The Arrangement


39-year-old Tariq Manning blew out a sigh as he looked over some papers as he sat at his desk. They were credit card statements and bills. Man, I need to have a talk with Tonia, he thought. Her spending is out of control. Tonia was his wife of three years and was the definition of a trophy wife. He smiled as he thought about her and his loins warmed. The woman had that kind of effect on him.

Tonia always told Tariq that he was lucky to have her in his life. She actually constantly reminded him of this. He should proud to have her on his arm when they were out and about. Indeed, Tonya was a treasure. She was tall and beautiful with runway model looks. She kept her hairstyle tight and proper. She looked like a bag of money and dressed the part as well.

Tariq worked hard to keep her happy but as much as he loved her, he wasn’t getting much in return. Mostly the problem was sex. Tariq wasn’t getting enough of it and the quality of the sex he did get was poor. As beautiful and desirable as Tonia was, she was seriously lacking in bedroom skills.

There were things that she didn’t like to do that Tariq wanted her to do. One of these things was oral sex. Tonia refused to do it. She said it disgusted her. But she loved it when Tariq went down on her. She tended to be a selfish lover like that.

But Tariq loved her and was happy he could afford to keep her in the fine things that made her happy. He owned his own financial consulting business and it was doing pretty good. Still, he wanted his beautiful wife to be more of a freak in bed.

That evening when he came home from the office, he had some nice roses from a local nursery and a bottle of wine. He knew that once he confronted Tonia about the credit card bills there would be drama. He hoped the roses and the wine would ease the mood.

When he came in the house, he was greeted with a delicious fragrance. He knew Tonia wasn’t much of a cook so he was a bit surprised. As he passed through the living room into the kitchen Tonia greeted him with a big smile.

“Hey baby…” she said cheerily and came over to hug and kiss him. Then she saw the roses and wine. “Ooooh, for me? Thank you!!” she squealed. She took the roses from him and put them in a vase with water. Tariq put the wine on the dining table and sat down. He smiled.

“Dinner smells great, baby,” he said. “I’m starved. What is it?”

Tonia grinned and brought over a plate of food. Tariq stared at it. No, this must be carry-out. She doesn’t have skills like this, he thought. It was a quarter of herb roasted chicken, garlic mashed potatoes, and asparagus. Tonia sat down with her plate as Tariq uncorked the wine and poured a glass for her.

They began to eat and Tariq dug in. The meal was delicious. Tariq didn’t even notice the huge smile on his wife’s face as she watched him torch the food. Finally, Tariq looked up and saw her looking at him. He put down his fork and took a sip of wine. He hesitated as if he was contemplating something. Fuck it, he thought.

“This is fantastic,” he said. “But you know what I’m about to ask, right?”

Tonia laughed. “No sweetie, it’s not carry-out. I made it myself,” she said proudly. She giggled against after seeing the shock on her husband’s face. “There’s this new service that prepares meals. They provide the ingredients and measure everything. All you have to do is follow the directions and cook.” she explained.

“Well, you did well. Everything was great.” Tariq said.

“Thank you, sweetie,” Tonia said with a smile.

Tariq suspected something was up. Tonia had never been this nice to him. There must be something she wants. Time for that talk, he thought.

“Tonia, we need to talk,” he said with a pregnant sigh. “Your spending…”

“Baby, I know… I know okay?” Tonia said, cutting him off. “I saw the credit card statement online.”

Tariq blinked a couple of times but didn’t reply. He didn’t expect her to check on the statement online. Well, this is good, he thought.

“So do you understand my concern about your spending?” he asked.

“I understand your concern, Tariq but it costs money to look like this,” Tonia said, smiling and putting her hands on her hips. She stood up and that’s when he noticed she only wore a long satin robe.

She looked so luscious. Suddenly Tariq was hungry but not for food. He forgot all about the credit card bill he wanted to talk to her about. All he saw was Tonia’s long, caramel legs leading up to the treasure he was seeking and he was about to go hunting. He got up from the table and came around to her, a lecherous look on his face. Tonia grinned as he picked her up and she wrapped her legs around his body. They began to kiss and Tariq walked them back towards the bedroom.

