The Affair


The doorbell rang. It was his wife’s friend at the door.

‘Hi Dan!’, she smiled brightly. ‘How are you?’

‘Fine, thanks Janet,’ he replied. ‘Come on in.’ She walked in, closing the door behind her.

He turned to give her the customary kiss on the cheek, but things got a bit confused and their lips brushed instead. He felt a bit awkward, he didn’t want to seem to be coming on to his wife’s friend.

She didn’t seem to notice. ‘Is Melissa home?’ she asked. ‘I thought we could go out for a coffee.’

‘No, she’s working today, sorry.’

‘Oh, I forgot about that. Oh well, never mind. Mind if I stay for a coffee? I don’t have to go anywhere for an hour or so.’

‘Sure,’ he replied gallantly. He didn’t mind. Janet was easy on the eyes, and today in particular she was dressed pretty smartly. Sexy, too, with a V-cut tank top showing a hint of her nice round breasts.

She brushed lightly past him as she walked down to the kitchen, her hand briefly trailing over his back. Did he imagine it, or did he get a whiff of perfume? Stronger than he remembered her wearing last time she visited, but still subtle.

As he followed her, he was able to admire he shapely body from behind, safe from seeming like he was perving on her. She was taking her time, with her hips swaying slightly.

‘Your house looks fantastic,’ she commented as she walked. ‘Melissa does a great job of keeping it nice.’

She stopped suddenly to look at one of the prints hanging on the wall. Distracted, he barely avoided walking straight into her. Stopping just in time, he looked at the picture too, then glanced back at her. As she had turned to look sideways he could see clearly down her front. She seemed to be studying the picture so he let his eyes linger a few moments longer. This close, the perfume was definitely noticeable.

He felt a slight thickening in his pants. This was crazy! He had to think about something else before the bulge became obvious.

‘Uh, I’ll put the kettle on,’ he said, steadying her with his hand as he walked past her quickly. She smiled quietly at his retreating back. It was working! She knew Melissa would be out, she had found out from a mutual friend. Nothing suspicious about that, Melissa was not to know that she knew.

She had chosen her outfit with care. Smart enough to look suitable for a coffee at the local cafe, but sexy enough to catch his eye. She had previously noticed him glancing at her tits, so made sure she wore something to show them off. Plus, a push-up bra to just give them a bit more roundness than he would have remembered. And the perfume, of course, applied just before she got out of her car.

She wasn’t sure if it was going to work, but she hoped. Some excitement was definitely what she craved. Her own husband left for work early each morning, and came home late, usually too tired to pay her any attention. But Dan, he seemed more laid-back.

Dan worked part-time, so he was more available. She knew he would be home today, she had got the pattern of his working days from Melissa last time they had coffee, by asking some innocent-sounding questions.

The thing was, not to scare him off. Plus, she had some tricks up her sleeve. She thought she had a chance. His clumsiness in the hallway suggested he was thinking about her body, rather than what he was doing. She intended to keep him doing that.

She dropped her handbag, and a few items of shopping, onto the kitchen counter. While he was making the coffee she grabbed a compact camera from her handbag, pointed it towards the table where they were going to sit, and hit Record. Her body blocked his view of what she was doing.

She had previously charged the battery fully and put in a high-capacity memory card. It should be good for over an hour. She had previously covered the ‘recording’ light with a tiny bit of black paper, so there would be no tell-tale light. She dropped a handkerchief partly over the camera to make it look less obvious, being careful not to cover the lens.

As he poured her coffee, she walked up beside him and briefly put her hand on his waist, seemingly in a natural, friendly way. Just a brief touch. ‘Do you have any sugar?’ she asked.

‘Er, sure!’ he replied, moving away from the hand and grabbing the sugar bowl. ‘I’ll bring it over.’

‘Thanks, Dan.’ She sat down at the kitchen table, leaning forwards just slightly so her tank top fell slightly forwards, exposing more of her breasts. She pulled the morning newspaper towards her and pretended to read it.

He brought over her coffee, standing next to her, and looking down as he put the coffee cup down. He could hardly help noticing her cleavage, and since her eyes were looking away from him, at the newspaper, his eyes lingered for a moment longer than good taste would normally dictate.

‘You’re welcome,’ he replied, moving back reluctantly. His wife didn’t normally give him such a good show of tit, and he was enjoying it.

Meanwhile Janet had been silently counting up, just how long he had stood there and ogled her breasts. Definitely longer pendik escort than was required to just put down a coffee cup. She had carefully kept still, so as to not frighten him off.

