The Aunts Ep. 02: Ella


“Why Charles? Don’t you find me attractive anymore?”

Ella knew she was still beautiful. She was 45 years old, with sky blue eyes and thick blonde hair that fell naturally in ringlets and curls halfway down to her narrow wasp waist.

She regularly noticed much younger men than Charles admiring the gentle curves of her firm buttocks and thighs.

And while her 36 DD breasts were not as pert as they once were, her nipples still pointed up. The small amount of sag when her bra came off at night was much less than any woman her size had a right to expect. Especially at 45 years of age.

“Whatever Ella. I’m just tired.” he grumbled, and staggered drunkenly to the bedroom.

He hadn’t made love to her in over a year.

“Maybe I am starting to look old” she thought glumly to herself.

Her belly wasn’t as flat as she’d like it to be, but after three C sections, what could she expect?

It had been 15 years since her last daughter was born. She hadn’t had her tubes tied, she had never been on birth control. She still had regular periods. But she had not become pregnant again.

Because her alcoholic husband quit having sex with her.

Oh, no, not all at once mind you. But over the last 15 years, the two or three times a week Ella had gotten so used to had tapered off more and more.

After 5 years it was down to twice a month, at best.

After 10 years it was down to twice a year.

And now? It was down to nothing.

Her 3 beautiful daughters were a joy. Yet it saddened Ella’s heart to think she would never have the baby boy she had wanted so badly. She was about out of time.


In late September, the Texas sun is becoming less oppressive in Dallas. It’s possible to enjoy a nice lunch on the patio of a cafe. Ella saw her sister in law Darla at an outdoor table, and waved as she waded through the small crowd to join her.

Darla was a slightly older, somewhat larger version of her sister Mary. The same jet black hair, the same ice blue eyes, but thicker around the hips.

It could be said that Darla had a big ass, but at almost 40 years of age, it still looked good stuffed in to a pair of jeans.

She walked, talked, looked, and acted like the stereotypical Texas cowgirl.

Darla and Ella were good friends, the kind of sisters in law that would have chosen each other for friends, had fate not done so for them. They laughed easily and talked through lunch.

Ella was always watching her weight, so when Darla ordered a hot fudge covered brownie for dessert, she playfully averted her eyes.

“Mmmmmm Elllllaaa you know you want a bite!” Darla teased.

Ella nipped a small corner from the brownie with a spoon.

“Did you hear about Ronnie and Mary?” Darla whispered in a hushed urgent tone.

“No, are they OK?”

Mary was her husband’s youngest sister, and Ronnie was her 25 year old nephew, that Mary and Darla had practically raised after Charles’s older sister tragically died.

She liked Ronnie. When his mother died, Charles had been bitter. He had shunned her children, shunned them for many years.

Several years ago, Charles’ father died too. His mother moved back to town, and started to gather the fractured family back together.

It was almost seven years ago, at Christmas, when Ella saw Ronnie again for the first time since he was a child. He had grown in to a very handsome young man.

But then, a couple of years ago at the family Christmas dinner, he had brazenly hit on her! And with his sweet wife Laura only a few feet away!

Ella had been flattered, in fact, more than flattered. She had seen him looking at her since that first Christmas dinner, and it hadn’t been difficult to figure out what he was thinking. Ella had also noticed the bulge in his pants. It was obvious to see that unlike her husband, Ronnie had a big dick.

A very big, very thick dick.

She remembered how she felt her neglected pussy flush wet when he told her how much prettier she was than Mary. She knew what was on his mind, but she couldn’t allow such a thing to happen. Charles hadn’t made love to her in 6 months at the time. She didn’t trust herself. She had to make sure to keep her distance after that.

“Oh they’re fine. More than fine if you’d ask them, I bet!”

Darla’s voice snapped Ella out of her daydream.

“Well, what happened?”

“Laura came home early from work… And caught Ronnie fucking Mary’s brains out on the couch!”

Ella’s vagina suddenly flushed wet.


“I can’t believe you just found out about that yesterday.” Jennifer snickered at her mother.

“The divorce is already final and everything. He’s living in an apartment, over behind the mall. I found out the next day!”

Ella had dreamed about it last night. Ronnie taking her in his muscular arms… crushing her to his chest… kissing her deeply as her hand drifted slowly to his thick powerful rod…

“Mom? Mom!” Ella realized she had drifted back to the dream.

“I… I’m just so shocked!” Ella stammered. “How could bahis firmaları they? That’s incest!” Her phony outrage was quite convincing.

