The Aftermath


A Sequel to “Homerun” by SA222.

You must read SA222’s story to understand this sequel.

I, Josh, was up early the next morning preparing for my usual carpooling with Sean and two other guys who lived almost next door to Sean and me. As I washed up and dressed and got my stuff together in my back pack I thought about what happened last night.

My mind just couldn’t get rid of the images of Sean and my Mom. I was confused. I hated Sean for what he did. I hated him for what he was planning to do , that is, brag at school and show pics of my mom naked and having sex with him. Jeez, how embarrassing to me and my whole family that would be. I could never live that down. Mom would be destroyed and maybe even convicted of some sort of crime. Dad would divorce her and we would have to move away ’cause I could never face anybody in my school again. What a fucking asshole he really was deep inside. I knew he could not be my friend anymore. Those thoughts kept running through my mind over and over again.

I was really pissed with Sean. Not just for screwing my Mom but for promising her it would remain secret when he was all the time preparing to show the pictures to Jason and then demanding to be paid off on the bet they had going. Jason would be so mad about losing that I’m sure he would do almost anything to get Sean in trouble for screwing my Mom. That meant he would blab the whole thing all around school. Maybe he would even call my dad when he got home. Surely Dad would find out someway or other if those pictures ever got shown. The shit would hit the fan at home for sure. I felt desperate and going down the tube hard.

These other thoughts kept breaking in on my messed up mind.

Was I really a peeping Tom in the making? Was I a real pervert? I really enjoyed the show they had put on. There was no doubt about that. I had masturbated and cum so hard my belly muscles were still sore this morning. Even after last nights powerful hand job and my sore belly, my usual morning hard was extra hard and it led to another jack off before I got out of bed for my usual morning wash up. Now my cock was swollen and really sensitive. My under ware hurt me with every movement.

I was pissed with Mom to for not slapping his face and running him out of the house. I couldn’t tell her yet because that would have blown my cover for watching them. On the other hand, I had fantasized about looking at my mom naked and even had thought about having sex with her like Sean had. Heck even Seans mom looked sexy but I would never do to her what he did to my mom. At least, not make pictures and tell her lies like Sean had done. The lies that would destroy his family like he planned, hopefully inadvertently at least. After seeing him with her and knowing what a true asshole he was, I began to think of myself as an asshole for thinking of doing to either of them what he had just done. Man, was I that messed up to. I got this really punk feeling down deep about my self. Was I a man or just another pervert in the making?

I began to hate myself for how I had thought about seeing mom’s tits and more. I had even thought about Sean’s mom. I had wanted to see her tits and pussy. Now I was disgusted with myself, yet, I knew I still wanted pussy experience but not with my mom. I kind of laughed to myself thinking of my mom as a MILF. Well, maybe not for me though. The girls my age began to look better and better even if they didn’t know half as much as older women. I was all mixed up. I wanted to learn about “making love” and knew that would have to be with an experienced caring adult but couldn’t fancy myself with my mom or Sean’s mom. I wanted to be sexually active but not hurt anyone at the time like Sean planned to do. He had probably not thought what telling would do to me and my family. What an ignoramus and piss ant he was.

Dad and I are close and I couldn’t bear for him to get hurt because Mom did a stupid thing. Worse, I let her and even enjoyed watching. I could easily have stopped the whole thing by making noises up stairs and telling them I was coming down stairs. I felt terribly guilty for my part in mom getting fucked. Everything was now fucked up. I wasn’t feeling guilty for watching or was I. I was thinking maybe I’m going to be a pervert voyeur wimp of a future husband and not a real man. I just wish it had been between Sean and some other woman. I had got really turned on but now it didn’t seem so erotic. I had this awful thought that I could now black mail mom into having sex with me. Oh my gawd, how perverted was I. Still, I just couldn’t let Dad get hurt.

Jeez, I had to do something and soon. What could I do. I only had an hour before Sean was going to be showing off those pics of mom naked and Sean fucking her.

I had to hurry so I got dressed in record time and yelled down to mom that I had to go. I ran out of the house with out breakfast and not stopping to close the front door. I did remember my back pack and wallet.

