Teacher’s (Sex) Pet


There he is. Flashing his 100-watt smile, impressing the parents, smoozing. My breath becomes shallow and I feel suddenly self-conscious. Maybe I should have worn my hair up to make myself look older. He catches my eye and I blush uncontrollably. He walks over and I have to concentrate on keeping my eyes away from the muscles rippling under his dark blue shirt as he walks over. It’s all I can do to keep my balance as he introduces himself to my parents. I’ve rehearsed this moment a thousand times in my head but now that its here, all I can do is giggle, stutter and mumble incoherently. As he walks away my heart sinks. I must have looked like such a retard! He begins talking to a tall blonde, early 20’s, about his age. Searing envy flows through my veins like lava from a volcano. I turn away, tears pricking the backs of my eyes and hate myself for feeling this way.

The next day, in class, I think back over that moment at the parents evening and curse myself for being so childish. I try to calm myself by remembering that I’m not just any normal lovesick teenager. I’m in lust. I look around the classroom at all my friends, gazing at him as if he were an angel. I can see the pictures they project from their minds: pictures of holding hands, long walks in the park, red roses and champagne. Very different from what I yearn for. I can feel my body tense as I imagine tearing off his clothes in a fit of passion, I notice the bulge in his jeans and feel the burning desperation to have him inside of me. I look into his eyes, dark with passion and see through his soul into his deepest desires. Then suddenly I realise he is staring straight at me. I snap out of my fantasy and try to focus on what he is saying. “Anna what did I just say?” I stare dumbly at him and feel a blush of shame explore every part of my face. He sighs and pauses, considering his next move. “See me after class please.”

As the classroom empties I bask in the feeling of being alone with him. He walks over to my desk and sits down next to me. I can smell his aftershave and I feel weak and shaky from being this close to him. I have to physically stop my hand from roaming over his leg, up his thigh towards– “Anna, I don’t enjoy reprimanding my students, but over the last few weeks your lack of attention during class has become apparent to me and I wanted to address it before it becomes a cause for concern. Is it because you don’t enjoy English?”

“No, no I like English.”

“Are you having problems at home? With friends maybe?”

“No, I’m fine.”

“Is it me?” I swallow hard, I can barely breath, what am I supposed to say?

“N-no, it’s not you.” He sighs again. My heart convulses as I imagine his sighs of pleasure as I ride him. A look of concern shadows his face.

“Are you alright Anna? You look a little….. flushed.” I have to get out of there. Images of us together flash in front of my eyes and I feel my clit throbbing under my school skirt.

“Actually, I’m not feeling very well, I need to go.”

“OK, go to the medical room and have a lie down.” I smile gratefully and rush to leave. “And Anna…” He looks deep into my eyes and my heart stops. “If you have any problems, you know you can talk to me.”

I hurry down the corridor towards my next lesson. My pants are soaking and my face is flushed. I feel out of control. This has to stop.

It’s 4.30pm. The school is empty and I’ve been sitting alone in the library finishing my art project. My shoes echo on the polished floor as I walk briskly through the barren corridors towards the entrance. I’m not paying attention to where I’m going and before I know it I’ve walked round a corner straight into a teacher. Books go flying and I bend down in embarrassment to pick them up. I look up to see whom I’ve crashed into and find my face inches away from the subject of my desires. I stop breathing and lose my balance. He kneels next to me, apologising and making sure I’m OK. His hand is on my bare arm sending electric shocks pulsing all over my body. I attempt to scramble to my feet but lose my balance once again and fall into his strong embrace. As I feel his solid body next to my own my passion over powers me and I slip away from consciousness.

I open my eyes a minute later to find myself laid out on some desks in a classroom. He is standing over me, his hand over mine, looking into my eyes. My whole body feels weak, I can’t move or breathe or speak. I fight uncontrollable urges to pull him onto me, revealing all the passion that is suppressed inside me. He is saying something about getting a doctor and starts to move away but I grip his hand so he can’t leave. He looks gently into my face and strokes my fingers. All I can do is lie there and try to telepathically communicate how I am feeling. He helps me to sit up and steadies me with his arm. I can feel my self-control slipping and I trace my fingers over his taught biceps and down his forearm.

