The Inevitable Barrier Ch. 03: Continuity


This is a complete work of fiction, any resemblance to anyone or anything is purely coincidental, all characters portrayed in this story, in relation to any sexual act, are mature adults, this story contains sexual content involving consenting adults, bi-sex, m/m incest, anal, oral, watersports & straight, sorry, no pain, animals or ego.


Again, many thanx for the feedback. The use of ‘&’ instead of ‘and’ is my direct choice. Be it lazy or whatever it is, the core of the story is what I’m aiming for. And from the way I look at it, instead of just pleasing a handful of people some of the time, I merely want ‘anyone’ to enjoy the story, anytime, we’re not all literary professionals, like some ‘readers’ silently claim to be.

I hope this final instalment covers the ‘time jumps’ issue.


This is the third and final instalment of Jack and Cheryl.

Jack and Cheryl’s children deal with the divorce…

Well, knock me over with a toothpick. I gaped at my daughter.

“You can blink, ya know Mum. It’s a natural bodily function.” my daughter said.

I scrambled to my feet and rushed over to hug her.

“Honey, you’re home early…how are you Darling?” I blurted out.

It was right about then, I realised, this was my daughter I was hugging. Naked.

Nipple to nipple, crotch to crotch, thigh to thigh, naked.

I shuddered. I had this overwhelming urge to cry.

So I did. I sobbed hard against my daughter’s body.

This was the first time I’d had ANY bodily contact with her in a long time. I felt her arms around my torso. I felt her hands on my ribcage. She held me tight. My face was buried in her hair and her neck.

I felt my body go slack in her arms.

“Mum!” She almost yelled.

I felt Jack beside me sliding his strong, hard arm around my waist. Cassie let me go, I totally relaxed. I felt Jacks other arm behind my knees, then I felt him lift me, then carrying me.

I curled my head into his chest.

He placed me gently on the couch. I sat back.

I was no longer aware of my or my daughters nudity.

Cassie came to sit down beside me. I sat forward.

Her left hip against my right thigh. She placed her right hand on my leg just above my knee. Her left arm went up, around my shoulders.

Her left hand coming to rest on my left shoulder, her left nipple digging into my right arm, half way between my elbow and my right shoulder. I looked at her. Her right hand came up to my face.

Cupping my face, I felt her thumb wipe away the tears on my left cheek, then she repeated the process on my right cheek.

“Are you ok Mum?” Cassie asked me quietly, her voice full of concern, actually, matching the concern in her eyes.

Worry lines crudely interrupted her usually gorgeous features.

I put my left hand up to touch those worry lines. My thumb attempting to rub them away, like an eraser rubs carbon from a piece of paper.

“I’m good, Babe.” I struggled to recognise my own voice.

“It was just a bit of a shock to see you, standing there…nude.”

I added.

Cassie looked down at her own modesty, then glanced at Jack, who was hovering. He was down on one knee, holding my left hand, a worried look on his face.

“That was totally freaky, Chee. Ya might wanna give a bloke a bit more of a warning that ya gunna do that sorta shit.” he said softly.

He smiled. I gazed back at him, totally forgetting where I was.

Cassie removed her hand from my shoulder, bringing me back to the present. My left shoulder felt like it wanted to separate from my body.

Everything started to arrive on the same platform, all at once.

I felt my heart rate quicken and forty-five cows doing the dub-step in my skull.

I sagged back against the couch cushion. I closed my eyes.

I felt Cassie pick up my right hand, I felt her fingers stroking the back of it.

Jack was in perfect sync on my left hand.

A few minutes later, I opened my eyes.

When my vision cleared, I was able to focus back on the ‘here & now’.

Both my daughter’s hands and my brothers hands were blazing hot, the heat travelling up both arms.

The warmth then spread across my shoulders, then cascaded like an invisible water-fall, like I was under a shower of sunlight.

The heat pinged my nipples, they came alive. Ohhh…

Once they were at full capacity, the heat then travelled further south.

I swallowed. My throat dryer than a dead dingos’ donk.

As the heat reached the bottom of my Girls, I felt beads of perspiration forming on my top lip.

A bead of sweat gathered momentum, slithering down my body, between my Girls, then, like gravity, the heat in my nipples headed in the same direction as that bead of sweat.

The heat crashed into that bead of sweat, I shuddered, it continued travelling down my body.

Slowly, ever so agonisingly slowly, it approached the the ‘danger-zone’, did I mention ever so slowly? It was crippling me!

