Technically We’re Estranged Ch. 09



All characters are 18 years or older.

This story is the finale of my Technically We’re Estranged series and I suggest reading the previous chapters before continuing. TWE segments are intentionally shorter. This chapter includes elements of incest and group sex (mff).

They had sex, and now Mel and Stephen move forward to tie up a loose end or two.

Thanks to Antematter for edits, who always seems to be able to put into words what I know is truth. Also, this final chapter is dedicated to Erica the Coed. I hope you get to read this before you finish classes.


Rolling over in bed, I groaned as the sheets peeled away from my body, still damp and sticky. I sat up and closed my eyes, expecting a hangover and finding none. Something in my body expected one, after a night like I had gone through. And morning.

Mel was still lying next to me, snoring out little girlish sounds as she slept, only her legs covered by the single sheet we had pulled over top of us. Her breasts rose and fell slowly with her breathing, the left one smeared with dried cum. There was some in her long blond hair as well, and a trail of it on her stomach.

I rubbed at my face and felt her dried juices there as well. The whole bed area was just carnage, the sheets soaked with sweat, both bedside tables swept of decorations by errant legs. The lamps had hit the floor at some point but hadn’t broken, not that I would have cared. Mel’s old cheerleader uniform was scattered about, making the whole room look like a scene from some college comedy movie.

And this was only the scene of round three. Round two had left my bedroom a mess as well and we’d come over to the guest room to sleep. Then Mel had woken me up in the morning wearing that cheerleader uniform.

I staggered to my feet and looked back down at Mel, considering waking her up. It was almost two in the afternoon. I left her, letting her sleep, and slowly made my way to the shower. The hot water, the soap, the shampoo, I found myself thankful for all of them as I cleaned myself off thoroughly. Dried fluids turned gooey then sluiced away under hard scrubbing and soon I was just standing under the water, eyes drooped closed, thinking about nothing as I concentrated on the feeling of the thrumming pressure on my back from the shower head.

The shower curtains pulled aside and I turned, finding Mel standing outside the shower. Her hair was wild as she stood looking at me, as naked as I was. I don’t know how but somehow I was erect again, my eyes tracing down her body, following the remains of our fucking from head to toe.

God, you’re beautiful, I thought to myself, my brain still slowly trying to wake up. For all the exploring we had been doing with each other, I hadn’t just stared at her naked without something sexual going on. Well, more sexual than just naked. Her breasts, which I had been lick and biting and squeezing, were wonderfully proportioned to her athletic body after the small upgrade she had purchased while she was still married. Her stomach was nearly flat, just the slightest tummy from being full figured, and her legs were powerful, but I still always came back to her face. Beautiful, innocent, blue eyes bright even this early in the morning, wild blond hair somehow sexy instead of silly.

Mel eyed my erection and blinked, sighing lightly. “Could we just-?”

I smiled and held out a hand, helping her into the shower. “Mmmm,” she groaned as the warm water hit her. Grabbing the soap and shower mitt, I knelt and slowly started washing her feet, carefully raising one and then the other, then moving up her ankles and shins. Mel leaned her head back and sighed, her hands resting on my shoulders as I cleaned her off. I rose, scrubbing her thighs, moving higher, then gently washed her vagina, which looked like it was still recovering a bit from the multiple reamings we had put it through.

By the time I had finished with her stomach and chest, ass and back, I was rock hard and my dick brushed against her front as I softly ran my thumbs along her cheekbones and forehead, cupping her face in my hands as I washed it. Once I was done I leaned in to kiss her but Mel’s eyes flicked open and she leaned away slightly.

“You don’t want to do that,” she said. “I probably still have nasty cum breath.”

“Ok,” I laughed, instead bending and kissing the side of her jaw, pulling her into my arms and hugging her. The feeling of our two freshly cleaned bodies pressed together was glorious.

“You know I meant it, right?” I asked her. We hadn’t talked about what I had said when Mel had met me at the car, and the rest of the time we had been too busy fucking each others brains out.

“I know,” she whispered, her arms clinging to me. She took a deep breath. “It’s just a little scary, Stephan. The last time…”

I knew she was thinking of her ex-husband. A cheater and all around bastard.

“You don’t have to say it back,” I said. “Not until you’re ready, and only if you-“

“Stephan, shut up,” she said. Mel slid her tuzla escort body down mine, going to her knees, and took my dick into her mouth, sucking on it hard enough that I had to put out a hand to the side of the shower to keep steady. She sucked again, pulling her head back until it popped out of her mouth. “I,” she said, then sucked me again. “Love,” again she took me in. “You,” again. “Too.”

