That Summer in Provence Pt. 02


[Continuing tale of a loving uncle and his adoring niece. Fantasies and backdoor play.]


I wake up with a splitting headache. I never did get that glass of water after I got up for a piss last night.

My heart sinks a little as I recall unintentionally eavesdropping on my just-turned-18 niece Jane late last night as I was passing her room and heard her play with herself while coaxing her imaginary lover to rim her out, while she masturbated with a vibrator in real life. Moments later, I heard my name and realized she was actually fantasizing about me, and despite all good judgment, I jacked myself off in my boxers standing right outside her door. I came hard visualizing licking out a teenage girl’s ass, although not clear if I was dreaming about Jane or about her mom, my twin sister, whose backside I did lick on a dare when we were 18. It’s complicated!

Anyway, I came hard in my shorts and hustled back to my room to clean up, then was worried I might run into her in the corridor so never made it down to the kitchen. My God, I had no inkling she harbored such thoughts about me. Truly, I’m still hoping it was from all the wine and brandy we had last night on our special dinner for a belated celebration of her 18th birthday.

So here I am the next morning, in my over-bright bedroom on the Riviera, hungover and parched, smelling faintly of crusted semen. After ruining my boxers with my cum last night, I dashed back into my room and changed into a fresh pair but was too tired and alcohol-addled to wash up. It would have been easy enough to do using the bidet, but that wasn’t where my mind was.

“Knock, knock!” Fuck. Jane’s at my door. How can she be up so early? She had as much to drink last night as I did. But she’s a wisp of a girl, and I’m a grown man.

“Uncle Tommy? May I come in? I have an OJ for you!”

“Uh, just a sec, honey.” I pull the coverlet over my morning erection – at 52 years old, I’m always happy to see my guy still perky in the AM, but maybe not as glad today. Shit, I hope I don’t smell like sex. “OK, come on in.”

“Good morning, sleepy head.” In her hand, she has a huge glass of orange juice – for which I am instantly grateful – and a radiant smile on her face. “I thought you might need to hydrate,” she says with an endearing smirk. She hands me the glass and stands by my bed to watch me as I gulp it down.

As I drink the juice, in spite of myself, I take note of her delectable form, still clad in what she must have slept in – a thin cotton camisole top that don’t hide her perky nipples and low-slung figure-hugging stretch boy shorts that cover her hips yet somehow accentuates every detail – her flat tummy, her apple-shaped bottom, a hint of camel toe. I can detect the light scent of sleep emanating from her – a mix of nighttime perspiration and the sweet smell of young pussy that’s been played with and left to simmer all night. And God knows, the aroma between her ass cheeks must be amazing. Just imagining that, my cock perks up a little more underneath my cover.

Old horndog that I am, I wonder if she has the same redhead pubic patch that I saw on my sister more than 30 years ago. That time Gwen dared me to lick her ass after we saw a photo of a guy doing the same thing in a vintage porno mag we found in my parents’ room. Or does Jane trim her pussy, as is the vogue today, and if she does, is her mound (and ass) bald or does she keep some of that enticing ginger hair?

Fuck! What am I thinking? After three years of not seeing my family since we live on different continents, my baby niece Jane and I had such a great reunion yesterday. I was so relishing spending a week with her before she headed down to Barcelona for her gap year as an au pair, before starting college next year at Berkeley. Everything was going just great, until I got up in the middle of the night and heard Jane masturbating in her room as I walked past.

And even that would not have been noteworthy until I heard her moan about getting her ass eaten out, and finally calling out my name as she orgasmed, hard. I do think if I had heard her moan about getting her pussy licked, I would have just kept going. I had absolutely no designs on my niece, but I am a bona fide anal addict, so this revelation is difficult to put out of mind. I’m not sure I can safely house her for 6 more days, now. Again, fuck!!

“So, what do you have planned for me today??” She asks as she flexes at the hips to sit on the edge of my bed, not 18 inches from me. Just before she perches her round butt on my mattress, I catch sight of the boy shorts riding up her ass in slow motion, just clearing the bottom rim of her ass cheeks. Oh, my fucking God. You see, my niece is blessed with the same slim hips and bubble butt as her mom. Definitely business in the front, party in the back. And her boy-cut shorts must be wedged into her girl gash because I can smell her pussy even more strongly. She wouldn’t know, but I have an unusually keen sense of smell. The whole thing is making bursa escort my head spin, so I close my bloodshot eyes (I assume they must be bloodshot) and gulp down the rest of my juice, thankful for the strong citrus essence masking the cock-swelling aroma wafting towards me.

