The Anniversary Present


I paced up and down the hotel room anxiously, pausing by the window to take in the view. We were on the top floor and outside it had finally gotten dark after a long hot summer day. The sun had shone from a cloudlessly blue sky and although it was now night, the tarmac and concrete that made up this vast grey city still retained some of its fierce heat. Outside, I watched the blinking red light of a distant helicopter floating over the patterns of silver and gold lights that marked London’s twisting streets. I felt full and content after our Italian dinner, the pasta and red wine making me feel pleasantly drowsy. Ordinarily, I might just get into bed and fall asleep in front of the TV, but not this evening.

I checked my watch again, noting that it was 11:05, two minutes since I’d last checked.

“She’s late,” I muttered, briskly pulling the thick, rust-coloured curtains closed to shut out the noise of a siren somewhere far below.

“Relax, she’ll be here,” my wife sighed. “Come and finish your champagne before it gets warm.”

She was lying on the king-size hotel bed, her back propped up with a mound of pillows and looking cool as a cucumber in her light summer dress, her bare feet crossed at the ankles. She casually scrolled through her mobile ‘phone and sipped her drink as if we did this kind of thing every week.

“Sorry, I’m just nervous, I’ve never done anything like this before,” I said, reluctantly perching on the edge of the bed and taking a sip from my champagne flute.

“Well, never have I, silly. Listen, we both checked her out. She’s a professional, she’ll guide us through this. We’re all grown-ups here; I mean she’s not going to make us do anything we’re not comfortable with.”

It was true; we’d done our research thoroughly. Well, the truth was that I’d done most of the research. I’d looked through a lot of escort websites to make sure we found someone who should be well-suited to us, someone who liked to work with couples, someone who was experienced and a bit dominant. Not in the sense of chaining us up and beating us with whips, but in the sense that she could take control and help us to find what we were looking for. Not that I was entirely sure what that was.

“Candy” wasn’t cheap; in fact, she cost a lot more than a weekend in this five-star hotel room, but what the hell? It was our fifteenth wedding anniversary, and if there was a time to splash out, this was it. Besides, if the claims on her website were true, she’d be worth every penny.

I’d suggested it to Lynn a few times over the years, never entirely serious, always half-joking. What’s that old saying: many a true word spoken in jest? Anyway, Lynn had always been quite conservative in bed so I was surprised when she finally relented and called my bluff one morning. Suggested (perhaps a little angrily) that I do something about it, rather than keep going on about it, year after year.

I recall getting on the internet the same day, checking out escort sites, reading reviews and making a few suggestions. One woman in particular seemed perfect and I booked Candy within a week. Then later, as the date approached, I was sure Lynn would have change of heart, but here we were in this hotel room, my wife still looking surprisingly relaxed, me still pacing nervously, too late to back out now.

“I need some more liquid courage,” I said, lifting the thick green bottle of champagne, watching as little chunks of half-melted ice slid back into the silver bucket. “Do you want some more?”

“Please,” she said, leaning forward and holding out her glass.

“Thanks again for this, I mean I know it’s not really your thing,” I said, trying to keep my hand steady as I filled her glass, the foam rising quickly, a few drops spilling over the top of her glass and running down the side.

“Well, you’ve always wanted to try this, right?” she said, her large brown eyes meeting mine as she licked the spilt alcohol from the back of her fingers. “Anyway, before she gets here there’s probably something I should tell you…”

“I know what you’re going to say, but if you’re not enjoying it we’ll just tell her to go early and chalk it up to experience,” I interrupted.

“No, no, that’s not it; it’s kind of the opposite actually. You see, I…”

She was interrupted by a sharp, businesslike rapping on the door.

“She’s here!” I exclaimed, sounding as excited as a child on Christmas morning.

I hurriedly gave Lynn a quick peck on the forehead and placed my glass on her bedside table before hurrying towards the door.

“Hi, it’s Candy right?” I said, opening the door to a tall brunette, perhaps in her late twenties or early thirties. She looked stunning, slightly taller than me in her shiny black heels, thick waves of chestnut-coloured hair falling in glossy waves over her shoulders. Her trim yet curvy figure looked like it had been poured into her tight dress, the same shade of dark green as the champagne bottle. I was relieved to find that she looked every pendik escort bit as good as the pictures on her website. I felt a surge of excitement knowing that I’d soon see her naked.

