Teaching Tara Ch. 09

Big Cock

Waking the day after my first taste of my daughter, I stretched yawned and felt good. Marion was still sound asleep so I padded down to the kitchen to make some coffee. I showered and dressed while it brewed. In other words it was a standard morning.

I had decided that since Marion was home I would head into work. My guys were good workers all of them, they wouldn’t last long with me if they weren’t, but a surprise visit from the boss never hurt. I was filling my thermos with black nectar when Tara arrived into the kitchen. She looked sleepy and tousled and sexy as all hell.

“Good Morning Daddy.”

“Good Morning sweet baby, did you sleep well?”

She levered herself up onto the counter and leaned into me and kissed me lightly.

“I slept very well Daddy. I guess I was worn out.” She said with a big smile. She flung her arms around my neck and tried to pull me into her.

“Careful baby, the coffee.” I put the pot back into the machine and stepping between her legs kissed her deeply.

“How’s that gorgeous pussy of yours this morning? Sore?”

“A little Daddy, will you kiss it better for me?”

She leaned back on the counter and presented herself to me.

“Not right now baby, I have to go to work.”

She began to play with herself, “Are you sure Daddy, I think my pussy really needs attention. I think I need to cum all over your cock again.”

I made the mistake of looking down at her, she was already wet and glistening.

“Baby you are a little temptress, my temptress Tara, but I have to go to work.”

She pouted and reached out to my jeans, trying to hook her fingers into the waistband and pull me to her.

“Daddy, you were taking the week off when Mom was away, you could take another day and we could spend it fucking again. You could fuck me hard and cum in my tight pussy. I could cum over your cock again and again. Just like yesterday.”

“Tara, baby, it sounds great, but Susie and Nate will be back in a while and I have to go to work.”

I kissed her lightly and disentangled myself from her arms again.

“Aww Daddy are you really, really sure?” She was playing with her pussy again.

“Tara, baby, stop it. I have to get to work.”

She began to suck her wet fingers but I did my best to ignore any stirrings in my jeans and went back to filling my thermos turning my back to her. I heard her jump down off the counter.

“Fine then, I will wait until Nate gets home and fuck him, or maybe I will head over to Auntie Pauline’s and get Sam to fuck me.”

I tried to keep calm but she continued her tirade: “Or maybe Mike is up for some fun this morning. Or Mr Kelly next door. “

“Stop it now Tara!”

“I am just saying Dad, I am 18, I can fuck whomever I please, whenever I please.”

I turned to look at her, standing with her arms on her hips she looked sexy as hell, her eyes blazing at me.

“Now you will listen to me and listen to me good. You will not fuck your brother. You will not fuck Sam, you will not fuck Mike and you will not fucking fuck Mr Kelly next door. Do you hear me?”

“While I am at work you will help your mother, no shopping, no hanging out with your friends. You will stay home and help your mother.”

“Oh I see, I am a prisoner here, waiting bursa escort until the big bad Tom comes home and decides he wants to fuck me.”

I tried to keep my voice reasonable, but it came out as a growl. “You are not a prisoner, I just think it would be nice if you stayed around the house to-day and helped your mother.”

“So if I am not a prisoner, I can go and fuck Mr Kelly.”

“Tara, stop pushing me, or you will regret it.”

“Regret it? What are you going to do, push your cock down my throat? Oh wait no, you did that yesterday.”

I snapped, it was too early and not enough caffeine to deal with this. Grabbing her arm I pulled her into the living room, looking around I spotted what I wanted. I pushed Tara down onto the floor and put my foot in my heavy work boots on the small of her back to stop her moving.

“Oh Daddy, this is going to be good, I am so turned on already.”

I opened the box, rummaged for a moment and found what I wanted. Grabbing her two hands, I used the duct tape to tie them together behind her back.

“Oh Daddy, you are getting kinky on me now.”

I rolled her over, she was smiling at me, the smile faded when she saw the look on my face and the piece of tape heading for her mouth. She tried to wriggle away, but I was faster and got it in place. Her eyes were like hard coals in her fury.

I picked her up and took her over to the stairs, raising her hands over her head, I taped them to the banister.

“You want a day of coming — fine, that is just what you will have.”

I whispered in her ear, “Don’t go anywhere, Daddy will be right back.” She was screaming at me from under the duct tape as I mounted the stairs two at a time. Marion was just waking when I got to our room.

“Morning gor….” The words died when she saw my face. She sat up in the bed: “What’s wrong, baby what’s going on?”

Pulling open her dresser drawers I found what I wanted. “Your hellcat daughter is back. I am going to teach her a lesson.”


I strode back out of the room and down the stairs. Tara was twisting and turning trying to get loose. Marion was not far behind me.

“Tom what is going on?”

“Ask your daughter here. Walks into the kitchen first thing this morning, not a stitch of clothing on her and tries to get me to fuck her again.”

I pushed Tara’s legs apart and put the remote control egg into her pussy. Despite being as angry as a room full of hornet’s nests, I couldn’t help but notice she was soaking wet. The egg slipped in easily. I turned it on, her legs clenched together.

“Oh Tara, you know Tom is not good in the mornings. You should have left him be.”

I could hear Tara try to answer her mother, but I was busy. I plugged in the Hitatchi wand and turned it on. Yup, working just fine. I pulled Tara’s legs together but opened the top of her pussy lips. I turned the vibe on again for a moment and she jumped. Yeah, it was in the right position just beside but not on her clit. Winding the duct tape around the vibe and her legs I made sure it was going to stay in position. I taped the rest of her legs together as well, just for the hell of it.

“Tom, are you sure this is a good idea?”

