The Adventures of a Nerd Ch. 04


Kevin’s life was going great. He was near the top of all of his classes, had job recruiters contacting him almost daily, and, thanks to his former professor, Anna Price, was getting laid on a regular basis. That’s not to say that they were ever really a couple. Kevin knew that Anna was just using him for sex. The truth was that he didn’t mind one bit. It was the perfect setup as far as Kevin was concerned. The lack of commitment or a relationship with Anna meant that Kevin had more time for his studies and working towards a well-paying career.

Anna, on the other hand, was getting bored with her arrangement with Kevin. Sure, it was fun for a while and helped her get over her divorce, but things were beginning to get stale. Anna positively loved teaching Kevin the ways of sex. Even though he possessed a cock that would make him the envy of most porn actors, his lack of technique and experience would only get him so far. Moreover, his shyness, while cute in the abstract, was frustrating. However, Anna’s sessions with Kevin over the last few months had taken care of both issues. Sometimes, now, Kevin would show up at Anna’s apartment unannounced and, without saying a word, have his way with her. The way he could make every inch of her body shake was exhilarating. It was mind-blowing. It was utterly animalistic. So why then, Anna wondered to herself, was something wrong?

Anna had already ordered herself a vanilla latte with skim milk and had grabbed a seat, by the time Donna entered the coffee shop. Donna was one of Anna’s closest friends and had been since their college days when they were members of the same sorority. Donna was also the only other person that knew about Anna’s dalliances with Kevin, having encouraged it from the start. Every year, pledges at their sorority were charged with taking a naked photograph of a random male “target,” which often proved challenging. Kevin was one such target and his photograph made quite an impression at this year’s Pledge Day among the sisters due to his enormous member. After considerable drinking, Donna convinced Anna that Kevin was the perfect way for Anna to get over Sean, whom she found cheating on her. Since then, Donna had become Anna’s confidant in the matter, wanting to know all over the intimate details.

Anna waved at Donna and Donna proceeded to sit down across from Anna in the booth.

“I got your text,” Donna said. “So you said that you had some news about Kevin. Don’t tell me that you’ve finally decided to go public with your relationship.”

“It was never a relationship, and you know it,” Anna said.

“From what you’ve told me, he gives the best orgasms of your life and consistently,” Donna said. “That’s more than most people in a supposed relationship have.”

Anna sighed and paused for a moment. “I think I’m going pendik escort to break it off with Kevin,” she said.

“What?” Donna exclaimed. “Why on Earth would you do that? You have what most women would die for,” she said. “Hell, the only way I get off any more is using my vibrator after Charlie falls asleep.”

Anna proceeded to tell Donna about her mixed emotions regarding Kevin. She went on at length about how their dynamic has shifted and how it just wasn’t the same anymore, mind-blowing orgasms aside.

“Hmm,” Donna said. “It sounds to me like you miss having total control over Kevin, now that he’s no longer in your class. I guess it makes sense. With Sean, you were always the passive one in the relationship. Kevin’s your way of reclaiming our own sense of control.”

“Even if you’re right,” Anna said, “then I think that’s all the more reason to break it off with Kevin. Plus, I’m pretty sure he’s at least fooling around with someone his own age. Call it a hunch, but he just seemed different the other weekend.”

“And that bothers you?” Donna asked. “Honey, you’ve been using the boy as a personal sex toy for months, all the while preaching how you want things with him to be casual.”

Anna thought about it for a few moments. “I don’t know. I’m actually OK with him being with other women. It’s not like I’m in love with him or anything. I don’t know. Maybe the thrill is just gone with Kevin and I should cut him loose. Does that make sense?”

“Oh, sweetie, I don’t think you should be hasty, ” Donna replied. “I think the real root of the problem is that you’re finding out new things about yourself that you’re afraid to explore.”

Anna took a sip of her latte. She asked, “What do you mean?”

“Have you ever thought about getting into S he wasn’t sure which one actually put it on him.

Enshrouded in darkness, Kevin felt a tug on his collar, as Anna led him into the club. He could still use his hands and placed one hand on Anna as she led him past the silver door.

The inside of the door opened to a larger seating area filled with sofas and chairs. Extending from the seating area were a series of hallways that had rooms on each side, although Anna could not see into any of them. She could hear moans of pleasure from one of the hallways, but could not pinpoint the room. Anna suppressed the feeling of butterflies in her stomach.

The seating area was mostly empty, with the exception of a couple sitting on one of the couches. The female member of the couple was a redhead, probably in her late 20s by Anna’s estimation, with a slim figure and of average height. She wore a tight corset that accentuated her medium-sized chest over a bright red dress that made her look like she had stepped out of a history book. The man, on the other hand, wore a modern business maltepe escort suit, with the exception of a mask and collar, similar to what Kevin was wearing. Unlike Kevin’s mask, however, his had zippers over his eyes and mouth and holes for his ears and nose. While the mouth zipper was open, the eye zippers were closed, meaning that John was also blind, like Kevin.

