The Family Jackson Ch. 06


A giant thanks to my second pair of eyes from Across the Pond, Irfon.


The house cleared out by nine with all the women heading out to spend as much money as possible. The elder males headed off to fine a rumored vintage steering column or steering wheel. Dillon was a bit too groggy to understand the conversation. He was face down in his bed ten minutes later. The covers had barely settled over him before he was asleep.

Five hours later a repetitive tapping to his head caused his unfocused eyes to open. He saw a blurry Alexis staring down as she sat on the side of the bed. She was making a face at him.

“Open up, Freak Show. It’s family meeting time.”

Rubbing his eyes, he rolled over to see his parents staring down at him from the foot of the bed. Not really knowing what the looks were for, he grumbled and hid his head under the pillow. His voice came out from under the pillow muffled but filled with exaggerated exasperation.

“Fine. Yes. Alexis and I are having sex. It’s been killing me that we couldn’t admit it to you. We were planning on running away together, but…”

Alexis gasped loudly and began smacking him as hard as she could on the back. Her palm striking his skin echoed loudly and brought yelps out of him.

His Father’s voice boomed in the confines of the small room. “What the hell is wrong with you? Do you make a point to think up the sickest shit you can?”

When Dillon rolled over after the fifth smack to catch Alexis’ hand, he saw his Mom fighting back a laugh. Alexis was bright red and scowling at him. Her eyes were filled with panic.

“What? It’s love Daddy. The heart wants what the heart wants. Plus, she’s got a smoking hot rack. You should she what happens when you tweak her nipples.”

Before Dad could respond, Mom’s hand covered his open mouth. “Honey, don’t you know by now, reacting only encourages your son. Ignore him and maybe he’ll go away.”

“My son? He’s your son. I was trying for a puppy.”

“There’s an image.” Dillon smiled up at Alexis and stuck out his tongue. His eyes flashed relief at his glaring sister. “Mom and Dad doing it doggystyle. Now, I’m back to having nightmares. Pretty sure I just got erectile dysfunction.”

Alexis was finally able to let out a nervous laugh. No one was taking his confession seriously. She grabbed the pillow away from him and scooted against the wall with her face half hidden behind the pillow she was clutching to her chest. Mom sat down on the foot of the bed while Dad glared at him with a bemused look on his face.

“We have a question for you two.” Mom began as she tried to take control. “Sammy wants to move here and try to find work. She’s asked to stay here until she does. We’d like to know what you two think about it.”

“Is the little poop mobile part of the deal?” Dillon asked.

“What do you think?” Mom rolled her eyes then added quickly. “No. Don’t say what you’re thinking. You just shut up. Alexis, would you be okay with that?”

“Yea. I’d have someone nice to talk to for a change. Having Dillon as a sister sucks.”

“I don’t do that anymore. And I only wore your dress once. I told you it was a Halloween thing. You’re just jealous I fill it out better than you do.”

“It was August, Freak.”

“Quiet.” Mom looked at Dad and let out an audible grunt of exasperation. “I blame you for these two.”

“Me? What did I do?”

“This is their Jackson trait. You’re all disturbed.”

“I’m not. It’s just Dad and Rick. I’m the only normal one in the family. You did this. You coddled that precious little princess too much.”

“Hey.” Alexis’ face turned shocked.

“Not you, Honey. I’m talking about your sister. He’s always been coddled. The one boy of the family and everyone thinks he’s so special. I can’t prove it, but I’m sure he wet the bed for so long for the attention.”

Dillon hung his head as the room filled with laughter at his expense. The small creep of red working up his face made the laughter louder. Moving up to a sitting position, he pulled Alexis across his knee and swatted her ass before he let her snuggle closer.

“I wet the bed once when I was eight. Seriously. You forget your anniversary, but you remember that.”

Dillon smiled when Mom swatted Dad’s leg and glared at him. It was a subdued glare. More like a warning to never ever forget again. Happy the focus was off him, he let his hand snake around Alexis’ back to caress a bit of skin above her pant line. She shot him her best behave look and squirmed closer as subtly as she could.

“All right.” Mom finally got control of the meeting. “Do we say yes to Sammy or no?”

“Yes.” Alexis answered quickly. She was looking at Dillon with a knowing smile.

“Yes to Kyle. No to Sammy.” He answered. “I like the kid, but his mom is a pain in the ass.”

“That’s a yes.” Alexis corrected and swatted him again. “Where will she stay?”

