That’s How You Make Me Feel


I’m only half awake, I feel you stirring next to me, moving the covers, your warmth close to my side. You roll towards me and your hand slides on to my stomach, slightly cooler that my own warm skin. Your breath soft against my skin as you bring your head to rest on my chest. I raise my arm and allow you to lay against me, putting my hand against the small of your back, finding you as naked as me. I open my palm against your soft warm skin and you moan, almost a purr of pleasure. Your hand moves on my stomach, fingers circling lightly, disturbing my hair and dipping into my belly button. This sensual tickling is so good, heightening my senses and I feel myself stirring, moving against the covers as I slowly begin to grow.

Your hand is moving on me still, my stomach, my chest, rubbing gently across my small hard nipples with the flat of your palm, caressing the side of my neck and down along my flank. My nerve endings are tingling and I hold my breath in anticipation as you touch the top of my hip bone with your fingertips. You tease me, moving to my thigh, outside toward my knee then to the soft sensitive skin of my inner thigh, the back of my knee. Your teasing increases, moving your hand, fingers barely touching as you trace small circles on my soft skin, closing to where I’m willing you to go, but then away again, keeping me in suspense. I am so hard it’s almost painful, throbbing in time with my increased heartbeat.

I hold your heat in my hand as I stretch out to reach the rise of your velvet cheeks and the valley between. I am greedy for you, to cup you in my hand, squeeze and kneed, but I resist, in my mind I am begging you to touch me, but to rush you to that point would be sacrilege, so I wait, almost holding my shallow breath. There is no conversation, no word between us, just this connection of warm skin, and light moans of breath and I could not love you more.

I open my legs just a little to allow you the room I want you to use, and your hand is free to move a little more, creeping gently on its semiconscious journey, dipping lower so your fingers are at the back of my leg, still circling, but moving ever higher on each small turn. Touching me now closer and closer to my most sensitive, wanting skin The tips of your fingers brush very lightly against that area at my very base, as your thumb rests against the underside of my balls, causing the nerve endings to light up and my cock to twitch. I moan with the pleasure of your touch and hear you chuckle under your breath.

Your nails trace the lightest scratch, back from my balls and to the very edge of my cleft, a tight circle rimming that intimate pendik escort area and causing me to draw my breath, dreadful sweet anticipation, you retrace your nails blade and I breathe again.

You take my balls between your thumb and fingers, rolling them gently, my cock twitching now, almost jumping in a dry practice run. You slide your thumb underneath and your hand circles my cock at the very root, palm still covering my balls. Oh, that first touch, I shudder and let out a sigh, my cock is tingling, my foreskin is back and I feel every nerve ending of the exposed head firing. The feeling is like a gentle warmth all through my shaft, from the top down into my balls and behind my perineum, not intense yet, like slow honey. You squeeze me at my base, causing my head to throb, but damping down the tingling briefly, then you start to move, bringing your tight fist up my shaft, pushing my foreskin over the rim of my helmet, then back down. The tingling is back, building as you stroke me, up and down, slowly, sensually with an almost lazy effortless rhythm.

My hand is tracing its own circles too, your back, your hips, cupping just the top half of your soft smooth buttocks, reaching across the side of your belly and up to side of your breast. I run my hand across the top of your shoulder and the top of your arm, feeling your muscle flexing under your skin as you pump my hard shaft.

I put my hand on your head, entwining my fingers in your hair and tracing the outer shape of your ear. My hand on the back of your head, I apply the very slightest pressure, not pushing, but encouraging, asking for more. I relax my hand against your neck, still wrapped in your hair, not wanting to push you, knowing you won’t do what you don’t want to do, but I feel you move. You turn into me and I feel the touch of your lips, a soft kiss over my sternum, then a little further down, my stomach, my belly button. Your hand has stopped, but you continue to squeeze me, the pressure heightening the throbbing of my cock and I feel your tongue touch me, sliding over my slit hole. I was breathing so heavily with the anticipation, I almost came then, having to use all my will and clenching my pelvic floor to stop that point of no return. I force myself to relax, but not too much, you have me now. I am at your total mercy, and need to be on my guard. The tingling steps up a gear as soon as I feel your mouth open around me, your lips taking me over, your tongue sliding over my head and into the most sensitive dip at the front of my ridge. The soft hot pressure of your mouth engulfs me as you suck me in, your lips making a perfect seal as maltepe escort you come back up to sit under my rim, your tongue lighting my nerve endings again.