My Little Lady started to chirp when the heat hit the very top of my slit. On impulse, bahis firmaları my knees separated. Ohhh Boy…

Whenever my Little Lady began to chirp, I had this habit of opening my thighs.

For me, it aided in allowing my clit to fill properly.

The movement parted my flaps slightly, allowing my Burst Button to pop out and say g’day, just like it was doing right now.

My moisture began to flow. The aroma of my arousal hit my nostrils soon after. The shudders were becoming increasingly regular.

I know my daughter and Jack were copping a wiff, I watched their nostrils flair.

“You seem to be alright now, Mum.” Cassie observed in a low voice.

Her voice deeper than normal. A ping zipped across my Little Lady.

I noticed Cassie looking at my boobs, then her gaze shifted to between my thighs.

I looked at Jack, he was following his nieces track with his eyes.

It was kinda weird, yet, kinky to be sitting here, on the couch, my daughter holding one hand, my brother holding the other one, my nipples begging for attention, my muff slowly awakening for the same attention. All three of us naked.

My knees splayed wide.

My sopping wet muff gaping obscenely open.

“I’d better get up, I’m beginning to make a mess on the couch.” I said.

Jack stood up, his hot cock point it’s naughty eye at me, keeping hold of my hand.

Cassie let my hand go, I used it to lever myself out of my sitting position. Her nipples hard, almost looking painful.

Once I was on my feet, my daughter gently gripped my right elbow. Jack gripped my left elbow, we remained like that for a solid sixty seconds before they both let me go.

I took a step forward, both my daughter and my brother on either side of me.

Another thirteen cows entered the dance arena in my skull.

“I’m good to go, the worst is over. The shock of seeing you was what hit me. I was…we were, expecting you on the third. It’s been so long since I last heard from you or your brother.” I said, glancing at my daughter.

I turned to face her, embraced her again.

Everything that was humming, I put on pause.

This time I was focused on who this adorable woman was hugging me.

I buried my face in her luxurious black locks again, inhaling her scent. Her aroma invading my senses. It had been a long time between drinks, but, I never got sick of her smell.

She was my little girl.

I raised her, fed her, dressed her, bathed her, loved her.

It damn near shattered my world when she told me she was leaving home to become a cop.

It damn near shattered me when Brian told me he was joining the military.

I understood what my brother went through.

He was inconsolable for a long time when Oscar and Zoe left home to join the military.

Ang was as useless as a cunt full of water when it came that sorta thing. She left everything up to Jack.

She even missed the Passing Out parades.

Both times she was ‘setting up’ a deadline with her ‘agent’.


Six months ago:

Jack got a phone-call one Thursday arvo when he was around at my place. He’d gotten into the habit of dropping in on his way home from work. I used to look forward to it, just quietly.

I was naked, as usual, when I answered the front door.

Des was in Melbourne.

I stopped getting nude in front of my husband years ago.

Having the empty house to myself, however, I was naked from the moment I arrived home from my office, until I had to get dressed for work the next morning.

A billy, a shower and a double JD on the Rocks, four rocks, then relax in front of the telly was my usual routine.

When Jack’s phone rang, I was in the process of making his drink.

A double JD on the Rocks, four rocks.

We headed out onto the deck.

“…there’s no mistake?” I heard him say. A frown on his face.

“…Yep, ok, send a copy through to Jock. I’ll get Trish to add it to the deposition, she’ll send it back to you for a confirmation signature. When you get it back, can you sign it, return it to her, then let me know?”

There was resignation in his voice. A solid minute of silence.

“…Yeah, righto, that might work. It’s better to be sure about this, the last thing we need is this thing going pearshaped, then blowing up in our faces when we get to court.” he said.

Another pause.

“…that’ll be great mate.” He looked at me.

“…actually can you send it to my sisters email, I’m at her place now. I’ll have a quick squizz at it now before I pass it onto Dad.”

“…yeah, I’m sure, Mate, we’ve come this far, no sense in holding anything back now.” He studied a spot between his feet.

“…that’ll be fantastic Joe, you’re a fucken Legend. Mate. You’ve gotta come up to The MaD house when this is all done and dusted. Bring Monique and The Tribe.” They had four ruggo’s.

“…ok, buddy, cheers, catchup soon.” He ended the call.