The first thing I had izmir escort bayan to do was get to Sean before he could show the pictures to anyone, especially Jason. I couldn’t tolerate the idea of Sean, in a way, getting paid to fuck my mom. That’s what it would be if he won the five hundred dollar bet.

I knew where Sean lived. It was less than a block away from my home. We were friendly but not close friends. Now we were enemies of the highest class. He was planning to ruin me and my family and he didn’t care. We carpooled so we had to get along. As I ran out of my house I turned towards Sean’s house. I literally ran to his house and knocked loudly on his front door. I knew his mom was up because the lights were on and it was almost time for all of us to leave for school. His parent were divorced so his dad didn’t live at home. Sean’s mom was carpooling us this morning so I had to be there anyway. I just got there fifteen minutes earlier than usual. I had to get to see Sean before we all got in his Mom’s car.

Sean’s mom opened right away since I was pounding hard. She invited me in to wait for Sean to come downstairs. I asked if I could go on up to his room and wait for him up there. She called up the stairs and Sean told her to tell me to come on up. He was close to ready to come down.

I bolted up the stairs, taking two or three steps at a time. At the top of the stairs I turned hard right a 180 degrees then down the hall to his bed room and walked in.

“Hey, Sean” I said in a as friendly a voice as I could muster, but I was steaming mad.

“Listen, I need to talk to you in private up here in the worst sort of way. It wont’ take but a minute.” I closed his door to the hall.

“I know about you and my Mom last night. I watched. God I was so horny. Damn you are one smooth character. I really have to admire your technique. I was so turned on that I had to masturbate right after you left.” I grinned and rubbed my crotch as I spoke. It hurt to rub and I must have scrunched a little. He looked at me in the mirror and sneered a smile as he combed his hair. I had to compliment him so he wouldn’t suspicion me for what I was getting ready to do. I wanted to beat him up but now was not the time or place to do that. Later maybe was my thought. I would pick the time and place and catch hip totally off guard. I liked that new idea.

“Jeez, Josh, your mom is one very hot lady. She’s the best fuck I ever had. I didn’t see you watching us though. How did you pull that off without us seeing you?”

“I laying on my belly looking under the banister of the stairs. I could see almost everything.” I laughed at my expertise. Maybe I’ll turn into a real live Peeping Tom.” I really was disgusted and ashamed of myself but couldn’t let on to anything yet.

I spied his cell phone on the dresser by the door, just a slight hand movement from my right hand. I eased over closer to the phone. I hoped he had forgotten to down load the pictures already to his computer which was across the room.

I eased up in front of the phone so he couldn’t see me slip it into my pocket. He hadn’t seen me do it. Now I had to get out before he found out I had it.

“Look, Sean, I’ll wait for you down stairs. I didn’t get anything to eat and your mom offered me a Granola bar and some O.J. I’m going to take her up on that offer. See you down stairs in a Sec.” I turned and was gone in a split second.

I didn’t stop at the front door but flew on outside to his front porch and flicked on his cell and started scrolling through his pics. I found them. They were really good and he had a ton of them. I chose the “erase all” mode and flicked through his picture file. It only took me about a minute. I checked to be sure they were all erased.

I went back inside and asked his mom if her offer of a Granola bar and some orange juice was still good. She smiled at me and said “Of course”.

While she had her back turned to get the juice out of the refrigerator, I slipped back up stairs to return the phone to its original place on his study table.

Sean saw me put his cell phone back in place.

“Josh, GIVE ME MY CELL!” he growled out an angry shout at me.

“Sean, I just deleted every picture on your cell. I just couldn’t let you show those pictures around school. GAWD, If you had done that, my whole world would have gone to hell. You never thought how showing those pics would destroy me and my family, did you? Hell no, all you wanted was braging rights on the schools premier MILF. Well, good buddy, you got no proof anymore. What a piss ant you really are.” I didn’t mention that I knew of his bet

He was now very angry and glared at me. “Damn it, Josh you have to know something. Those pics were worth half a grand to me. I would have shared half with you.” I knew he was lying as he frequently did to justify himself.

“Holy shit, Sean, were you going to sell them. What a pile of crap you are. If you had got caught with them you would escort izmir have to explain about having porn on you cell and taking porn to school and those pics were real porn shots. You would be nose deep in cow shit then , for sure. How dumb are you anyway? You know, I just saved your ass a whole ton of hurt. You should be proud of me for saving your ass.”

