The Bachelorette Party Video Ch. 04


Chapter 04: My fantasy threesome fulfilled.

A couple of years have passed since the night Lori and I had gotten revenge on Sandra and Robert. It seems that night had altered all of our lives to the point of no return. One life was changed for the worse, one I’m not sure about and two lives for the better.

The life that was altered for the worst was my ex-wife Sandra’s life. We went through a very bitter divorce that brought out a lot of bad blood. But after everything that was said and done, the judge decided that everything we had was to be sold. The proceeds from the sale would be divided evenly between us.

I had no problem with what the judge had decided; it was going to save me a ton of money. On the other hand Sandra had a major problem with the courts decision. Sandra thought that she should have been awarded the house and I should have continued to pay all the bills. But since we lived in a community property state and she never wanted to have kids everything gets broken up evenly.

After the house was sold, Sandra and Robert took a small apartment in the city. Since neither of them had a steady job and both had a drug habit. In a matter of six months they spent all the money Sandra got from the divorce.

As soon as the money was gone, so was Robert. It seems that he only stayed with his sister, Sandra because it was for free and he could fuck her whenever he wanted.

Sandra had to get a job, without any formal training or education there wasn’t much she was qualified to do. She finally took a job as an exotic dancer at a gentleman’s club.

I never went to this club, but some friends of mine told me stories about what would happen in the VIP rooms. My friends told me if you have enough money; you could have whatever you wanted in the VIP rooms.

They told me the owner of the club is a dirty old man: that gets a weekly blow job from the strippers as pay for allowing them to work at his club. They also told me the better the blow job the owner got from the stripper; the better work hours the strippers got.

Sandra was hated by the rest of the dancers because she had the premium hours. She was one of the favorites in the VIP rooms: Sandra had become a world class whore that would do anybody or anything as long as the price was right.

I started to feel a little bad for Sandra; but then I came to my senses and remembered she fucked me over. So she deserved anything she got.

Robert’s life had also changed; but I’m not sure if it changed for better or worse. During his relationship with his sister Sandra, he was having a secret affair. Robert’s affair was with another man.

After Robert left Sandra, he moved in with this guy. It seems that the night Lori and I got revenge on him; it had drastically altered his life. I guess Robert enjoys taking a big dick up his ass. Whether his life was changed for better or worse you have to ask him.

The two lives that were changed for the better were Lori’s and mine. It took a little while for me to figure out why Lori was taking such good care of me. Then one day it hit me like a ton of bricks crashing down upon my head. It seems that Lori had fallen in love with me; I guess you could say I had fallen for her as well.

How could I not fall in love with Lori; she has a body that was built for sin. She has a perfect hour glass shape, huge tits that taper down to a slim waist and then flare out to a voluptuous ass.

Besides her amazing body, she would spoil me rotten. Whatever I wanted Lori would give me, the word no was never spoken by her. I couldn’t ask for more than what she was giving me.

After weeks of Lori and I discussing how we felt about each other; I decided to make it official. On a snowy cold December night just after dinner, Lori and I were sitting on the sofa watching a movie.

We were sipping on glasses of wine, so before my nerves got the better of me. I quickly dropped to one knee in front of Lori, whipped out the diamond ring and asked her to marry me. Needless to say Lori accepted with an enthusiastic YES!

As I was standing up, Lori leaped forward into my arms.

“I didn’t expect this.” Lori said as she was kissing me.

“Really?” I responded “I thought for sure you knew it was coming.”

“I thought you were going to ask me on my birthday last month.” Lori said sadly “When you didn’t ask, I figured you weren’t going to ask.”

“I just had to get my courage up.” I told her.

“I can see that it’s more than courage you needed to get up.” Lori said with a smile as she grabbed my cock through my pants.

I gave her a long slow kiss; as I reached down to release my cock from its captivity.

“You don’t have to do that” Lori said as she grabbed my hand “Let me show you how happy you made me.”

Lori moved her hands down my body, to my aching cock. She unzipped my pants and grabbed my cock. An electric shock shot up my spine when Lori wrapped her hand around it.

Lori then knelt down in front of me and pulled my pants down to the floor. My cock was fully bahis firmaları erect sticking straight out towards Lori’s face; she reached out with her hand and began to slowly stroke it.

“After all you have done for me, you deserve something special.” Lori said.