“Mel, you don’t need to-” I started, but her eyes flashed up to mine and silenced me. The blowjob continued and I knew Mel was trying to show me she meant it. I came after a few minutes, Mel sucking it out of me and swallowing it down quickly. She stood and I hugged her to me again. “Thank you,” I whispered.

“Marry me?” she asked.

For the first long moment my mind was frozen and barren, as if an ice age had descended upon it and left everything sluggish. Then I pulled away from Mel slightly so that I could look her in the eyes. They were big with worry, her lips slightly parted as she waited for my answer in anticipation. It was that same look, serious and profoundly sincere, that I had always acquiesced to when we were teens. A thousand questions boiled inside of me, and a thousand concerns.

“Yes,” I said.

She started crying, weeping with relief and a wash of emotions I could only begin to understand the weight of. I held her, the shower still raining warm water down on us, as she cried into my shoulder. She started kissing my chest and I squeezed her.

Marriage. Holy fuck.

“Get out of the shower,” Mel said. “Go make us something to eat. I need to wash my hair and brush my teeth, then we can talk.”

I followed my fiance’s directions.

Fiance. Fuck a fucking duck.


I grilled waffles, listening to the sound of the running water as Mel continued her shower while I mixed up the batter and dug the waffle maker out of my kitchen cupboards. I had real maple syrup as well, a Canadian brand and difficult to find in Australia – one of our favorite rare treats as kids, just as rare in Hawaii.

Marriage. The word kept running through my mind. I was going to get married. To Mel. My Mel.

I had to focus on the waffles.

The last pair were just finishing up when Mel slipped out of the bathroom and walked past me, naked, into the guest room where her luggage was. She came back out shortly after dressed in a bra and panties, grey and lace with pink flower decorations. Mel took one look at me and rolled her eyes, stepping into my room and coming back out with a pair of boxers that she threw at me.

I set the plate heaping with waffles onto the island where I had set up two place settings. Mel immediately took a waffle, drizzled it in maple syrup and took a bite. “I mfucking rove you,” she mumbled through her mouthful.

“I love you, too,” I smiled back, sitting next to her. I took a waffle and had a bite, but the questions burning inside of me put food low in priority.

“So,” I said, not really a question.

Mel took a gulp of orange juice I had set out to help wash down her mouthful. “So,” she replied, the nervousness coming back through. “I, uh. Yeah. I asked you to marry me.”

“And I said yes.”

“You did,” Mel smiled.

“Are you sure about this? How is this going to work?” I asked.

And so began a conversation no one ever thinks they’ll need to have. How to get married, as cousins, and figure out how to merge your lives together without tipping off your family. When it came to the actual technicalities I was fairly certain we were in the clear – I was already a full citizen of Australia, and Mel still had her last name from her previous marriage. Her maiden name was also different from mine, which was also different from both of our mother’s since they had been sister’s and took their husband’s names. You had to dig pretty far to find the cousin-connection in a purely legal way.

When it came to family, I was already fairly distant with mine, as was Mel with hers. I didn’t use Facebook at all and Mel would scrap her account, making it harder for people who knew both of us to find out. Mel would move to Australia, the official story for our families that I had surprised her with a vacation and she had loved it so much I offered to put her up as a roommate and she accepted.

The waffles were gone and both of us were a little giddy with the planning when I asked the next tough question. “What about your camming?”

“You mean do I still want to do it?” she asked.

“Well, yeah. I mean, if you want to I would never tell you to stop, but honestly Mel I’ve always hated the fact that other people were watching you. Talking to you the way they were. Getting to share something I wanted all for myself.

Mel smiled and leaned over, kissing me with syrupy-sweet lips. “Hun, I started camming because I was lonely and sexually frustrated. I think I can safely say, after last night and this morning, that won’t be a problem for me any more.”

“So you’ll stop?” I asked.

“I feel a little bad for the guys who’ve been following me for a while, and the ones who paid for my snapchat and tuzla escort bayan stuff, but yeah. I can be done with it. Cold turkey, just disappearing into the mists of the internet.”

I kissed her again and she laughed.

“Mel, I just- this is going really fast,” I said.

“I know, are you ok with all of… everything?”

“Yeah, I am,” I said, and meant it, “But are you ok? It’s barely been a week since the Skype call, and days since I showed up at your door.”

