The Family Vacation Ch. 05


It was an early wake up because we needed to get Sally up and out and back to work on time. I had set the alarm on my phone and it woke us all. At first Sally wanted to rush out of bed, but Trish told her to relax for a few minutes. Sally had learned yesterday that whatever Trish wanted or suggested was probably good advice. She proved it by rolling between Sally’s legs and having an early breakfast. She munched on Sally’s labia and clitoris that was still slimy and crusty from the cum I had dumped into her last night. It only took a couple of minutes before Sally was thrusting her hips up into Trish’s face in orgasmic joy.

I held her head and kissed her lips as she descended from the early morning thrill. We took her hands and lead her to the shower. I got in with her while Trish left the room. Our shower was quick, but not without fond memories of the past 24 hours. When we exited to dry off, Trish had laid out Sally’s dress and panties from the laundry, fresh and clean.

“Devon is in the kitchen making breakfast for us all. Are you OK with Eggs Benedict?”

Sally could only sigh. “Please don’t wake me up from this dream. You have no idea what this time with you has meant to me.”

Trish smiled and hugged her. “I hope we can do it again, and soon. I want you to meet Tracy and Teri. I think you’d enjoy each other’s company.”

I suggested that we should plan another golf day before we go home to Sedona. Sally said she was off the day after tomorrow.

“Let’s make it a date then.” I told her as I pulled up my golf shorts. I walked her to the kitchen.

Devon was busy and looked up to greet us. “Do you like the yolks hard or runny?

“Soft.” We both replied in unison. We giggled at the spontaneity and agreement, and took our seats at the counter bar. Devon served coffee and fresh orange juice.

“You aren’t doing breakfast at the club today Rob?”

“Yes, I’ll have a light second breakfast with Sue, but I want to share a little more time with Sally. By the way, Sally this is Devon. Devon, Sally is the Assistant Professional at the golf club.”

“Pleased to meet you Sally.” He shook her hand and then turned to tend to the eggs and plate our breakfasts. Trish joined us a moment later. Devon already was working on her plate as well.

He served the three platters as if they had just come from a gourmet restaurant kitchen. The Hollandaise sauce was fresh made and the fresh fruit garnish on the plates looked picture perfect. The food was so delicious we hardly conversed. Our silence was broken though when Jan and Sue entered the kitchen. They were still naked and obviously just out of bed.

“Oh my! What are you sleepy heads doing up so early? I inquired.

“We could smell the food cooking and didn’t want to miss anything.” Jan replied.

Devon repeated the question about egg preferences as he started working on two more breakfasts and poured coffee and juice for the ladies and refilled ours.

Sally paused for a moment and commented, “This is the kind of home life I can only dream about. I love everything. You are all so casual but efficient, and absolutely beautiful, dressed and undressed. I’m not sure that Luke would know how to handle all of this. I’ll be anxious to hear how you enjoy your golf game today.”

Sue perked up. “What do you mean Sally? What’s Luke like?”

Sally realized that now she had to share her opinions. “He’s a nice guy, kind of naive. I think he’s kind of shy around women. I see him staring at me a lot, but he seems a little stand offish. He’s a pure gentleman. Always polite. I think he just lacks experience with girls. He’s a good golfer though. Much better than I am.”

“Well, we’ll see. What do you think I should wear today? Should I go commando like we did yesterday?”

“Oh my God! I think he’d be a nervous wreck. He’ll turn to mush.” Sally laughed. She thought for a moment and then said, “Yes. Do it. I’ll be thinking about you all day long and I might just burst out laughing at the thought.”

Now Sally was really feeling like one of us. She was totally comfortable with our lifestyle and realized that her coworker would probably come unglued if we shared as much with him as we had with her.

Sue rolled her eyes with a look of mischief. Sally giggled. “Oh, I can’t wait to see Luke after eighteen with you Sue!”

Jan was feeling inquisitive. “Do you think he likes to fuck? Could Sue bring him home to me for some fun and games? I like virginal young men.”

“God Jan, I’ve never tried to imagine him with a sexy woman like you. I’ve certainly never fantasized about him myself. But I can only begin to imagine what Sue might do to him.” She smirked.

Sally glanced at the clock on the wall as she finished her breakfast. “I hate to leave, but it’s easier knowing that I’ll see you all again soon.”

“You’ll see me and Rob in less than 2 hours.”Sue stated.