Finally, somewhat hydrated and relatively composed, I re-open my eyes, smile my good-uncle smile, and reply, “Whatever you want, sweetheart. What would you like to do?”

“Well, right now I’m making you a traditional American breakfast, so don’t lie in too long! Then maybe we can go down to the old village and pick up goodies for lunch. And in the afternoon, I was thinking the beach or the pool?” She asks hopefully. “Unless you have work to do…”

“No, no work. Except for a couple of calls, I cleared the week to spend with you.” She beams upon hearing this. “When is breakfast ready, miss?”

She smiles broadly and replies, “20 minutes. Chop chop!!”

With that, she kisses me on the cheek, stands up, takes the empty glass, walks out of my room, and closes the door behind her. Groaning inside, I watch her leave, her boy bottom clinging to the cleft between her legs and the roundest part of each butt cheek, so that a good part of her juicy ass is peeking out. I have to wonder – knowing that she was fantasizing about me last night – is this for my benefit? Or is she just being a natural 18-yr-old, relaxing at home with a trusted family member?

Fuck, I feel like such an old perv. I groan out loud and collapse back onto the bed, pulling a pillow over my face with one hand, as my other hand reaches for my cock and fondle it yet again. It’s still a little gummy from my cum last night. Fuck me, that ass…

+ + +

Omigod, my uncle is so sexy, I can’t stand it! We had such a wonderful time last night at the restaurant belatedly celebrating my birthday. I was so proud to be with such a handsome, worldly man, not to mention well-loved by the restaurant owners, staff, and the few friends he saw there. It wasn’t lost on me the way some of the patrons regarded me, wondering if I was really his niece, or rather a piece of arm candy. I found I didn’t mind if people thought I was my uncle’s date. It made me feel beautiful and sophisticated.

The precious Cartier necklace he gifted me felt warm on my throat, reminding me of the warmth of his hands as he carefully put it on me, his fingertips grazing my skin. All evening long, my pussy felt awake in my lacy thong. By the end of the evening, the tiny strip of fabric between my legs was sopping wet and pungent with the aroma my young cunt. I could smell myself every time I went to the powder room.

Once we got home, Uncle Tommy seemed tired, but I convinced him to stay up for a nightcap. We were plenty tipsy from the wine at the restaurant and ended up swapping stories about the crazy shit we’ve done. Inevitably I quizzed him on the story my mom shared with me on another wine-infused occasion – when they were in senior year of high school back in the 80s and she dared him to lick her ass, imitating a porno photo they found. He was so cute, looking embarrassed about it but laughing at the same time. Just the way he reacted reminded me that he’s still a guy, not just my uncle. A wonderful, fun-loving man who enjoys life.

We finally said good-night after midnight. As much as I loved spending the evening with him, I couldn’t wait to be by myself. I was desperately horny and really needed to stuff my pussy and ass with my toys and get myself off with my vibrator. And now that I have confirmation of the prank he and my mom got up to, I’m not even pretending anymore that the man I fantasize about licking my pucker and tongue-fucking my tight hole is any other than my handsome, sexy, loving uncle.

I gathered my toy bag to play with myself immediately upon repairing to my room, peeling off my soggy thong but keeping my dress and heels on. I imagined Uncle Tommy slipping my underwear off but keeping my heels on, sliding my dress over my hips, and kneeling by my bed to softly lick my snatch, eventually penetrating my ass with his tongue. Mmmmmm. I’d bet he’s very, very good at licking women’s pussies and behinds.

I put the cock dildo in my dripping pussy, lubed up the ass toy, turned on the insertable vibe, and worked it up my ass at the same time as I started working my clit with the big vibrator. I really wanted to make it last so I can enjoy a long fantasy about my uncle, but I was too horny and loosened up from the alcohol. I slow-fucked my ass with the toy as I worked my clit on the lowest setting of the vibrator. Oh my God, it was so good.

If only I could get my ass licked. I so want to know what that feels like, and that’s one thing sex toys cannot do for me. They can’t replicate a wet, warm tongue working the crinkled rim of my ass and slowly slithering inside my rear entrance. Oh fuccckkk, just thinking about that made my ass squeeze hard on the anal toy, speeding along my orgasm until it came crashing down on me. It felt like the bursa escort bayan root of my clit is connected to the core of my ass, as my clit throbs and my back chute spasms on the toy, riding the waves of my orgasm.