“So can I come in?” she asked, as I lingered, taking in the way her cleavage bulged enticingly against the plunging V-shaped neckline.

“Yes, sorry, yes, please come in,” I said, embarrassingly aware that I’d been staring at her for several seconds as I stepped back then closed the door behind her.

“Hi, I’m Candy,” she said, spotting Lynn on the bed and striding over, her heels tapping out a muffled rhythm on the thick carpet, a well-manicured hand outstretched. “And you must be Lynn.”

“Yes, pleased to meet you,” my wife said, swinging her legs over the edge of the bed and leaning forward as they shared a curiously formal handshake given the situation.

“Nice room,” she said, easing the strap of her handbag off her bare shoulder and slinging it casually onto the middle of the bed. She walked over to the window with a lithe feline grace, her hips swaying seductively, looking around with the confident air of someone who’d seen the inside of a lot of expensive hotel rooms. I couldn’t help noticing the way her dress clung snugly to her neatly rounded rear.

“So just so we’re clear, I have some rules. I don’t like being tied up, I don’t do anal, I don’t do penetrative sex without a condom and I don’t do anything really weird without prior warning, okay?” she added, spinning around to face me.

I nodded dumbly, wondering what constituted ‘really weird’ in her world.

“So you guys have booked me for two hours, right?”

“Right, I’ve got your money right here,” I said, hurriedly pulling a plain brown envelope from the pocket of my suit trousers and handing it to her.

“It’s all there,” I added, nervously clasping my sweaty hands together as she stuffed it into her handbag without checking.

“I trust you, Terry,” she said, placing it in her handbag and sitting on the edge of the bed next to Lynn.

“So, um, how do we, I mean…?” I said, wringing my hands anxiously, eager to get started but not sure what to do.

“Well, how about offering the lady a glass of champagne?” Lynn said, a note of irritation in her voice. The women exchanged a look, shaking their heads at my foolishness as I quickly poured another glass and handed it to our guest.

“Thanks, well, here’s to making new friends,” Candy said, raising her glass.

“Yes, and new experiences,” Lynn said, and they exchanged polite smiles as they chinked their glasses together.

For some reason I felt the need to fill the ensuing silence with small talk, as if we were meeting some business acquaintance at a party.

“Yes, cheers ladies,” I said, picking up my glass and raising it in their direction. “So, um, Candy, do you see many couples in your, um, line of work?”

“No, my clients are ninety percent single men, so this makes a nice change,” Candy replied, briefly glancing up at me before returning her attention to Lynn. She was wearing dark stockings which hissed slightly as she crossed her shapely legs.

“You look stunning, much better in real life than on the website,” Lynn said politely, her eyes lingering on Candy’s firm young body.

“Thanks, sweetie. So do you Lynn, really beautiful,” Candy said.

“Thanks,” Lynn said, taking another quick sip of her bubbly. My wife blushed; she was never comfortable with compliments. But Candy was right; Lynn did look gorgeous in a knee-length floral print dress, navy blue with bright white daisies, which hugged her modest yet perky boobs, a matching fabric belt cinching her slim waist.

It struck me as slightly odd, seeing them sit side-by-side on the bed, as if representing the two sides of a woman: good and evil, or naughty and nice. My wife, looking demure and slightly nervous in her best frock, her legs tightly crossed. And Candy, looking as sexy as hell, with her pouty, ruby-coloured lips, mascara framing her pale blue eyes and her stretchy green dress emphasizing the smooth curve of her hips, her trim waist and her generous boobs. She turned to slowly look my wife up and down with a barely disguised hunger.

“Mmm, I just love this dress,” Candy, said, twisting around to face my wife and placing a hand on her knee, squeezing it through the thin fabric.

I watched as Candy leaned in, their eyes locked together as she slowly inched closer. I wasn’t sure how Lynn would react, as far as I know she’d ever kissed another woman before, but I felt surprise then a rush of relief as they kissed, tentatively at first, their plump lips pressing together briefly. Then again, more firmly, a long, lingering kiss as I stood watching, holding my breath, my fingers squeezing the stem of my glass. I watched as Lynn closed her eyes, appearing to enjoy the experience, twisting her head slightly as they kissed for several long seconds feeling a mixture of surprise and arousal, cut through with an unexpected tang of jealousy.