Dan went to make himself a coffee too. While he did that, she pulled out the adjacent chair for him to sit on. To sit anywhere else would have been awkward.

As he walked back she gestured to the chair, so he had little choice but to sit there. They swivelled out a bit from the table, to face each other, and then he noticed more clearly that she was wearing a skirt, and not a particularly long one. Her bare knees, pressed together, were very visible. They had a creamy, inviting look.

‘So, how’s work?’ she asked, picking up the coffee cup in one hand and the saucer in the other. Before he could answer he noticed that by doing so her arms were both gently pressing against her breasts, pushing them together slightly, and accentuating her cleavage. She leant forwards slightly, as if to better hear his reply.

‘Er, work?’ he replied in a distracted tone. ‘Ah …’ (‘Stop looking at her tits!’ he said to himself. ‘That’s Melissa’s friend, not your date’).

He felt his erection growing, and to his horror he remembered he was only wearing a light tracksuit. The fabric wasn’t stiff enough — (no no) ‘strong’ was the word he was looking for — to hold it in. Any moment now she would glance down and see it, and he would be in big trouble, he thought. However she was just smiling into his eyes, apparently oblivious.

He had an idea. ‘Biscuit?’ he asked, jumping up, and turning away towards the cupboard. It was done so clumsily he almost knocked over the chair. Her smile broadened. He hadn’t turned fast enough. As he stood up up, she could clearly see the tent of his erection, much more clearly than when he was sitting. So far so good. All going to plan.

At the cupboard, with his back to her, he dropped one hand down inside his pants and did a quick ‘adjustment’, trying to lie his cock flat where it wouldn’t be as noticeable. He flicked the T-shirt over the bulge, hoping it would look like a fold in the cloth. The movement did not go unobserved though, she was expecting exactly that. She licked her lips.

As he turned back towards her with the packet of biscuits she quickly looked away, to hide the fact that she had been watching.

He sat down again, and forced himself to answer her questions, difficult though it was. Eventually he had a brainwave. He dropped his hands casually onto his lap, trying to look natural, as he leaned forwards to hear what she said. The hands covered his bulge, but he wasn’t sure what he was going to do if he had to stand up again.

She edged her chair towards him a bit, as if to better participate in the conversation. Their knees were almost touching. As he was the taller, his eyes were a bit higher, and it was very hard not to look at her breasts again.

She started to worry. He looked close to panic. She thought he might be about to flee. ‘Dan, can you help me with my mobile phone?’ she asked. ‘I can’t work out how to change the picture on the front screen.’

‘Uh, sure,’ he replied. She reached into her handbag and grabbed the phone. Walking over to be beside him she put the phone in front of him and sunk to her knees next to his chair, her eyes glued to the phone.

He took the opportunity to push the chair towards the table, and sit forwards, so the tabletop was covering his rather obvious bulge.

He glanced from the phone, to her. On her knees next to him, right next to him, he could look straight down her top. He started breathing more shallowly. ‘Concentrate, you bastard!’ he told himself.

As he started jabbing at the menu buttons she seemed to lose balance. She reached over and put her arm around his waist to steady herself. She left it there. The feeling was electric. It was like being a teenager again. But he wasn’t doing anything wrong, right? Sure. Just showing her how to use the phone. The warmth of her hand was turning him on even more. He wanted it to stay there as long as possible. He slowed down his explanation, made a couple of mistakes. Well, that part was easy. His mind was only half on the phone.

He found the wallpaper part of the phone menu. ‘Which picture do you want?’ he asked her. She reached out with her free hand, languidly covering his and pointed. For a moment she touched his hand. ‘That one,’ she breathed.

He finished fixing the phone. ‘Thanks so much,’ she smiled brightly at him. ‘Let me reward you.’

‘Ah no, it’s nothing,’ he replied modestly.

‘Sure, it’s something. My husband is always too busy to help me. Here.’ With her arm still around his waist she pulled him closer and kissed him on the lips. ‘Thanks a lot, Dan,’ she whispered.

He closed his eyes, savouring the moment. ‘Well, don’t I get a kiss back?’ she asked mischievously. ‘Here, stand up and face me.’

As he stood up, she threw her arms around his neck and kissed him again. ‘Why not?’, he thought. He put his arms around her and returned the kiss, at the same time maltepe escort trying to keep their hips apart so she wouldn’t feel the full effect she was having on him.