“I know. It’s just been so wonderful. I love you all!” Sally got off her stool and kissed Jan, then Sue and finally Trish and bahis firmaları me. These weren’t casual pecks. They were full on, open mouthed, spit swapping, romantic and dirty kisses. The kind I love. I put my hand under her dress and caressed her bare buttocks. Sally smiled at me. “You can touch me there whenever you want. Anytime, anywhere. And I hope it will be soon and often.”

“I hope so too. It’s been fun. See you at the golf course.” I winked and walked her to the door where we shared one more long kiss before Sally walked out to her car. We weren’t saying goodbye. But it was still sad to part.

Back in the kitchen I admired the three gorgeous women who are central to my life. They had finished eating and Trish began to clear the table. Devon admonished her, but she dug in her heels. Sue excused herself to go get dressed for golf and my sister asked if I’d join her in the hot tub. Why not?

We walked outside hand in hand and I turned on the spa jets. I dropped my shorts. Jan of course was already nude. We stepped down into the spa. I took a seat on the bench and Jan snuggled in close to me.

“I really love it here in the desert Rob. This house is so nice and I’m enjoying our time here. Trish and I had fun yesterday. I wish I had known what was going on in that bar. I was so horny I would have fucked one of those guys. But I was trying to behave, even though the martinis were getting to me. Sue really got me off last night though. Like Trish, she’s an amazing lover. But you know what Rob? I need a cock inside of me, and I need it now.”

She shifted and straddled my lap. She reached down and grabbed my dick as she leaned in to kiss me.

“Rob, when we were kids at home, did you ever try to sneak peeks at me?”

She punctuated the question with a wet kiss. Not very sisterly. Not waiting for my answer she went on.

“I used to think about you when I’d touch myself in bed at night. I never imagined you inside of me, but I wished that we could just be close and cuddle without our clothes.”

“Yes I did try to peek at you. You were the object of my fantasies. I wanted to see you naked, and touch your body. You used to make me cum a lot, just because I was thinking about you.”

We kissed some more. Our mouths were open and we were making up for all of those fantasies and wishes from so long ago. Jan moved up higher and shoved my cock into her waiting hole. I clutched her ass and rocked her up and down on my love pole.

“Oh Rob! I love you so much. It took a long time and a round about way, but I’m so happy to have you back in my life. I never really knew it, but deep down inside this how I always wanted it to be. Don’t ever leave me Rob.”

My sister’s words were melting my heart, but stimulating my rod. She kissed me again as our fucking turned hard core. The water was splashing and our lips were slipping all over each other’s face. Her words turned to moans. I managed to profess my love.

“I love you too Jan! I’ll love you forever. We can share this love because I’ll never leave you. I’m going to cum now.”

“Oh yes darling, fill me with our family seed. Rub my clit. I’m cumming too!”

I pinched her clitoris as she shook and pounded herself down onto my crotch. She whimpered and buried her face in my neck. As her orgasm subsided, I wrapped my arms around her and held her tightly. Gradually, my hands slipped down and cupped her ass again. I love my sister’s ass. We kissed again.

“Mmmm that was nice.” She whispered in my ear. “We should do that more often.”

“You’re right,” I agreed, “it feels so comfortable being in love with you. I’m going to enjoy growing old with you. Too many siblings don’t get to do that.”

Jan pulled her mouth away from my ear. “Speaking of old. I think we might be turning into prunes in this water. I guess it’s time to get on with our day. Thanks for loving me Rob. We really do have something special.”

“Yes we do.” I squeezed her ass again as we pried ourselves apart.

We dried ourselves off and headed back indoors. Sue was just emerging from her room and looking very sexy in her golf attire.

I couldn’t resist a compliment and a dig. “You’re looking very alluring this morning. Do you think Luke will be able to resist your charms?”

“If he can, it won’t be because I didn’t try. I’ve still got a few assets to show off, and Luke is gonna get a taste of what I have to offer.”

“Oh, this is gonna be fun to watch.” I winked at Sue and my sister.

“You go get him girl!” Jan cheered. “He’d have to be dumb as rocks not to be watching you like a hawk. I’ll bet $20 he has a hard on before you make the turn on nine.”

“I can’t bet against that Sis. I’ve seen her in action too many times. The first time she squats to line up a putt, he’s going to melt.” I turned toward the bedroom. “Give me a minute to get dressed and we can go.”