They came through the door and Tariq took her over to the California-King sized bed and laid her down. The naughty little lavender robe was opened, exposing her lithe, sexy body. Tariq laid another soft kiss on her lips then made his way down South. He stopped at her high pert breasts and took the cinnamon-colored nipple pendik escort into his mouth, swirling his tongue around it. Tonia began to arch her back as Tariq inched his hand down below and slid her already wet, swollen labia between his middle fingers. He moved them up and down slowly and massaged her aching clit. She moaned softly as he moved to the other breast, giving it the same treatment as the first. He then licked down her taut belly, teasing her belly-button en route to her buried treasure. He was almost home.

He got down between her legs and she wrapped them around his shoulders. Then she smiled and twisted, rolling him onto his back with her on top of his chest. The move surprised him but he saw the look in her eyes as she looked down at him. He knew what she wanted and smiled. Tonia absolutely LOVED to ride his tongue.

She inched the Victoria’s Secret lavender panties off her butt then pulled one leg out of them then the other. She rubbed her wet, sticky clit in anticipation. She had a Brazilian wax job done on her pubes every month just for this purpose. She wanted to keep herself nice and smooth for Tariq to feast on.

“You’ve had dinner, baby. Now it’s time for dessert.” she cooed.

She inched up on his mouth and he stuck out his tongue. Tonia smiled and spread her hotbox open. She lifted herself onto his tongue and sank down on it. She sucked in her breath as he penetrated her.

“Ooooooh, yassssss…” she moaned. She rocked her hips slowly as her sugarwalls squeezed down on his tongue. Her juices began to flow into his mouth and Tariq gulped eagerly.

Tariq pulled out his dick and began to stroke himself. He loved going down on his beautiful, tasty wife but he wanted some satisfaction as well. But Tonia was too busy enjoying him to consider his needs. He expected this and continued to stroke himself.

His thick, nine-inch python stood tall and throbbed with passion. All he wanted was for her to kiss it a little. He’d explode all over her pretty face. But she wouldn’t have any of that.

He grabbed Tonia’s hips and sat up, rolling over and placing her on the bed. He grinned as he wiped his mouth and readied his dick. A look of concern came over Tonia’s face as he rubbed his dickhead on her clit. She was wet and ready as he eased his dickhead inside her. Tonia moaned as he filled her tight box up. He started tiny strokes that he knew she could handle but already he was feeling her hand on his waist in an effort to keep him from digging in her deep.

Tariq barely had more than his dickhead inside her and he tried to speed up his strokes but as soon as he started, Tonia screamed out. He eased off and just moved with himself inside her. Tonia rotated her hips and grabbed onto his. This she could handle.

Then Tariq suddenly sped up and went in her deep. He pumped fast and deep in an effort to fuck his ready nut out but again Tonia screamed out bloody murder, even louder than last time. Tariq stopped and groaned.

Tonia swallowed and frowned. “It hurts when you go deep like that,” she complained.

“”I’m sorry baby,” Tariq said with a grimace. He pulled himself out of her and laid down on his back. He began to stroke himself.

Tonia turned on her side and watched him, fascinated. She started at his magnificent dick and wondered why she couldn’t handle it all. Or why she didn’t like sucking him. It was what he wanted but she just couldn’t do it. Oh well, he seemed to be able to get himself off. That’s all that mattered, she thought.

Tariq sped up his stroking and he felt himself about to explode. Tonia reached over and felt on his dickhead. Tariq looked at her hopefully and moved his hand away. Tonia smiled at him and took over his stroking. He didn’t need much and he arched his back as he reached his edge. He exploded with vigor and his nut splashed all onto Tonia’s hand. She dropped his dick repulsively.

“Ewwah.” he heard her mutter instinctively. He knew right then that his lovely wife wouldn’t change.

“Are you okay?” Tonia asked hopefully. Tariq didn’t answer. He got up and trekked off to the bathroom where he cleaned himself up. He came back to bed and turned on his side away from her and closed his eyes. Tonia humphed and turned away herself then turned off her nightstand lamp.

That next day, Tariq was out making his rounds for his business. One of these stops was at his bank. He had to make some deposits and he normally did it towards the end of his day. It was around 4 PM as he parked outside the bank and walked inside.

He waved at the people inside that he was used to seeing. As he came up to the counter, he noticed a new face. Wow, he thought. This is refreshing. She was very pretty and not artificially so, either. She had a smooth milk chocolate complexion with big bedroom brown eyes. She had nice, thick REAL hair down to her shoulders. She was plain and natural, and that’s what attracted her to him. She didn’t need makeup to set shit afire like his wife. She looked to be in her late 20s or early 30s. She crossed her hands in front maltepe escort of her as she smiled and Tariq couldn’t help but notice what had to be at least a two-karat Princess cut ring and wedding band on her finger. Shit, she’s married, he thought but kept his smile going.