Before I could say anything, the head of my cock was in Lori’s warm wet mouth. She stopped pumping my cock with her hand and started to take it deep into her mouth. But this wasn’t just the regular blow job she would normally give me; this blow job was something special.

Lori took the full length of my shaft deep into her throat. She then ran the tip of her tongue on the under side of my cock, from the base of my cock to its head. It felt like her tongue was jerking me off in her mouth.

Every time I tried to pull my cock out of Lori’s mouth, she would inhale and suck it back in. It was the most incredible blow job that I was ever given. It literally felt like my cock was attached to an industrial vacuum cleaner, that’s how powerful her sucking was.

Lori was sucking my cock harder than ever before, moving her tongue faster up and down my shaft. I couldn’t hold out any longer, I must have shot every ounce of cum I had deep into her throat. She didn’t allow even one drop of cum to flow out of her mouth, she swallowed it all.

After Lori had finished swallowing, she stood up and pulled my pants back up. I gave her a kiss and told her that I loved her.

“You, love me.” Lori said with a giggle.

“Yes, I love you.” I responded with a smile.

We turned off the lights and went to bed. Nothing happened that night because I was completely exhausted from the blow job.

The following morning I woke up in bed alone. So I just got out of bed, took a shower and got dressed. After I got dressed I went downstairs to find Lori.

I found Lori making breakfast for me in the kitchen. She was standing near the stove with her back towards me. I snuck up behind her and grabbed her ass. Lori must have jumped about five feet into the air. She then turned around and gave me a kiss that got me a little aroused.

“Good morning, sexy.” I told her as we wrapped our arms around each others’ backs.

“Good morning.” Lori said as she patted my ass with her hands.

I told her that the blow job she gave me last night was the best I have ever had. Lori just smiled at me and told me to sit down so we could eat. I was hoping I would get another one, but I guess she wasn’t in the mood.

We had a fairly mundane conversation over breakfast, just the normal chit chat. Lori then surprised me with a strange question.

“Were you ever involved in a threesome?” Lori asked.

“No.” I said with a surprised look on my face “Have you ever been in one?”

“No.” She said staring down at the floor. “Do you want to try it?”

“Can I assume the threesome would be you, me and another woman?” I told her “Not another guy.”

“Yes.” Lori said “You with two women.”

Lori and I continued the conversation for about another hour. We finally decided that it might be something we both want to try, before we get to old.

Lori told me that she had someone in mind for our threesome. I was wondering who it was, but she wouldn’t tell me until she spoke to the other woman. Lori wanted to make sure the other woman was into it before Lori told me. I told Lori that I understood and when she was ready she could tell me.

A couple of weeks had passed with no further mention of the threesome. I figured that the woman Lori asked wasn’t into the threesome; or maybe Lori just lost her nerve and never asked. Which ever it was it didn’t matter to me, I was happy with my life with Lori.

It was Saturday morning and Lori had a list of errands for me to do. Lori told me that her car needed an oil change and I should bring it to the auto spa. It was just a place with a fancy name; that charged twice as much as a regular garage to change the oil in cars. But Lori was friends with the owner’s wife, so I had to bring the car there.

I spent the better part of the morning sitting around the auto spa. After about three hours they finally finished changing the oil and I was on my way. But I still couldn’t go home; Lori had given me list chores that needed to get done.

Lori had me running around the city for most of the day. When I had finished the list, I jumped into the car and started racing home.

I parked the car in the driveway and unpacked it. I had my arms full of bags, when I got to the door I wouldn’t be able to open the door. Luckily Lori spotted me walking towards the door and had opened it.

I walked into the house and closed the door with my foot. As I was moving towards the kitchen to drop off the bags in my arms; I noticed that it wasn’t Lori who opened the door. It was Sabrina’s mom, Donna, who opened the door for me.

The last time I saw Donna was in the bachelorette party video. She was letting her daughter fist fucker; while a bunch of male strippers were jerking off on them. What Donna and Sabrina did on that kaçak iddaa video, I still fantasize about it.

“Hi, Peter.” Donna said as she grabbed one of the bags in my arms “Let me help you.”

“Hi, Donna.” I responded “Thanks for the help.”

“What brings you around?” I asked as we walked into the kitchen.

“Lori and I went shopping today.” Donna told me.

“Anywhere special?” I asked.

“We just hit a couple of stores in the mall.” Donna said.

“Where is Lori?” I asked.

“Right here.” Lori stated as she walked into the kitchen.