Trish was finishing in the bathroom as I walked into the wardrobe closet. “I couldn’t resist spying on you and Jan in the hot tub. That was really kaçak iddaa hot! You two look like you were made to make love together. I wet myself just watching you.”

My wife is so sexy. “My god Trish. I’m sorry I missed that! Maybe we should try it again later, but all together.”

“You know I’m always ready for that!” Trish hugged me and nibbled on my ear.

“OK. Let’s plan on it for this afternoon. I’ll probably be horny from watching Sue seducing Luke all day on the golf course.”

“Do you think he has any idea of what he’s in for today? Who could resist Sue when she turns on her charms?”

“That’s exactly what I said. It could be long day for him on the golf course.” I grinned.

“I expect a full blow by blow report.”

We kissed and walked out to the kitchen together. Trish and Jan held hands as Sue and I wished them a nice day and exited to the garage.

“Is it my imagination, or have you added a touch of make up this morning?” I winked at Sue.

“Hey. A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. It can’t hurt to enhance the package, right?”

“You look as beautiful as ever.” I replied. “But then, my opinion is biased. Luke would be a fool not to notice how hot you look.”

We walked through the pro shop when we arrived at the club. Sally was behind the desk and beamed when she saw us. We couldn’t resist a hug, and since no one else was there at the moment, it was discreet and appropriate.

“You made it to work on time.” I chided her.

“Yes, with time to spare, but I’m still giddy over yesterday, and last night…and even this morning.”

“Has Luke come in yet?”

“Yes, he’s here. He had to run out to the club storage room for something. He asked how it was, playing with you. I just told him that you’re lots of fun, and good players.”

“We’ll be in the dining room. Tell him he can check with us there, or we’ll see him outside.”

We had coffee and some fruit and then headed outside. We were on the putting green when Luke approached us. He greeted me first with a firm handshake. When he took Sue’s hand his eyes went straight to her nipples. I realized that she was braless today and it appeared that she was already excited about playing with Luke. She smiled a big toothy grin and held onto his hand for that extra moment to let him know that she liked touching. He was getting his first clue.

We all made par on the first hole. Luke’s drive was way beyond ours. Clearly he’s part of the young big hitter style golfers who are entering the profession these days. He out drove us again on number two, but when we all got to the green, Luke was closest to the hole. I lagged my putt and tapped in for par. Sue was on the opposite side of the cup from Luke. When she squatted down to line up her putt, she spread her legs just enough to give Luke a clear look up her skirt and the bare treasure she had there. His eyes nearly popped out of his head. She looked up at him and he averted his stare. I couldn’t resist a grin. She then proceeded to roll in her putt for a birdie. We complimented her and then Luke stood over his shorter putt and missed it. I think he was distracted. Sue winked at me.

We went on to the third tee and Luke could barely even look Sue in the eye. She had totally unnerved him. He hooked his tee shot way to the left. While he drove off to look for it, Sue and I went and hit our second shots. Then I walked down the fairway and Sue went over to help him search for his ball.

She later told me how it went.


I pulled up in the golf cart to where Luke was looking in the deep grass and shrubbery. I spread my legs as I moved to get out of the cart. Luke was looking right up my skirt again, and I felt myself getting moist. Once more, he shifted his eyes away from me.

“Can I help you look?” I asked.

“Um, uhhh.” He continued to turn his head away.

I opened my legs wider. “It’s OK. Look here.” I put my finger between my labia. When he looked up, he just stared. “It’s all right Luke. I like it when you peek. Doesn’t this look better than a Titleist?” I moved my hand to my thigh so he had an unobstructed view of my cunt.

“Wow, Ms Fine, you’re the prettiest woman I’ve ever seen. I mean really seen! I, I, I guess I need to go back to the tee and hit another ball. Mine’s lost.” He was stuttering and didn’t know how to react.

“Don’t worry Luke. You can drop another one here. But you can look for another minute or so if you like. No one’s pushing us.” I’m pretty sure he caught my double meaning, because he did continue to stare and even moved in for a closer view. “You’ll probably get a few more chances to look today, especially if I happen to see a bulge in your trousers, and I’m not talking about Titleists now either. Make a birdie and I might let you touch it. Would you like that?”

“Um, yes I would Ms Fine. I mean, um, yeah that would be really hot.”

I tossed a ball on the ground to his left. “Well then go ahead and hit your second shot. No penalty. I think I might have kaçak bahis distracted you before you hit the last one. And call me Sue.”

