The Abrams Health Institute


Marilyn gripped the steering wheel tightly, struggling to focus on the road. Her mind filled with memories of the previous week and thoughts of what laid ahead for her and her son Robert. They were on their way to the Abrams Health Institute, a place unknown to Marilyn just a week before, but the things she read and heard about it made her nervous, hopeful, but strangely excited. Excited in a way mothers shouldn’t be, but excited nonetheless.

Marilyn had set up the appointment only yesterday, but was pleased they could accommodate them so quickly. As she made the final turn onto the street where the Institute was located, her thoughts again returned to her son, the images of that night so clear and vivid in her mind.

Robert was an only child. His father left the family 8 years earlier for his new, young secretary. That pain was only somewhat lessened when Robert heard that same secretary stole his father’s car, emptied the bank account and fled the country just two years later. “Bastard got what he deserved,” Marilyn thought to herself.

Marilyn did the best she could as a single mother. She never remarried and didn’t date often, instead focusing on raising her son. Robert was 19 years old now, attending the local community college and earned a spot on the swim team. He was an attractive young man, nearly 6 feet tall with an athletic build, but still shy and reserved. Marilyn made several half-hearted attempts at inquiring about his love life, but didn’t press too much, trying to respect her son’s privacy. She never dared even speak of sex or the “birds and the bees” with him. It was that night where Marilyn’s thoughts kept returning, that night only a week before where things changed. Oh, that night…

It was late evening, just past 11pm when Marilyn walked toward the kitchen for a glass of water. On her way past Robert’s room she noticed light flickering through the crack in the door. “He must have his computer on,” she thought, “I wonder what he’s working on.”

As she neared the door she could just make out some figures on the screen just over her son’s shoulder, his back toward the door. She realized it was a video as she could also hear muffled voices. When the screen finally came into focus, Marilyn’s heart stopped. It was porn! There was a figure of a naked man, leaning back against a desk, his large, erect penis engulfed by the mouth of a woman on her knees, dressed like a school teacher. What was even more shocking to Marilyn were the apparent ages of the actors. The male looked young, barely in his early 20’s while the woman playing the teacher was closer to Marilyn’s age.

“Oh my goodness,” she thought to herself. “My son is masturbating to this?” As though hypnotized by the scene, Marilyn crept closer, carefully opening the door wider for a better view. “I shouldn’t be doing this.” “I shouldn’t be doing this,” she repeated in her thoughts.

She could now clearly see movement in front of her son, his arm quickly repeating its motions. It was at this moment that Marilyn inexplicably called out her son’s name. “Robert?” she called.

This couldn’t have been a more awkward moment for Robert. His mother had caught him masturbating and at the moment of climax, she called his name. It was too late. Startled, Robert jumped from his chair, but couldn’t stop the impending orgasm. His fist still clenched to his penis, now facing his mother, began spewing semen across the air landing at her feet.

“Mom! No!” he cried. “I’m sorry! I’m so sorry!”

Mesmerized by the spectacle, his mother stared, watching each spurt come out, his penis throbbing and pulsing with each new volley of sperm. Marilyn stood speechless, staring at her son’s penis, then at the semen on the floor. As the last drops fell from his penis, Robert finally picked up the towel he had set aside for that purpose and caught the remaining ejaculate, covering his genitals from his mother’s piercing gaze.

“Oh, Robert, I’m so sorry! I didn’t know you were… I mean I should have… I should have knocked…” Marilyn stammered. “I’m sorry. I’m going to bed now.” And with that, she abruptly left and returned to her room.

Robert stood motionless and confused. Embarrassed at being caught, even more ashamed that he couldn’t stop ejaculating in front of her, he quickly shut off his computer, cleaned the remaining cum off the floor, shut the light off and jumped into bed. “How will I face her in the morning?” he dreaded.

The next few days were tense, and awkward with neither one saying but a few words to each other. Robert could no longer masturbate, fearing he would be caught again. Marilyn seemed intent on ignoring the issue or pretending nothing occurred. “This is not right,” she thought. “This isn’t healthy.” She then became determined to heal the trouble she caused, hoping that the incident would not scar her son for life.

The Internet could be a wealth of information or a maze of confusion. Marilyn searched for clinical definitions, psychological disorders, magazine advice columns, even fetish bursa escort sites dedicated to older women and younger men. Some of these sites were shocking to say the least, yet Marilyn found some to be unexpectedly arousing, pausing longer than she should have at some of the images.