It didn’t work. She dropped one hand to his bum, and pulled their hips firmly together. He could feel his cock grinding into her skirt, as could she. She started to wriggle to increase the effect on him.

As they kissed she gently turned around, making sure that their faces would appear on the video camera she had left running. She probably had enough footage now to get him into deep shit with Melissa, but if she could encourage him to go further, all the better.

Janet was ecstatic. Armed with the footage she could blackmail Dan into a lot of stuff: sex, money, obedience, secret dinners, dancing even.

Then a moment of doubt. Just kissing? Probably not enough. He could bluff his way out of it in a pinch. He might not have the nerve, but he might. She could hear him explaining it away, ‘she trapped me, it only happened once.’

No, it had to be more. Something like: him undressing her, or kissing her tits. That would be a lot harder to explain.

He would eventually come to his senses. Surely. Meantime she needed to keep the pressure on. Tightening her grip on his bum she ground against his cock, feeling it getting thicker and thicker. The thicker the cock, the less rational the man, she knew.

She moaned with pleasure. ‘Touch my tits, Dan? Please? Pretty please? A quick grope? I don’t get that very often.’

He had spent the last couple of minutes wishing he could do just that. He stepped back, dropped his hand down and touched them through the outside of the tank top. She wriggled with pleasure. ‘More.’

He knew he was going too far. Kissing was one thing. Friends kissed, right? But the tits? No-one would know, though, he told himself. His cock told him, ‘keep going, make the most of it!’

She moved back in closer. ‘Kiss them? Please, Dan. Just a quick kiss. No-one will know.’ She closed her eyes, as if to suggest that not even she would know.

He kissed the tanktop over her breasts, feeling their warmth. She smelt good too. Her arms tightened around him. She obviously wanted him to keep going. His cock was throbbing, and it didn’t take much effort to do that. His mouth opened wider and he took more of her breast into it. She moaned again with pleasure.

He moved his mouth over her nipple, feeling it poking through the fabric. He flicked it with his tongue. She writhed again, and pulled him tighter to her. His intention of just a quick kiss on the outside of the tanktop was starting to go out the window.

He moved his tongue onto the bare part of her breasts, where the cleavage showed. Her breathing slowed and her chest heaved. ‘Please, god,’ she thought to herself. ‘Let him push my top up and expose my bra. Make it look like it is his idea. Much better that way.’

Meanwhile Dan and rational thought had more-or-less parted company. He slipped his hands under her top, feeling her bare back. She moaned with pleasure again. ‘He’s doing it!’ she thought. ‘I just have to keep him at it.’

She moved her right hand from the outside of his pants to the inside, on his bare bum. A reciprocal gesture. An encouraging gesture. Just to make sure he knew it was OK to continue.

He got the message, and started pushing the top up, exposing her bra. She briefly raised her arms so he could remove her top, being careful to position herself so that his removal of it would be clearly visible on the video.

It was almost enough, Janet thought. Undressing your wife’s friend on video would be close to a hanging offence. But if he would suck her naked tits, that definitely would be.

‘I love it when you do that, Dan,’ she breathed. ‘Take my bra off please?’

He reached behind her and expertly removed the clip (at least he knows how to do that, she thought).

The bra fell to the floor, and moments later his mouth was clamped on her tits. His tongue darted around in circles, and he was starting to grind back into her more vigorously.

As his breathing became hoarser, he pulled her tighter to him.

She thought, ‘Uh oh, this is going faster than I dared hope. Gosh, maybe Dan and Melissa do it less often than I thought. Looks like I might get him to fuck me today, but I need it on video, otherwise there is no proof. No proof, no blackmail.’

Writhing as if with pleasure, she reviewed her options. Trying to move the camera would be hopeless. He was so fired up he would be unlikely to let her out of his sight. And if he guessed what it was doing, he was strong enough to take it from her and smash it.

The only option she could think of was to make sure they undressed in the kitchen. On camera. Then even if they headed out off-camera to the bedroom there would be little doubt what was going to happen.

That would have to be it. The final fuck, that could be elsewhere, but everything else had to happen here, in front of the camera. And she had to get his pants off, so Melissa could see the huge erection kartal escort he had. That was essential.

‘My turn,’ she giggled, pulling his T-shirt over his head. ‘Nice body,’ she complimented.

Dropping to her knees, she pulled his clothed hips towards her, lightly kissed his bulging dick. ‘Let’s get these off, darling,’ she coaxed. She untied the draw-string before he could resist, and pulled the tracksuit down.

