The Art of Love



The nude model had held her pose for over an hour. Her posture was like a languid cat sitting in the sun. One leg hung down from a plush, velvet chair while her other leg dangled over the arm of the chair leaving her legs spread open invitingly.

Her head was angled up and away from the rest of her body causing her ebony hair to sweep dramatically across her shoulders. A shaft of sunlight lit her torso, highlighting the bronze tones of her flawless skin.

Her erect nipples cast tiny shadows from the lighting. Each nipple was long, dark and full and sat on top of large, shapely breasts. Her stomach was toned but not muscled. Between her slightly open legs, a tiny, trimmed patch of pubic hair pointed the way down to her womanhood.

The light beamed directly on her shaved pussy lips. Because of her pose, a slit of pink was visible. The exposed folds of genitalia were glistening from her sexual excitement and her erotic fluid had created a small wet spot on the chair fabric.

The only evidence of the model’s age was her face. Although her high cheekbones and full lips depicted timeless beauty, tiny wrinkles around her green eyes and generous mouth suggested she was older than she looked.

A male artist was finishing a portrait of the stunning model posed so erotically just a few feet away. Anyone’s mind’s eye image of a portrait painter would clash radically with the actual scene in the room. Improbably, although the artist was seated, the canvas was on the floor in front of him. But more astonishingly, the paint brush was held between the toes of the artist, while he applied delicate strokes of oil paint to the canvas.

The reason for the use of the artist’s toes was immediately evident when the rest of the painter’s body was seen. Like the model, the artist was totally naked. Unlike the flawless model, the artist was terribly flawed. His broad shoulders ended abruptly; he had no arms whatsoever.

Other than the shocking lack of upper appendages, the man looked like a Greek god. His bronzed skin was strikingly similar to the model’s coloring. Because he was perched on the edge of his chair, his manhood hung down freely, pointing in the direction of his painting. Although he was only slightly erect, his cock was abnormally long and slender with a pink circumcised head. Because the artist did not have a single hair on his body, his large, egg-shaped testicles were clearly visible and drooped loosely from his body.

Abruptly the artist placed the sable tipped brush into a jar of turpentine. He gracefully stood up from his chair and arched his back without losing his balance. After his stretch, he walked silently over to the model, his hardening prick bobbing up and down with each step.

He stopped directly in front of the model’s chair and stared directly at her wet pussy. As he gazed at the pink slit between her legs, his long prick inched upward as it engorged with blood lust. A clear drop of pre-cum hung on the tip of his cock head.

“Allison? I’m done for the day”, the artist whispered, breaking her trance.

The model turned her head slowly toward the voice and took in the sight of the artist standing so straight and tall in front of her. She dropped her eyes down from his armless torso to his stiffening penis. Without saying a word, she leaned forward until her mouth was within an inch of his hardened cock. She wet her lips and then slowly reached out with her wet tongue and caught the pearl of slick pre-cum with the tip of her tongue.

She brought the small amount of cum slowly back into her mouth, a tendril of his fluid connecting his cock with her mouth. Her eyes looked upward at his face and smiled lovingly at him.

“I’ve been fantasizing about this for an hour, Jason”, she told him.

“I’m ready to finish our session Mother”.


Allison’s eyes brimmed over with hot tears. She didn’t think there were tears left in her body after crying continuously for the last week. However, when she glanced at her 18 year old son standing so tall, slim and handsome beside her, Alli couldn’t hold back the emotions that were washing over her like a series of tidal waves.

Alli returned her blurred vision back to the funeral service that she and her only child, Jason, were front row participants. The urn in the front of the church bore her husband’s ashes, which would soon be scattered over the cliff in front of their Malibu mansion.

The church service was the final act of what seemed to be a Greek tragedy in her emotionally scarred mind. Only one week ago, her husband of 20 years was the picture of health. Then his heart exploded without warning, ending his life in an instant.

In shock, Alli had dealt with the practical aspects of being a sudden widow, but there was a second shock waiting for her that week when she met with her husband’s long time attorney and financial advisor.

Alli and her husband were quite wealthy, even by Malibu standards. A substantial inheritance was Alli’s bahis firmaları contribution to her marriage, but it was her husband’s investing genius that turned that seed money into a massive fortune. Or so she thought.