After searching for several days, Marilyn came across a support group site for single mothers. One particular discussion focused on raising teenage sons and the dreaded “sex talk” most parents feared. One reference in particular seemed to be repeated quite frequently: The Abrams Health Institute. Apparently, this institute focused on reproductive and sexual health, and offered special counseling to mothers and their children. After reading several comments about the successes of the program, Marilyn made the decision to call and make an appointment. She wanted to help her son and felt this would be the best way.

As they pulled into the driveway of the institute, Marilyn couldn’t help but notice the style of the building. Set atop a small hill, stood a large, almost Victorian era building, like a large home or mansion. The small parking lot accommodated less than 10 cars with a few spots open for Marilyn and her son.

“I’m glad you came with me today Robert.” Marilyn spoke as they entered the building. “I’m sure they’ll help us get through this. Robert smiled timidly and responded, “I hope so, too mom.”

Once inside, Marilyn approached the front desk. A short, plump woman perhaps in her early 50’s with slightly greying hair and black-rimmed glasses greeted them. “Welcome to the Abrams Institute. Do you have an appointment?” she asked.

“Yes, I called yesterday. Our appointment is at 4pm.” Marilyn responded.

“Oh yes,” the nurse said, “you must be Marilyn. And this must be Robert,” as she turned and smiled. “Welcome.” The nurse then motioned to the seating area, “Please have a seat, you’re our last appointment for the day and Dr. Abrams is just finishing with a patient and will be right out.”

“Thank you,” Marilyn added, then sat down with Robert. As they sat, Marilyn scanned her surroundings. This room looked less like a doctor’s office and more like a living room or parlor with old, but expensive looking furniture. Marilyn felt at ease here. It was certainly not like the sterile atmosphere of most hospitals or clinics. Even Robert felt less anxious in these surroundings.

Then a door opened just down the hall. A woman and her son exited, both smiling. “Well, that is a good sign,” Marilyn thought to herself.

“Thank you so much Dr. Abrams,” the woman said, “we really enjoyed today’s session.” She then turned and walked past Marilyn and Robert, her arm around her son as they walked out the front entrance.

“Marilyn? Robert?” the doctor asked. Then both turned and saw an attractive woman with dark, shoulder length hair, in her mid-40’s, standing about 5′ 7″. Robert was immediately infatuated, his taste for mature women now known. The doctor’s white coat covering what seemed like a very ample bosom.

“Yes,” Marilyn responded.

“Welcome, my name is Dr. Alicia Abrams. It’s a pleasure to meet you. Please follow me and we’ll get started.” They both followed the Dr. Abrams into another room, this one like an office or study of a large home. At one end was a large oak desk. At the other was a padded leather table and just behind it were several cabinets and a sink.

“Thank you for seeing us on such short notice Doctor.”

“I’m glad you came,” the doctor responded. “I’ve reviewed what we spoke about on the phone yesterday and I’m sure I can help you both. We have a long and successful track record, especially when dealing with matters like yours.”

Robert was now asking himself how much his mother told the doctor about their recent incident. Still, there was something very calming and reassuring in the doctor’s voice. She exuded both confidence and kindness in a way that made both Robert and Marilyn hopeful.

“Well, let’s get started, shall we?” the doctor began. “Since this is your first visit, we’ll need to perform some preliminary tests. Robert, can you please go behind the screen near my desk? I’ll need you to remove your clothes and wear the robe that’s hanging there. Ok?”

“Um, ok” Robert answered. “But… do I leave my… um underwear on?”

“No Robert, you’ll need to remove everything for the tests. Don’t worry, you’ll be fine. We’ll be gentle with you,” she said in that warm, reassuring voice. Robert moved behind the screen and began to disrobe. As he removed his clothes, he could hear his mother and the doctor discussing details of the night was caught masturbating.

“So, when you walked in on Robert, was he able to finish? Did he reach orgasm?” the doctor asked.

“Oh, uh, yes Doctor.” Marilyn replied uncomfortably.

“But you didn’t assist him in any way, did you?”

“No, no. I returned to my room after that.” Marilyn said.

“I see,” said the doctor.

Robert was beginning to feel the onset of an erection as he pulled bursa escort bayan down his underwear, his penis beginning to fill out. “Not now,” he thought to himself. “Not now.” He then put on the loose fitting robe and stepped out.