Mel looked down at her hands and fidgeted nervously with a fork. “Can I admit something to you?” she asked.

“Of course,” I said.

“I’ve wanted to fuck you since high school.”

“Really?” I laughed. “Fuck, the number of times I jerked off to you back then…”

Now Mel was laughing too. “If only we’d known. I had a crush on you for years, and when you spilled your guts out in that Skype call it all came crashing back. How you always took care of me, and how I got to take care of you once in awhile. I always loved you, I just didn’t know how to express it. Or how to handle it. Showing up at my door, making it real- Stephan, that was exactly what I needed.”

“I was terrified you would turn me away and call the cops,” I said.

“Never, even if I hadn’t wanted to fuck your brains out,” she laughed. “No matter what, you’ll always be one of my best friends.”

“You too, you know,” I said. “The best.”

“There’s one more- well, there’s a lot more to figure out,” Mel said. “But one more pressing thing.”

“What’s that?” I asked.

“Bella,” Mel said.

“She’ll understand,” I said. “She doesn’t know the whole story, but she knows enough.”

Mel rolled her eyes. “Stephan, I love you, but sometimes you’re an idiot. If Bella isn’t in love with you too, she’s at the very least in lust with you.”

“She is?”

“Yes, you dumb boy,” Mel said, knocking on my forehead lightly. “Hello, she’s been throwing herself at you. Why do you think she’s been doing that?”

“I- ah, don’t know? She was horny and I was there, I guess.”

“We need to invite her over for dinner and talk to her,” Mel said. “Together. Tonight, if we can.”

“Alright,” I said.

“Go get me your phone,” Mel said, picking up the dishes and bringing them over to the sink. “This needs to be handled right, I’ll text her as you.”

“Yes, wife,” I grumbled with a smirk, and she turned and smirked at me, eyes bright with happy excitement.


When the buzzer went off, announcing someone asking to be let into the building, Mel shushed me even though Bella wouldn’t be able to hear us. I pressed the speaker stud, “Hello?”

“It’s me,” Bella said, her Australian accent coming through the speaker.

I buzzed her up. Mel immediately rushed around, putting finishing touches on the dinner settings at the table and checking the cooking food. We had been cooking together for the first time in years and it had come back to us naturally, moving around each other in the tight space of the kitchen. Now there was a lot more trailing fingers as we moved past though, and Mel managed to press her breasts into me every chance she got.

She positioned me in front of the elevator entrance and scampered back around the corner out of sight. She had promised me a surprise when Bella showed up, not giving back my phone but promising to let me know if someone else texted or called.

I could hear the elevator moving and soon the doors opened, revealing Bella in a grey overcoat, her brown hair curled lightly into waves and falling over her shoulder, red lipstick bright against her light skin. She smiled and stepped off the elevator and as the door began to close behind her, Bella opened her coat and let it slither to the floor down her naked body. Mostly-naked, she had thigh-high black stockings on. Her breasts, small and perky, were capped by hard nipples and her pubic hair was completely gone, toned abdomen transitioning smoothly into her long, athletic legs.

I had almost forgotten how sexy she was, I had been so obsessive over Mel. “Wow.”

“Stephan,” Bella breathed out, stepping forward and reaching towards me. I still didn’t know exactly what Mel had said to her, but if she had shown up willing to strip immediately I didn’t want to lead her on at all.

I took her hand, halting her move towards me. “Bella, I have a surprise for you.”

Squeezing her hand lightly, I led her into the apartment. She had been here before, twice for simple dinner parties with legal colleagues and several times by herself when I was busy and needed something retrieved that I had forgotten. Bella hadn’t ever walked into my apartment to find Mel standing in the middle of the room, though I was a little surprised as well that my cousin was back down to the sexy grey bra and panties, having stripped off the dress she had been wearing while we were preparing dinner.

“Bella,” Mel said with a playful smirk of confidence.

“Oh my god,” Bella said. “Holy crap, it’s you- you’re here.”

Mel walked over and I noticed she was barefoot instead of wearing the heels she had been escort tuzla pondering over. She walked right up to Bella and pulled her into a full-mouthed kiss, Mel’s tongue pushing past Bella’s lips. Bella was stunned for a moment then kissed Mel back, her own hands coming up to Mel’s shoulders.

Well, I thought, watching the two women kiss. I’m hard.

