The Cucumber Ch. 02


Next morning, as mum cooked breakfast, Jack sat admiring her beautiful body. They were both naked, though mum put on an apron when she put the frying pan on the stove. They had made love again last night, Jack was impressed with how good she was in bed. They had woken at seven, mum had wanted ass fucked first, it was now eleven, Jack had no idea how many times that mum had cum, it was a lot. Mum had asked a couple of questions about Joyce, Jack had managed to avoid answering directly, he knew that soon he would have to be open with her.

It had all started with Joyce in Jack’s first year at University, he had been at a Church Disco one Friday night. Jack was very popular with the girls, he was tall, good looking, intelligent, and had a massive cock. Jack had pulled Beth, Beth was busty, she was studying medicine. Her mother was a widow, she was a doctor, Beth would join her practice when she qualified. Beth and Jack used each other, they both enjoyed sex. Beth was having her period, she had suggested that they use one of the smaller rooms off the main Church Hall. Jack had positioned Beth on a table, she was naked from the waist up. Her head was hanging over the edge of the table as she liked to give Jack a titty fuck, in this position, she could suck Jack’s balls as he fucked her big tits. Beth always wanted to finish Jack off in her mouth. With her head and mouth angled to take Jack’s full length, Jack started to fuck Beth’s mouth, he was just about to cum when the door opened, Joyce was standing watching them. Joyce said, “My God, what’s happening here in the Church Hall? Beth get dressed immediately, come to Priory at ten tomorrow morning, we must speak about this.”

“I’ll be there at ten, please don’t tell my mum, I’m so sorry.”

Beth then left, Jack’s cock was still stiff, it looked terrific, Joyce couldn’t take her eyes off it, then Joyce said, “That was a shock, the disco is finished, Jack, please cover yourself, I must speak with you too. Help me check the other rooms then come with me to the Priory, I need a drink.”

The Hall was clear, Jack then followed Mrs Constable to the Priory, they used a side entrance, Mrs Constable then led Jack into a lounge, she said, “These are my quarters, Father Peter has his own rooms. He retires very early on a Friday evening. Jack, would you like to join me with a glass of wine? I have a very nice Chardonnay in the fridge.”

Jack replied, “I would love to Mrs Constable, I enjoy a glass of wine.”

“Jack, please call me Joyce when we are together, I’ll get the wine now.”

Jack looked at Joyce’s figure as she walked out of her lounge, she had curves. Jack then wondered why he was there? He had been mouth fucking Beth, he wondered about Beth, she was a good kid, she was also a great fuck, she was very noisy in bed. A couple of times when he had been in her house, she loved to be ass fucked, she had been so loud, but they had got away with it as her mum, May, was always polite to him. Joyce came back into the lounge, she had changed, she was wearing a top and leggings, both were tight fitting. She was also carrying a tray with a wine cooler bahis firmaları with two glasses with a bottle of wine. Joyce said, “Jack, I hope that you don’t mind, but I’ve changed into casual clothing, I don’t feel like the Vicar’s wife now. It’s been a long day for me, at the last Church Disco, I found four used condoms outside the Church Hall, this year there was none, but I did catch you and Beth having fun. Tomorrow morning, I’ll ask Beth to go to confession with Father Peter, I’ll tell her not to mention your name, that should keep you out of it.”

“Saturday is a big day for Father Peter, he does Hospital visits after lunch. At five, he hears confessions. At six-thirty, I have to prepare his supper. After his supper, he retires to his study to write tomorrow’s sermon. We have an old fashioned system, in the Priory, depending on the confessions he has heard, sometimes, he can get aroused. He no longer is sexually active, he hasn’t been for many years. I dread it when the bell in the kitchen rings, then I must go to his study, to perform for him. I hate doing this, it gives him relief, but I’m so horny afterwards. I have no one to give me any relief. Jack, I get so depressed, I’ve no one to talk to. Do you mind if I talk with you? The only thing that I ask of you is that you are discreet. I need a friend. How do you feel about this?”

Jack could think on his feet, he squeezed Joyce’s hand, then said, “Joyce, I’m very discreet, I’m also a good listener, do you not have any sex with Father Peter?”

“No, not at all, he’s not well endowed, he’s got a mini penis. He also can’t get it hard, I asked Dr May Roberts, Beth’s mother, she gave me some Viagra for him to try, it didn’t work. I won’t tell May about Beth, though I think she’s a good idea that Beth loves sex, I like May, she’s a lovely woman.”

Jack asked, “Joyce, how do you have to perform for Father Peter?”

“Every Saturday, he has people coming to confess, he’ll be very excited tomorrow when I tell him that I caught Beth being mouth fucked, this arouses him, during the confession, he will ask Beth what she was doing, and to describe to him in detail. This will arouse him, then I’ll be summoned, I will take a cucumber with me, I will tease my pussy with it, then I’ll fuck myself with it. I will fake an orgasm, then I’ll leave, and he will write his sermon. Jack, you are the first person that I’ve told this to.”

Jack asked, “Joyce, do you enjoy sex?”

Joyce then squeezed Jack’s hand suggestively then said, “I think that I can trust you, Jack, I love sex, I’ve extreme sexual desires, I get very frustrated as I’ve no one to give me the relief that I need. I feel very comfortable with you, Jack.”

Jack then put his arms around her, they hugged, their lips met, Joyce buried her tongue deep inside Jack’s mouth. Both of their heads were exploring, Joyce found Jack’s stiff cock, within seconds, she had him out, her tongue was teasing the bulbous head of his stiff cock, Joyce said, “I love your cock Jack, we would be more comfortable in my bedroom or would you like me to bring you off here?”