His expression changes to uncertainty and he studies my flushed face for an explanation. ataşehir escort bayan I feel faint again and he puts his hand against my face to steady me as my eyes roll back into my head. My forehead drops onto his shoulder and all my senses are heightened as I feel his hot breath on my neck. Slowly I raise my head until out lips are inches apart. I look meaningfully into his confused eyes and let my lips brush his. My clit is on fire, desperate for his touch. To my delight he doesn’t move away. He strokes my hot cheek with the back of his hand and I feel his fingers tremble. I want him so badly I could explode, but I keep my composure knowing that if I rush things it could all go disastrously wrong.

I close my eyes and press my lips to his once more, savouring the silkiness and tasting him with the tip of my tongue. His breathing is now as shallow as mine and his whole body is tense. His eyes are closed and he is allowing his hands to trace the small of my back, snaking his arm around my waist. He kisses me back, hesitantly at first and then with more passion. As our tongues entwine, rivers of passion break through the dam and I pull him close to me, slipping my hands under his shirt and over the smooth skin underneath. For a second he pulls away, trying to regain control, think rationally, but my passion is infectious and his tongue is back in my mouth before he can get any words out.

His hand hesitates around my breasts so I take it and place it over one, letting him feel my rock hard nipple through my thin shirt. He lets out a small moan and I push him backwards onto the desk, pressing my sizzling body into his. His hand wanders up my leg and under my skirt. He slides it over my pants and then inside. I push myself into his palm and a tidal wave of pleasure crashes over me. My hands have a mind of their own as they roam his body in frenzy; caressing his muscular chest, undoing his trousers, massaging his solid penis and making him moan louder.

He sits up and pulls me on top of him so I am sitting astride him. Then, while continuing to plant kisses all over my face and neck, he pushes my soaking pants aside and slides his finger inside me. I moan, not knowing, not caring if anyone else can hear. Nothing else exists at this moment, just him and I. I grab his penis and slide it inside me. He is muttering into my ear, cursing, telling me how wrong this is but how good it feels. I can’t reply, all I can do is push him inside me as far as he will go as waves of pleasure rip through my body, tearing me apart.

He comes inside me before either of us can do anything about it. I wrap my arms round his neck and feel the heat of his sweaty flesh against my own. In my frenzy I’ve ripped off a couple of his shirt buttons and it now hangs open, revealing what we’ve just done. Our breathing slows as we recover and I wish that I could stay like this with him forever. We replace our clothes to their original state in silence. I feel like I am floating in a sea of rapture. Months of fantasising and yearning have been fulfilled. I am complete. He looks guilty as he speaks.

“We shouldn’t have done that.” I feel a sudden urge to tell him everything. I need him to understand.

“It’s my fault. I couldn’t control it anymore. When I’m around you I can’t think of anything except having you inside me.” He looks strained, as if not sure of the right thing to do. Finally he speaks in a low voice.

“Anna, you probably don’t realise how sexy you are. Seeing you in that short skirt and blouse everyday drives me crazy. But this is insane. I’m your teacher, I could lose my job over this.” I know it’s the truth, but finding out that he lusts after me too makes me abandon all logic.

“Nobody will find out.” I sense his other concern and try to reassure him. “I’ll go to my GP and take a morning-after pill. It’ll be fine. Honestly.” I desperately want to kiss him again but I don’t, uncertain of how he would react. He sighs and runs his hands through his hair. I can see that he is trying to be responsible but there is a glint in his eye as he runs it down my body.

“That was amazing. God, I didn’t think it was possible that something could feel so wrong yet so good at the same time.” I smile with satisfaction, I’d known exactly how good it would feel and I hadn’t been disappointed. We go our separate ways with promises to forget the incident. I leave with my heart soaring and my body content.


The next day, I watched his cool demeanour falter as I stepped into the classroom. He caught my eye for a second and I watched a blush tease the tops of his ears before he caught his composure. I sat and tried to concentrate on my work, but every time he spoke, every time I looked up at him, all I could think about was what was underneath that crisp Calvin Klein shirt. It all seemed fine until he picked on me to answer a question. As usual I hadn’t been listening, but this time he knew why. Instead of reprimanding me, he just looked down at his escort kadıöy feet, ashamed, before clearing his throat and moving on. When I heard the bell I couldn’t get out of the classroom quick enough, but as I reached the door I was stopped by his velvet voice asking me to stay behind. A couple of girls giggled as they walked by. “In trouble again, Anna?” If only they knew.