When Alli met with the attorney she had expected nothing but a continuation of the pampered life she had been living. Instead, the message he delivered was utter ruination. In the last year her husband had gambled their entire fortune on a business scheme that had exploded in his face, much like his heart had a week ago.

Instead of financial stability, the attorney was recommending bankruptcy to protect her home, cars and personal belongings. Even as the double shock of death and financial disaster battered Alli’s mind, she suddenly bolted upright and whispered,

“What about Jason’s trust?”

The attorney’s face betrayed the answer before he spoke the words, “Gone too”.

Alli’s mind reeled with the enormity of what she had just heard. The first act of her Greek tragedy took place 18 years before. Alli had to take some experimental drugs during her pregnancy due a genetic condition in her family.

A perfect baby was born except for two gut-wrenching facts; Jason, Alli’s dream child, was born without arms.

The drug company quickly settled with Alli and her husband, which resulted in a trust that would care for Jason the rest of his life. That is until the moment the attorney dealt her the second financial shock in his plush office.

Thus, Alli sat next to her beautiful son, whose suit coat sleeves were filled with prosthetic arms and hands, in place solely as to not draw attention to his abnormality. Because Jason had no arm appendages whatsoever, only limited prosthetic movement was possible.

Jason’s trust and the family wealth had cushioned the psychic blow of his condition by paying for unlimited rehabilitation and live-in nanny services.


Ingrid, Jason’s Swedish nanny and nurse for the last 15 years, stood sobbing on the steps of the Malibu mansion. The moving men were hauling out the last of the furniture, belying the fact that the heavily mortgaged home was also a casualty of the financial ruin of Alli and Jason’s lives.

Alli had been forced into selling the mansion and firing Ingrid to preserve the relatively small equity left in the home. What weighed on Alli’s mind the most as she held Ingrid tightly in her arms was the enormity of losing the lifeline Ingrid represented to Jason.

Ingrid had been Jason’s arms and hands for all practical purposes. However, rehabilitation and physical therapy had taught Jason to do many remarkable things with his toes and legs that would seem impossible to normal people.

Jason could easily hold eating utensils in his toes and feed himself with flexibility that would make a yoga master envious. He also had an unexpected talent that Ingrid had discovered when she endeavored to give Jason a normal child’s life. Jason had an enormous talent for artistic painting by clutching the brushes with his toes.

However, what Alli dreaded to ask Ingrid before she left them for good was related to the most intimate aspects of Jason’s care. Over the years Alli had turned a blind eye to the fact that Ingrid had taken care of Jason’s fundamental needs as he grew older. No matter how agile he was with his legs, feet and toes he could not perform certain critical hygienic functions.

Alli knew she had to ask Ingrid about some of these issues before Jason joined them on the steps. Finally, she got up the nerve to stammer, “Ingrid, I have avoided this question for too long. I know you helped Jason with, um, personal hygiene. Can you tell me what I need to do?”

Ingrid clutched Alli close to her and whispered, “You have an amazing son who will guide you. Your mutual love will find a way.”


Alli gripped the steering wheel so hard it left her knuckles white. She was terribly nervous about the inevitable conversation she must have with Jason. The modest home they were moving to was just ahead.

Finally, Alli cleared her throat and managed to croak out, “Jason, we need to talk about how I am going to care for you”.

Jason’s face flushed with embarrassment. He turned his face toward the car window and mumbled, “I know Mom”.

“You will have to tell me what Ingrid did for you and guide me a little,” she said gently.

Jason heaved a huge sigh and while still facing the window whispered, “You know I can most things with my toes, but it’s the bathroom functions that are the biggest obstacles.”

Alli lightheartedly stated, “Jason, you know I took care of you when you were in diapers, so it’s not like it will be the first time I’ve helped you!”

“I know Mom, but I’m not a baby anymore.”

“We will get through this, honey.”


Alli and Jason looked around at their cluttered home. The movers had left them and they sat opposite each other in their kaçak iddaa sun room.

Alli said brightly, “I think we should have a beer to toast our new home! What do you think Jason?”

She jumped up before Jason could say anything and ran to the kitchen. Alli came back with two Corona beers with limes bubbling inside the bottles.

