Temptation Ch. 09


Unlocking the door to Amy’s apartment, Nick let himself inside. He looked around to see if Amy was about, but as he walked silently from room to room he still couldn’t locate her whereabouts. Where was she? Suddenly he heard the water being emptied from the bathtub, and he knew where she had hidden herself. Any moment now and she would come out.

He quietly walked into her bedroom, and started undressing. Shirt, jeans, t-shirt and even his boxers he carefully laid them on the chair beside the bed, before he pushed the covers aside and laid himself down in the middle of the bed, naked from top to bottom.

He lay listening to her opening the bathroom door and walking around humming as she made her nightly preparations. He heard her brushing her teeth and he knew now was the moment of truth.

What would she say about finding a naked man in her bed? His cock made a jerking motion by the thought of how she might fondle every part of his body, before impaling herself on his cock and ride him until they both screamed out their pleasure. He felt another jerk go through his lower body and he looked down to see his cock already being almost fully erect.

This would be hard, he chuckled as he listened to her moving through her apartment and putting out the lights one by one. Soon, very soon, he said to himself. Soon, he would know pleasure or rejection. His cock hardened even more by the thought of the woman coming closer to him.

He lay back on the bed, resting his head on his folded arms and just enjoyed the feeling of being exposed so completely. Was this how Amy had felt when laying spread out on his bed? He hoped so, as another wave of arousal poured through his body and almost making him erupt at the spot.

The door opened and Amy came barging in, making a shocked gasp as she noticed him laying on her bed.

“But…? What…?” she started.

“Dinner is served,” he offered heatedly. “Come and take me any way you want, mistress. Tonight I’m your willing slave.”

Her eyes heated in reply as she took in his naked body being offered and shown so shamelessly. Her gaze settled on his erect cock and he felt himself hardening even further just by the thought of her watching him. It felt excitingly kinky to be completely naked in front of a clad woman, even though she was only wearing a large t-shirt.

“My slave, you said?” she asked interestedly. “Does that mean I can do anything I want? And have you do anything I want?”

“Yes, anything you want,” he said in a strangled voice.

“Good,” she said almost gloating with joy. “What a splendid idea.”

Nick swallowed the lump that had settled in his throat. The rules had been set. Now there was no way he could back out of this agreement. He only hoped she didn’t ask him to do something he would have a problem with. No matter what, he would do everything she asked of him this night.

“And what does the mistress want?” Nick asked slowly, worried about what request she would put forward.

“Ah, what I want first is a real rubdown,” Amy said triumphantly. “After this day I could really need some massage on my aching muscles.”

“You mean after laying and waiting in my bed for a couple of hours?” he asked humorously.

“Don’t remind me of that fiasco,” she interrupted him. “And yes, it was very hard, actually.”

“I bet,” he smiled as he got up from the bed and allowed her to lie down on her stomach. Immediately he sat down beside her on the bed and started massaging her shoulders and arms. Taking his time to massage every muscle and every part of her body that longed for a rubdown.

Sliding down her backside, she groaned as he found a difficult spot in her lower back. A slight escort ataşehir moan was heard from her as he worked out the kinks in her backside before moving slowly down one of her legs, until he touched her ankles and moved slowly around her aching sole of the foot. Rubbing slowly up along her foot again, she gave another satisfied moan as he continued down her other leg and rubbing every part of her leg muscles.

Her skin felt hot and relaxed against his fingers and he continued into more interesting territory as he rubbed both his hands up along her thighs, and slowly moving toward her inner thighs. Dragging her t-shirt away from her bottom, he looked at the tempting skin being revealed. Moving slightly upwards, he stroked her hips and massaged her bottom in long and slow movements.

Slowly he moved one of his hands between her cheeks and massaged her clit softly from behind. She responded immediately by arching her butt upwards and slowly spreading her legs to allow him more room.

He smiled at the open invitation and he stroked her cunt slowly and lightly as he heard her breath catch.

“And then it’s time for the other side,” he said hoarsely as he removed his hand from her cunt with a reluctant gesture. He had to remind himself this time it was she who was pulling the reins.

