The Long Weekend Ch. 21


Home from Ladies Day

Pulling away from the drive thru window, Kathy bounces the small car over the curb as she howls with laughter.

“That was so much fun. Did you see the kid’s face when he saw us? It was priceless. He didn’t know where to look – my tits, your tits or Danny cumming all over your crotch and you trying to hide it. He’ll be telling people about it for weeks.” Kathy shouted out gleefully.

“That was so embarrassing. It’s one thing to show him our tits. It’s quite another to have Danny’s hard cock sticking up between my legs and exploding like a fountain.” said Annie ruefully as she squeezed her legs together to try and stop the pool of cum from leaking down onto the leather seats. “Hand me those napkins will you. You did that on purpose, you’re a devil woman. You know that!” Annie continued berating Kathy half heartedly as she tried to wipe up the puddle that seemed to be spreading everywhere with the motion of the car.

“I’ve got an idea.” Danny cried out. “Trust me, this will be so cool.” he spoke into Annie’s ear as he began to undo the remaining buttons on her dress.

“What the hell are you doing?” Annie asked as she clutched at her dress billowing out and exposing her totally naked body. Kathy looked over and saw Annie with her dress fully open and being tucked in behind her back. Danny pulled the shoulders of the dress away and down her upper arms, effectively restraining her range of motion.

“Kathy told me she has been using this at home recently and that it seems to make her skin radiant.” Danny stated as he reached around her and down toward her thighs. “Besides there is too much for the napkins to soak up.” she heard as she saw him reach into her crotch and scoop up two handfuls of sticky cum. He brought his hands up and cupped each breast and began to work the cream into her skin. The hot sun and warm air swirling around the cabin quickly evaporated and dried it onto her nipples and areola.

As reached for more, he circled his fingers over her expanding clit made more visible by his softening cock. As he abased her pelvis with one hand he continued to apply additional coats of his juices to her tits.

Slowing down, Kathy watched as all of her son’s cum being smeared on Annie’s chest, as he fingered Annie’s cunt and kneaded her caked breasts to rub in the balm he had ejaculated. With his actions, Annie tilted her pelvis skyward to allow his fingers easier entry to her vagina. The swelling lips sucked his fingers in as she thrust her hips to meet his hand.

The evaporating cum on her tits was cool and stimulating while the action below was hot and intoxicating. She squeezed her inner muscles to suck his fingers in deeper as he stroked her. Putting her coffee in the cup holder, Kathy reached over with her free hand and slid it down Annie’s left side. Turning her hand over and slipped it under Annie’s thrusting pelvis until she reached her bum. She ran her finger over her rear hole and slipped a finger in. Through the internal membrane she could feel her son’s fingers working feverishly.

Annie raised her knees up as far as possible, she took hold of each breast and pulled at her straining nipples as Danny wrote his name on her clit with his thumb. With a silent scream into the wind she humped his fingers and gave in to the overwhelming sensation.

Danny’s cupped hands directed her spray of juices onto his own lap which soon became saturated and deeply stained. Kathy withdrew her finger as Annie slumped onto Danny’s lap.

They were passed by a SUV that had a multitude of faces pressed to the darkened glass watching the wanton act as Annie’s convulsions died down and she lay limp. Presented to the world as naked as the day she was born, Annie lay sated as Kathy made the right turn on the final approach to the Lumley residence.

Danny continued to lightly caress her body as the sun light hastened the drying of his cum amidst her perspiration.

As the final gravel stretch to the house came into view, closing up his birthday present to save it for later, Danny pulled her dress from behind her and pulled the top to above her shoulders. Annie adjusted the fit and did up a few buttons to hold it together.

Coming to a stop in the drive, they don’t see anybody but heard some hammering from the direction of the lake. Getting out of the car, Annie says to Kathy, “I’m glad we like the same kind of body cream. It really does seem to work. I feel it tightening my skin. Perhaps next time, I should try some on this on this forty-six year old neck of mine.” With that she did up a few more buttons, and together they got their bags out of the trunk.

“Come, you can say hello to Brice and his son Jake and I’ll introduce you to my son Jr.” said Annie to the two of them.

Danny looked down questioningly at his shorts which were still soaked and discolored with Annie’s juices.

“Just say your mother spilled her Starbucks’ coffee on you while she was driving.” Kathy offered.

“That’s bahis firmaları lame but I can’t tell them the truth can I?” Danny replied looking Annie in the eye.