Jason kicked off a sandal and reached for the beer with his foot. He slipped the neck of the bottle between his big toe and second toe and gracefully lifted his leg up to his face and tipped a long drink into his mouth.

Alli laughed and exclaimed, “Hey, don’t wait for the toast!”

She tilted her bottle at Jason and said lovingly, “Here’s to our new life”. She too, took a long pull on the bottle of beer.

Both of them drank the rest of their beers very quickly. Alli arose, grabbed both empty bottles and quickly returned with two more. It was apparent that both mother and son were using the alcohol to cover their nervousness about the sensitive subject in the car.

It wasn’t long before a third and fourth Corona disappeared. Alli was getting visibly tipsy as she skipped back and forth to the refrigerator.

“Honey, I need to use the little girl’s room. I’ll be right back.”

As Alli sat down on the toilet, she suddenly realized that if she had to pee so badly, Jason must need to also. Her uneasiness returned with a rush. She knew it was time to face reality.

When Alli came back into the sun room, she looked at Jason and said firmly but with a wry smile, “Son, I know you have to go to the bathroom with all that beer you drank. Let’s get it over with before I lose my nerve and you pee your pants!”

Jason stood up quickly and without meeting his mother’s eyes, walked resolutely to the bathroom.

Alli followed him in and looked up at him as he stood in front of the toilet. She was determined to maintain eye contact with him as she fumbled for the zipper of his pants. Finally, she found the zipper and pulled it down. Alli reached into his pants and encountered his boxer shorts.

As she was seeking the fly hole, she felt his cock through the silky material. Her cheeks burned with embarrassment and she looked up at the ceiling to avoid his eyes. Finally, she found the fly and reached inside and grasped his penis.

Alli gave an involuntary gasp as she pulled his cock out of his pants. She had vowed to not look down, but as soon as she held his prick in her petite hand she realized her son was extremely well hung. Her eyes looked down and widened slightly because his soft prick was twice as long as the width of her hand.

“Ok, honey, I’m ready if you are”, Alli said bravely.

“Oh god, Mother, I’m not sure I can go now,” Jason said with dread. “This is so embarrassing.”

“It’s ok Jason. I know how difficult this is. But, I happen to remember an old trick from potty training. Wait a minute.”

Alli reached over to the sink that was right next to them and turned on the water. She dipped her fingers in the water and then sprinkled some drops on his penis. As soon as she did that, Jason erupted with a stream of urine that shot into the toilet. Alli could feel the flow of pee through his penis and watched with wonder at her hand holding this incredible piece of meat. She felt involuntary warmth between her legs and tried to banish such impure thoughts from her head.

His stream seemed to go on forever. When Jason finally finished, a drop of urine hung on the end of his prick. After a long pause Jason cleared his throat, “Um, Mom, I’m done.”

Alli jerked out of her semi-trance and in doing so pulled his cock slightly. She hurriedly tried to stuff Jason’s big dick back into his pants. In her rush to finish, Alli fumbled around and ended up with her hand tangled in his boxers.

“Oh my god, Jason, I’m so sorry,” as she tried to wrench her hand out of his pants. While doing so she felt a slight twitch of his cock. “I promise I will do this better next time!”

“It’s ok Mom. We both have a lot of adjusting to do.”


Alli knocked lightly on Jason’s door. The previous night had ended with an easier feeling for both of them, because she helped him pee several more times without mishap. But each time, there was an odd but distinct reaction on both of their parts to the intimacy of a mother handling the sexual tool of her son.

She had put Jason to bed by removing his pants but leaving his boxers on. She didn’t dare ask if he slept nude. Alli had gone to her bedroom and when she finally slept, she had a highly erotic dream that left her slightly aroused when she woke.

“Come in,” she heard her son say. She entered and found him worming his way to the edge of the bed.

Alli glanced down at his crotch and couldn’t help but notice a huge erection. Jason looked up and noticed where his mother’s attention was focused. “Um, Mom, I can’t get up just yet.”

“That’s ok honey, I think I understand,” as she patted his cheek. She couldn’t keep her eyes off kaçak bahis his hard dick though. “It’s natural, isn’t it, first thing in the morning?”