After seeing Anna and Kevin, the redhead stood up and rushed over to greet them. “Welcome,” she said. “I’m Melissa. Is this your first visit?”

“Yes, it is. I’m…Tina,” Anna found herself saying. While it was a small risk that anyone would ever find out about Anna’s visit to the club, she thought it prudent to lie about her real name, just in case. “This is Mike,” Anna said and tugged on Kevin’s leash.

“Well, it’s a pleasure to meet both of you,” Melissa said. “Over there is my husband, John. Would you like for us to give you the tour?”

“I’d love it,” Anna said, smiling.

Melissa grabbed Anna’s hand and led her over to the couch to collect John’s leash. She then escorted the three of them down one of the hallways. The first two doors down the hallway were closed, but the third door was ajar.

As the group arrived at the door, Anna poked her head into the room. The room was lit with a soft green glow that illuminated a cage in the far corner of the room. Hanging from the ceiling was a swing-like contraption, leaving its actual use to Anna’s imagination.

“This room may be a bit intense for newbies,” Melissa said. “I think I know the perfect room, to get the two of you started.” With that, she continued leading the group farther down the hallway, stopping at the next door. “This room should be perfect,” she said.

Anna followed Melissa and John into the room, leading Kevin in, as well. To his credit, Kevin was playing along perfectly and hadn’t said a word since the entryway of the club.

Inside the room was an X-shaped table that ran perpendicular to the ground. At each endpoint was a padded cuff. “It looks like a medieval torture device,” Anna thought to herself. The dim red lighting made the table look even more menacing. Located around the perimeter of the room were a number of wooden chairs. Every other chair had a similar set of cuffs attach to it on its arms and legs.

Melissa walked over to the table. “So this right here is a great way to begin, in my opinion. You’ll have complete control over Mike while he’s strapped down. You’ll need to decide, though, what type of control you want over him.”

“What do you mean,” Anna asked.

“I mean in a sexual way or a non-sexual way,” Melissa explained. “Not all that are into the lifestyle are strictly in it for carnal reasons.”

“Oh, um, I’d say sexual,” Anna replied.

Melissa smiled. “Good choice,” she said. “Do you need kartal escort any help setting him up?”

“If you could get us set up, that would be great,” Anna said.

“OK,” Melissa replied. “Well, since you’re looking for sexual control, I would suggest stripping him either partially or fully naked before putting him on the table.” Melissa paused. “Of course, if you’d like some privacy for that, I can show you how to operate the straps using John over there.”

Anna mulled over Melissa’s words. The was something about the way Melissa said the word, privacy, that made her wonder. She glanced over at the chairs located around the room before it hit her. “She’s asking to watch, isn’t she?” Anna thought to herself. A mix of emotions swept over Anna including fear and excitement. Of the two, excitement finally won out. “Why not?” she thought to herself. “Having an audience might help rekindle some of the spark, right?”

“Oh, that won’t be necessary,” Anna said to Melissa, nonchalantly, as she led Kevin to the table. “We’re not shy.” She was finally back in control and the feeling was wonderful.

“Great!” Melissa said. “Feel free to kick us out at any time,” she said with half smile. She grabbed John and led him over to one of the chairs with straps on it, forcing him to sit and quickly bound him to the chair. Melissa then unzipped the eye zippers in John’s mask, letting him see Anna and Kevin for the first time.

“You be a good boy,” Melissa said to John, as she zipped up the mouth hole in his mask, leaving him to breath through two small nose holes in his mask.

“Mmmmmmffff,” John said through his mask.

Kevin felt himself being led around by Anna and was eager to find out what she had planned for him, now that they were stopped. Not knowing where he was, he felt Anna turn him around and undo his collar. He could feel her breath on his neck from behind and the press of her breasts against his back, as she lifted up his shirt. Eager for something to finally happen, Kevin help pull his shirt the rest of the way off, leaving him topless from the waist up with the exception of his mask.

“Finally,” Kevin said, forgetting for a moment that he was unlikely to hear Anna’s response. All that he could feel was Anna placing her hand over his mouth, indicating that she wanted him to remain silent.

Anna pushed Kevin backwards towards what felt like a bench, but slightly higher off the ground. “Does she want me to sit?” he wondered. The continued pressure from Anna’s hand on Kevin’s bare chest answered his question for him. He sat down and felt Anna continue to push against his chest. “Oh, she wants me to lie down,” he thought, complying with her silent request as her hand guided him backwards onto the table.

Kevin then felt two sets of hands grab his wrists and lift them above his head. Both sets were feminine, alleviating most of Kevin’s apprehensions. “Oh, the one from the entryway must be helping her,” he thought. “I wonder what Anna has planned.” He then felt the cuffs tighten around both of his wrists.

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