The Cabin – A Sexy Snowy Wonderland


It was a few years ago now. At the time it seemed to me like a crazy experience that would repeat many times in different forms throughout my life. Now looking back I can appreciate the extreme circumstances that aligned just perfectly and I remember it more as an iconic night, a climax if you’d like, of my sexually charged youth. It was the combination of adventure, isolation, and a strong desire to rebel against everything normal that catalyzed the encounter, and then two crazy and very open minds that kept it going. I long for another opportunity that will match this one and yet I know the specialness of it stemmed from the rarity of the circumstances – something that you cannot recreate artificially no matter how hard you try. All you can do is be ready for the chance at an adventure and hope one comes along and finds you. Until then, I’ll read of others’ adventures and I’ll put mine down in words so that others may enjoy it vicariously while they wait.

It all started with a misguided attempt at a family vacation (as all good sexual experiences do). The plan was that my parents and I would fly into Denver and meet up with the rest of my family who were coming up from St. Louis. We would drive up into the mountains, find the cabin we had rented, and spend the week in our own private winter paradise. Needless to say, as an 18 year old this was not my ideal way to spend winter vacation. I remember the few weeks prior to the trip I was whining to my parents every chance I got about not going. In retrospect I wouldn’t have traded the experience for much. Funny how that works.

We lived in South Carolina at the time so I was not thrilled about the cold in general. Couple that with having to see family that I hadn’t seen in 5-6 years and it became even less appealing. I was pretty and boys liked me and I was thriving in the small beach town I called home. I am 5′ 8″ and had a nice tan going at the time. My long bronzed legs and my cute little ass didn’t belong in the snow covered up by many layers of clothing. I had to go shopping before we left just to have enough layers to stay warm. I would have probably put more effort into packing cute clothing had I known that I would end up taking them off.

“Bre, I didn’t even realize that was you! Your hair is gorgeous!” said my aunt as we walked up.

My aunt and uncle are actually pretty cool and down to earth people. They totally didn’t recognize me when they saw me walk into the baggage claim. I had changed a lot in the years since our last visit.

“Aw thanks,” I said, hugging them, “It’s nice to see you guys again!”

My younger cousin Ben was standing slightly behind his parents. He was the perfect age to be called an awkward teenager. I walked up and hugged him tightly.

“Hey Benny, how’s it going?”

I remembered him being a little kid and realized I was still talking to him the same way. He blushed a little and looked away and I realized I may have pressed my boobs into him a little too much.

Everyone hugged and greeted each other and then we went to wait for our bags.

“Where’s Alyson?” my mom asked my aunt.

“She went to get the car,” replied my aunt, “she likes to drive every chance she gets now.”

“Oh that’s right, she doesn’t have a car at school, right?” asked my mom.

“She’s not allowed as a first year,” said my uncle from the other side of the group.

Alyson is my age but started high school a year before me because of where our birthdays fall. She was at her state college already and I was so jealous of her at the time.

We finally got our bags and Ben was eager to help us carry them. We found the van with Alyson sitting in the driver’s seat waving at us happily. She was shorter than me and had light brown hair which contrasted from my own dark brown waves. We were both slim and had the same green eyes, a point of constant comparison whenever we were together as kids.

“Hey Bre!” Alyson said as she hopped out of the van and hugged me excitedly.

I hugged her and used my high-pitched voice to show my excitement but the truth was that I was nervous to see how much different we’d become since our childhood. I hoped she’d like me and not be “too cool” for me now that she was in college. Her bubbly personality masked any signs of true emotion toward me. I was happy when she hopped in the back of the van, sitting cozily between me and Ben.

“I thought you’d want to drive Alyson?” my mom asked her from the seat ahead.

“Oh no way, not in the snow and the mountains,” Alyson replied cutely, “I’m all for driving in the parking lot though!”

We took off on what seemed like a really long drive but it went quickly because of the constant chatter of everyone catching up on what they’d missed of the last few years of their lives.