“Hello. I haven’t seen you here before.” he greeted.

“Hi there. I just transferred here. How can I help you?” the teller explained warmly.

“I’m a regular. Just making some deposits.” Tariq said, noting her nametag. Sherry it read. ” It’s nice to see a new face. How are you liking it here?”

“Oh, I’ve been here before but on temporary duty. I’ve been permanent here for about a week now.” Sherry answered. “So I know my way around here.” Tariq wondered why he never noticed her before. She sure as hell had his attention now. “Mr. Manning, will that be all I can help you with today?” Sherry asked cheerily after the transaction was done.

Tariq smiled then noticed a stack of business cards near the window. He didn’t know why he did it but he took one and slipped it into his pocket.

“No Sherry, I think that will be all for today. Thank you very much,” he said.

“Until the next time…” Sherry said with a smile, waving at him. “Have a good evening.”

“You too,” Tariq said and made his way out of the bank. He went to his car and pulled the business card out of his pocket.

He didn’t know what it was about her but he was feeling Sherry. She wasn’t thin like other women he was normally attracted to; she was much thicker and curvier.

He stared at the card and flung it down on the seat. He didn’t know why he took it in the first place. He had been with his wife for over ten years and never even thought about cheating. Even if his sex life left a lot to be desired, he was serious about his marriage vows. He would never step out on Tonia. He sighed and headed back towards his office to end his day.

When he got home that night, there was another delicious meal prepared for him by Tonia, this time a juicy, perfectly cooked and seasoned rib-eye steak, garlic mashed potatoes, and steamed broccoli. Tariq was beginning to like this food delivery service Tonia had been using. Especially if it could teach her some culinary skills.

But Tariq was suspicious. This all was too good to be true. He had a feeling she was buttering him up for something. The kicker would be if she gave him some sex. Earlier that morning, she complained that she was in a bit of pain “down there” as she put it. So it would’ve been a stretch for him to get some sex tonight.

Later on, Tariq prepared for bed after watching TV for a bit and his sexy wife crawled in bed with him. The look on her face said she was with it and Tariq was shocked. His dick rocked up immediately and he grinned as he prepared to tear Tonia’s sweet ass up. But she stopped him.

“Whoa there, partner…” she said with a nervous smile and gently holding him back.

Tariq frowned. “What’s wrong?” he asked in frustration.

“Baaabbbbeeee…” Tonia whined. “I’m still sore from last night.”

“So why did you give me that look?” he asked.

“What look?” Tonia asked innocently.

“You know that look you gave me,” Tariq said, his brow furled in anger. “That look that said come get this.”

“Oh baby, I can’t tonight.” Tonia groaned. Tariq looked sadly down at his ready missile. Tonia swallowed nervously. “I can help you get off if you like.” she offered. Her face brightened and she jumped out of the bed.

Tariq was unsure at first then he smiled as he thought she was going to fellate him. Wow, this will be great, he thought. Finally!!

Tonia came back to bed and she had something in her hand that Tariq could not see. She got between his legs and clutched his hard dick. She looked up at him and smiled nervously. Tariq gave her a look of encouragement. Tonia leaned down and kissed the tip of his dick and immediately retched. She looked down and saw a tiny bit of precum on his dick-eye.

Suddenly Tonia felt extremely nauseous. Her cheeks watered and she felt all of her dinner coming up. She slapped her hand over her mouth and she burst off the bed and raced to the bathroom. Tariq sighed as all he heard from the bathroom for the next ten minutes was Tonia throwing up. He looked down on the bed and saw what she had in bed earlier. It was a bottle of lubricant. All she planned to do was give him a handjob. He turned over in disgust and went to sleep.

Tariq didn’t see his wife in the morning when he left for the office but he got the feeling she didn’t want to see him. His mind was awash with thoughts about what happened last night. He still thought she was going to ask for something; it’s just that she never got the chance to ask.

Right before he was leaving the office for the bank, he got a text from Tonia. He frowned as he read it:

I’m going to Las Vegas this weekend. I need to get away. I’ll talk to you when I get back.