I turned around to look at Lori and dropped the bags I was carrying onto the kitchen floor. I was completely stunned staring at her; you could have heard the sound of my jaw hitting the floor.

Lori was wearing a black leather mini skirt; it was so short that it just barely covered her ass. Her legs looked amazing in black stockings and 4″ black high heels. I couldn’t stop ogling Lori’s tits as her hard nipples pushed against the thin fabric of her top. The top look like it was straining to hold Lori’s tits in place.

Lori walked past me towards Donna; wiggling her ass as she went by me. Lori walked around to Donna’s back; she then wrapped her arm around Donna and placed her hand on one of Donna’s tits. Lori began to squeeze the nipple on Donna’s tit, which got me so excited I thought that I had cum in my pants.

“Are you OK, honey.” Lori said as she began to tongue Donna’s ear.

I couldn’t even speak, I think I stammered the word yes. That was when Donna and Lori just started laughing at me.

“Are you sure?” Donna asked with a smile.

“About what?” I responded.

“About,” Lori continued “feeling OK?”

“Oh, yes,” I said “I’m feeling pretty good right now.”

“That’s good to hear.” Lori told me as she continued to tug on Donna’s nipple.

I couldn’t take my eyes off of those two. They were kissing and Lori had placed both of her hands on Donna’s huge tits.

I heard low soft moans escaping from Donna’s mouth, as Lori massaged Donna’s breasts. I moved my hand down to my swollen cock and began rubbing it through my pants.

Lori stopped kissing Donna and whispered something into Donna’s ear. They walked over to me and both of them gave me a kiss.

“Come with us.” Lori told me as she grabbed my hand.

Donna and Lori escorted me into the living room and pushed me onto the sofa. Donna sat to my left and Lori sat down on my right. I was sandwiched between two gorgeous women, every straight guy’s fantasy.

I had fantasized about fucking Donna for years; like I said before she was the ultimate MILF. She was a much younger version of Raquel Welch, body and all. But not even I was prepared for what Donna was going to say.

“I want you to fuck me!” Donna demanded.

“What?” I asked surprised.

“I want you to fuck her. ” Lori told me “We all need a good fuck.”

“I definitely need a good fuck.” Donna responded.

Lori stood up and walked over to Donna. Lori grabbed Donna’s hands and forced her to stand up.

“We are going upstairs to get ready. ” Lori said.

“Get ready?” I asked.

“Yes, get ready.” Lori told me “Give us twenty minutes. Also bring up the tube of KY Jelly when you come up.”

Lori and Donna ran up the stairs and into the master bedroom. I was wondering what they were planning on doing?

After twenty minutes I grabbed the KY jelly on the table and went upstairs. As I opened the bedroom door, I looked around the room. The entire room had a soft amber glow from the candles Lori and Donna lit. Directly in front of the bed was a camcorder mounted on a tripod, aimed at the bed. They even spread rose pedals all over the bed and floor.

I kept thinking that this must haven taken them hours to set up. As I continued looking around the room I saw Donna sitting on the bed. She had on a black Basque that left her tits uncovered, black stockings and 5″ red high heels. They both knew how much I liked women dressed in lingerie and fully accessible at the same time.

Lori was standing by the camcorder; except she had removed the mini skirt. She was only wearing a black garter, black stockings and 4″ black high heels. She turned the camcorder on and walked over to the bed next to Donna. I guess Lori was planning on recording what was going to happen.

Donna was sitting on the bed staring at me. Lori bent down and picked up Donna’s legs. Lori pushed them against Donna’s chest, which forced Donna to lie down on her back. Lori then pointed her finger at me and motioned for me to come closer.

As I was walking towards them; I was rapidly removing my clothes. By the time I reached the bed; I was completely naked and my cock was as stiff as a board. Lori stuck her hand out and stopped me about a foot away from the bed.

“Tonight, Donna agreed to be our sex toy.” Lori said “She will do whatever we want.”

I couldn’t even muster up a response. I felt like I was dreaming. I would finally get my chance to fuck the woman I had fantasized over.

Lori kaçak bahis climbed onto the bed and sat on Donna’s face in a reverse cowgirl position. Lori began moving her hips back and forth massaging her clit against Donna’s chin.

Donna’s tongue was lapping at Lori’s pussy; Lori was letting out little gasps as Donna’s tongue pushed deep into Lori’s pussy.

I moved next to the bed and inserted a finger inside Donna’s wet pussy. I continued to force more fingers into her pussy, until I loosen her up enough so I could get my fist in her pussy.