Afterward, I was breathless as I lay there in my sexy dress with my knees pulled into my chest like a wanton slut, my feet still in their heels. My crotch was held wide open to my imaginary lover, two toys in my body, and a vibe on my sticky clit. God, I need to get licked out so badly.

I was tipsy and tired, but I knew I needed to take off my dress and shoes before I go to sleep. I let the vibrator fall out of my slack hand then lifted the dress overhead and threw it on a side chair, and lastly I slipped off my heels and let them clatter to the floor. I took the dildo out of my pussy, but I left the ass toy in, my tight anus keeping it in place. I adore the full feeling of the silicone toy in my ass. I barely had time to pull the coverlet over my naked body before I passed out.

I was out like a light and enjoyed a sexy dream, my older faceless dark-haired lover finally lubing up his cock and slowly introducing it into my tightest chute, fucking me slow, stretching out my young ass hole. Mmmmmm, wonderful… I was desperate to cum in my dream with my back chute finally filled with cock, but I couldn’t, which was weird because I never have trouble orgasming.

I was so frustrated that it woke me up, and I remembered I had fallen asleep and with the ass toy still inside me, it must have made me dream about getting sodomized. I was so incredibly turned on from my dream and luckily my vibrator was right next to me where I left it. I grasped it and put it directly on my clit again as I slow-fucked my ass with the toy. The lube had dried up a bit, but I’m creaming so much from my pussy that I’m supplying my own lube.

My nipples were rock hard, and I was hot under the coverlet so kick it off. My mind still in a dream state, I fantasized about Uncle Tommy rimming me then gently working his fingers inside my ass. I think I called his name out loud just as I came, for the fourth time since morning. Or was it the fifth time? I’d lost count. Oh my God, so good. Finally, I let the ass toy slip out of my teen crack and fall into a deep slumber, the toys under the covers with me. I felt so sexed out, so beautifully slutty.

+ + +

It’s light out when I open my eyes, check the time, and see it’s already 8am. Not like we have to be anywhere, but I wanted to make Uncle Tommy a full American breakfast with real American bacon that my mom had frozen and sent along. French lardon is not gonna cut it. I jump up, leave the toys under the covers – let’s not pretend, I’ll be back for them soon – and throw on a skinny camisole and some boy shorts.

I have to admit, my titties and ass look pretty cute in the ensemble. Probably a little skimpy, but hey, I’m at my home away from home. Hopefully Uncle Tommy won’t be scandalized. He’s always such a gentleman. I keep the fancy Cartier necklace on. I may never take it off. Wearing it, I feel like I’ve been marked by him. It’s a wonderful and very intimate feeling.

I take the small bottle of maple syrup and pancake mix from my suitcase and go down to the kitchen to put out the fixings and get a drink to quench my thirst. I’m not really hungover, but I am parched. I pour a glass of juice and gulp it down, then pour one for Uncle Tommy to bring up to him, and to tell him I’m making breakfast.

Once back upstairs, I knock gently on his door and after a few moments, he called out to come in. He looked so sexy in his big, white bed. I can only imagine how many beautiful women he must have made love to in this romantic bed. His dark hair with the distinguished widow’s peak was messy, his lightly muscular chest with its soft down was bare, day-old beard growth. Like a younger Aidan Quinn, with less hair. His eyes were slightly hooded from either a hangover or still groggy from sleep, which reminded me how my boyfriends’ eyes would be half hooded when they’re super horny, with eyes only for my snatch.

He had his covers pulled up to his waist, which made me wonder if he slept in the nude, or if he had a morning hard-on, or both. I really wanted to jump into bed with him and snuggle up to his manliness, all fuzzy and warm from sleep, maybe sneak my hand beneath the cover and take measure his cock, or spoon with him and rub my ass in his crotch… God, I’m already so horny again and can feel my little pussy creaming in my tiny boy shorts, moistening the crotch. These next 6 days will be murder.

I give him a big smile to cover my mind-crushing lust for him and held out the glass of juice, which he took with gratitude in his bloodshot blue eyes. As I’m standing there gazing at him drink the OJ, I detect the faint but unmistakable mineral scent of semen. I’ve given a few blow jobs to the two boys I dated back home, but we always ended up fucking, so I’ve never tasted cum. But I remember the smell.