“I know, right? Well anyway, she kept the house. I hope he’s enjoying his tiny apartment.”

“Shocking.” Ella muttered, her mind reeling as she desperately tried to think of a way to get his phone number without being obvious.

“Mary has always been such a slut. I’ll bet she practically raped him.”

Jennifer nodded in silent agreement.,

“Well, I’ll still send him a Christmas card. If he bothers to tell us his address.” The bait had been thrown. Ella could scarcely conceal her glee when Jennifer snatched it up.

“Hold on, I’ve got his new number here.” she said as she dug through her purse. “You can just call him and ask. Here it is, got a pen handy?” Ella smiled ever so slightly, and opened her address book.

Late that afternoon, Ella opened her address book, and reached for the phone… And drew her hand back again. She couldn’t. That would be incest! Or would it? They were only related by marriage…

Time and time again over the next few weeks, she reached for the phone, only to draw her hand back. She couldn’t do it. As soon as she picked up the phone, the word raced through her mind. Incest. That would be incest.

Finally, Ella steeled herself, and dialed the number. her heart pounded as it began to ring. And ring. Ella was almost relieved when his answering machine picked up after the 5th ring.

“Hi, this is Ronnie. I’m out of town, but leave me a message and I’ll call you back Monday morning”

Ella hung up the phone. Her vagina was soaking wet.


“Shut up Ella. Just shut up and leave me alone.”

Charles was drunk again, as drunk as he always was on Sunday, after football was over. And he was angry, as he always was after a Cowboys loss. Ella had seen this so many times in their 25 year marriage.

All she had done was sit next to him and press one of her luscious breasts against his arm. She hadn’t even mentioned sex! He just assumed that was what she was after. He stormed off to the bedroom, like a petulant child.

A tear rolled down Ella’s soft cheek. So what if it has a few wrinkles on it? She thought as she wiped it with the back of her hand. I’m still beautiful. I know I am. Ella had made up her mind.


8:00 AM, and Ella stirred in the bed.

He hadn’t even bothered to wake her up to kiss her goodbye.

The warm water from the shower cascaded down her body as she soaped up her luscious tits. She was resolved now. Today would be the day. She unwrapped a new razor for her legs and shaved them silky smooth. Looking around for the scissors, She decided to give him a nice little treat and shave the whole works. Now from her waist down, there was nothing to be felt but Ella’s smooth bare skin. She put on her favorite black bra and panty set, then a tight fitting white skirt and black satin top that showed plenty of cleavage and contrasted wonderfully with her thick blonde hair.

She reached for her panty hose.

“No. No, these would just be in the way.” she said quietly to herself.

A pair of black patent leather heels adorned her pretty feet.

She checked her hair and make up in the mirror. Perfect.

Ella knew she was still hot.

So it was, on a rainy Monday morning in October, when Ella opened her address book, and reached for the phone.

She had memorized the number two weeks ago. But she wanted there to be no mistake. A cold chill went down her spine as she heard the phone begin to ring.

“Hello?” said a smooth baritone voice.



“This is your Aunt Ella.” She realized she had begun to shake.

“Um…Would you mind if I came over for a little while?”


Ella was almost in a daze as she stood before the door of the humble apartment.

So many thoughts ran through her mind. Do I look good enough? What if anyone finds out? Does he even want me? Is this even what I really want?

“No. No, I’m sure.” she whispered out loud. She was sure she looked fantastic. More than sure he had lusted for her. And more sure than she had ever been, about anything, that she needed to feel his big thick dick sinking to the bottom of her vagina.

She was barely aware she had knocked. The door opened wide.

“Aunt Ella!” Ronnie smiled and held his muscular arms open for her. Ella smiled and fell in to them, careful to press her large soft breasts firmly against his chest. A soft sigh involuntarily escaped from her mouth.

“Oooo Aunt Ella!” he whispered in her ear, and pushed the door shut behind her. He buried his face in her neck and nuzzled her gently as her hands roamed over his muscular back.

Their lips met.

He kissed her softly, and ran his hand through her thick golden hair. Their lips slipped and slid as their tongues slowly danced together in a tender romantic kiss that seemed to last forever.

He pulled her closer with his powerful arms, crushing her soft tits against his chest. It was all unfolding kaçak iddaa for her just as it had in her dream. Her hand drifted down to his thick meaty rod, and grasped it gently through his thin shiny cycling shorts.

It was already rock hard. Wordlessly, they broke their kiss. He took her by the hand and led her to the bedroom, just a few steps away.

