The Break-in Ch. 01


Author’s Note: This chapter provides the first part of the back story and the set up for the later chapters. Sorry but this means no sex this time. Also, I have not entirely decided on where this series is going to end up and, thus, have left myself open to a couple possibilities. So any suggestions and feedback are welcome.


As was my usual habit, I had been walking around our neighborhood for the past hour or so just walking away the day’s tensions and visiting with a couple of the neighbors and such. For some reason I had been in something of a somber and reflective mood all day and so when I came around the last curve and came within sight of my house to see the young lady standing at my front door my first reaction was an irrational thought that this was my long lost daughter that I had never met.

You see, when I was about 16 me and my girlfriend discovered sex and, in short order, she ended up pregnant and, when her father found out it was a rather unpleasant experience. After running from him to the sound of a shotgun unloading uncomfortably close to my backside, I did what most any young kid in my situation would have done at the time and continued running all the way to the bus station and promptly lied about my age and signed up for the military (this was back during the draft years when anyone who was willing to join wasn’t questioned all that hard). Anyways, by the time I had gotten settled in with the military and had rediscovered the courage to try and contact Mary to let her know of where I was and to find out about the baby, her father had shipped her off to a cousin’s house in Tennessee. And, over the years I had tried as best I could to find out where she was but I never did get the chance being as she ran away from the cousin’s house shortly after that and none of us had ever heard from her again.

Either way, that was almost twenty years ago and, as I was able to get a better view of the young lady, I was quickly disabused of the notion when I noticed that she was actually trying to pick the lock on my door and break in. My first reaction was to yell at the girl and then call the police. However, as my military training took over, I was actually able to see the comedy in the situation as I saw that the girl obviously didn’t know a thing about picking a lock being and was only succeeding in making herself more frustrated. Thinking to turn the tables on the girl, I noticed her “getaway” car (if you would consider an old pinto that was probably older than she was such a thing) was parked at the curb with, as I suspected, the keys still in the ignition.

After quietly reaching into the open window and pulling the keys out, I made my way around to the back of the house and silently opened the sliding glass door (which was ironically unlocked) and slipped through the house to the front door. As I stood there trying not to laugh at the muffled curses and the obvious fumblings of the girl on the other side, I very slowly opened the deadbolt lock that she was trying to pick so that when it opened she would think it was due to her fumblings and still not suspect my presence. So, by the time that the deadbolt was opened, I had edged behind the coat rack where I wouldn’t be seen and tried not to laugh as the young girl eased open the door and actually came through the door in a near perfect imitation of a movie style cat burglar or swat team.

Keeping perfectly still, I waited until she had actually slunk halfway down the hallway before using some of my training and sneaking up to where my mouth was right beside her ear and quietly asked, “So what are we stealing?”

Laughing like crazy, I casually followed the girl as she jumped up and ran full force into the closed front door and then on out to her car as she ran screaming all the way. As the panicked girl futilely tried to find her keys, bahis firmaları I calmly and politely held up the missing keys and asked her, “Are we searching for these?”

Screaming again, the girl was by now so hysterical that I decided that the only way to resolve this without waking the whole neighborhood was to calm the girl down. Therefore, I did the best thing I could think of at the time and grabbed an obviously dirty sock off of the pile of clothes she had in the back of her car and stuffed it into her mouth before slinging her light frame over my shoulder and carrying her into the house and dumping her on the couch. Then, it was a simple matter of holding her squirming body down until she finally gave up struggling and lay there breathing in an exhausted pant.

Realizing the girl was not going to take off running, I eased my hold on her and sat slowly backed away to sit across from her in the recliner. Then, as neutrally as I could, I asked her, “So why were you trying to break into my house?”

Snatching the sock out of her mouth she sullenly responded, “What do you want with me?”

“No. Me first.” I replied, “Why were you trying to break in?”

“I was going to slit your throat and then steal all your money and valuables to sell for crack.” Came the smart-assed reply.

“If you were you would have a weapon on you. Also, a crack addict would usually have sold their car long before they would break in to someone’s house in another state. Try again.”