He stared out over the backyard. We had a view of the Pacific ocean from where we were sitting, yet, I got this sense that Jack kaçak iddaa was never really looking that far out.

“Joe found out that Ang is actually fucking her ‘agent’.” he said.

His voice bland, bordering on disgust.

I sat there, gaped at him.

“…not only is she fucking your husband, but she’s cheating on him, with her so called ‘agent’.” He continued, matter-of-factly.

The acidity in his voice caused mild alarm to course through my body.

Jack got up, he started to pace. He did that when he was this pensive.

The languid stride he usually displayed was absent though.

His upper torso was rigid, his legs stiff, his fists clenched.

I got up, went over to the the little cupboard I had out on the deck, I retrieved my spare billy, went inside to grab the mix bowl from the loungeroom, then returned back out to the deck.

I grabbed the billy, packed the cone, handed it to my brother on his next pass. He took the billy, pulled the cone, repacked, pulled it, repacked it, put it back on the table. Drained his drink.

He stripped off his clothes, then dove naked into the pool.

I headed back into the kitchen to prepare dinner, I knew he was gunna be at least another twenty minutes before he calmed down.

I grabbed his empty glass as I walked past it.

When I had dinner simmering, my brother had just climbed out of the pool, I watched him through the kitchen window.

The tension in his shoulders was gone.

I never got sick of perving on my brother.

He may not have been a hunk, but, he was hot.

His bum was tight, as were his legs. His sixpack, his chest and his shoulders all looked in wonderful condition.

The merest hint of tension was easily visible on his body, when it was evident.

He had this uncanny ability to hide the stress, although in the last few months, I got the distinct impression, he no longer cared about how people saw him.

To be completely honest, I had adopted the identical emotion towards my husband.

Once we’d found out that Des was dipping his wick in holes, outside of mine, I kinda developed this attitude.

When Jack came inside, he grabbed his drink, headed into the loungeroom.

I gave dinner another stir, wandered out to grab the mix bowl, put the ‘outside’ billy back in the cupboard, headed back into the loungeroom.

I put the mix bowl down on the coffee table next to the ‘inside’ billy, then sat down next to my brother.

“Joe is sending a copy of the latest intel to your email. Can you help me scan it before we send it onto Dad, please?” he asked me quietly.

“Absolutely, Jay. We can skip the scan, ya know, send it straight through to Dad?” I replied, nonchalantly.

“No chance, Chee. I’ve come this far, no sense in sugar coating it now. Whatever the info, nothing changes. I’m still in turmoil about the whole thing. It’s the eventual outcome that I’m facing off against.”

He said definitely.

He continued.

“You finding out about Dopey’s whores has shattered you, drop kicked you into the world of turmoil you’ve been in since you found out.

It shattered all of us, the kids included. This new bit of intel will only strengthen our case against the pair of them. It’s no longer about the morals, the excuses, the reasons. It’s all about the money now.

They fucked my family, we’re gunna fuck ’em back. Just nastier.”

That last sentence containing enough venom to bring down a thousand rampaging bull elephants. I chewed on it for a bit.

I packed myself a cone, pulled it, repacked, handed it to my brother.

I got up, grabbed my drink went into the kitchen.

I stirred dinner a bit more, taking occasional sips from my drink.

My phone bing-bonged.

I put the lid back on the pot, took it off the heat, turned the stove off, then went to retrieve my phone.

It was an email.

I dished up our dinner, grabbing both bowls, I yelled out to Jack that the email from Joe had just arrived in my in-box.

We went to the office where I fired up the computer, as we sat at my desk.

I hovered the mouse over the email. I turned to look at my brother.

“Are you sure you wanna see this, Jay?” I asked him.

“Lets rock-n-roll Chee. No sense delaying the inevitable.” He replied.

I clicked the email open. There was an attachment.

I felt my heart rate accelerate slightly.

For some reason, I got this feeling that what I was about watch, was gonna be harsh.

I felt the tension in my brother sitting next to me.

I felt sweat forming in all the places I knew it was not suppose to.

A mild thumping had begun at the base of my skull.

I clicked on the attachment, Windows Media Player fired up.

I clicked on the start button, ‘here we go’, I said to myself.

I pushed my brothers dinner until it sat in front of him, he picked up the bowl, we both got stuck into the food.

The image that came through was crystal clear, it was a shot of an office.

There was a desk, a computer screen, a blotter, a desk kaçak bahis chair, some bookshelves, a few pot plants, the carpet was a grey/blue metallic colour. There were two chairs on the opposite side of the desk.