And it’s escort bursa totally hot, smelling it in Uncle Tommy’s bedroom. He must have rubbed one out last night or this morning. Fuck, that’s sexy. I picture him lying there, his strong tanned hand on his cock, pulling on it and eventually milking it of its wonderful cream, his warm cum splattering onto his pubes and lower belly. I wonder what he was thinking about when he came. I wonder if he came the same time I did. Well, one of the times I did.

We chatted briefly about the day’s plans, then I tell him to come down in 20, give him a peck on his scratchy cheek (and breathe in his manly smells), and head back downstairs. As I’m leaving his room, I realize my ass is half hanging out of my short-shorts, but it’s too late to adjust now without calling attention to the fact. My poor uncle, he has no idea he has a nympho in his country house.

+ + +

Back in the airy Provençal kitchen, I start a pot of coffee – thank God he has a regular coffeemaker and not just the mystifying espresso contraption. I retrieve the smuggled bacon from the fridge and start it on low heat in the cast iron skillet. I’m no great cook, but I’m really good at breakfast, especially bacon. Low heat is the only way to fry bacon, but it does take time during which my mind starts to wander. I lean on the butcher’s block to gaze out the window as I start thinking about Uncle Tommy again.

Maybe he would come down earlier than planned and come to stand right behind me to kiss me on the cheek. I would feel his morning hard-on pressing urgently into my lower back. So I would rise onto tip toe such that my bubble butt frames his cock encased in briefs inside his loose pants, and then I would rub my hips slightly up and down to massage his cock with my firm teen ass. He gives in and nuzzles his face in the crook of my neck, breathing me in. Looking down my front, he notices my hard nipples desperate for attention and softly rubs his palms on them.

Then maybe he would kneel down behind me and snuggle his face right in my crevice, breathing in the perfume of my morning-after pussy and ass. He would moan deeply, broadcasting vibrations to the core of me. My pussy creams again in response, fully soaking the thin fabric of my little shorts, so much that moisture is also collecting in the top hollows of my inner thighs, where my crotch meets my legs.

He would know this and swipes his thumbs in there to rub in the moisture, almost touching my fat, hairless pussy lips. “Mmmmm, you smell like pure heaven, baby,” he would say. I would whimper in response and mash my ass in his face a little more.

Then he would wrap those long, strong fingers of his on the fronts of my thighs to hold me in place as he slides his nose slowly up and down my aromatic crack, taking in every complexity of my scent – the sweet, the spice, the girly funk. Meanwhile, I draw up my camisole over my tits to tweak my dark pink nipples.

Finally, he slips one finger inside the crotch of my boy short to check the dewiness of my pussy. And of course, my pussy is beyond dewy and is, in fact, sopping wet, making him groan deeply once again with his face still buried in my ass. Oh God, I’m dying to have his tongue, finger, cock, anything… inside me. In my pussy or my ass, I don’t mind.

He peels down my shorts to free my bubble butt, gently spreads my globes, and sets to licking my gash, clit to ass, ending each length with a swirl in my tight pucker like he’s licking gelato. Oh, my God! In real life, my hand has long been rubbing my clit as I’m bent over the butcher’s block, my cheek on the smooth wood…

Oh shit, I have to flip the bacon! And now, I have to hustle on the pancakes if I want everything to be ready for when I had asked him to come down. I get cracking on everything, vaguely aware that my nipples are rock hard and my crotch completely soaked from my daydream.

+ + +

I wasn’t intending to jack off again, but once I started, I had to finish. Fuck. My head is pounding, and so is my cock. I hated myself for the visions passing in front of my eyes, but I couldn’t stop remembering Jane’s sweet ass in her tiny shorts and her perky tits, forming two small upward-tilting peaks underneath her camisole top.

I’m a sucker for tiny tits. Literally, as in, I love to suck on them, especially as I’m fondling a woman’s dripping pussy or sweet ass. Or best of all, taking a woman from behind and tweaking her nipple. Small-breasted women have very sensitive nipples. I’ve had lovers who can cum just from light nipple and clit play.

Giving in to my masturbatory fantasy mind, I work the length of my cock, thinking about licking Jane’s tight wink for a good, long while, before rubbing my man meat in the crevice of her ass, using my saliva as lube. Oh God, I love rimming out a woman. I love everything about it – the aroma, the visual, the plush buttock flesh against my cheekbones, the grip of my hands on the warm hips, the sensation of the papery skin of the outer crater on my tongue, then the smooth rubbery sensation on the inside of the anal ring. I love how a woman will always press her succulent behind back into my face while I eat out her ass, especially when I wet-suck on her rosebud.

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