I stood by his desk, waiting for him to say something. He pretended to concentrate on marking a piece of work but I could tell his mind wasn’t on it. I could feel the old heat rising in me, the heat that I thought I had burned out the day before. I watched the smooth contours of his face and his chest and he breathed. Eventually he sighed and looked up into my eyes.

“I’m sorry Anna, I’m so sorry,” I had to smile.

“You have nothing to be sorry for! It’s not like I didn’t want it as well!”

“I know… I- Oh God I don’t know” I could see how flustered he was, I wanted to put my hand over his, to reassure him somehow, but I knew that anything I did would just make it worse. “OK, here’s the thing” He took a deep breath. I waited, my heart racing.

“Look I really feel like shit about this, I mean, I haven’t been able to get it off my mind. But, the problem is that I don’t actually feel bad, I mean, I do, but… Fuck, I’m not making sense.” My heart became lighter as what he was saying started to sink in. “It felt… right. Iknow it wasn’t, but I feel so guilty knowing that if I had to go back… I’d do it again.”

A grin spread across my face, despite my efforts to control it. “Listen, don’t feel bad OK? We both know we wanted it, we both know we enjoyed it, and we both know it was a one off.” As I said the last part, I knew I didn’t really want it that way. The look in his eyes told me that he felt the same. However, we knew it couldn’t really go on. He nodded.

“You’re right. We’ll just forget it.” I smiled and left, kicking myself for ruining any chances of further frolics.


A week went by. A week of awkward glances and unwanted blushes. The weekend passed in a blur of sexual fantasies on my part. Then Monday arrived. I was in high spirits as I went to my English lesson. The classroom was half full as I sat at my desk. As I looked up at the teacher’s desk, my heart fluttered. He had grown even more gorgeous over the weekend. He caught my eye and flashed me a half-smile. First time since it happened, the air must be clearing.

Ten minutes into the lesson, once the class were settled working from the textbook, he announced he needed help with some photocopying. I couldn’t conceal my surprise as he chose me and asked me to go to his office. I followed him hesitantly down the corridor and watched with growing interest as he closed the door behind us. He looked at me with a salacious smile as he approached me slowly. My stomach was doing somersaults as he traced his finger down my cheek before enveloping me in a passionate kiss. My legs turned to jelly and I had no choice but to fall against his strong arms and kiss him back. I could feel his breath on my face, hot and full of urgency. Part of me wanted to keep kissing him, rip his clothes off there and then. But my curiosity made me pull away.

“You changed your mind then?” He chuckled quietly.

“Anna, this has always been what I wanted. I’m sorry Anna, I’m so sorry. I know you wanted to forget about all this but I can’t! I can’t get you off my mind, day or night, I can’t concentrate in lessons. I just have to have you!” I pushed myself into him as hard as I could, sliding my tongue over and over his. I felt his erection though his trousers and my thong became damp. Between kisses I tried to explain.

“What I said the other day.… I didn’t mean it…. Even then…. I just wanted…. I just wantedyou. Oh god, I’ve wanted you so badly!” I couldn’t speak any more after that. Partly because I was too delirious and partly because his mouth now completely covered mine. He lifted me onto the photocopier and pressed his body against mine, rubbing my breasts with his hand, and my crotch with his hard-on. The blood rushed in my ears and I could barely breathe. Suddenly, I felt his body tense and shudder. His breathing slowed and his kisses became more tender. I realised that he’d come in his pants.

“Sorry,” he smiled, looking slightly embarrassed, “I’ve been so horny! I couldn’t control it!” I glanced at the clock; ten minutes had gone past in a few seconds. The rest of the class would start getting suspicious. I glanced at the wet spot on his trousers, and went to tell the class that he’d gone to run a few errands while he went to clean up. I felt sticky too, but it didn’t show, and besides, it felt exciting and kinky. The rest of the English lesson was uneventful. It felt mischievous exchanging surreptitious glances between Shakespearian dialogues. I felt cheerful and content and actually managed to get on with some work!


That afternoon, his car pulled up alongside me as I walked home.