“Dillon’s old room. You’ll have to move your stuff out of the closet. It’s bahis firmaları about time you threw out some of that crap. She’s going to need your pickup to help her move her stuff. That way it only takes one trip. That okay?”

He shrugged. “Like I have a choice.”

“Good. You can take her Friday and be back Sunday.”

“That sounds great.” Dad added. The joy of not having to be a part of packing and moving was obvious. “I’m outta here. I’ve got things to do.”

When the door closed behind him. Dillon smiled up at Mom. “I’m betting that’s what he says after sex. Isn’t it?”

“Dillon.” Her snicker came after her temporary glare. “Are you two really okay with this?”

Alexis nodded as Dillon spoke. “Sure. Kyle’s entertaining. He’s worth putting up with Sammy. I’ll have him talking like me in no time. And the chicks we’ll pick up together. I’ll be bringing home single moms left and right. It’ll be raining beaver around here.”

“Oh, crap. I never thought of that.” She pointed a finger at him as she opened the door to leave. “You will not troll with Kyle. He’s not bait for beaver. We don’t need another Jackson in the family.”

Mom left them sitting side by side on the bed. Dillon’s finger was still running slow circles at her side. Her head slowly turned to see him smiling at her. For a moment, she just looked at him. Content to see him gazing at her. The smack against his head was accomplished with an innocent smile on her face. As Dillon shook the cobwebs out and chuckled, Alexis walked over and locked the door. Rubbing the side of his head, he stood and watched her approach.

Dillon tried to suppress the giggles but failed. Alexis was shaking her head in bewilderment. A smile twisted her attempt at a scowl as she fought to stay mad at him. Before she knew it, she was tossed on the bed with his face hovering over hers. “Mom said beaver.”

“Shut up. You’re so lucky no one takes you seriously.”

“It’s not my fault I can’t lie to my parents. You need to work on your responses. Haven’t I taught you anything? No one ever expects you to opening admit the bad shit to them. If you say it flippant enough, it’s just a dumbass comment.”

“Yea, you’re an incestuous mastermind. I wasn’t expecting you to come out and tell them we’re having sex. Warn me next time.” She said softly as she ran her hands over his chest and down his stomach. Her eyes dropped to his shorts. “Erectile dysfunction, huh? Somehow I doubt that.”

“I don’t know. Maybe you should find out if you’re talented enough to cure me. I love playing doctor.”

Alexis pulled lightly at the line of dark hair below his navel. Her other hand threaded into his hair and let her lips part. Her tongue snaked out as she nibbled on his lips before they grew hungry for him. It was a mad scramble to get undressed and continue kissing. As he worked on her pants, she tossed her shirt and bra aside. When her panties slid down her legs and were tossed over his shoulder, he rolled her to her stomach and pinned her down by straddling her legs. Lowering himself down, Dillon brushed her hair away from her cheek and kissed it.

“Oh, shit. What are you going to do to me?”

“Anything you’d like.” Dillon wiggled his hips to sink his cock deeper between her cheeks.

“Can I ask you something?”


“Seriously.” She turned her head a bit more to look up at him. Her dark eyes filled with worry. “How are we going to do this? I mean, the three of us under the same roof. How long can we keep doing this? Will it always be like this?”

Dillon rolled off of her to his side. His hand moved up her spine and back down. “I really don’t know the answer to any of those. We’ll work on it together. Maybe you should come with us when I take Sammy home to pack her things. We’ll have five hours on the road to figure everything out.”

“What about the future?”

“Life will take care of that, Lex. You’ve got the rest of your senior year and then college. Maybe you’ll find someone there and fall in love.”

Alexis’ head jerked up as she turned to her side. She was shaking her head frantically as he saw his words had hurt her. “No. I fell in love with you. Only you.”

“Lex. You really think we can marry and raise up a few little Jacksons? This isn’t ever going to be accepted. Not by friends or family. Not by anyone, but us.”

“You don’t want me?” Her voice was showing signs of cracking.

Gripping her head in his hands, he pulled it close so the sincerity could be seen. “I love you, baby girl. You’re my little princess. I do want you. I want you to be happy. This is a massive secret that could eat us up. The fear of being caught. The fear of what we’ve done becoming known. Honey, I’ll never stop loving you. Not if you stay with me and not if you find someone new one day. You being happy and getting what you want is all that’s important to me. Okay?”