I leaned over Tara, pulling her hair gently back from her face. “Oh I am bursa escort bayan very sure this is a good idea. The girl wants to fuck the neighbours well maybe I will let them have her, but we need to get her good and wet first. Can’t have them tearing her tight pussy now can we?” I turned on the vibe.

She jumped as her clit was assaulted, I watched her eyes cloud as the first orgasm hit her within minutes. She’d been right, she was already turned on. I knelt down in front of her and bit down on her tit. Her scream was music to my ears.

“You want to cum baby, well fine by me, cum all day. I’ll be at work thinking of you coming, I’ll eat lunch and think of you coming. I’ll drink coffee and think of you coming. Coming hard all day long.”

I pushed the vibe in and onto her clit. She screamed under the tape. “And when I get home, I will invite Mr Kelly over fuck you. You’d like that wouldn’t you, princess. A nice, 80 year old cock in your sweet young pussy, his old baggy balls slapping into your ass. And then a treat, you could suck him clean.”

She was looking at me like she wanted to kill me. But soon her eyes closed as another orgasm was wrenched from her body.

“Then I will fuck you and then Sam and Mike will fuck you. Maybe all three of us will use all of your holes at once. What do you think?”

She was breathing hard through her nose and frowning at me. “I’m sure your virgin ass won’t hurt for too long. A month or so and the rips will heal.”

“Tom, too much.”

“Is it Tara, is talking about taking your ass too much? No, I don’t think so, not for a little sex kitten like you.”

She was yelling at me again.

“See Marion, she says it is not too much. And hell you may be right. Maybe we should let Nate lose his cherry to you too. That’s what you wanted isn’t it?”

Her eyes blazed at me for a moment, but the relentless assault of the egg and the vibe could not be ignored for long and again her body bucked and twitched. Beads of sweat were already forming on her forehead.

“Tom, please, don’t you think this is a little over the top?”

“No Marion, I don’t. She has to learn time and place baby. Fuck days are great, yesterday was great, but they are the exception.”

Tara was whimpering and tears ran down her face as her body was stimulated constantly. Already there was a stream of her juices running down her leg. I went to the kitchen and grabbed a towel.

Putting it under her feet I looked up at her. “We don’t want to ruin the carpet now do we my horny daughter?”

I ran gathered some of her juices on my finger. “This is what you wanted earlier isn’t it Tara, me to taste you? Well baby, you do taste good. You still want my mouth on your tight pussy? Want me to make you cum with my mouth?”

Laughing at her glare, I gathered my things and left. I knew Marion was probably letting her down before I even got the car started but I imagined her still there an hour later and smiled to myself. I imagined her body covered in sweat, her hair hanging limp around her face and the towel at her feet soaked and laughed out loud.

I would normally phone Marion during the day, but not to-day. I wanted to think that the hellcat was still bound to the stairs, shaking at the assault on her body and didn’t want escort bursa the fantasy ruined by reality.

Pulling into the driveway that evening, I sat in the car a while. I was not sure what my reception was going to be. From Tara, for obvious reasons, from Marion, because she can be such a lioness about her kids, from Susie cause she knew that I had fucked her sister and I was not even sure about Nate, now that I knew he had been watching his mother and me. I was sorely tempted to turn around and head over to John and Martha’s, John had been telling me for some time that I needed to do something about Tara’s temper. “She’ll turn into a shrew of a woman son if you don’t do nip it in the bud.” Martha had agreed: “You don’t need to break her spirit, Tom, just tame it a little.”

Marion must have seen me pull in as she came out to the car.

“Coast is clear, none of them are here. I sent them off to the movies.” She opened the door and leaned in and kissed me. “They’ll be back in an hour or so.” Taking me by the hand she led me into the house. “Have your shower, freshen up and then we can talk.”

I hugged her to me, kissed the top of her head and did just that. Free from the dirt and sweat of the day I went to the kitchen and hugged my wife. “Ok tell me how bad is it?”

“Oh she was pissed at you, ok more than pissed, I don’t think I have seen her that angry before. But we talked and she is going to apologise to you.”

“But will she mean it? Or is it just until the next time she doesn’t get her own way?”

“Your guess is as good as mine, it is Tara we are talking about.”

I sat down and pulled Marion into my lap. “And us? How mad are you at me?”

“Yeah I was pretty mad too! But you were right, she has to learn some……” Marion struggled to find the word so I offered: “Manners? Decorum? Patience?”

“Maturity I think. Is the usual thing, body of a woman, brain still has a way to go.”

“Yeah and what a body it is.” I laughed as Marion swotted me with the towel in her hand and called me a horn dog.

I was still sitting there when the kids arrived back. The tension sky rocketed. Nate was in the door first, followed by Susie and bringing up the rear, Tara.

“Hi guys, how was the movie?” Marion tried to make it seem like any other evening.

Nate was the only one that answered: “Was ok Mom.” Both he and Susie were looking back and forth between Tara and me.

“Hi Dad, Nate how about you show me that new game you were talking about.” Susie grabbed Nate by the arm and virtually dragged him up the stairs.

“Hi Tom”

“Hi Tara — your mother asked if it was a good movie.”

“Yeah was ok. Tom, eh Dad, I want to apologise to you for this morning.”

“Ok go ahead.”

There was a flash in her eyes, nope definitely not broken. She looked at Marion then back to me.

“I am sorry!”

“What are you sorry for?”

Another flash, nowhere near broken.

“For parading around the house naked, for not showing you respect, for being selfish.” The words came out in a rush.

“OK baby, apology accepted. There are rules in this house. You want to break them, fine. As you said you are 18, and you know where the door is.”

I could hear Marion gasp.

” Yes Dad. I think I’ll go to my room until dinner if that is ok.”


When she was safely out of earshot, Marion turned to me: “You wouldn’t really throw her out would you?”

“If she pulls another stunt like that, I will pack her things myself.”

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