Alyson showed me pictures of her school on her phone. She got to one with a picture of a guy with his arm around her but swiped it quickly away and didn’t mention it. Based on the rest of her stories, it seemed like he was her high school boyfriend and they had tried bahis firmaları to keep it going during college but it had come to an end recently. She still seemed sensitive about it so I didn’t pry. Apart from that it seemed like she was really enjoying herself. It had me excited even more to leave high school.

Hours of driving through the cold dark mountains we eventually arrived at our lovely destination.

“Isn’t it great!” said my aunt as the dimly lit cabin came into view. It looked underwhelming and small.

“Looks awesome, mom,” Alyson said as she gave me a quick look that said otherwise. It gave me hope that there might be a girl I could be friends with underneath the bubbly exterior afterall.

It was peaceful to say the least. The snow was falling lightly and there was no sign of life in any direction. We were all alone in our winter wonderland, much to my displeasure.

There was a bit of confusion bed wise because the layout was a little different than they’d anticipated. The two sets of parents each had their own master bedroom. This left two remaining bedrooms, each with a queen, and a couch in the living room. At first they tried to give Ben the couch but he protested that he would be sleeping in the longest.

“Well you can share a bed with Alyson,” his mom said to him. He shuddered at the thought of it and resigned to taking the couch.

“Me and Bre could share a bed,” Alyson piped up from the kitchen, “That is if you don’t mind Bre.” She looked at me questioningly. At the time I didn’t think much of it but looking back it seems like the first domino to fall.

“Not at all,” I said, “it’ll be like when we were little.”


The first few days were relatively uneventful, especially in the context of recounting a sexy story. We played in the snow a lot. We had snow mobiles that we were allowed to ride around the hills nearby and that turned out to be a lot more fun than we’d imagined. Overall, it was a nice time and I was generally distracted from my initial disinterest but we still had quite a bit of time left together and at the time I thought we were running out of things to do.

Alyson and I had lots of opportunities to chat but never really had deeper conversations until the third night. We all went to bed early and she asked me as we were laying in bed if I was actually planning on sleeping. I said I probably would play on my phone for a while since I wasn’t tired. We didn’t have service so I couldn’t really talk to anyone but I could at least entertain myself a little bit.

“I’m not really tired either,” Alyson whispered back.

“Do you remember when we used to sneak around and steal snacks from the kitchen during our old sleepovers?” I asked her. “We thought we were so sneaky.”

“We could steal food now but I don’t think anyone would care,” she said disappointedly.

“Pity,” I said feigning sadness, “I always liked breaking the rules with you.”

“Well, I may have another way to break the rules now,” Alyson said shuffling around on her side of the bed. “If you’re interested that is.”

I remember in my youthful naive state having no idea what to expect next. Alyson was leaning off the side of the bed digging through her bag and I could see her panties just barely sticking out above her pajama pants.

“Here it is,” she said victoriously.

She pulled out a slick black flask with a glittery peace sign on the front.

“Do you like bourbon?” she asked, opening the lid. She stuck the small nozzle to her face and tipped it up for a second as if she were on a mission. She took it away again and cringed as she swallowed the burning liquor.

“Ugh,” she moaned in a whisper, “it’s much better than I made it look. I’m just a baby with this stuff.”

She handed me the flask. I had drank my fair share in high school. Usually fruity silly drinks, not straight whiskey. Still, I knew what I was getting into and welcomed the adventure with the pain. I took a quick swig and let the burn flow down into me.

“Woo,” I said as I breathed out the fumes. “That’s strong stuff!”

Alyson laughed. “I had to bring strong stuff because I could only bring a tiny amount.”

She looked at me with approval. Not because I drank but more so because I was willing to go with the flow so easily. From then on we were friends.

We spent the next few hours whispering back and forth like little kids. She told me about her breakup and actually seemed pretty happy about it overall. She was excited to be free and be able to date new people in college. I told her how I was single myself and hadn’t had a boyfriend in a while. I could if I wanted to but there was nobody I liked enough to trade my freedom. She told me I was smart for this and to wait until college before starting anything else.

We talked about our families and how this vacation sucked but was also kind of cool at the same time because we were at least the same age. It was a mixture of a budding friendship and a little alcohol/late night excitement. kaçak iddaa I was eager to talk to her about everything and it seemed that she felt the same way.