“Your ex-wife paid me to break in and get all of her jewelry back.”

“No ex and no jewelry. Try again. With the truth this time.”

“If you’ll let me go I’ll blow you.” Came the response as she obviously tried her best to look seductive and alluring.

Laughing, I responded, “I don’t think so. First off, if you’re 18 then it’s just barely. Also, you obviously haven’t showered in a couple of days at least. And besides, it’s obvious you don’t have near enough experience playing the sex game to even make it worth my while to consider it.

“Now, since you seem so reluctant to part with the truth let me take a stab. From the dirty clothes in your car and the general odor coming off of you, I would guess you don’t have a place to stay and was hoping to steal enough money for a hotel room and was probably looking to pilfer some food out of the fridge.”

Apparently, I hit close enough to the truth or simply wore down all of her options because she finally responded with a truthful response. “I’m 19. And I was just going to crash for the night because I didn’t think anyone was coming home.”

“Well, for one, you could have just asked. And besides, I probably owe you that at least after I scared you like that. There are a couple of conditions though.” I warned.

“Like what?” she asked warily.

“First, you will tell me the truth about why and how you came to be breaking into my house. Second, you will sleep in the spare room. Third, no funny business. That means no trying to steal anything and no trying to repay me with any more offers of sexual favors because, frankly, I seriously doubt that you have any idea of what you would be getting into. And finally, go take a shower and make sure to scrub all that dirt off of you because I will not have you ruining my sheets. Understood?”


A short while later I was starting to regret turning down the blow job being as what emerged from an hour long shower looked remarkably different than the smelly and dirty street urchin that went in. And, as she sat down on the couch in nothing but a towel while waiting on her clothes to finish washing, I couldn’t help but admire the stunning beauty of the girl sitting in front of me. What I had first taken for dark brown hair turned out to be a honey blond that was long and surprisingly silky. Also, outside of the ill-fitting and tattered kaçak iddaa clothing, she turned out to have nice and firm C cup breasts, a face that would have won her a Jessica Alba look-alike contest, and a slim but not skinny figure that would go a long ways towards lessening the national consumption of Viagra if she were to ever show it off to full effect. And, being as I was being treated to the sight of her in just a towel, I was getting a full enough effect that it took almost all of my willpower to keep my voice steady and my hand out of my pants.

“So, young lady, who are you and how did you come to be at my front door?” I asked her after she had gotten comfortable back on the couch.

“Angel.” Came her quiet reply.

“OK Angel, now where are you from?” I asked gently.

“I don’t know.” She replied sullenly. Then, when I continued to wait for an elaboration, she added, “I’ve been in foster care since my mom died when I was ten. And we kept moving around a lot when I was with her.”

“So how did you end up being here?” I prodded.

“Well, the last foster home I was made me work all the time and would take all but fifty dollars out of each of my checks for ‘rent’ even though the state was paying them for me to stay there. Then, when I turned 18 and the state stopped sending payments, my foster parents told me that I would have to either drop out of school and get another job to make up for what the state had been paying them or I would have to please them and anyone they chose sexually. So the next day I told them I was going out to look for a job and just packed what I could into my car, drove off, and I’ve been going from city to city ever since. I’ve been working whenever I could to stretch what money I did have but now it’s all gone and for the past month now I’ve been sneaking in to houses every couple of days hoping to crash for a couple of hours until the owners come home and possibly get a shower before I have to run out.”

“Well, Angel, you’re lucky you haven’t been arrested or gotten raped yet.” I informed her. Then, being as it was approaching 2am and I had planned on getting up early in the morning, I ushered her into the spare room where I had cleaned all of the odds and ends off of the bed and had put fresh sheets while she had been busy in the shower.

“You’re welcome to stay for breakfast if you like. Other than that, the last of your clothes are in the dryer and the rest are in that old suitcase there by the bed. Have a nice night and it has been a pleasure meeting you Angel.” I informed her.

Then, as I edged past her on my way out the door, I was surprised by her suddenly grabbing me in a crushing hug.

“Thank you sir. I really appreciate this.” She quietly sobbed into my chest.