Sean’s mom called upstairs. “I got your Granola bar and your orange juice ready. Come and get it, We have to get going”.

“Coming” I shouted down the stairs.

I grinned at Sean. “If I hear that you have bragged about fucking my Mom I’m going to swear that I was there all night with the two of you eating popcorn and watching a movie. That will be the truth. Another thing, don’t show back up at my house for at least another month or you might get your balls battered really , really bad. Oh yea, don’t phone her or talk to her. If you do? Well just remember, I can screw your life up in ways you don’t even know about. That’s a promise that I will definitely keep. My dad’s a lawyer and he will gladly screw you royally if you go about spreading lies and rumors that you can’t prove and that I can swear never happened. It’s all up to you now. Run your mouth, get inot a hell of a lot of legal trouble and lose your balls to. Your choice good friend.” I handed him his cell phone. Now it was my time to give him a huge smirk.

With that, I turned and walked down the stairs.

We went to school and hardly spoke. The orange juice was good. It was in a box and the Granola bar was the kind I liked. I felt immensely better. I had destroyed the incriminating evidence. Dad would never know. Our family had been protected by my quick action. Now my thoughts turned to the immediate future. During the day I had time on and off to think and plan.

I decided to talk to Mom tonight. This had to be resolved long before Dad got back in town. I had to formulate a plan to my best advantage. I would not black mail her. That was for sure but she couldn’t get off Scot free for what she did. I loved her and didn’t want to hurt her but she had to know I knew. I wondered if something was missing with her and Dad’s sex life that made her vulnerable to a predator like Sean. I had thought of having sex with her but the more I thought about that the less it appealed to me. She had to be Dad’s and Dad’s only. That’s how a marriage was supposed to be so I wasn’t going to be part of taking her. She had already made a really terrible mistake and if it weren’t for my quick and decisive action, she and dad would be having divorce size problems. That would mean that I would have been one of the real losers also.

But what was I going to say and how was I going to say it. Even more basic, why was I doing this. Jeez, my whole day was messed up thinking about all the ramifications of what had happened and how or even if I could fix it any more. I wondered what mom was thinking. Surely she would know that a piss ant like Sean would go bragging about his conquest. Surely she had seen the cell phone making pics. She must know that somehow or other Dad would eventually find out. Wow, she must be in pure torment. I wondered if she could hide it from us.

I was standing at my locker between classes when Jeff walked by. I hurriedly slammed my locker door shut and twisted the lock. I yelled at Jeff.

“Hey Jeff, just a minute.”

“Hey, Josh, I didn’t see you. What’s up man?” he turned to come back to me.

“Give me a minute please, Jeff. You know what you told me about Sean and Jason’s bet. Well Sean was over at my house last night for a while but I was so tired I went to bed. (I had to lie a little to set the stage.) Sean and my mom were downstairs when I went to bed. Could you ask Sean what went on for me. I don’t want him to know I know about their bet. You know, I promised you I wouldn’t tell but I’m dying to know what went on.” (I was going to test Sean.)

“Yea, sure, Josh. I’ll get Sean aside and ask him at PE this afternoon. He and I are in the same class so I can get the inside info for you.” He smiled. “I want to know to. Jeez, what if he did it to your mom and now has pics. That would be so cool. I know Sean, he won’t stop at showing those pics of him with your mom with just showing Jason. Shit, the whole school will know by tonight if he succeeded..”

“Yea, I know, What a pile of shit he is. It will ruin me and my family to and he doesn’t care who all will be hurt. Okay, thanks buddy, but be sure not to let on that I told you he was there and or that I asked you. You could ask him if he’s going to be coming back if nothing happened last night. Okay?”

I hurried on to class grinning at myself and thinking how I screwed with Sean. Well tough shit. He asked for it and got it. I hope it costs him all five hundred smack-a-roos.

I was going to find out how Sean was going to handle his lost bet and my promise to get him if he told anyone. I knew Sean and Jeff were closer buddies than Sean and me.

Later izmir escort my mind turned back to how I was going to get the conversation going with mom tonight. I still didn’t have a plan. Dad would be back in a couple of days and I wanted this whole thing buried in history long before he got back.