Donna was moaning in ecstasy as I was slowly pumping my fist in and out of her pussy. Donna’s pussy was so loose that I was able to put my entire fist in her pussy, up to my wrist.

Donna’s pussy squelched as I pushed my fist into her; my fist was covered in Donna’s pussy nectar. At the same time Donna’s face was covered in Lori’s pussy juice.

I could see that both women were close to having an orgasm. I continued to force my fist faster in and out of Donna’s pussy; in turn Donna lapped Lori’s pussy even faster.

Donna and Lori both let out load screams, as their orgasms swept through them. Lori collapsed onto Donna; both women were exhausted, but I still needed to cum.

I climbed onto the bed and crawled between Donna’s legs. I was staring at her shaven pussy, like a starving dog ready to devour a meal.

As I dove into Donna’s warm wet pussy, Lori dismounted Donna’s face and came around behind me. I was lying on my belly lapping at Donna’s pussy; when Lori grabbed my hips and pulled me up onto my knees. This forced my ass into the air, but that was what Lori wanted.

Donna was moaning loudly as I put all of the tricks that Lori taught me to work. I licked up one side of Donna’s pussy and down the other side all the way from her clit to her asshole.

Donna’s chest began to heave as she began forcing more of her pussy into my mouth. She grabbed my hair with both hands and clamped my head between her muscular thighs like a walnut in a nutcracker.

While I was working feverously on Donna’s pussy, Lori laid down on her back between my legs. She grabbed my throbbing cock and placed it in her warm wet mouth. Lori was slowly moving her tongue up and down the shaft of my cock. I could feel my orgasm quickly building, I guess so could Lori because she stopped sucking my cock.

Lori stood up and walked around to the head of the bed. She once again mounted Donna’s body except this time in a 69 position. Now both Lori and I were working on Donna’s pussy. I moved my tongue down Donna’s pussy and licked her asshole, while Lori worked on Donna’s clit.

Donna must have reached her second orgasm in a matter of seconds; her body was shaking and trembling. Lori grabbed my hair and pulled my face up off of Donna’s asshole.

Lori released my hair and grabbed Donna’s ankles. Lori pulled Donna’s legs up into the air, so that her legs were touching Lori’s shoulders.

“You know what to do.” Lori told me as she held Donna’s legs in the air and pointed at the tube of KY jelly with her chin. I just gave Lori a wicked smile and nodded my head.

I grabbed the tube of KY jelly and carefully greased my fingers. I applied a good amount of jelly between Donna’s ass cheeks and slowly pushed a lubed finger into her ass. Donna began to loosen up as I added a second and third finger to my anal probing. She was moaning the whole time, as I worked my fingers in and out of her ass.

While I was working on Donna’s ass; Lori place Donna’s feet into her mouth and started sucking on Donna’s toes.

Donna however turned her attention from Lori’s pussy to Lori’s ass. Donna was pushing her tongue into Lori’s ass, it looked like Donna was trying to fuck Lori’s ass with her tongue.

Donna and Lori moans were getting louder; I was so turned on that I was afraid I would embarrass myself by shooting a load before getting inside of Donna’s ass. I knew that I needed to cum before I fucked her. I wanted to make sure that I lasted a long time once I got inside of her.

So I got up onto my knees and grabbed Lori’s hair. Lori released Donna’s legs and let them fall to either side of my body onto the bed. I forced Lori’s head down so my cock was at the same level with her mouth. She saw my cock in front of her face and instinctively opened her mouth.

I grabbed Lori’s head and slid my cock into her mouth. I began to violently face fuck her. It didn’t take long as I felt my cum rising up the shaft of my cock, I couldn’t hold back my passion. I shot a huge load of cum deep inside her throat.

Lori turned around and lay down on top of Donna. Lori’s mouth was full of cum; she swapped it with Donna as they kissed.

“Oh, that was amazing,” Lori said as she turns her head towards me “Now do you want Donna, on all fours or face down?”

“I want her up on all fours.” I told Lori.

“As you wish.” Lori said as she got up off Donna’s body.

“Get up on all fours.” I ordered Donna.

“It’s time for me to be a doggy.” Donna said with a giggle.

Donna rolled over onto her belly and got up onto her knees. I then told Lori to lie down in front of Donna with her legs spread. I want to see Donna eat out Lori’s pussy as I fucked Donna’s ass.

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