I maltepe escort took another quick gulp as I watched, unable to tear my eyes away, feeling my cock stir in my smart work trousers as they kissed long and slow, leisurely tasting each other’s lips. I watched Candy slide her hand along Lynn’s thigh, up over her bare arm to her face, sliding her fingers along her jaw and tilting her head back a little exposing the graceful curve of her neck. Lynn’s glossy pink lips parted a little, emitting a longing sigh as her new friend planted a line of moist kisses along the pale skin and I couldn’t help wondering when we’d last kissed that way.

“Mmm, you taste delicious honey,” Candy purred as she finally eased back, tenderly brushing a stand of dirty blonde hair away from Lynn’s forehead. “We’re going to have a lot of fun.”

“So I understand you guys are up for trying something a little different tonight, right?” she added, turning to face me as she squeezed Lynn’s hand. Her voice was slightly husky with a faint southern American accent that somehow made her seem all the more exotic and not part of our ‘normal’ world.

“Yes, we’ve not done anything like this before,” I confessed, my mouth feeling a little dry. I looked over at Lynn. She avoided my gaze, looking flushed but excited as she took another long sip from her glass.

“Good. So Terry, do you want to play a little game?” Candy replied, twisting around and reaching behind her into her large handbag.

“Well,” I said, suddenly unsure. “I mean, what kind of game?”

“This kind of game,” she said, her cherry red lips curling into a wicked grin as she pulled out a pair of handcuffs, the silvery metal bracelets wrapped in black fur.

“Well, I suppose…” I said, as Lynn looked up at me, briefly nodding and frowning slightly as if somehow she thought it would be rude, like forgetting to take the coat of a dinner party guest.

“Good,” Candy said, flipping open one of the ‘cuffs with a deft flick of her wrist then curling a slender finger, beckoning me closer.

I put my glass down on the side and stepped towards her, holding my hands out.

“No, turn around,” she said, smiling again, her red lips sliding over sharp little white teeth. “I’m going to cuff your hands behind your back.”

“Oh, sorry, I’ve not really done this before,” I said as I spun around, facing away from her as I felt her tug firmly at my arms.

“Really, a bondage virgin? Well, this will be fun,” she chuckled as I felt the ‘cuffs close snugly around my wrists with a series of distinct metallic clicks.

“Good,” she added, giving the ‘cuffs a firm tug to test them, before getting to her feet. “Now just one more thing…”

“Oh, I’m not sure about this…” I said as her hands reappeared in front of my face clutching what looked like a length of black silk.

“Open wide,” she insisted and before I could complain any further, I felt it slipping between my lips as her nimble fingers pulled it tight and tied a knot behind my head, gagging me.

“Good, now sit down,” she said, her warm breath tickling my ear as she stepped to one side and leaned in close, her hands pushing my shoulders down firmly. “Lynn has something to tell you and she needs your undivided attention.”

I sat back on the bed and looked over at my wife. I thought she’d be surprised or upset with Candy tying me up like this but she seemed untroubled as she got to her feet and topped up her glass from the bottle then turned to face me and took a deep breath before launching into something that sounded well-rehearsed.

“Terry, I have to confess I was a little worried about this. I mean, I know I told you I was comfortable but the truth is I had regrets almost as soon as we’d arranged this. And as the day approached, I kept worrying about how this would work out, about sharing you with another woman. It’s silly, but I kept worrying, you know, what if he likes her more than me? How can I compete with a younger, hotter women? What if I get jealous? What if I’m a disappointment? What if I just can’t get into it and ruin the whole experience for you?”

“Mmm,” I managed to mumble through the gag. I wanted to reassure her, to tell her that I assumed she’d have second thoughts, and if she was worried we could have just cancelled. I also wondered where this was going.

“Anyway, I was worrying and worrying, you know how I am sometimes, right?” she added, with a nervous little laugh. “And in the end, I just thought, why don’t I ‘phone this lady and have a chat to her, woman-to-woman, explain my fears and reservations and see if there’s anything we can do to make it less of an ordeal.”

“So she called me a few days ago,” Candy interjected as she moved close to Lynn and squeezed her hand encouragingly.

“Yes, and she shouldn’t have been more lovely and understanding,” Lynn added, turning to smile at the escort. “She said, you know, it’s my opportunity to try something new too. Because if I didn’t enjoy kartal escort it, you probably wouldn’t enjoy it either, so we talked about some things that I might, you know, like to try.”

“We had a lovely long chat, didn’t we?” Candy said, stepping behind Lynn and wrapping an arm around her waist. “Now, tell him the other thing.”