Sproing! With the pants gone his cock strained against his jocks, straight towards her face. She leaned forwards, and kissed it, put her mouth over it. Then she started tugging his jocks down as well. He was too far gone to resist. His dick was waving in her face, and she put it into her mouth. Suck, suck, moving her head backwards and forwards.

She’d done it! On video, his dick in her mouth. That would be hard to explain away.

She relaxed slightly. Sex. Money. Control. All the things she wanted. All within her grasp; if she didn’t screw up now. Even leaving right now, with the camera in hand, would be plenty. But she could go further.

She reviewed her options. She needed to do a couple of things.

First, string Dan along enough that HE asked HER to go to bed, not the other way around. It had to be clear on the video that he was the aggressor. In fact it would be good if she appeared to struggle towards the end. To resist. To remind him of his wife. That would make the end look all that much more appalling. After all, the camera also recorded sound.

Second, Dan didn’t have to know there wasn’t a second camera in the bedroom. He couldn’t prove it wasn’t there. So just fucking on the bed would be enough. She could later say that there was another camera on the dresser. His eyes would only be on her tits, he couldn’t be sure if it was there or not. Best though to put on a show as if the camera were there. Say she wanted it on top of the bed, not under the covers.

She would make an imaginary camera in the bedroom, in her mind. That was it! And then make sure that everything happened for its benefit. He would remember later that she always turned him a certain way, wanted to do it on top of the bed. He would be convinced it must have been there.

She stood back up and kissed him passionately. She could feel his stiff dick pushing against her. His eyes were glazed. ‘Let’s go to bed,’ he whispered.

‘Dan!’ she replied, clearly (for the benefit of the camera). ‘What about Melissa? We were just having a bit of fun.’

‘Please, please,’ she thought to herself, ‘Be a man. Talk me into going to bed.’

‘Fuck Melissa,’ said Dan loudly.

‘Ooo,’ she thought, ‘An unexpected bonus. This video will be priceless.’

‘Come on, Janet’, Dan said, pulling her against him again. ‘You know you want it.’

She smiled to herself, ‘and you don’t know how much, or for what reason,’ she thought.

His hands fumbled with her skirt zip. Yes! She silently punched the air. It was going on video. Him. Undressing her. Leading her to the bedroom. Pleading with her. She couldn’t have scripted it better.

She closed her eyes. He pulled down her skirt. She stepped out of it. Then he pulled down her panties. She hesitated. Would he pull her into his arms? Yes! He did. She writhed as she felt his stiff cock between her legs, up against her cunt. Was the camera getting it? It had to. She had practiced at home, making sure she had the aim right, the settings right. A lot rode on this.

He grabbed her hand and practically dragged her out of the kitchen. Perfect!

In the bedroom, before he could suggest getting INTO the bed, she dragged the blankets onto the floor. ‘Let’s do it on top,’ she giggled. ‘I love to see your body. It’s so much better than my husband’s.’

She lay back on the bed, reaching for him. He jumped on top of her. Nestling into her. Lying on top. Breathing heavily. His cock digging into her stomach.

As he wriggled up towards her, she wondered to herself: ‘Will he insist on a condom? If he does, it will be hard to play the ‘but I’m pregnant’ line later. But if not, ahhhh, he is totally in my power.’ She didn’t care, she was on the Pill anyway. But he couldn’t know that.

He started thrusting urgently against her. She thought, ‘ahh, my little one, this time you get to do it when YOU want to. Next time I’ll be in control.’ She bit her lip with pleasure at the thought.

Even so, Janet found the whole situation quite erotic. Her planning had worked out. She was in bed with a different man. And afterwards, ah then the fun would start!

As he kissed her tits, and manoeuvered himself into position for that thrust into her cunt, she had a brilliant idea. Rape! ‘That’s it,’ she thought. ‘I’ll convince him he raped me. Adultery. That’s bad. The wife will go insane. But rape? Jail. Beatings. Humiliation. And the wife won’t just go insane, she’ll go ballistic. Married to a rapist? No, no.’

She wriggled around, giving herself a few seconds to think. Kissed him deeply, tongue into his mouth. He pushed upwards, his cock seeking her cunt. Any moment now. She thought furiously, ‘I have to wait until it is almost there. His passion has to be at its height. But, technically, it is still rape the moment I say ‘no’. So I’ll do that at the last moment. But please, please, fuck me. Then I can say ‘you raped me, bozo’.’

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