Mel ended the kiss but kept Bella in her arms. “Hello, Bella. You can call me Mel.”

“Hi,” Bella said weakly, star struck to be facing a woman we had both been watching over the internet.

“I wanted to make sure you knew what was happening between Stephan and I. You’re important to him,” Mel said.

Bella glanced to me then back to Mel. “What’s happening?”

“We’re going to be together. I’m moving here to be with him, and we’re going to get married. And I wanted you to know that I think your own relationship with Stephan is special and I don’t want to get in the way of it.”

I could tell Mel had been practicing that little speech in her mind, emphasizing Bella’s place in my, and our, lives.

“Wait, you’re moving here? You’re dropping everything to be with him, and moving across the world?” She turned to me, scowling a little, “Why did you get me to come here naked if you were going to tell me this?”

Mel used a finger to turn Bella back to her. “We have a lot of history. And we both feel right about it. But this isn’t about us, Bella, it’s about you. I, we, wanted to make sure you know what the rules are. I asked you to come here and strip for Stephan.”

Bella glanced at me again. “The rules?”

“Yes,” Mel said, keeping control of the situation. “The rules. But first, I think I owe Stephan some pay back. You talk a lot of game in the chat room, Bella. Now it’s time to put up or shut up.” Mel tugged Bella towards the sofa and sat down on it, pulling Bella with her. She kissed the Australian again, this time raising her hands to the thinner woman’s small breasts and tweaking her nipples. As the kissing continued one of Mel’s hands slid lower, playing between Bella’s legs where I couldn’t see, while Bella brought her own hands forward to squeeze Mel’s larger breasts.

Bella gasped lightly, leaning in to the kiss, and Mel leaned back to lay on the couch, Bella following and laying on top of her. Mel urged her to move lower and Bella complied, and as my secretary kissed down my fiance’s body Mel turned to me and said, “Sit down on the chair.”

I followed her orders and watched as Bella began to eat out Mel. My view wasn’t great, and Bella simply pulled the crotch of Mel’s panties aside to gain access, but I was still firmly erect and rubbing at my dick through my pants when Mel’s breathing got short and she arched her back, enjoying her first orgasm of the evening. Her chest heaved wonderfully, stomach flexing as she her body responded to Bella’s skilled ministrations before she relaxed back into the couch.

“I can’t believe you two,” Bella said from between Mel’s legs. “Fucking Americans. You just assumed I would dyke out for you.”

Mel smirked, reaching down and running her fingers through Bella’s silky brown hair. “I’m sorry, did you not want to ride my face?”

“No,” Bella said, “Maybe, I don’t know. This is all- I don’t know what to think. It’s hot, and I’m horny, but it’s also fucking weird.”

“Have you ever had a threesome before?” Mel asked her. Even though I had pretty much known that was where we were headed, my dick still throbbed at the words being said out loud.

“Yeah,” Bella said. “In college, and once after my divorce.”

“Is this more or less awkward than that?” Mel asked.

“There was a lot more alcohol involved in those encounters,” Bella said with a half smirk, remembering.

“Well, we can have some wine with dinner,” Mel smiled. She reached over and cupped Bella’s face for a second then her hand slid down to her throat and she got more forceful. “But right now I’m telling you to sit on my face. You’ve been talking a lot of crap in my chat room and I’m calling you out. You can lick a cunt, I want to know if you taste good too.”

Bella’s cheeks flushed and she leaned into Mel’s hand, purring softly in her throat.

“Oh, you like that?” Mel asked her, and I could see her fingers tighten just slightly, squeezing the sides of Bella’s neck.

“Tell me what to do,” Bella said, slowly starting to grin. “I like a woman who knows what she wants. Tell me your rules.”

“Rules later,” Mel said, then kissed Bella firmly, her fingers sliding from the Aussie’s neck down to pinch one of her nipples. “Right now, you’re going to sit on my face so that I can taste that naughty pussy of yours.”

The two quickly rearranged so that Bella was in a 69 over top of Mel, her ass pointing back at me and flared open so that Mel could pull Bella down to her lips. Watching the two of them together had my mouth watering and Bella looked over her shoulder at me while Mel ate her, biting her lip and squeezing her eyes shut as her own small orgasm eventually rolled in. I wanted to stand up and get behind her, mounting her and spanking her ass in punishment for all the teasing she had been doing. Mel had told me this was payback though, and despite our expressions of love I still felt guilty about the secret I had kept from her. Payback well and truly received.

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