As he emerged from behind the screen, Marilyn and the doctor watched, the robe only reaching halfway down Robert’s thighs, exposing his muscular legs.

“Ok Robert, first let’s get you weighed. Step over to the scale please,” the doctor asked. She then walked over to her desk and pressed a button on the intercom, “Janet, can you please bring in a new chart and supplies?”

“Yes doctor,” the voice replied.

As Robert stepped on the scale, the door opened. It was the woman at the front desk. She handed a clipboard and chart to Dr. Abrams, then placed some items on the counter, a bottle of liquid of some kind, a measuring tape, and some washcloths.

“This is Janet,” the doctor said to Marilyn and Robert, “she’s a registered nurse and will be assisting me today with your preliminary exam.”

The doctor handed back the clipboard to Janet then turned to Robert and set up the scale, “180 lbs,” she called out. Then, using the height tool, she measured his height. “And 5 feet, 11 inches tall.” Janet began writing the numbers onto the chart. “Now, step down from the scale please and face me,” the doctor requested.

Dr. Abrams reached for the measuring tape then wrapped it around Robert’s chest. “Lift your arms for me please,” she asked. “42 inches,” she called out as the nurse continued taking notes. Dr. Abrams then reached around his waist continuing her measurements. “32 inches,” she called out again.

“Ok Robert, I’ll need you to open your robe for a moment.”

Robert became somewhat nervous. She was asking him to expose himself not just in front of the doctor, but the nurse and his mother, too. Hesitantly, he untied the robe and opened it, glancing toward his mother, their eyes meeting at first, he then noticed his mother’s eyes move down toward his exposed genitals.

“My goodness,” Marilyn thought to herself, “my boy has certainly grown up,” as she admired his thick, plump penis and his low hanging testicles.

The doctor kneeled in front of Robert and reached up with her hand, cupping his testicles. “I’m just checking for any lumps or abnormalities,” the doctor reassured, sensing his discomfort.

Marilyn began feeling a warm sensation through her body as the situation unfolded in front of her. The doctor, continuing to massage Robert’s scrotum, feeling each individual testicle, then grasped his flaccid penis, holding it up against his belly.

It was then that Robert could no longer control his erection. As soon as the doctor touched his penis, it immediately began to fill with blood, thickening and lengthening with each heartbeat. Sensing his embarrassment, the doctor looked up and smiled, “Don’t worry Robert, it’s a healthy sign and perfectly natural. In fact, I’ll need you maintain a full erection for the next part of the exam.”

The doctor could feel Robert’s penis throb and continue to harden as she gave him a few slow, gentle strokes, coaxing his penis to reach its full potential. As it lengthened in her hand, the doctor reached for the measuring tape again and placed the end at the base of Robert’s penis.

Robert’s embarrassment was complete. His erect penis on display, his mother continuing to stare at his genitals, and doctor was about to measure his manhood.

“Length, 7 and a half inches,” she called out with Janet quickly writing down the information. The doctor then wrapped the tape around Robert’s penis, “circumference, 5 and a half inches.”

Robert felt awkward and still embarrassed displaying an erection in front of everyone, and now hearing his measurements being called out for everyone to hear only added to his discomfort. “How many penises have they seen? How many have they measured?” he thought. He glanced again at his mother, her eyes still transfixed on his erection. “Why is she staring like that? Is she enjoying this too?” he pondered.

“Thank you Janet, that will be all,” the doctor concluded. And with that, Janet gave a quick smile at Robert then left the room.

“You’re doing great Robert,” Dr. Abrams said in that warm, reassuring voice. “Now you can go ahead and have a seat on the table.”

Robert covered his erection and hopped up on the table.

“So, Robert, your mother spoke to me about what happened and I’m here to help you both. I want you to speak frankly and answer my questions as honestly as you can. Can you do that for me?” asked the doctor?

“Yes, I think so.” Robert replied, still aware of his erection hidden underneath his robe.

“Good,” she continued. “Your mother and I know that young men your age are full of hormones and urges, and that you need to find release from time to time. It’s normal and healthy for you to masturbate.”

Robert blushed, still feeling some embarrassment discussing the topic in front of his mother.

“How escort bursa often do you masturbate?” asked Dr. Abrams.

Robert turned towards his mother, then looked down. “Um, once a day,” he paused, “well, maybe twice a day.”

Dr. Abrams then turned toward Robert’s mother and asked, “And was that the first time you observed your son masturbating?”