Alli kept up a light conversation until Jason’s bulging erection subsided. “Ok, let’s get you to the bathroom and start our first day together,” she said lovingly.


After helping Jason relieve himself, Alli knew the next steps of helping Jason with personal hygiene was a more intimate act than most husbands and wives experience, much less a son and mother.

She tried to keep it light by asking, “WWID?”

Jason cocked an eyebrow at his mother and asked, “What?”

“What Would Ingrid Do?” she asked impishly.

“Ah, I see. Well, we always start by her shaving me. But, Mom, I have a confession to make. Ingrid was always so practical. Maybe it was her Scandinavian background. Anyway, she would shave me in the shower,” he stated at last.

“Okaaaaay. I guess I understand. That means we are both in the shower doesn’t it? That does seem practical, all right,” Alli said as the now familiar warmth fired up between her legs.

“Um, may I ask what Ingrid wore when she helped you in the shower?”

“Well, remember that she was practical,” Jason hinted.

Alli looked up at Jason with a determined look in her eye. “All right, let’s get started.”

She went over to the shower and started the water running. Alli gathered Jason’s shaving cream, four blade razor, soap and shampoo and placed them on the ledges in the shower stall. She turned to Jason and said, “Ok, come here, sweetie.”

Jason walked over with his armless torso and stood in front of his mother. Alli reached down to his boxers and slowly pulled them down. His cock hung down long and large in front of his mother’s face as she leaned over to pull his underwear all the way down.

“Get in to the shower! I’ll be there in just a minute,” she said with a husky voice.

Alli walked over to the sink after she pushed the shower door shut. She was dressed in a black silk nightgown and matching robe and she knew it was time to cross a new threshold.

She slipped off her robe and then lowered her negligee from her shoulders. Alli worked hard to maintain her shape, even though it seemed for nothing without a man in her life. Her nipples hardened when they were exposed to the cooler air. She dropped the silky nightwear to the floor and looked at her body in the mirror. She almost dropped to her knees with the rush of desire that surged through her body.

“I’m coming in Jason,” she called out bravely.

Alli opened the shower door and stepped into the oversized shower. It was steamy because of the hot water so Jason was like a phantom in the misty air.

Jason looked down at his mother and audibly gasped. He knew she was in good shape because he’d seen her in a bikini at their mansion’s pool, but naked, she looked like a magazine model. Her tits stood up prominently, defying gravity. Alli’s hips were rounded but only in a positive womanly shape. Her black pubic hair was trimmed short and in a narrow band directly above her pussy lips.

Alli looked at Jason and had her own silent moment of awe. Although his armless torso would disconcert many, to her it made his strong torso even more prominent. His slim hips drew her attention and her mouth opened slightly when she noticed that he was completely hairless around his cock.

After a long moment of taking in each other’s bodies, Alli cleared her throat and said, “Where do I start?”

Jason nodded toward the shaving gear and said, “Ingrid would shave me first.”

Alli looked up at Jason and said, “You are going to have to sit down on that ledge so I can reach you properly.”

Jason sat down obediently and now looked up at his mother whose wet breasts were now eye level to him. Alli busied herself with his shaving cream and lathered her hands. She leaned forward and stroked the silky cream on his face and head with both hands. After he was completely lathered, she reached over and picked up the razor. Her tongue was slightly between her teeth in a look of total concentration. Jason watched her intensity and felt a rush of love.

Alli swiped the razor across his stubble and rinsed each time in the shower stream. She raised his chin and crouched slightly to get low enough to see his neck. Because of the tight quarters her legs straddled one of his legs. As Alli dipped down, her pussy touched his knee.

Jason jerked like a Taser had shocked him. Her pussy felt like it was on fire. He had never felt so conflicted in his life. His mother was arousing him but yet he knew it was wrong. He concentrated on counting backwards so he wouldn’t show his arousal.

Alli felt Jason jump and knew what had likely caused it. She too, felt a rush of desire as her pussy lips touched his hard leg. What she really wanted to do was rub her inflamed lips across his leg to satisfy her unforeseen desire.

“Stay still baby! I don’t want to cut you,” Alli exclaimed to diffuse the situation.

Alli finished the shaving and stood back to admire her work.

“I think I did a pretty good job Jason,” she stated brightly. “What else do I need to do?”

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