Tariq didn’t know what to think but he checked his account to see if any withdrawals were kartal escort made and he saw $1000 was gone. Well, that’s what she was gonna ask me about, he thought.

He felt guilty about making Tonia sick in bed but he only wanted some good sex. She was his wife right, she belonged to no one else, he reasoned.

He sighed as he parked in his bank parking lot and got out of his car. He walked inside and headed for the business counter. He smiled as he didn’t see the new girl. His smile disappeared as he wondered where she was. He went up and handled his business at the counter.

“Hello, Mr. Manning.” a voice greeted from behind him. He turned and his eyes bugged. There she stood, short, thick, wearing a form-fitting gray business suit that had all of her womanly curves on display. “How are you doing today?” she asked.

By answer, Tariq took her by the arm and headed for the door. Sherry had a look of confusion as she went with him but she wasn’t happy. They got outside and Tariq faced her.

“I’m sorry for being so brash but I just wanted to know if you would have a cup of coffee with me sometime,” Tariq asked worriedly. He noticed for the first time the wedding band on her finger and expected to be shut down.

Sherry hesitated for a moment but she looked at him and said, “Yes.”

Tariq stared wide-eyed at her then grinned. He was astonished but was happy she agreed. “I have your business card and I’ll call you okay?” he confirmed.

Sherry smiled and nodded. Tariq skipped to his car like a little kid in ginseng. He waved at her as he drove off. Sherry smiled as she watched him drive off. She shook her head as she walked back inside. She had read him spot-on.

Sherry Washington was 33 years old and was feeling pretty good. After all that she had been through recently, she still had it. She could still attract men, well at least this one anyway. To hear her husband of seven years, Anthony tell it, she was a fat, disgusting pig who could never get another man. He was the best she was ever going to get and she might as well get used to it. Because she was going nowhere. It was his way of keeping her down so that he could do what he wanted. In addition, he had knocked her up twice so that he could exercise more control over her. His goal was to keep her home, pregnant and dependent on him financially. But Sherry found the strength to stand up to him on this point and she continued her banking career.

Anthony must’ve resented this because he began to openly step out on Sherry. He was a banker as well and had a high position at his bank. He would be gone on business trips for long periods of time and never gave Sherry any notice at all. Sherry learned not to even question him about his trips or his doings.

With her two children being in the toddler stage, they didn’t really notice much of the chagrin going on in the Washington household and Sherry suffered her pain and loneliness in silence. Her children were her joy and kept her sane. Slowly but surely, Anthony stopped paying her any attention at home. She knew he was cheating on her but she couldn’t bring herself to do anything about it. She took her marriage vows seriously and would not even consider stooping to his level.

That was then and this is now. She had needs; needs that had long been ignored in favor of being a good mother. Sherry longed to be touched and she knew her husband wasn’t going to be the one to do it. She had put on a few pounds over the last few months and she was not happy about that. As she looked at herself in the mirror, she began to think that Anthony was right. Who would want her? She may have been attractive but she didn’t feel attractive and there was no one who seemed think she was attractive.

So this new cat was a refreshing change of pace for her. She thought about the look in Tariq Manning’s eyes when he saw her and she thought he was crazy. But she could’ve sworn it was a look of pure unadulterated lust and it made her feel good to see a man look at her that way.

She went into the bathroom and looked at herself in the mirror. She honestly didn’t see what he saw in her that attracted him. Yes, she had big brown eyes but a plain face. Her hair was long, dark and silky but she didn’t do much with it other than pulling it back in a ponytail. Maybe it was her body. She really needed to lose a few pounds. She was now packing 175 lbs on her 5’3 inch frame. But she was curvaceous and a lot of men liked that. Yes, she had plenty of boobs, hips, and bottom; too much perhaps. All baby weight she could never shake off. Anthony never had a problem letting her know, too.

She remembered his name from his paperwork; Tariq. He was tall, fit, and very handsome. She smiled and allowed herself the fantasy of him wanting to be with her. Because that all it would ever be, a fantasy. She could never violate her wedding vows. She just wasn’t built like that. Or was she?

Tariq got back to his office and looked at his phone. Still no call or email from Tonia. He knew she was gone and had forgotten about him. He sighed. Why did he have to persist about oral sex? He knew she didn’t like it, was disgusted by it even. He had to push into it. Well, he really didn’t do that, did he? No, she pretended to want to give it to him and bit off more than she could chew.

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