“Oh, uh, yes doctor” Marilyn answered.

“But you’ve never spoken to Robert about masturbation or discussed sexual topics?” the doctor asked.

“No. I’m afraid I’ve always been a bit embarrassed to bring it up.” Marilyn then added, “But I guess I always suspected.”

“Yes,” added the doctor, “these topics can be uncomfortable for many families. What I’d like to do is to have both of you come to terms with Robert’s masturbation and accept it as a perfectly natural part of his life. I don’t want either of you to be embarrassed about it and in time, you’ll be able to talk about it with each other.

Both Marilyn and Robert looked at each other, somewhat skeptical, but both willing to move forward.

“I’ve read so many stories of your success here at the Institute.” Marilyn remarked.

“Yes, we have an excellent success rate,” replied Dr. Abrams, “and I’m sure you’ll be very happy after a few visits here.” Dr. Abrams them turned to Robert, stood next to the table, and placed her hand on his shoulder. “Can you please lie down for me Robert?” she requested. “Marilyn, I’d like you to go ahead and stand on the other side of the table.

Robert lied back, still clutching his robe, trying to conceal his naked body as his mother stood next to him on his left, the doctor on his right.

“Now then Robert,” Dr. Abrams said, “we’re at the last part of our session today.”

Robert felt some relief. He wasn’t sure what to expect next. It was a an eventful afternoon, first exposing his genitals to his mother and two strangers, displaying his erection, then having his measurements called out and documented. “What more could happen today?” he thought to himself.

“Ok Robert, let’s open your robe again please.” asked Dr. Abrams as she helped pull his robe aside.

Robert was again on full display in front of the doctor and his mother. Marilyn stood next to him, her eyes immediately moving down his body, stopping again to admire her son’s penis. As she stared, she observed it grow quickly from semi-flaccid to fully erect. Marilyn was surprised to feel how much she enjoyed the sight of Robert’s erection.

“Good job Robert. I’m glad to see you’re ready for this part.” remarked the doctor, pleased with his regained erection. “Please take your hand and grasp your penis for me.”

Robert looked puzzled at first, but then slowly reached for his penis. He grasped it at the base, holding it up straight.

“Very good. Now I’d like for you to show us how you masturbate.” Dr. Abrams requested. “Please stroke your penis as you normally would.”

Both Marilyn and Robert looked at the doctor, unsure if they heard correctly. Marilyn then looked at her son as he stared back at her. She then understood what the doctor was asking. They needed to move past any stigma or embarrassment over the incident last week. In Marilyn’s mind, this would help them both. What better way to accept Robert’s masturbation than to observe him and encourage him. Let him know it was ok and ok with his mother.

“Go ahead Robert. You can do it” Marilyn finally spoke. “It’s ok. Please show us.”

“Yes Robert, please show us” added the doctor.

As Robert began to stroke, he looked up at both the doctor and his mother, watching both of them as they stared at his penis. He started slowly, savoring the experience. He was so excited, his erection firm and throbbing. He couldn’t believe how much this situation excited him.

As he stroked, the doctor noticed a drop of pre-cum at the head of his penis. “Marilyn, can you reach behind you and grab that bottle?”

Marilyn looked behind her, reaching for the bottle, not exactly sure of its contents.

“Please pour some on Robert’s penis. It will help lubricate him and should increase his pleasure.” the doctor said.

As Marilyn poured the viscous liquid over her son’s penis, she could hear the sound of his hand moving up and down. As the squishing sounds increased, Marilyn felt herself growing excited, her heart rate increasing, and she could feel her own wetness increasing.

“You’re doing great Robert” said Dr. Abrams as she placed one hand on his shoulder and the other on his thigh, slowly stroking up towards his testicles, then down again. “How does it feel?”

“It feels really good Doctor” he replied. Robert felt like he was in a dream. There he was, masturbating in front of these two beautiful, sexy women, both encouraging him with each stroke. He knew this wouldn’t last long as he felt his impending orgasm.

“I’m so proud of you Robert. I’m glad you’re sharing this with me” said Marilyn. She then placed a hand on her son’s forehead and the other on his chest, rubbing him in a calm, nurturing manner.

“Yes, keeping stroking Robert” the doctor added. When you’re ready, I want you to ejaculate and release all that semen you’ve been storing up. Release it. Cum for us Robert. Cum for us.”

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