That Life Ch. 03


There was one or two more pieces of the puzzle I needed to flesh out a bit.

Nancy was asleep and I went to work. First was the plentiful emails with Kitty. Kitty didn’t know I was Nancy’s step-son, only that I’m twenty years her junior and recently in college. She knows Nancy adores me.

Here’s what I wanted to find out.

Nancy eventually wants to feel my cum inside of her. Not necessarily to get pregnant, but to feel like a woman. Nancy nor Kitty (both about the same age) are not on birth control, but there’s some kind of discussion out there on the net by women in their mid forties who aren’t on birth control and want their men to fuck them naturally. Throwing caution to the wind, not caring if they get pregnant.

It was midnight here and I went to the garage to call my buddy.

“Hi Matt, how are you?”

“Great man. You don’t usually call at midnight.”

Matt lives in the San Francisco area.

“Yeah, but I want to catch up and curious about some drugs”.

We must have spent 45 minutes reminiscing, catching up on lost time and just plain having a good time before I got to the heart of the matter.

“I know you man, you always save your most important questions for last”. Matt said half joking.

“OK, OK. What do you know about male birth control drugs.”

“Are you snooping around my computer.” we laughed.

“Why do you ask,” he continued?

“I’m dating a woman, she’s more excited by having unprotected sex and not on birth control.”

“Ohhhh do tell.”

“She’s eighteen years my senior,” I lied to protect Nancy/me, “and horny as all get out.”

“A forty something year old in heat who wants your baby, how hot is that,” Matt said.

“That’s it, except it’s not about getting pregnant for her. It’s all about the excitement while having sex.”

“I think I’m getting the picture,” Matt queried.

“What do you know,” I asked?

“Well you came to the right place.”


“And you know I was the lead on creating the juvenile arthritis drug.”


“Well they let me do pretty much whatever I want to do here.”


“And I’ve created a male birth control drug that they don’t want to bring to market.”

“Why not?”

“Well how about politics, money, religion and controversy to name a few.”


“Yeah, this company makes so much friggin’ money they don’t want the negative PR.”

“And the drug?”

“Well it was relatively easy to create.”

“How so?”

“It’s based on a healthy fertile man versus a healthy infertile one?”

“A healthy infertile one,” I postured?

“Yes a healthy infertile one doesn’t have STD’s, infection’s or retrograde ejaculations. A healthy infertile one has a low sperm count and typically his fishy’s don’t swim right,” Matt said laughing. “It could be a bunch of reasons, but again the key here is a healthy fertile one vs. a healthy infertile one.”

“I think I’m getting it.”

“My program is to make a healthy fertile male temporarily infertile.”

“How temporary?”

“After his final dose, about four to six weeks.”

“What’s your success rate?”

“The company pulled the plug after 2,000 trials with no pregnancy’s and no after or side affects. I hit the mark on this. We’ve got plenty of pills left over. It’s very expensive to make these pills.”

“Aren’t all these trials expensive? Matt you always hit the mark!”

“Yes, I’m a humble servant,” he chuckled. “However, this drug has to account for blood types and pH levels. However the pH levels can be adjusted with foods and vitamins.”

“So four different pills?”

No, eight different pills, silly.”


“Did you forget positive and negative.”

“I did. I understand now why so expensive.”


“Can I get a regimen?”

“The company will eventually destroy most of the inventory. I can send you

enough for about eight years worth and four starter packs of medicine. What is your blood type”?


“No wonder you’re such a rare bird.”

“What do I need to know here.”

“Well the medicine needs to be refrigerated. You use a starter pack with one pill every day for seven days and then what’s in the bottle for once a week thereafter. You need to take it at the same time every evening before bed. It takes six weeks to be fully effective. The medicine will increase your semen by three to four times, thereby decreasing the sperm count. Also make sure your pH balance is neutral. Any questions?”

“I don’t think so, but I know where to find you. Thanks.”

We chatted a few more minutes and said good night. I told you Matt is a genius. Interesting the company is putting the kibosh on this, probably worth billions.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

I opened Nancy’s next entry into her fantasy writing and well it keeps getting better.

Yumi and her sister Akira were close. Yumi is much more introverted and definitely a creative type. Akira being eleven years older has always been more daring, marrying a foreigner, who dropped it all to move back to his native Italy. He left his son Haruto, never contacting him since, from a previous relationship pendik escort with Akira four years ago. Haruto and Yumi have always had some kind of connection through their drawing and introverted nature.