“So I loved driving the snowmobile earlier but my panties were so far up my ass I was about to lose my mind,” she giggled in a whisper.

“Me too!” I exclaimed a little too loudly. “And you can’t fix them at all while wearing those awful suits”.

“Well that settles it then, I guess we are going commando tomorrow,” Alyson said with a sarcastic tone.

“I might if I weren’t afraid of freezing,” I whined, “I need all the layers I can get.”

“I think Ben might lose his mind if he knew you were naked under your suit,” Alyson said, giggling again.

He had seemed weird about me hugging him earlier but I hadn’t considered that he might actually think of me in that way.

“Oh psh,” I said dismissing her nonsense, “he’s my cousin.”

“Doesn’t stop you from being gorgeous,” she said, flicking a lock of my hair dramatically as she winked at me.

We laughed and talked for a while until we both passed out. I don’t remember what all we talked about, but I remember thinking that I could be friends with her even once we moved back and I was much more enthusiastic about the rest of the vacation.


The next day is when the storm came.

It was much like the previous days had been, at least in the morning. We didn’t go outside much but we enjoyed being warm and cozy inside while the snow drifted down at increasing speeds. It was around noon when the conversation began. The original thought was that we should definitely not leave the house today because of the storm. Now it was looking worse than expected and there was concern about how long we would be stranded and how much food we would have left.

“Rick and I will head to town, it’s not a problem,” my dad said this in the most “dad way” possible.

“And what if you can’t come back?” my mom asked.

“Well then we’ll stop and get a beer!” my uncle chimed in…

“Not funny Rick,” my aunt rolled her eyes at him.

“Well, we can’t take everyone in the truck and we’re sure as hell not taking the van in this weather,” my dad scowled as he looked out the window.

“I’ll stay here,” I volunteered. I had no interest in going to the town or making the drive.

“No…” my mom began to protest.

“I’ll stay too,” Alyson piped up.

“Well we could leave the kids…” Uncle Rick began.

“I’m not staying!” Ben cried out from the other room. He desperately wanted more batteries for his game.

“What if we can’t get back?” my aunt begins to worry.

“It’s fine, there is plenty of food for two people for a while,” my dad reasoned, “just not enough for all of us if we get stuck here.”

Everyone looked worried still but nobody had any better solutions.

“I’ll stay here too then,” my aunt said eventually.

Something inside of me stung in response to her offer. I don’t know why I didn’t want her to stay, it just seemed so relaxing to just have the place alone with Alyson instead of having the parents crammed in there as well.

Much to my pleasure, Alyson didn’t look thrilled about it either.

“It’s ok mom, we’ll be fine. Don’t you want to see the stores?”

My aunt loves trinkets. It was her favorite hobby to collect dumb little souvenirs and then arrange them around the house. It was her weakness. Even when I was younger I found it overwhelming how many collections she had.

There was a brief pause where she weighed her options.

“Well I suppose you two could use some time to hang out. Instead of all hours of the night that is…”

We giggled a little in response to this but Alyson’s mom just smiled, happy to see us getting along.


And then suddenly we were alone. They packed the truck up and showed us where all the food was as if we didn’t know and then took off into the flurry. The roads were still decent at this point but if it continued longer they wouldn’t be. Already, I could feel myself getting excited at the potential disaster. Not that I wanted anything bad to happen, it was just the excitement of the unexpected that enthralled me.

Alyson was sitting on the couch when I came back from the bathroom. After all the excitement it seemed quiet and peaceful now.

“Our own private cabin!” she said excitedly to me as I sat down.

“I know!” I responded, “What should we do?”

“Good question…”

She got up and ran to our room returning shortly with her flask.

“I don’t know what to do but I think it should involve this.”

“Good idea,” I said, “Do we have any mixers?”

We searched around and found some root beer that Ben had packed and used heavy coffee cups to mix our concoctions.

“Damn,” Alyson said, taking a sip of the finished product, “that’s still potent.”

I took a sip of my own drink and shivers ran down my back.

“Yes, but it’ll keep us warm,” I countered.

“You kaçak bahis know what else would keep us warm?”