Woodenly hugging her back, I assured her that it was not all that much trouble. Then, as she finally let go, I was treated to a brief glimpse of her nudity as the towel had come undone and had started to fall before she could catch. Swallowing hard, we stood there for an awkward moment before I was able to unfreeze my brain and by body and move to the door.

“I’ll see you in the morning. Goodnight.” I said as I hurriedly departed to my room so that I could do something about the aching stiffness of my dick before I woke up with blue balls the next morning.


The next morning I was somewhat surprised –but gladly so –to see Angel still asleep in the spare room when I got up to fix breakfast. Assuming from the story she had given the night before that she would most likely be fairly hungry, I fixed a full breakfast with lots of bacon and eggs and even a couple of pancakes for good measure.

When I finished preparing breakfast and Angel had yet to appear, I went to wake her up. Upon seeing her almost ethereal sleeping form, though, I must have spent at least a good kaçak bahis five minutes just standing in the doorway admiring the serene beauty and the peaceful innocence that surrounds most people when they sleep.

Finally awakening myself from my wistful stare, I softly called from the doorway, “Hey, kiddo, breakfast is ready.” When she still didn’t stir, I then called, “Angel.”

Apparently either her instincts took over or I have a sudden knack for frightening young girls because at the sound of her name, Angel sprang awake with a squeak and blindly started to run out the door even though I was standing square in the middle of it. Apparently she also forgot the fact that she had fallen asleep in just a towel too for I was once again treated to the sight of her naked form before she slammed into me full force and sent us both tumbling to the floor.

As we fell, I did the one thing that I could do to keep her from hurting either one of us with her blind thrashings and tightly hugged her until she had awoke enough to remember her situation.

After she had regained her composure, I picked us both up and, as nonchalantly as I could, informed her, “Breakfast is ready when you are.” And left her before she had a chance to get embarrassed over her nakedness.

When she finally appeared -dressed this time –I silently served her before helping myself and then watched in semi-amazement as she devoured everything that I had not placed on my own plate. Then, as she finished the last of the crumbs on her plate, I inquired about her immediate plans.

“I … I guess back to wandering until I can find me a job and then maybe save up enough to get a place somewhere.” She responded.

“What about long term plans? Or have you even stopped long enough to think about those yet.” I wondered.

“Well, I was hoping to go into nursing before I ran away but since I’ve had the chance to help out in a couple nursing homes and such I don’t think that I would be any good at it. I have thought about doing some gardening or horticulture though being as it’s the only time I feel happy since my mom died. Why do you want to know?”

“Well, I got to thinking this morning that I do have the spare bedroom that is only being used for storing junk right now and guess it was also just the fact that I would hate to see a pretty young thing like you end up back in the condition in which I discovered you last night if I can help it.” I explained.

Suddenly wary again, Angel hesitantly asked, “What’s the catch? Or is this just a ploy to sleep with me now that you have seen me naked and clean?”

Chuckling I replied, “Actually no –although something along those lines did cross my mind a couple of times. I am not your foster father Angel. I may not be rich, but I am well enough off to where I can afford the expense of having an extra person around for a while. And, besides, it’s been getting kinda lonely around here lately and I would look forward to the company. Also, I didn’t say you would be staying for free either. I much prefer cash over sexual favors because favors don’t pay the bills –cash does. Therefore, I believe that $50 a month –plus half of groceries considering you just disposed of twice as much as I usually do –is a fair trade for a room with all of the amenities.”

“Either way, I’ll give you the weekend to decide. Until then, go get dressed because we’re going to go see a couple of folks and I have to go do some things and don’t fully trust you out of my sight yet.” And so we set out for the day and, through chatting with a couple of my friends, Angel was able to arrange a few odd grass cutting and lawn care jobs for the rest of the summer. Also, as I gradually got to know her better, I realized that I had probably intervened in this girl’s life at the most opportune time when she was desperate enough to consider anything that came along but still had not given up on her hopes and dreams nor had she yet gotten caught up in the great vacuum of having a police record from which she would probably never have been able to emerge.

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