Akira, who is forty two has been thinking about moving to the US for several months, but knows it’d be a disaster for Haruto to move. Also, Akira was never much of a mother to Haruto, who is nineteen now and getting ready for his third year in college, here in Tokyo. Akira told Yumi about the dilemma and to get guidance. Yumi thought Haruto would probably live with his college buddies. However he’s understandably very shy around people.

Akira asked Yumi if Haruto could stay with her for a long weekend while Akira and her boyfriend went up north for some rest and relaxation. Yumi said it was no problem.

Yumi never paid much attention to Haruto’s shyness till then. But they even had more to do together while each posed for the others art during the weekend. When it was time to leave Yumi and Haruto hugged with a nice familial embrace and no awkwardness.

Yumi now thought more about Haruto coming to live with her. Yumi, a very attractive woman didn’t enjoyed being around men much. She has her own business as an artist for her online gallery, never needing to leave the confines of her apartment much. Mentally she considered how the process would work having Haruto with her. She’d have to clear out a room now used for storage for him to live there. After a few weeks of cleaning and rearranging she was ready.

“I’ve made a decision,” Yumi stated.

“What’s that,” Akira asked?

“I’ll take Haruto in, if he wants to live here.”


“You heard me.”

“I wasn’t trying to place him with you, just looking for feedback on what to do,” Akira responded.

“Well, now you can relax and it will work out fine.”

“I wasn’t expecting this?”

“Neither was I, however it’ll be good for all three of us.”

“How’s that?”

“Haruto and I both need to come out of our shells.”

“Are you sure?”

“Quite sure.”

“OK, I’ll see how he feels about it.”

Later that evening Akira asked Haruto if he’d be interested in staying with Yumi through the end of college. He thought deliberately, as always and said that it’d be a good fit. Akira started to see the connection and she was more relaxed now that this issue seemed settled. Not that she didn’t care about Haruto, but he wasn’t her biological child and her mind was always somewhere else.

A month later Akira moved to the US and Haruto moved in with Yumi.

Haruto was somewhat complicated for many to understand, but not to Yumi. She had an intrinsic sense about his needs. He studied robotics with a specialty in motor and articulation functions. His computer was filled with algorithmic formulas and fascinating drawings. He could make certain parts of the mechanical arms and legs rotate in a 360 circle without being ruined by the motion. He was way more advanced then the others in his class.

Yumi’s drawings were pure art. Her integration of hand and computer projects were seamless. Companies and individuals alike bought her pieces. Her attention to detail was priceless as was the nuanced approach she was an artist in the true sense of the word.

Yumi and Haruto said few words to each other, but whatever was said always had a deeper meaning.

Yumi was beautiful in mind, body and spirit.

She has wide hips unlike most asian women. Her face is very pleasing to look at and her breasts are not over or under sized. Maybe a bit more then a hand full.

Haruto tried hard not to stare at her.

A month later she had mistakenly left the shower door open a crack and he just happened to be walking by. He was frozen in his steps looking at her naked body with water glistening off her golden skin.

“Uhhh…uhhh…uhhh,” he quietly grunted, as a copious ejaculation drenched his shorts without his even touching himself. Haruto quickly ran to his room to change, leaving before she turned around to notice.

That night the rain, thunder and lightning was intense. Like a child he asked if he could stay with her. Yumi was fine with that. Wearing a full night gown wouldn’t make him excited, she thought. Yumi was awaked with Haruto’s soft grunting, then she got up to go to the bathroom and noticed the backside of her gown had a huge wet spot. Haruto was sound asleep when she returned. Yumi began to wonder.

She decided to try a different tack. A few nights later having a quiet dinner Yumi broke the silence.

“What are your goals Haruto,” she asked?

“What do you mean?”

“What are your life goals?”

“Well…I’m going to finish school and get a job.”



“Yes, is there something besides work and school?”

“Is there something besides work for you,” he asked?

Ouch, that one hurt.

“You know we’ve some similarities and I think it’s time for both of us to come out of our shells,” she stated emphatically.

“What are you getting at,” he asked?

“Some people have relationships in addition to school or jobs.”

“You and I hang out when we’re not focused on our responsibilities.”

This maltepe escort was going to be harder then she thought.

“Do you want to have more play here with a game,” Yumi asked?

“What game?”

“A game where we role play over several months.”

“It’s starting to look more interesting,” he said.

“You and I are going to pretend to court each other. In several months we’ll feel comfortable to date others.”