I thought of how turned on I got while I watched the action from the stairs. Then I wondered if mom or dad had any ideas like being watched as a turn on like it did me. We had a good camcorder and I know we all knew how to work it easily. An idea was beginning to form. During the rest of the day it slowly developed.

After school we had ball practice. I saw Jeff, Jason and Sean talking over by water fountain. I was doing laps for messing up in practice so I couldn’t always see them very well but they talked about ten minutes because I had done several fast laps around the ball field before they broke up. After that I didn’t see them so I showered and hitched a ride home with a friend.

When I got home, mom and I talked about what we usually talked about. School, grades and my runny nose which bothered her more than it bothered me. She told me she had picked up s pizza her way home from work. She had some salad and a 3 liter Pepsi light to. I was thirsty and drank almost the whole thing while we ate pizza and talked about when dad was getting home and stuff like that. I was really nervous and couldn’t figure out how to tell mom I had watched last night and what I had done today about it.

“How did your day go, Josh?” I had a mouth full of pizza and pointed to my bulging jaws and smiled and chewed faster. I grabbed some more Pepsi to wash it down with. “Don’t eat so fast, Josh!” she commanded.

“Hey, I was just trying to be able to tell you how my day went. Some really interesting things happened that you should know about.”

“Oh? How could something at your high school be about me unless you got into some sort of trouble. Tell me you didn’t get sent home or such.” She had a somewhat inquiring yet demanding tone to her voice.

“Relax, mom, If anything I saved the day for you but it cost me. I don’t care because I really didn’t like Sean anyway. I think he is a pile of cow shit now for what he did and what he tried to do to you.”

“Josh, don’t use that word ‘shit’ again. You know better than use that kind of language. Especially here at home.” She was turning red in the face with disgust. “So what is this ‘saving my day’ thing that got you and Sean on the outs?”

“Well, mom, let me start with this morning. You know I ran out of the house without breakfast this morning. Now don’t interrupt me by telling me I shouldn’t have done that. I got some breakfast at Sean’s from his mom.” I now saw a way how I could talk to her with a minimum of hurt.

I had to get over to his house really fast. I didn’t sleep much last night worrying about what I needed to do to save your ‘ass’. Yea, and I’m going to use that word because that is literally what I did. Don’t say anything, mom. ” I commanded. “I have to tell you this my way.”

I took a drink of Pepsi and looked her straight in the eye. “I had to get Sean’s cell phone and erase the pictures he took last night of you and him fucking on the couch.”

She gasped and turned pale.

“Yea, I literally saved your ass, your marriage, our family and everything we have together. What a fool you were and he recorded all.” She dropped her eyes. “How much do you know about what we did?” she asked me.

“Mom, I saw it all. Incidentally, you got a magnificent set of tits.” I grinned as she looked up at me.

“Oh Gawd” is all she could say as she pushed her plate away and put her forhead on the table and cried.

“Josh, I was such a fool. What can be done now that I made the worst mistake of my whole life and you saw it.” She was now crying.

“I have been beside myself with anxiety and worry all day and now I know it was all for real. Everything is gone because of my stupidity”. She just sobbed. I felt so sorry for her. I had never seen her cry before. She had always been so strong and so in control and now she was an emotional wreck.

“Mom,” I reached over and shook her shaking shoulder. “Hang on, not everything is lost. Listen to what I did to save you and us.” She looked up with tears streaming down her cheeks.

“There is nothing that can be done, Josh. Nothing. This is the worst day of my life. I just want to die and disappear off the face of the earth”. She laid her head down on the table again, covering her head with her hands, still sobbing.

“MOM, I shouted to her. Listen to me. Everything is not lost. So I saw you fucking with Sean. Big deal. I loved it. You were really good but I knew that Sean was going to brag about it at school I knew I had to stop it. I should have stopped it last night but I wanted you to slap him but you never did. Then I wanted to see you naked, and I did. I had never seen a guy fuck a woman and now I have. I feel terrible for not making a lot of noise so you would stop but I didn’t. I’m at fault to. I got to thinking and feeling guilty this morning. But I saved everything, almost. That’s just what I did today. Perk up, mom, you’re not going down the toilet.”

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