“Yes Sue. I think you just improved my lie”

I laughed. He was finally starting to loosen up. I watched him hit the ball and finally, slowly, brought my legs back together. I drove back out into the fairway and picked up Rob and we went on to the green.

Luke seemed to be a little less nervous from that point on. Two holes later, he drained a birdie putt and looked up at Sue with a big smile. She winked back. I, of course, knew what was going on. We hit our tee shots on the following par three and all landed on the green. Sue took the wheel in our golf cart and patted the seat beside her for Luke.

“Rob, drive Luke’s cart to the green. I have to pay off a bet.”

Luke sat beside her and she took his right hand and placed it under her skirt. This forced him to turn towards her and he put his left arm around her shoulder.

“Mmm, too bad its such a short hole.” She whispered to him. “I’ll have to drive slow.”

I could see that Luke was finally getting into the game. After we reached the green and got out of our carts, we walked onto the green and marked our balls. I noticed Luke sniffing his fingers while he waited for his turn to putt.

The rest of the day was more fun and relaxed. Sue teased Luke constantly, but once he understood that he had her permission, he enjoyed himself immensely. He didn’t even try to hide the boner in his pants. At the end of the round we exchanged the customary handshakes and then Sue gave him a kiss. Not too obvious because we were in view of the clubhouse and pro shop. But it was clear that she enjoyed Luke’s company and he felt the same way. I know he had plenty of pent up anxiety and I think it’s a good bet that he rubbed one out in the men’s locker room shortly after the round.

I gave him the same tip I had given to his coworkers. Sue and I told him that we had to head home and excused ourselves from his (somewhat awkward) invitation to lunch. We did stop in the pro shop to check about tomorrow’s tee time and pairing. Sally told us that we were set up to play with the Gunners, Don and Kim. When the three of us were alone in the shop, Sally couldn’t resist asking, “How was golf with Luke?”

Sue winked at her and replied, “He might tell you that it was an eye opening day.” They both giggled. Sally shot back, “I want full details when we play on Wednesday.”

I politely replied. “You wouldn’t want us to tell him all about our day with you, would you?”

Sally quickly realized that we were very discreet and that she probably didn’t need to know the details after all. “I guess you’re right. I’m sure he’ll tell me if he wants to.”

We bid Sally farewell and drove the golf cart back to the house. Sue’s Navigator was parked in the driveway, indicating that Tracy and Terri had returned from Joshua Tree. Inside the house we realized that they had only just gotten back. They were in the kitchen pouring glasses of lemonade.

“Hey girls! Welcome home. Did you have a good time?”

Tracy crossed the room to hug and kiss me. It was a very loverly kiss.

“Yes we did! The park is beautiful. There were tons of wildflowers and we saw tortoises and snakes. Wait till you see the pictures.”

Terri followed her sister into my arms and added another juicy kiss.

“And Mom was so right about Pioneertown. What a crazy place! We danced and laughed. Danni and Sheryl loved it. We really cut loose.”

I could only imagine. Since these two sisters live with pretty wide open boundaries, I can only wonder what it’s like when they ‘really cut loose’.

“The band was really digging the crowd. I think they played four sets. I think the last one was on them. We were all having so much fun dancing and singing. Tracy and Danni even got on the stage and sang with them.”

Tracy added, “Yeah, I think that we became part of the entertainment. People kept buying us drinks. They should know that we don’t need alcohol to get crazy and have fun. That Danni sure can dance! And I loved how she was coming on to me on the dance floor.”

“You loved it?” Terri mocked. “The entire bar loved it! Even the band couldn’t take their eyes off you.”

Sue laughed. “Four beautiful, sexy young women, dancing and cutting loose together in a place where nobody knows them. Who wouldn’t want to watch? You’re natural born exhibitionists. I wish I could have been there.”

“You would have loved it.” Terri told her. “Maybe we should all go back there again.”

“Speaking of exhibitionists, you should have seen Sue today on the golf course.”

“Oh Su-ue,” Tracy sang, “what were you up to? Were you messing with the golf pro?”

I let Sue speak for herself. “He was young and innocent. But not so much anymore. I think I rattled him when I flashed him the first time. But then once I told him that I liked it when he peeked, he relaxed a little. But I gave him a few things to ponder when he jerks off tonight. If he hasn’t started already.” She smirked.

“Oh you’re so naughty!” Terri teased. “I wish I could have been there. What about Sally? Didn’t you play with the lady pro yesterday? How did that go?”

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