The Forbidden Venture Ch. 01


All the characters are above 18.


Chapter 1: Revelation


I want to say that it started like any other day, but the thing is it wasn’t any other day heck it was the most confusing day I ever had. You know how you know that something is bad for you but can’t stop thinking about it, that you shouldn’t pursue it but, unconsciously you still do, well that was me when I fell in love with my sister.

I’m Jason I’m 27 years old. I work for a good company, decent salary, I wouldn’t say I have a good body it’s one of those kinds that’s a cross between a buff dude and dad belly person. Black hair 5’10. As for my sister, I let her do the honors of introducing herself.

Anyhow, It was late Friday evening. I was bored, a co-worker sent a link, going on it I found out it was a story based on true events about two siblings that fell in love.

Reading through the story turned me on bad. The scenes were so well written and conversations had my mind in a place where I could actually hear as they spoke and how they spoke. This occurrence only happens when you are deeply invested in something which tells u how much I was into it.

Somewhere along the line, I started imagining myself in the main lead’s shoes. So when that happened my mind automatically adjusted my sister to the main female lead. As their love grew so did their passion, which made for an even amazing read.

So back to Friday night, there came a scene when the female lead is bending forward on the kitchen counter and her brother is taking her from behind while their parents watch TV in the next room, the angle such that if their parents look back they would see their son pounding their young daughter to the hell and back. He had his hand covering her mouth from moaning and howling. He senses she’s close so he puts his mouth on hers kissing her full on the lips all the while, taking her nipples in hands and slowly rolling in opposite directions. Rolling them far enough for it to be twisting making her moan in his mouth.

As he does so, her eyes roll back in her head and she starts shaking hard as the mother of orgasms hit her hard fueled by the fact that bahis firmaları it’s her brother fucking her, that it’s her brother that’s pounding her from behind like a bitch in heat, that it’s her brother fucking her like that when her parents are in the next room.

She squirts for all her worth finally moaning one last time in his mouth before saying “I want you to knock me up big brother, put your seed in me, breed me for your pleasure”. Hearing those words was enough to send him over the edge and he starts ramming in her even as she comes down from her high. Grabbing her hips and balls deep he empties his seed deep in her falling on her back spent panting hard but trying to keep his voice down.

I kept reading and reading which made a huge tent in shorts covered by a sheet. So engrossed I was in the book that I didn’t notice my bulge through the sheets. Finally, when I couldn’t hold it any longer, I got up, leaving my cell on the bed and went to the bathroom to masturbate.

I came back found my sister staring at me funny. I sat back on the bed and finally asked her “what?!?”


Ah, another monotonous ending of the weekdays, a Friday. ‘What is she even saying, how could it be boring, Fridays mean parties and night-outs!!’ You must be thinking. Well, Hi. I’m Cheryl, 21 years old, quite a nerd they call me. As for my physical stature, I’m 36c-28-38. Firm breasts, nice curvy waist and neck, and a plump ass, I’d say. Deep blue, big eyes I blink, and I stand 5’8 tall, with dark black hair, and golden highlights.

Coming back to my monotonous, nerdy night. As usual, I was busy banging my head to the thick math books, scribbling on my notes to solve the sums.

My brother, Jason, who usually is out partying and drinking, was lazing beside me on our bed, completely engrossed into something on his phone. I could barely believe him to be investing so much of himself into something, yeah yeah, he’s my brother, I’m bound to not praise him, you know!?

My gaze kept shifting from the digits on my book to my brother’s body, unlike any other day. I could notice something going on under his covers, a slight bump. But what’s it? kaçak iddaa I was more confused about that, than about any sums. Quite a thing for a scholar you know. But okay, being honest, I was curious to know what he was reading. So I waited for him to sleep.

Within about next 10 minutes, he kept his phone on the bed, went up straight to the washroom. This was my moment, I grabbed his phone and quickly scrolled up the recently used apps, to find a book named “If only my sister knew… Oh does she!?!”

I scrolled a bit, to read the synopsis and first 2 chapters, being a fast reader aided my curiosity.

It was about a brother and her sister, and how they fell in love, and grew passionate together. Reading through the 2 chapters somehow involuntarily made me swap Jason for the lead male, and myself for the lead female. I didn’t know why.

I heard the bolt of the washroom door shifting, and quickly kept the phone as he left it, to shift back to my studying position, fiddling with my pen.

As I saw him come out of the washroom, slightly sweaty, I knew he’d just done something he shouldn’t have, my lips turned into a smile without my consent. My eyes gazing into his, following his way back to his side of the bed, only blinking when he asks me a curious, “What!?”

“Um, nothing. The AC is on, by the way, and you’re covered with those sweat drops. Funny.” I mocked him, and get back to solving my sums when he didn’t reply and looked away.

Now, all I remember after that is me doing my sums, stealing glimpses here and peeking at him there, when he finally put his phone cautiously enough under his pillow and dozed off. I waited eagerly for a confirmation of his sleep by dropping my pen’s cap at his arm, which didn’t wake him up even a bit. I, then, very slowly and softly slid my hand under his pillow, got hold of his phone and slid my hand out. Smartly enough, I managed to settle the phone between the pages of my open book, so he wouldn’t be able to see even if he peeked.

The next challenge? His phone’s lock pattern. I tried everything that could correspond to his friend’s letters, or his favorite character’s or his birthday date’s first digit, kaçak bahis and what not. Suddenly I decide to check a ‘C’ out on it, and voila! ‘Phone Unlocked’ I read. I didn’t realise when my lips had curled into a wicked smirk, and what reason for it was. Quickly searching out for the novel, I began reading it again.

~////She was sleeping in her peach bathrobe, I couldn’t resist noticing her perky nipples poking through the fabric, and my lips just flicked over it, wetting both, her robe and the nipple under it. God, she’s sexy, my little sister. My hand slowly went down between her thighs to find a thin red thong, and I slipped two of my fingers through her outer lips, just to stimulate and rub against her inner light pink lips, so soft and mmm, wet! I was straddling her in no time, and my hands were slowly playing with my sister’s baby pussy. She was sleeping, so peacefully and so calmly, only angels could look that beautiful, I’m sure. Next, I bent my finger, delicately probing the entrance to her pussy before dragging it upwards until I felt her hardened clit. Her body shook. I knew she was sleeping, yet had a doubt in my mind.

I went down on her, to see her glistening wet pussy, those deep pink outer lips and light pink moist inner lips, with little pubic hair, ‘wow, she trims it?’ I sigh and exhale warmly against her beautiful skin.

I lightly kissed her inner thigh. I was rewarded by the sound of her sucking in a deep breath, even during her sleep, and the feel of her body shudder at my touch. Inch-by-inch, I kissed and licked her inner thigh moving closer and closer to her womanly treasure.////~

I kept reading on, and all this, had turned me on, for my nipples had perked up and brushed against the pages of my book, and I could feel myself getting really wet and warm between my legs. I didn’t want to risk it. Seeing the clock strike 4 in the morning, ‘God I lost the track of time.’ I sighed, and locked his phone again, sliding it cautiously under his pillow, leaving it as it was before I picked it up. And snuggled into bed. Naturally, tonight, I was a lot closer towards him, than any other night.

My ass brushed his lower abdomen occasionally, and I dozed off, ignoring my craving for playing with my dripping pussy.


This is our first story. Please share your views with us in your comments and tell us what you think about it.

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