Against one wall, was a large couch. A coffee table in front of it, a lounge chair at either end of the coffee table.

From the angle of the cam, it looked like I was high up in a corner of the office. The entire office was visible.

Off to the left was the office door. I glanced at Jack.

“Do you recognise this?” I asked him.

After a solid ten seconds, he shook his head, chewing a mouthful of food.

The door opened. A tall, sandy haired bloke walked into the office.

He was holding hands with a woman as they went straight over to the couch. I knew who the woman was before she even turned around.

Angie. My brothers wife.

I glanced again at Jack. His chest was moving at it’s normal languid cadence. His chocolate eyes glued to the screen in front of me.

I felt the tension from him. I shivered and went all goosey.

Ang pushed the bloke in the chest, he sat down on the couch, then she climbed onto his lap, facing him.

He was an ugly fuck. His lips were too big for his head.

His nose looked like it had been broken a few times, the doctor must have been drunk when resetting it.

There was way too much distance between his eyes.

His off-white shirt was rumpled, half tucked in, half hanging out.

Ang grabbed hold of the shirt from the bottom, yanked upwards. Buttons flew off in every direction.

Angie was wearing her uniform of trakky daks, windcheater and sneakers.

She reached down between them to undo his belt. The bloke lifted his arse off the couch to give Ang the opportunity to pull his pants down to his thighs. He was commando.

His donk came into view. As ugly as his face, but that’s a matter of opinion. It was huge. At least nine inches in length and as thick as a stubby.

Ang’s hand gripped it, slowly stroking up and down.

“I’ve been fangin for this monster all week, you bastard. Where were you on Tuesday? Out fucking one of your other ‘clients’?” Ang’s voice broke the silence, as crisp and clear as though she were standing right here in front of me.

I had to admit, this footage was exceptionally good quality.

Without letting go of his donk, Ang managed to stand up and remove her trakky daks. She sent them flying across the room with her right foot as soon as they puddled at her feet. No undies.

“Easy access. I wondered why I was seeing less of her underwear in the wash. Which actually makes a lotta sense, from where she is,”

Jack indicated the screen with a finger.

I looked at him, cocking one eyebrow at him.

“…Joe told me that when a woman is hiding infidelity, she either wears no undies or carries spares. Blokes have it a little more difficult, they hafta wait a long time before they should put their undies, jeans, pants or shorts back on. Women can flush out any goop that gets left behind. Blokes hafta wait until the leakage stops. The trick is to wait as long as possible after sex to engage other people. Aroma’s and residue is what brings adulterers undone. In this day and age, it’s damn near impossible to hide an extra-marital discretion.” he stated, matter-of-factly.

Back on the screen, Ang clambered back over the bloke, holding his cock in place.

Her hips slamming down in one smooth action.

She grunted obtusely.

Des’s hands came up under her windcheater, Ang placed her hands on the back of the couch on either side of his head.

She rode him like that for almost five minutes. Her grunting and groaning sounded like she was in a ultra low grade porno.

The door to the office opened. Ang swung her head in that direction.

Both Jack and I looked at that part of the screen.

“About fucken time you got here. Stick it up my arse, Roger already has my cunt full.” Ang said, grunting in between each word and indicating the bloke underneath her, her arse bouncing to a tidy rhythm.

The door swung back a little further until the bloke appeared.

Des. My husband.

Naked from the waste down, erection pointed lewdly at Ang.

I sat there gaping at the screen.

I glanced at my brother, he was gaping at the screen as well.

We looked at each other. I paused the footage.

I looked at the date on the time-stamp, I opened a desk drawer to my left.

I extracted my diary. I located the date.

Des was supposed to be in Singapore.

“Do you know who this ‘Roger’ wanka is?” I asked my brother, indicating the screen, my voice definitely not my own.

“Roger Sutcliffe, Ang’s agent.” he said robotically.

I clicked the ‘play’ button to roll the footage further.

Ang repositioned Roger and herself at one end of the couch, her arse in the air, pointed directly at Des.

He took up the position behind Ang.

Then, the cam changed angle.

We got a decent look at Des’s cock as it slowly disappeared into Ang’s anal cavity.

She then dropped her hips to engulf Roger’s cock, Des had to manoeuvre his body to match Ang’s.

I hafta admit, both blokes had impressive hang time, building and maintaining a solid rhythm.

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