Jack said, “Let’s go to bed, kaçak iddaa we can take our time, there’s no need to rush anything.”

That was the start with Joyce, over the following years, Jack became very fond of Joyce, her marriage was a sham, their lovemaking was incredible. Jack always spent time with Joyce on a Saturday evening after visiting Father Peter, though it was usually once a month that she was summoned. Joyce loved it in every hole, the sex was so varied. After a few months, Joyce introduced Jack to Claire King, the Chairwoman of the School Governors. One evening, after a filthy session, Joyce said, “Jack, I have a very good friend, I’ve been telling her about our relationship, Claire and her husband Tom, are powerful people in the local community. Tom is Director of Education in the local government’s Claire and Tom, have got me on to several committees, I am well paid for the work that I do.”

“The salary that Peter receives is not a lot, we live in the Priory, all running expenses are paid for by the Church. Claire is not happy at the moment, Tom is a cuckold husband, can’t get it up Claire, and has a tiny penis. Claire is a very sexy woman. She likes to dress up as a schoolgirl, tight-fitting blouses, mini-skirts. She likes to be submissive, Tom likes to watch her being fucked. I have told her that you’re just a poor student. She’s suggested that she could give you a little job looking after their computers in the house. I think that she would pay you well. Would you be interested in visiting her once a week?”

Jack kissed Joyce, then said, “Joyce, if it’s good for you then I’ll do it, if she likes what I do then hopefully, you’ll get on more committees.”

Jack knew Claire and Tom from the Church, Claire was an attractive woman in her fifties, she had a full figure. Tom looked older, when you saw them together, you knew immediately that Claire was the boss. There was also something very sexy about Claire. They were most certainly the high society in the Church community. Joyce gave Claire and Tom his WhatsApp number, telling them that he would check out all their computers and Internet connection. Joyce told them to contact Jack directly.

Jack saw them at the Sunday morning service in Church. Claire looked so prim and proper in her Sunday outfit. She approached Jack after the service. She asked when would be a suitable time for his first visit. They agreed on two on Monday afternoon. Jack arrived at their beautiful villa, just before two. Tom opened the door and led Jack into the lounge, Claire was sitting on the sofa, she was wearing a tight-fitting blouse, with a striped school tie, she had massive breasts. She was also wearing a very short mini-skirt, she was wearing self-supporting stockings, you could see her bare thighs, she looked erotic. Claire said, “Jack, I’m so happy to see you, come and sit beside me. I am very excited, I’m having a glass of wine, would you like a glass of wine too?”

Jack nodded in approval, then Claire said, “Tom, have you locked the door? I don’t want to be disturbed during Jack’s visits. Please lock the door then bring Jack a glass of wine and kaçak bahis top up my glass.”

Jack said, “Claire, don’t be nervous, I’m a little nervous too, the wine will help me too.”

Tom brought the wine, he gave Jack his glass and topped up Claire’s glass. Jack noticed that Tom wasn’t drinking. Claire said, “Jack, do you like what I’m wearing? Tom likes me in tight-fitting blouses, he likes to look at my big tits. Tom likes to be dirty, don’t you, Tom?”

Tom replied, “I love your big tits, Claire, I also love you in your mini-skirts.”

Jack said, “Claire, you’ll have to be careful with your mini-skirts, but no problem in your house. If you were out, then people could see your panties, are you wearing panties, Claire?”

“I am Jack, but if you would prefer, then I’ll take them off?”

Tom said, “Claire, take off your bra first, I am sure Jack would love to see your big tits first?”

Claire pushed her tits out then said, “Jack, dirty Tom just wants to see my tits, would you like to see them? If you like them, then you can suck and play with them.”

As the weeks progressed, Jack was sure that the more he embarrassed them, the more they enjoyed it. On every visit, Jack would fuck Claire with Tom watching. Claire adored Jack’s cock, she loved the pleasure that Jack gave her. Claire was taking it in every hole. Tom was very generous with the money. He would give Jack one hundred pounds in cash on every visit. They wanted three visits a week, but he could only visit twice a week because of Jack’s studying. Then Tom started to give him one hundred and fifty pounds a visit. They both loved the relief that he was giving them.

Jack helped mum fill the dishwasher, mum took off her apron, Jack wanted her again, he took her in his arms, they kissed lovingly then Jack said, “Mum, I see Joyce a couple of times a week, I enjoy being with, she doesn’t have a good marriage.”

Mum kissed Jack then said, “Thanks for being honest with me. I’ve been an assistant headteacher at my school for the last three years. Yesterday, I put in an application for the Rectors position of the largest school in the area. I have the experience to take the job on. I know that Joyce is friendly with Claire and Tom King, I was wondering if you could have a word with Joyce to see if she could put in a good word for me, I would love that job.”

Jack kissed his mum, then said, “I will have a word with Joyce, I’ve also met Claire and Tom, I could even ask Claire, mum let me think about how the best way to proceed would be. It will take the time to go through the list of applicants. Let’s go back to bed, you’ve made me horny again.”

Mum replied, “Have a word with Joyce, she’ll know what to do. We will make it a quickie as I’ve still shopping to do.”

Two hours later, mum left to do the shopping. Jack phoned Claire, he explained that his mum was interested in the Rector position. Could Claire give him any advice on anything his mum could do? He also told her his mum’s application was already in Tom’s office. Claire replied, “Jack, I’m glad that you phoned, your mum would be an ideal candidate, I had suggested to Tom that more women should be holding senior positions. I’ll have a word with Tom, will I see you at Church tomorrow morning? I would say that your mum has a great chance of getting the job.”

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