“Well, this is awkward, but I think we both know our love life hasn’t been brilliant for a while. And that’s not your fault, it’s something we both need to work on. It’s just that after being so married so long, you tend to stop trying so hard, you just get stuck in a rut, right? I mean, it’s sort of inevitable after fifteen years of sleeping with the same person every night.”

“Tell him what you think about sometimes, when he’s out with his golfing buddies,” Candy urged, drawing Lynn back against her body. In her heels, she was a few inches taller and I felt my arousal grow as her cherry red lips brushed Lynn’s neck.

“Oh, I’m not sure, I mean…”

“Go on, tell him, you naughty girl,” Candy insisted, drawing a gasp from Lynn as she gently bit her earlobe.

“I suppose I’ve always been curious about what it would be like to be with a woman. I mean, I’m not a lesbian, I know that. I love you Terry, and I’m not going to run off with another woman or anything silly like that. No, it’s just that sex has become so routine, I fantasize about it being more sensual, you know, slower with more kissing and lots of touching and foreplay and so I suppose my thoughts naturally turned to women.”

She took a deep breath before continuing, the words spilling out of her now.

“It’s not your fault: we’re both so busy and so familiar with each others’ bodies that we just don’t try new things anymore, we just fall back into the same old habits, press the same old buttons. So anyway sometimes I lay awake just wondering it would feel like to try something new, to be with someone new, what it would be like to be truly desired again…”

As Lynn had been talking, Candy had run a hand through Lynn’s tousled blonde hair, gently tugging her head back and exposing the slender curve of her neck. I could only watch as she kissed the pale skin and her slender fingers unfastened Lynn’s belt, sliding it from her waist and letting it drop limply to the floor.

“Oh gosh, that feels good,” Lynn moaned as the escort sucked at her earlobe, her hands sliding up over her stomach and cupping her pert breasts through the thin floral fabric. “Oooh yes. Um, what was I saying?”

“Concentrate, sweetie, tell him what else you told me the other night,” Candy chuckled, slowly unbuttoning the front of Lynn’s frock and slipping a hand inside, drawing a fresh series of moans.

Lynn took a breath, frowning slightly as she tried to ignore Candy’s wandering hands as she pressed on: “I said that I sometimes fantasize about being seduced by a lesbian. Telling her ‘no’, but deep down knowing that I want it more than anything. Wondering how soft female lips would feel against mine as she kissed me, despite my protests. Perhaps pinning my hands to stop me pushing her away. Kissing me slowly, unhurriedly. A hand sliding under my skirt as she kissed my neck, slipping between my thighs. How it would feel to be undressed slowly, her fingers stroking every inch of newly exposed skin. To have my whole body explored by her lips and tongue. To have her kiss and lick and caress me till I forget to say ‘no and just surrender.”

I watched, my mouth hanging open, drooling a little into the gag as I watched. I had no idea my wife had these fantasies but I knew instinctively that she was right about our sex life. We had gotten into a tired old routine, and a quick fumble in the dark on a Friday night after I got back from the golf club clearly wasn’t satisfying either of us.

My cock strained uncomfortably against my trousers but with my hands bound behind my back I could do little to ease the pressure as Candy’s experienced fingers finished unfastening the little white buttons on the front of Lynn’s dress and eased it open, the straps sliding over her smooth shoulders exposing her breasts encased in a lacy pink bra, through which I could see the dark shadows of her swollen nipples.

“Mmm, a naughty, horny milf, fantasizing about being seduced by a lesbian. I love it!” Candy purred, exploring the soft skin of Lynn’s exposed shoulders with her lips as she slid a hand beneath the folds of her pretty floral skirt.

“Yes, oh gosh, yes,” Lynn sighed, putting her drink down and leaning back against her new best friend, melting against her body, her eyes squeezed shut.

“Look at how hot your wife is Terry, look at these lovely cute boobs,” Candy said, one hand still stroking her thighs as she used the other to cup Lynn’s right breast, her thumb flicking back-and-forth across her nipple till it poked through the skimpy lace.

It was true; Lynn did look amazing for her age. She’d always worked hard to keep in shape with her Pilates and her swimming and in truth, I probably didn’t appreciate the effort she put in. I hadn’t exactly let myself go, but I suppose I had surrendered to the soft pudginess that comes in your late thirties when your only form of exercise is a round of golf once a week.

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