Ella’s head seemed to be spinning as their clothing fell to the floor. Ronnie pulled his beautiful aunt ever so gently down on to the bed, and cupped one of her luscious breasts in his hand. He was in awe of their beauty.

So much more than even he ever imagined, with perfectly round aureoles a little bigger than a quarter, and a delicious rubbery nipple in the center. They were very perky for their huge size. Hell they were perky for any size! Ronnie pulled a nipple in to his mouth, and laid Ella down on to her back. Her legs fell open.

Ronnie’s eyes widened. She had shaved her soft mound slick for him in the shower just an hour ago. His long thick cock throbbed.

“Oh my god I can’t put it in her, I’ll blow my load in two seconds.” he thought. He let her rubbery nipple slip from his mouth and began to plant soft kisses on her abdomen in a trail down to her smooth bald mound.

“He’s going to eat my pussy!” Ella’s voice screamed inside her head. Charles had never done that!

Ronnie softly kissed her clitoris, and began to lick up and down her wet slippery opening.

“Aunt Ella you taste soooo good.” he whispered. Her juices were clear and light, with a slightly sweet taste that Ronnie absolutely loved. Now he was licking and sucking on Ella’s pussy with abandon.

“Ooooooooooo Ronnie!” she groaned loudly. She pulled his head tight against her smooth wet pussy and rocked her hips up and down, as a shattering orgasm spread from her clit through her entire groin.

That was incredible! she thought to herself. Ella hadn’t had a cum like that in twenty years. When her head stopped spinning, Ronnie was already tenderly licking her labia again.

He gently worked a finger in to her, and started to flick his tongue over her clitoris.

“Shit, Aunt Ella is tight!” He thought. Unbelievably tight. At least as tight as Laura had been on the day he took her virginity.

How in hell could a woman with 3 children be so tight? Ronnie had seen the scars on her soft milky white belly from her C sections, but didn’t make the connection.

He worked another finger in to her, and pushed them in to the place where nothing but a tampon had been in over a year.

Ella squirmed and moaned as a second powerful orgasm swept over her. Her legs flopped open wide. It was time. Time for Ronnie to realize the dream he’d had since he’s first seen Ella again almost 7 years ago. Ronnie rose to his knees and waded up between Aunt Ella’s legs, his long thick penis rock hard and swaying gently from side to side.

Ronnie put a handful of spit on his thick juicy prick and tenderly worked the knob up and down Ella’s shiny bald slit. He looked in to her eyes, as if asking her permission to fulfill his wildest fantasy. Ella smiled gently and nodded her head once. He lodged the head in her tight wet opening and pushed.

His big thick dick just bent. “She’s too tight” he almost said out loud.

“Wait” Ella whispered. She reached down with both hands and spread her thin labia wide, and holding her legs open as wide as she could, nodded her head to Ronnie again. His penis ached with a hardness he had never felt before.

Ronnie leaned forward with most of his weight and pushed.

The tight ring of her inner labia snapped down over his glans with an audible pop.

He held still for a long moment, to let her adjust to his massive size, and to keep from instantly blowing his load in his beautiful aunt Ella.

He began to pull the head back out and pop it back in, savoring the delicious sensation, plunging just a little bit deeper in to her tight, wet sheath with every stroke. It was several minutes later when the bulbous glans of his penis came to rest against Ella’s cervix.

He began to fuck his aunt with long smooth strokes.

Ella wrapped her legs around his back, and rocked her hips in a gentle up and down motion.

Their lips had fused once again, their tongues probing each other’s mouths so tenderly. Soon Ella began to orgasm for the third time, her vagina spasming and flushing wet on her nephew’s massive prick.

Charles had never made love to her like this. He got her off well enough back in the day, but this was different. She had never cum so hard in her life.

Ronnie’s cock was so much more than she had ever hoped for, she thought as he continued thrust in to her, faster and faster with each passing moment.

“Oooohhh Aunt Ella”… Ronnie moaned her name, just as he had moaned her name under his breath while masturbating hundreds of times over the years. Now the woman of his oldest fantasy was writhing underneath him, a look of pure joy on her beautiful face, as his thick powerful rod worked furiously in and out of her tight wet slit. kaçak bahis

Ella groaned and bucked her hips as her fourth orgasm swept over her.

Now Ronnie felt the tingling in the head of his dick begin, and tried valiantly to beat it back. It was no use. Aunt Ella’s smooth legs were holding him in, her hips gyrating wildly. His cock was fully embedded in her, when he felt the thick base begin to surge.