She pulled off her t-shirt, rolled over and spread her legs slightly. “Do you best, slave,” she provoked him as she gave him a sultry smile.

“Believe me, I will,” he responded just as heatedly, before he started again on her shoulders and arms, before moving slowly across her breasts. Teasing her nipples to tighten to his every touch he wanted to bend down and lick her but he controlled himself at the last moment.

Slowly rubbing her skin on her stomach he moved down over her legs and paid particular attention to every aching muscle in her thighs and ankles. Slowly moving his hand along the insides of her legs, he gradually approached some more interesting territory.

She spread her legs slightly as he roamed over her cunt with a warm finger and she shuddered as he circled her clit.

“Lick me, slave,” she ordered and arched her back while she spread her legs even further. The invitation could not be any clearer and Nick instantly followed her lead and burrowed his face between her thighs and sucked on her clit.

The resulting moan made him almost smile at the success, and he continued by slowly lapping at her warm flesh, teasing her folds to open for him and let him inside. She gasped loudly as he directed his tongue directly on her clit and the tip hardened to his ministrations.

He felt Amy’s hands settle on both sides of his head as she held him tightly to her. As if he had any plans to going any where, he chuckled as he licked and sucked greedily on her hungry flesh. He speared his tongue into her cunt and she moaned loudly, telling him she was getting really close to her climax. He retreated and continued lapping at her sex lips instead; making her calm down before he aroused her again.

“Don’t stop,” she groaned.

“Patience,” he drawled as he continued his slow research of her cunt.

“Damn it, just fuck me and be done with it!” she snarled at him.

He laughed heartily. “So greedy. Relax, darling. It will be so much better this way,” Nick assured her. “Just have a little patience and your climax will be even stronger than before.”

“I don’t care,” she gasped out as he sucked her clit into his mouth. “Oh god,” she groaned and arched her body even closer to his mouth.

He continued lapping at her but was very careful not to make her come just yet. He wanted to make this one last as long as he could.

Finally, kadıköy escort she had enough of his torture and she grabbed his face and rubbed her clit against his mouth. He answered by blowing cold air on her clit and she shuddered but still it was not enough to drag her over the cliff.

“Damn it, if you’re my slave then you follow my orders,” she grunted.

He lifted his mouth away from her cunt. “All right, And what does the slave driver require?” Even though he could guess quite well what she wanted. He saw it in the desperation that clouded her eyes and he felt elated by the thought of her desperation to have him.

“I want you to fuck me,” she said emphasising every word. “No more games, just some good old hard fucking.”

He felt his body heat to her words and his cock hardened to the thought of launching himself inside of her warm body.

“Okay,” he said hoarsely, not believing his voice could turn so strange in such a short time. Raising his body, he looked at her spread thighs and the welcoming warmth inviting him inside, as he struggled to keep himself in rein long enough to pleasure her.

He could not resist moving slowly up her body as he got into position, licking his way across her body and giving her nipples a hard sucking as he prepared to take them both into oblivion. She groaned loudly and raised her hips to capture his cock inside of her.

He felt his cock having hardened completely and as he directed his aching cock toward her warm centre every thought escaped him as he coated his cock head with her warm juices.

“Hurry,” she begged. “Please hurry.”

“As you wish,” he groaned as he plunged his hard cock inside of her pussy, stretching her walls and feeling her tight muscles surround him and making it difficult to concentrate. She screamed out her joy and held him on tightly to him. He withdrew slightly, before plunging even further inside of her.

“Wrap your legs around me,” he said hoarsely as he continued to sink deep inside of her body, making her moan and make small screams of pleasure. She followed his request and gripped her hands around his ass, urging him even deeper inside as she followed his every move.

He felt the friction from the walls in her sheath as he withdrew and then plunged hard inside of her again. She was whimpering as she tried to get that last piece of stimulation that would trigger her climax. He adjusted the angle of his body, making every deep plunge touch her clit.