“Quick! maltepe escort Get in!” he called, impishly. I giggled as I settled back against the leather of his silver BMW. He winked at me and sped off before anyone could see us. My eyes glittered with excitement and anticipation as we drove silently through the rush-hour traffic. Our surroundings gradually became more rural and eventually we came to a halt in a quiet patch of woodland.

“I wanted to spend some time with you out of school.” He told me. “But I wasn’t sure where. I considered my house but I thought that might make you uncomfortable, so I decided to bring you here. I love these woods, when my dog was alive I used to walk him here.” I didn’t reply; I felt like my heart would explode with ecstasy! Words couldn’t describe how I was feeling at that moment. We got out of the car and I let him lead me gently by the hand through the majestic seclusion of the trees. Electricity pulsed between out bodies through our intertwined fingers, but the sexual tension had reduced.

After a short walk, and an even shorter conversation about our lives outside school, we arrived at a small clearing. The floor was covered in moss and wild flowers. Logs, which had once been trees, cluttered the ground, forcing you to watch your step. He sat down on a large fallen tree trunk and pulled me down next to him. He sighed. “God Anna, you’re so lovely!” His eyes melted my soul as he drew me into them with an intense stare. He leaned in gently and grazed his lips against my own. My whole body trembled as I close my eyes and lost myself in the warmth of his kiss. It was so gentle and tender. So soft that I almost couldn’t feel it, like a kitten’s fur.

His tongue flickered like a flame through my slightly parted lips. The tips of our tongues greeted each other furtively at first and then with more enthusiasm. Although we’d kissed before, this felt like a first kiss, the magical moment when you establish a special connection with a potential lover. Except we already were lovers. As I pushed myself into his muscular chest I started thinking about our escapades in school and became increasingly excited. I could feel him having the same reaction and our kisses became more urgent.

His hand, which had been round my waist, slid under my tight shirt and over my breast. He circled my erect nipples with a gentle finger, before sliding his other hand round my back to undo my bra strap. His kisses, though firm, were still tender, and all our actions were slow and affectionate, compared with our frenzied frolics in school. I slid my hand up the inside of his thigh and gently massaged his hard penis through his trousers. Still caressing my breast, he, slipped his free hand under my skirt and rubbed the crotch of my thong. He could feel the warm and wetness through them and my clit was burning for his touch.

I unzipped his flies and took his erection in my hand. I massaged the head gently before sliding my hand firmly up and down the shaft. His breathing became shallow and he pulled my thong aside and inserted two fingers into my pussy. They were soaked immediately and he pulled them in and out to match the rhythm I had built up on him. We slid off the tree trunk onto the mossy floor and I pulled him on top of me. I couldn’t remember where I was and I didn’t care, I just needed to feel him inside me.

I hitched my skirt up and held my thong aside as he pushed himself deep into me. He moaned in pleasure and planted wet kisses up and down my neck. The sex was slow and smouldering but gave me the most intense sensations. As we climaxed our bodies and souls connected on every level possible, and our cries of delight let the whole wood know that we didn’t care who heard us. Afterwards, he lay on top of me, exhausted. I savoured the feeling of his weight pressing down on me, his sweaty brow resting on my shoulder.

As we returned to the car, we laughed as we assessed the damaged to our clothes. My hair was ruffled and full of leaves, and my shirt was spattered with grass and mud stains. His trousers were wrinklier than a shaved pug and his shirt stuck to him with perspiration. The car doors slammed shut, but he didn’t start the engine immediately. We looked at each other and knew exactly what the other was thinking. ‘I don’t want to leave. I want to stay with you.’

“I can’t believe how bad thisdoesn’t feel!” he said with a wry grin.

“I know. We…. just fit.” he smiled and kissed me again. His velvet lips smoothed my own and made me forget the world around us. When he pulled away he glanced down at his lap and laughed. His erection had returned.

“This is what you do to me!” he exclaimed.

I was still wet from earlier, and I wanted to prolong my time with him for as long as possible. I seductively slid down in my seat and unzipped his trousers. He looked surprised but pleased with my forwardness. I licked round the sensitive head of his penis and he laid his head back and closed his eyes. As I took him into my mouth, I could taste myself on him. I would have expected it to be disgusting but I didn’t mind the taste, it only turned me on more. It didn’t take him long to come and it was satisfying to feel his body shudder and to hear the small moans that escaped his lips.

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