You still have me held at the base and lift your head so I get a full view as my cock disappears between your lips, sliding down my shaft. You almost reach your fingers with that open kiss, before lifting up again, my cock glistening with your saliva. You fuck me slowly with your mouth as I hold the back of your head, slowly up and down, getting a little deeper each time until you take me to the back of your throat. Your lips pressed to the very base of my shaft, before releasing me again. I am in ecstasy, the tingling warmth is building in me, moving from my cock and deep into my core. A furry ball in my stomach, my heart beat increasing again, and the unmistakable tickling pressure under the skin of my sensitive perineum into my prostate. I am so very close to the tip of my pleasure again, trying to keep control. Gill, stop, I’ll cum! You stop instantly and let me drop from your mouth, leaving me pulsing on my belly, dry, back from the very brink.

You look up at me, smiling and we kiss. Your mouth is hot and your lips very soft, I can almost taste myself on you, that hot skin feeling that’s almost a taste. Our tongues press against each other and I lick against your lower lip, taking it slightly into my mouth.

Still kissing, you move over me, kneeling over me, and I reach down to run my hands over you, your legs, your waist, back to cup your bum properly, kneading your flesh, touching every part of you I can reach, feeling you soft beautiful female form.

You sit up on me, I feel that familiar hot pressure against me, the moistness of you as you rest yourself over me. You move your hips and I feel you slide over me, your wet silky skin moving against my prone shaft. You lift yourself and reaching beneath you grab my cock again, raising me up to those other waiting lips. You press me against you, moving against my swollen head, collecting your sweet slick nectar to lubricate my drier skin. My hand is there too, and I use two fingers to hold you open as you slide over me, lowering yourself onto me. I feel the slightest resistance just inside you entrance and you open up for me like a flower. I feel the walls of your hot pussy gripping me now, doing what your mouth did before, friction along the edge of my sensitive ridge, almost instantly causing me to pulse and throb inside you. You are now fully against me, you bum on my thighs and I can already feel your juice trickling from you, running onto my shaft and balls.

I reach up and kartal escort cup your breasts, feeling from their firmness that you are very turned on, your nipples swollen and rock hard against my hands. I rub across them gently, just the slightest squeeze of your flesh as I feel your hard nubs roll in my palms. Your head is back and you start to move against me, tilting your pelvis back and forth, pivoting on my cock so I feel every millimetre of your tight warm glove wrapped around me, sliding up and over that ridge of nerves.

I raise my head and you lower a nipple to my mouth, allowing me to suck it in. I hold it in my mouth, running my tongue over it, circling round it and feeling it harden further. I do the same with the other nipple, opening my mouth wide to suck in as much of you as possible.

You are moving against me, rocking faster, building up your own momentum, pushing your very sensitive button herd against my pelvic bone. You put your hands on my chest, pushing down, riding me. Your tight, hard nipples are in my hands again and I massage your tits, not roughly, but with some force, holding the whole of them in my cupped hands.

I’m close again, I can feel it building in me, that beautiful firework lit. This time I want it to go off, I want that release, need it like a drug. I encourage you, knowing that my words will help bring you to your own precipice. Cum for me baby, feel me deep inside you, filling you up. Feel that heat, cum baby, do it for me! Your breath is getting faster, I can see the determination on your face. Look in to my eyes darling, look at me as you cum. You are pressing harder against me, your pussy gripping me as you rock faster and faster. I’m tipping over the edge, my tingling flowing heat can’t be stopped now. I can feel the hot flow of my seed, that force coming from deep inside me, and I’m cumming. The first pulse hard, pumping a shot of my white gift inside you, then another. Each pulse using all my muscles, making my whole body tense and release, tense and release like an electric current on and off, pump pump pump.

As soon as the pulses start my cock hits a level of hyper sensitivity, that feeling as each time my cum is forced through my shaft like taking a hit from the best drug money could buy. I need to stop, I need to let it go, but you have control there, you are riding your own wave, grinding on me, crying out as you look directly at me, your face creased in concentrated ecstasy. You’re cumming over your own edge, making it last as long as you can stand it, that painful pleasure. Gradually your rocking slows, until you are just moving your hips gently in a small circle, keeping me in you, all urgency gone, eventually stopping altogether. You lean forward and cuddle against me, your head into the crook of my neck. I can feel myself softening already, the tingling subsiding to a quiet hum. I love you baby

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