrenaline rush, ripped down his shorts without thinking and let his struggling eight-inch cock spring free. It was still glistening with pre-cum from his earlier masturbation session in his room. Ana stared for a moment in a lifeless gaze and escort bursa then shocked him by seizing hold of it in her hand and gently stroking it. She still looked disgusted.

“I can’t believe I’m actually going to do this. Let’s get this over with.”

Ted didn’t care whether she liked sucking him or not, he was getting the first blowjob of his life. He watched with great content as she tied her hair back in a tight ponytail and knelt down on the floor before taking a deep breath and tracing the tip of her tongue all over the head of her little brother’s penis, causing him to jump with a jolt of pleasure. Ana continued licking his cock all over before gently nibbling on his balls while slowly working the shaft with her hand. After a few more minutes of soft licks, Ana finally took his pole into her mouth and slurped it noisily, much like she had done to Darren.

With half of his dick in her mouth, Ana looked up at Ted.

“Feed me your cock. We can go at your speed.”

Ted nodded and gently placed his hands on the back of her head before slowly pushing her between his legs and then back again. He moved her head continuously faster, while she sucked like a vacuum. He knew that he was going to finish soon, so he slowed down, but Ana kept slurping his cock more powerfully. He couldn’t believe what this girl could do.

When his orgasm was nearing, he warned her and she gripped his thighs and he laid back on the bed and braced himself. Ana sucked so hard, he feared she would suck the skin right off. Ted groaned as he pumped his seed down her throat, and she didn’t gag but instead licked her lips and drank the last drops that lingered on the tip of his penis.

Ted thought she was finished after she swallowed his load, but Ana kept sucking until he had gone completely limp again. She then reluctantly spit out his cock, giving it a few last licks before Ted put it away. He didn’t want to listen to Ana criticize him any more, so he started toward the door, but she stopped him.

“Hey, um, whenever you need another one…just ask. I mean, I like giving head, so…”

Ted nodded and walked to his room, his heart pounding. This was the greatest night of his life.

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