“OK, how do we start?”

“We start by talking to each other, asking good questions listening and responding back.”

“I think this will be fun.” he said.

Yumi would see if he truly gets the picture. It took him a month to get the gist of this role playing gig and he picked it up a lot quicker then she expected. At dinner that night they were asking questions, laughing and enjoying the moment. Haruto was doing the dishes and Yumi came up behind him to give him a kiss on the cheek. She turned him around to give him kiss on the mouth. Kissing for a few minutes…

“Uhhh…uhhh…uhhh,” Haruto groaned and came in his pants.

“Yumi, I can’t control myself,” he said dejectedly.

“No worries. Time will help and I don’t care when you cum.”

He hugged me and the scent of his cum was intoxicating to her.

“I need to change my clothes and rest,” he said.

Yumi’s pussy was wet. Wet as she could ever remember it being. She could see some wetness on his white pants too.

“Haruto, come back please,” she surprised herself.

“Yes,” he asked?

She gave him another hug. Slipped her tongue in his mouth and put her hand on him, rubbing his wet bulge.

“Yumi, I…uhhh…uhhh…uhhh.”

This time she kept her hand on his hard on while he came again. Yumi needed to rub her cunt, but waited.

“Yumi, I…”

“No worries.”

He went to his room exhausted falling asleep. She went back to her room and masturbated having several orgasms thinking about Haruto’s premature ejaculations. The funny thing is she stopped dating men in general because the one’s she did date all had the same damn issue. Haruto’s issue doesn’t seem to bother her for some reason? Not only doesn’t it bother her, but Yumi gets very excited by being his sexual surrogate and concubine.

The next few nights were mostly similar with the exception when they kissed Haruto didn’t have “issues”. That was a good sign.

She decided to try a different tack and after a shower one evening she came out with a full body towel wrapped around, asking Haruto to help.

“Haruto, can you come in my room?”

“Sure, in a sec.”

He came in to see her like that and took a step backwards.

“It’s OK. please rub my back,” she asked.

“Are you sure?”


Yumi got face down on the bed and Haruto standing next the bed started to rub her shoulders.

“Please sit on my legs and rub from there.”




Haruto got on her legs, a foot away from her butt.

“Come on Haruto, move up so you can rub my shoulders.”

“OK,” he said sheepishly.

He moved up and his hard on was pressing into her butt. He did this for several minutes with no “issues”. Great!

“Haruto, lie on your back so you can get my shoulders from a different angle.”

His eyes went wide when she got on top and her head was eye level to his cock. Her towel was falling off and he was staring at her tits. He rubbed her shoulders, while Yumi started to lower his shorts and underwear. His cock popped out. Her breath was on top of his beautiful fragrant husk.

She ever so slightly aimed had his cock at her face when…”Yumi… Yumi… I…I… uhhh…uhhh…uhhh.” One, two…three healthy cum shots covered her face, she was soaked in cum.

“Yumi, I can’t control it.”

Yumi was enjoying the moment so much that she started eating the cum off his cock. Splurt…two more cum shots in her hair. “Haruto, you can practice with me so you can learn how to please a women.”

He looked at her quizzically. She could only see out of one eye now. Haruto was exhausted and was about to nod off. Yumi didn’t ease up. She took hold of his cum soaked cock, beginning to lick and slurp the tasty stuff off. His cock was semi hard, quickly getting harder, She took the full length in her mouth bobbing furiously.


Yumi kept his spongy cock inside her mouth repeating the same blow job technique.


Yumi sexily put all the cum on her face into her mouth. Haruto smiled but had no more energy finally, he pushed her away and quickly fell asleep, a very happy camper. Actually two very happy campers.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

This role playing was clearly working. Haruto would hum some music while he worked. Yumi never remembered that before.

He came home a few days latter telling Yumi he made a friend at school. This was undeniably news. His shyness was leaving for a man more comfortable in his own skin.

“What’s your friends name,” Yumi asked.

“Yamato and we struck up a conversation as though we’ve been friends for years,” he said. “He smart and kind. Sort of a nerd kartal escort like me,” Yumi and Haruto chuckled at that.

“It’s so nice to learn about your new friendship,” she said with great affection.

Yes it was nice to see Haruto becoming a man before Yumi’s very eyes. He continued to outline the conversation with Yamato, careful not to bore her with the technical details of robotics. She turned away from him so he wouldn’t see her tears of joy.