“No. Definitely not okay. I’m not going to find someone else. No one else will ever make me feel like this. I have one kaçak iddaa heart and one love. You. Don’t ever ask me to find someone else.”

Dillon pushed her gently to her back and she let him. Her eyes were glazed over with tears. “Okay.” He whispered as he kissed her cheek.

“Okay.” His warm lips kissed each eyelid as they closed. He could taste the salt of her tears.

“Okay.” Dillon breathed into her mouth as her arms reached out for him.

Her legs opened for him as he slid on top. They took their time. Their bodies moving in slow motion as his kisses deepened. He could feel her nails teasing his back as his cock rubbed against her. Her juices were flowing easily, spreading over his shaft as their pelvis flexed together. Dillon slid further down and wiggled until he felt the rushing heat of her.

Alexis’ hands found his hair as her eyes opened to stare up at him. The tears were still hovering in her eyes, but her face had turned to adoration. Her heels moved up to find the back of his legs and flexed to pull him inside her. She let out a soft shuddering breath as she lifted to meet his thrust. His groan caused her to smile.

Dillon sunk deep into her, drowning himself in the heated pleasure. Little by little his hips flexed. With his thumbs, he brushed away the last of her tears and trailed kisses over her eyes and down her face. With all his weight on her, he controlled the tempo. Her pelvis flexed only a fraction as he felt her course pubic hair mixing with his. Her soft nails dragging across his back caused him to groan into her mouth. Alexis’ tongue moved easy. It was now familiar with her brother’s mouth. Knowing what they both liked.

Their skin grew warm, then hot as their need grew. Dillon bent his knees, as his thrusts became more forceful. He saw her startled look when he drove into her to rip a grunt from her lungs. She nodded and thrust herself into the next one.

“Harder.” Alexis breathed as her head arched back. “Hurt me.”

His hips obeyed as his mind tried to slow himself down. The force of his body slamming into hers caused her teeth to clatter shut and another grunt to escape.

“Yes. Yes, Dillon.”

Her body slammed back at him. Encouraged by her words, he raised up on his hands and pulled his knees a bit higher on the bed. The sound of slapping skin only drove him harder against her. His instincts took over. The need to hear her screams of pleasure. He watched her face and eyes turn hungry. Her hands gripped and pulled at her nipples. The first time she pinched them, he felt her tighten around his cock. Dillon forgot it was his little sister. For a moment they were just two fierce animals filled with lust.

Rising up on his knees, he gripped her hair forcefully as his other hand took possession of her left breast. Her thighs were gripping at his hips, her ass rising to meet him. He was the one grunting know. This was what he wanted to do to her. He wanted to see her writhing and fevered. His hand moved from her hair to let his thumb smear roughly at her lips. Her tongue licked at it and then her teeth sunk down.

The pain she caused made him even more forceful. Over and over he felt her teeth dig into his thumb as he continued to drive into her. His lungs were struggling to find air. Sweat rolled down his spine as his legs flexed and strained. He felt her body tightening around him. Her pussy gripping at him. Only her head and shoulders were on the bed. Her ankles locked tight behind him while her hand tugged at a nipple.

He felt her cumming. The surging ripple started deep within her. It rolled down the shaft of his cock as she squeezed him like a vise. Her screeching screams lifted higher as her orgasm crashed against her. Dillon felt her legs flex as her entire body fought with the sensations.

Pushing away from her, she was still twitching when her rolled her over and pulled her ass into the air. He was back inside her in an instant. With fingers digging into her hips, he pulled her violently against him as the drove into her. It pulled another scream from her as her hands shot out to grip the edge of the mattress.

“Yes. God, Dillon. Yes. Yes.”

Alexis pushed back at him. Meeting him each time. Dillon felt the build within him. The tentative tickle in his balls as they tightened. His cock was pulsating. Gritting his teeth, he pulled in his stomach to try and fight off his release. It was way too late. He knew it. It only postponed the inevitable a few minutes as he slowed the tempo and increased the force of his thrusts. Pulling out and then driving back into her. Each time, bringing a grunting, “Yes,” from her.

With renewed speed, Dillon hammered into her. His cock pushing and pulled as her pussy tensed. He saw her hand slide under her as her head buried into the mattress. Dillon felt the first jet of cum shoot from his cock. His body crashed into her, filling her. Tiny spastic flexes as she now began to fuck him back with craving. With the last of his seed gone, he realized she kaçak bahis was about to cum.