Alyson grabbed my arm and took me and my drink to the back window. It was around this time that I realized how completely willing I was to go along with anything Alyson said. I would have followed her anywhere. It was a weird combination of admiration and trust. I was helpless and happy about it.

A few feet from the corner of the house was an old hot tub. It was wooden and worn down but there was steam coming from around the lid. It was a big draw as a rental cabin to have one but it looked like they had gotten the cheapest one they could many years ago and somehow it was still working. Our family hadn’t planned on there being one and nobody brought bathing suits so we had altogether ignored it so far. There was about an inch of snow that had settled on the top of it untouched.

“It does look warm but the snow looks cold,” I said. “Plus I don’t have a bathing suit packed.”

“Oh come on, we’ll figure something out!” she said encouragingly.

I hadn’t realized she was serious but of course I found myself completely unable to disappoint her.

“Are we sure it works?” I asked hesitantly.

“I’ll find out,” she says taking off her socks and rolling up the bottoms of her jeans.

“Where are you…” I began.

She handed me her socks and her drink and opened the door. She made tiny tracks in the snow as she walked swiftly to the edge of the tub. She scraped some snow off quickly and then lifted the lid. A cloud of steam poured out into the cold winter air and she looked inside and then stuck her hand into the water. She looked back at me and gave a thumbs up before prancing back toward me and squeezing back through the doorway.

“Feels pretty good to me!” she said, shivering.

I look down at our outfits. I had sweatpants on and she was wearing jeans.

“Well we can’t wear these…”

“True,” she said and she unbuttoned her jeans and pushed them down slightly, letting them fall to the floor before stepping out of them.

I stood there with a coffee mug in each hand and her socks in my pocket and I can’t imagine what my face looked like but I had not been prepared for that. In theory two girls being in their underwear around each other isn’t a big deal but I simply hadn’t been mentally prepared.

I was even less ready for her to walk towards me and pull my sweatpants down. I stepped out of them obediently. If my hands had been free I might have tried to resist but I didn’t want to spill our drinks.

I giggled nervously and she smiled at me innocently before pulling her shirt over her head and tossing it aside.

She took the drinks from me letting my hands free to do the same.

“Didn’t go commando after all huh?” she asked playfully, “Good thing.”

I giggled some more and slid my shirt off. I hadn’t planned on anyone seeing my bra or underwear so I was happy to be wearing a remotely normal selection. Green boyshorts and a black bra that fit my B cups as well as it could.

She unsurprisingly had me outdone. She was in these adorable silver panties that I remember vividly and a blue bra that made her C cups look especially big compared to mine.

She handed me my drink back.

“Alright,” she smiled, “you ready for this?”

I followed her out into the cold and my warm skin flushed with the cool air against it. I briefly wondered if our parents would ever see our footprints in the snow. She pushed the lid aside and swung her leg over the edge into the water. She seemed to decide it was at least better than standing in the snow, and slid her other leg in as well. She sighed as she let her body down into the water. I followed suit and climbed in after her.

It felt wonderful and the contrast of the cold air and the warm water was something I’d never experienced before. My skin prickled above the water.

We sat and talked and drank.The snowflakes would land on us for only an instant before disappearing. Only our hair could keep them around and they sparkled on both of us like glitter.

“Should we worry about the time yet?” I asked, starting to get nervous about them returning.

“I don’t think so,” Alyson answered. “It would take them two hours to get to town and back if the weather was decent so we should have another hour at least.”

She was right, of course, but it still made me a little nervous. After a while of soaking in the tub, the drink started to catch up with me and I became less and less nervous.

It must have been affecting Alyson too because we both started laughing more and weren’t keeping our postures very well.

“I guess we both have the rebellious gene,” Alyson decided randomly.

“I was nervous at the airport, you seemed like the last girl to be smuggling a flask on a family vacation,” I retorted.

“I put on an innocent face,” she smiled slyly, “but I’m glad I surprised you.”

Our legs and feet would occasionally touch underwater and I could feel her smooth skin against mine. At the time I remember struggling to decide if I was actually turned on or if it was just a result of being isolated in a cabin and not seeing other people for so long and then drinking whiskey.

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