Suddenly, she screamed out in pleasure and he felt her contractions around his cock, making her even tighter than before and tempting his cock to give up its load. He plunged inside of her a couple of more times, until he could not hold back any longer and he erupted in a wave of bliss and utter elation as he held his cock inside of her body, making small withdrawals before plunging inside of her again.

At last he lay embedded in her body, and felt relaxation finally invade his entire body. Contentment was felt in every pore and he rolled himself to the side, taking her with him, as he settled on his back with her on top of him. His cock still embedded in her sweet warmth.


Amy finally came to and stretched languidly at her weak muscles. She felt as if she had run for miles. Taking in the warm presence underneath and inside of her she made an experimental move with her hips, and felt a slight tugging deep inside of her cunt. Tempted by the result she tightened her muscles and moved her hips again. She felt him grow harder and soon she gave a gasp as she felt him filling her body again.

“So soon?” she asked wonderingly.

He chuckled. “Tempt the beast and you’ll be maltepe escort bayan eaten,” he said heatedly as he took her mouth in a hard kiss, making her insides erupt into fire at the same time. She tasted his tongue and suckled him slightly, making him shudder as he groaned into her mouth. She tasted herself on his mouth and the thought made her feel naughty and hungry for more.

“I thought you were my slave,” Amy said heatedly as she raised her upper body away from his tempting mouth. “Are you breaking that promise already?”

He lay still as if trying to remember his own promise. “All right. And what do the mistress want from her slave?” he asked provocatively.

The man was far too dominant for his own good, Amy thought. He would never be able to submit to anyone, although she wouldn’t mind trying. And now was the perfect opportunity. She raised herself up in a sitting position, his cock still buried inside her cunt. Tilting her hips she moved slowly up his shaft, feeling his entire length as she lifted her body away from his cock.

Feeling his engorged cock head approach the opening of her cunt, she stopped the movement, and let herself go and surged down again. Filling her flesh with his hardened cock as they both moaned to the increased pressure. She felt as if her entire body was filled with him and she tightened her muscles around him.

“Lay still!” she ordered as he reached out his hands to touch her breasts. “Or I’ll tie you up.” His eyes flashed with annoyance and something else. As if her words had aroused him even though he didn’t want them to. She reached out and caught his wrists, holding them down on the bed as she slowly moved up and down his hard cock, tightening her muscles around his flesh as she pleasured herself on his body.

“Faster,” he begged. “Go faster.”

“No, I like this pace,” she smiled as she slowly lifted her body up and away from his cock, before capturing him between her thighs and sinking slowly down his length again. She let go of his wrists and sat up on him, feeling his cock taking her deeper than before and invading every part of her cunt. Steadying her arms on his stomach, she used her legs to lift herself upwards, rubbing her sheath on his hard length, making the friction turn them both into desperate beings.

“Amy,” he groaned at her. “I won’t be able to last much longer.”

“Don’t worry,” she said between gasps. “I want you to let go.” She felt him tightening his muscles and soon she felt him arch his body to surge his cock even deeper inside of her. Her upward movement was met by his arching and she felt herself being filled to the rim.

Adjusting her angle she felt like being a complete egocentric person and just think abut her own pleasure for a change. Finding just the right angle she lifted her pussy up along his cock before sinking down again.

Feeling her clit being stimulated she repeated the motion and felt elation fill her as she felt her climax coming closer. Straightening her body, she lifted herself before sinking down on him again. A gasp protruded from her mouth as she felt her G-spot being touched and she continued the motion.

“Oh god, please hurry,” Nick begged as she increased the pace and rode harder and harder on his cock, tightening around him and pleasuring herself.

Just as she felt her body coming closer to the edge, Nick dragged her down to him and sucked her left nipple into his mouth. Sucking her hard. The stimulation plunged her right over the cliff and she screamed as she felt her entire body being plunged into a feeling of sheer and utter bliss.

Her contractions were felt all across her body and she sank bonelessly on top of Nick as he erupted inside of her. He held onto her ass as he arched himself as deep inside of her as he could, milked by her warm sheath and emptied of every drop of his come.

Finally, they both lay gasping for air with every muscle completely relaxed as sleep finally overcame them.

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