His erection was leaving, but still hard enough as he gripped her hips and tried to help her along. He counted forty-five more thrusts before she pulled herself away from as her body twisted and turned, her hand still rubbing frantically at her clit. He watched the fingers of her other hands straighten, tremble, and then relax.

Dillon stared at the sweaty mess lying beneath him. His heart was pounding away in his chest while his fists clenched and unclenched. With just his tongue making contact. He flattened it and licked from the top of her ass to her neck. He felt her shiver, as he worked upwards. Her body seemed to be electrically charged as she fought to lie still.

“Jesus, Dillon.” She moaned. “I’m cumming.”

His warm deep chuckle vibrated against her skin. Moving back down her body, he let the tip of his tongue wiggle up her spine. He rolled to his side once he’d reached the top and let his fingers glide up and down her back. His eyes were locked on the curve of her ass as it tightened under his touch.

Her slow elongated groan told him she was done. Tucking her arms under her, she turned and stared at him. Her eyes were unfocused. A bit of sweat trickled down from her brow to cross over her cheek. His lips caught it and then moved to kiss the tip of her nose.

“Did I hurt you?”

“Only in the best way possible. That was amazing. I can’t really explain it. I felt like I was boiling from the inside out. Like fireworks erupting all over.”

“Do you usually boil from the outside in?” His smile only grew when she reached out and punched him. “Hmm. Yea well, that’s what the kiddies call fucking. A lot different than just sweet poking, isn’t it?

“Oh, yea. I’ll need a lot of that.”

“If you’re good and sweet, maybe. It’s nice to have a bit of variety.” Dillon snuggled closer with his fingers threading into hers. “You sure I didn’t hurt you?”

“Promise. I loved it.”

He let out a happy sigh. “You almost got that the first time. I wanted to rip you apart. I’ve been dying to do that to you.”

“I’m glad you waited. I’m not sure I’d have ever stopped cumming.”

“Sure.” Dillon shook his head. “Just keep adding to the legend that is me. I know I’m awesome.”

Alexis stretched out her lips and was met with his. They shared a lazy kiss before it grew. He rolled her over and slid on top again. Dillon could taste the sweat on her. His hands slid across her skin as he moved down to place a gentle kiss on each nipple and then tease between them with the tip of his nose.

Dillon let out a grunt of regret. “We should head in.”

Tying her hair up, Alexis joined him in the shower. Their hands cleaning the other. By the time they were done, both wanted to jump back in bed, but they trudged through the snow to join the family. It was settled that Alexis would help out with the move while Kyle supervised. Samantha and Alexis shared secret smiles at the thought of an empty house and two days to themselves. Dillon noticed and realized he’d have to start stretching soon or he might pull a penis muscle.

Thursday passed without an opportunity for Dillon to have any one on one time with anyone. Alexis disappeared with the girls and left Kyle and Dillon to go over the best way to score with women. He didn’t know what the appeal was for a toothless chubby cheeked bug bomb, but he’d heard people say it was the best bait ever. He’d never understand a woman’s judgment. And prayed they’d never change.

Early Friday morning, they were on the road with Alexis in the passenger seat with her feet kicked up on the dashboard. Kyle was gnawing on a chew toy and loving it. Dillon was playing with Samantha’s feet as she stretched them out on the console between the bucket seats.

“So?” Dillon looked at the two girls and then back at the road. “How are we going to do this? I can’t just buy a king-sized bed and toss you both in it. Eventually we’re going to get caught or questions are going to be asked.”

“Like what?” Samantha leaned forward between the seats to hear the conversation better.

“Like, why aren’t any of us dating. Why aren’t we married? Why my cock is in my sister? We’re going to need to figure out how to deal with all of this.”

“All of what?” Alexis eyed Dillon with an innocent little smile that had no innocence in it.

“This. You, me, Sammy.” He caught the quick look she gave Samantha and then snapped his head around to see her quiet laughter. He was missing some unspoken joke. “What?”

Samantha put her hands up in mock surrender and shrugged. “Nothing. I’m just here for the sex.”

“Uh-huh. If that’s it, we’re done.”

“Uh-huh.” She teased the back of his neck. “You won’t cut me off. I own your cock.”

“No you don’t. You two are time-sharing it. I might make you start paying maintenance fees for its upkeep. The front lawn is going to need trimming soon.”

“What are we going to do?” Alexis turned serious.

“We date.” Samantha answered. “Every so often we go out a few times and say they were a jerk or we aren’t interested. You can double date with some friends and hang out, can’t you?”

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