“Aunt Ella” he moaned, as he felt his semen racing up the tube in his dick.

“Ughh” he grunted as the first spurt of his hot thick cum burst from the head of his penis and splattered against her cervix.

He pulled her firm butt hard to the side with one hand, stretching her open to drive his wildly spurting prick in deeper, as he continued to pump long ropes of his sperm deep inside her.

Suddenly, she remembered.

“Wait! Pull out!” She squealed. Ronnie quickly pulled his dick out of her and shot the last few spurts on to Ella’s soft belly.

“I’m not on birth control!” She sobbed softly.

“I’m sorry Aunt Ella, I’m so sorry! I didn’t know.” He laid his head on her breast

“I’m so so sorry!” he whispered.

“It’s not your fault sweetie, You pulled out for me as soon as you could. Most of its right here.” she said, as she wiped a little blob off her belly.

Ronnie knew it wasn’t true. He had pumped the first four thick, rich spurts deep inside her. Those last few spots on her belly were less than half of it. Way less.

“I’d better go try to wash it out. Doesn’t feel like much coming out. Maybe I’ll be all right.” she thought desperately to herself.

She knew her period had ended two weeks ago; knew it was her fertile time.

“I’d better clean up.” She whispered and hopped off the bed.

Hope faded quickly as she walked to the bathroom. She could feel Ronnie’s thick potent sperm sloshing in her womb.

He had stretched her so much more than anyone ever had, and when he pulled on her bottom and jammed his prick deep, the tiny hole in her cervix opened wide.

Four long, hot jets of her nephew’s sperm had shot directly in to her womb.

When he suddenly yanked his thick cock out of her, the little hole snapped shut.

For all she knew, her egg was already bathed in Ronnie’s sperm.

“God I hope I’m too old to get pregnant. Maybe I am” she told herself.

But she knew better.

She washed up as best she could, and returned to the bed. Ronnie pulled her close and laid her head on his shoulder, gently stroking her long, blonde hair.


“I still can’t believe she just strolled right in on y’all. Didn’t you bother to lock the door?” Darla asked her little sister.

“I was kinda in a hurry.”

“Well what did you do when she walked in?”

“Shit, my face was jammed in a pillow and my asshole was being hammered. I couldn’t do shit. By the time I got up, the screaming was over.”

Mary had, in fact, snatched up her clothes and ran naked to her car. But she wasn’t going to share that with her sister.

“Why Mary? why’d you wanna fuck that boy?”

“I ain’t had any in years. When’s the last time Frank fucked your brains out? Not the last time he stuck it in, the last time he really got you off? You could use a trip to Ronnie’s yourself. Besides, he ain’t no boy, he’s 25 years old now. And he DEFINITELY ain’t no boy down there!” Mary grinned wickedly at her older sister.

Darla thought back to the last time Frank had really got her off good. It had been even longer than Mary suspected. Maybe Mary had a point.

Darla felt a stirring in her loins, and quickly pushed the thought away.

“Like he’d do this old lady.”

“Ella’s 5 years older than you, you should hear what he says about her!”

Darla wasn’t surprised to hear that at all. She had seen Ronnie follow Ella like a puppy dog since got back from college.

But that would be a hard row to hoe. Darla remembered the outrage on Ella’s face when she heard the news. Besides, Ella wasn’t the type to give it up.

“Tell him good luck with that. I don’t think Ella even fucks Charles!”

“Ha! She had to at least 3 times!” Darla and Mary began to laugh.

“Next time you walk away from that boy, turn around real quick and catch him staring at your ass. He’d bend you over in two seconds.”

Darla blew a raspberry at her sister. “How do you know all this crap anyway?

“He told me so when we were fucking”

“Naaaa. don’t believe it.”

“Believe it Darla. Hey I’m running late. Ronnie left this tool box over here, can you stop it off on your way home? I got a seminar at work.”

“Sure, why not.” she said as Mary handed her the heavy metal box. Ronnie’s new place was right on the way.

“Maybe you get lucky”! Mary teased.

Maybe, Darla thought. Maybe.


“It’s OK Ronnie.” she whispered as he gently stroked her thick golden hair. “I just forgot to warn you, It’s not your fault.” She kissed him gently.

“Aunt Ella… oh Aunt Ella, I love you so much… I would never want to do anything to hurt you.”

Ella’s heart melted, No one had told her they loved her in years. Not even her kids. And now her nephew was telling her he loved her with such tenderness in his eyes, she knew it was true. It had to be true.

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