At dinner Yumi explained to Haruto that a key client wanted to meet her for a custom piece of art. She explained her excitement and intertwined fear at the same time. Haruto was a very patient listener, giving her more confidence to proceed. Yumi hardly ever met her clients in person, nor did she need to most of the time. So stepping out of her shell was a big step for her as well.

After dinner they stayed in the living room talking and smiling as their stories unfolded. After a while both were ready for bed.

“Yumi, may I sleep with you tonight, ” Haruto asked as they were getting ready?

“That would be beautiful,” she said with a hug and a smile.

Yumi was wearing a loose button down night shirt and somewhat flimsy baggy panties that are more common underwear with asian women. Haruto wore boxer shorts.

They kissed a lot. Haruto was more confident. He started to unbutton her shirt, slipping his hand underneath to lightly feel her smooth succulent breasts, her nipples were hard. His cock was hard against Yumi’s thigh and now out of the opening.

“Uhhh…uhhh…uhhh,” Haturo shot his load on her thigh.

“Beautiful,” she exclaimed.

“You’re beautiful,” he retorted.

“You can keep going if you like,” she said.

Haruto and Yumi kept kissing. He kept fondling her breasts. He reached down to touch her vagina and his cock was rock hard again. His hand moving easily under her waistband to her very hairy pussy.

“Uhhh…uhhh…uhhh,” Haturo again shot his load on her thigh. There was now quite the puddle in bed.

“Yumi can we continue again another time,” he asked in a matter of fact tone.

“Of course honey.”

They kissed some more and Haruto was asleep in minutes. Yumi smiled stroking her pussy with fantasies of his ejaculations, orgasms and eventual sleep.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

The next night Haruto was curious.

“Yumi, do you fantasize about sex,” he blurted out.

“Uh, yes,” Yumi not expecting that question.

“A lot, a little or in-between,” he asked?

“A lot,” she had no secrets.

“Can you share some or one?”

“Sure. Here’s one. I’m sound asleep and my partner starts to want to play at night. He carefully loosens my top and ever so lightly caresses my breast. I don’t realize this is real, as I believe it’s part of my dream. He knows that the pectoral and a part of the bicep muscles are connected to my breasts and very much an erogenous area to stimulate. He’s lightly raking his fingertips over this area for sometime, not playing favorites he switches to the other side. My cunt is starting to moisten.”

Haruto’s cock is starting to get stiff as is mine from these stories.

“Then he lightly circles my breasts from the outside slowly toward my nipples, but careful not to touch them until they are erect. He uses his saliva on my nipples while playing with them. After several minutes of this he relocates his touch to my inner thighs, another erogenous zone. Playing lightly there he notices a wet spot on my panties and lightly plays with that. My panties are flimsy and so easy to tear, which he does causing me more excitement. He places his fingers on my wet snatch…”

“Uhhh…uhhh…uhhh,” Haruto grunting as he cums all over Yumi. She doesn’t stop.

“He’s bold and slightly inserts his middle finger into my hairy beaver. I still think this is a wonderful dream and not real. He glides his finger along my clit and teases my hole with little insertions. Now after much foreplay he’s ready to fuck me. Aiming his woody at the opening, he slowly inserts a little bit at a time in…”

“Uhhh…uhhh…uhhh,” Haruto grunts as he again cums all over Yumi.

She keeps the story going without missing a beat.

“He’s thrusting slowly and my pussy juices are flowing, getting thicker and slicker with each thrust. Now after several minutes I realize it’s not a dream and open my eyes to greet his lustful look. We kiss while fucking. I grab his butt to encourage him to go faster. Faster he goes. We’re both sweating, moaning and grunting while this intercourse dance is happening. He grunts pumping my pussy with so much cum…”

“Uhhh…uhhh,” Haruto grunts as he again cums all over Yumi. “That was wonderful,” he gasped and fell right to sleep.

Again, Yumi is very excited thinking about the story she relayed to Haruto and his ample cum shots, as well as his constant excitement toward sex. His almost total lack of control has now become a terrific turn on for her. He’s sound asleep next to her while she’s tenderly masturbating to her story with his uncontrollable reactions. Yumi keeps reliving the story as her hand and fingers are damp from Haruto’s cum along with her overflowing juices. Yumi is picturing him fucking her with unadulterated passion. In her mind the fucking is endless. Yumi has several orgasms that follow. Now it takes her at least an hour to fall asleep from all the intensity and excitement.

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