“No, you can’t tell the truth, and if you are half the man your mother says you are, you won’t. Will you?” Annie pressed.

“I’ve promised Kathy never to kiss and tell and so far, it has led to some fantastic sex.” confided Danny as he rearranged the bulge in his shorts.

“See, I told you – quick the first time but great recuperative power.” bragged Kathy as she hugged her son. “Shall we head down to the lake/”

“I need to clean up a bit before I shake anybody’s hand. Is there a bathroom handy Mrs. Lumley?” Danny inquires

“Ok, why don’t you two clean up a bit and I will wander down and say we’re here?” replies Kathy.

“Good idea, me too. There’s one on the ground floor. Follow me.” called out Annie as she headed off toward the house. Looking back she saw Kathy adjusting the front of her blouse so as to only partially cover up her braless tits.

Entering the house, Annie suggests the downstairs bathroom used by the boys. Annie steps up the farthest sink and runs the hot water while Danny waits. He spies a soft white face cloth on the shelf to the left.

Taking it in hand he says, “Let me help you first.” Moving to the sink he flushes the cloth with very hot water, coats it with a frothy lather of cinnamon soap.

“Undo your dress.” Danny said confidently. In the short time he had known her, he had become infatuated with her. She was willing to do whatever he said. She responded to positively to all his attention. She was very erotic and seemed to live fully for the moment. Unlike so many of his mother’s friends, she held nothing back and allowed her passion to show. He never had sex with a woman this old and if they were all like her, what had he been missing, he mused.

Annie undid her dress and stood there with it hanging off her shoulders.

“All the way please, we don’t need to get it any wetter than it already is.”

Annie, slips it off her shoulders and hangs it on the robe hook on the rear of the door and stands there, hands hanging limply by her side.

“Closer please” Danny encourages as he reaches out and begins to apply the warm soapy solution to her neck and shoulders. Working slowly down her arms, then across her chest and down between her breasts, he carefully washes her down with soft caresses. Rinsing the cloth frequently to keep it hot and soapy he does each breast, nipple and areola individually and very slowly. His light touch ensures that not only is she clean, she is excited. “Put this over your shoulders.” Danny instructs as he hands her a large fluffy bath towel. “It’ll keep you warm.”

Danny kneels in front of her as he works down her tummy and hips until he reaches her crotch. “Can you open your legs a bit, Mrs. Sullivan.” he suggests rather than orders and she is only too happy to comply.

With her legs apart and naked in front of an eighteen year old boy she only just met, she has to hold onto his shoulders to keep her quivering legs from collapsing. He swabs her mons and works down one thigh only to sweep the cloth upward to drag the cloth tantalizingly slowly over her swelling labia. Sweeping down her other thigh he lingers at her knees before pushing the cloth and his fingers upward toward her vulva.

“Would you mind, sitting on the counter so I can finish you?” he offers while physically encouraging her to turn her back to the sinks and her hips to slide up onto the counter between the two sinks. He notices she offers not resistance and in fact, seemed to have anticipated the request.

She is sitting on the counter with her legs dangling uncomfortably over the edge while he continues to kneel in front of her. He is staring straight at the smooth glistening bald vulva that he had seen for the first time last night. Unlike the thick bush natural look of his mother or her friends, he finds the strident nakedness compelling. As he applies the hot cloth to her nether region, her thighs restrict his access and his efforts become clumsy as he tries to clean her most delicate areas.

“Perhaps this will help.” suggests Annie, as she both leans back to rest her shoulders against the mirror, while hiking her feet up to hook onto the front of each sink. In this wanton position her knees fall apart and she presents him with a close up view of her extended labia, her quivering inner lips and a spasming sphincter.

“Is that better?” she asks as she seems him staring open mouth at the obscenely enticing sight less than six inches away.

Danny raises the cloth and begins to apply the fragrant soap in creamy circles to her vulva. Sliding the cloth down he washes her perineum and works a soapy finger along the furrow of her ass. He looks up as he hears her say, “Perhaps this will help?” and with that she reaches down and pulls her labia apart to expose the rich pink interior lips cradling her yearning vagina.

Danny kaçak iddaa lays the soft hot cloth against the hot moist interior and he feels her pulsations of ecstasy begin to radiate through the cloth to his fingers. Pulling the cloth away he leans in and sweeps his tongue over the pink hot moist interior flesh, before sliding the tip into her vagina. He pulls back to give her a French kiss directly on her clitoris.

Annie releases her outer lips and reaches to grab his ears to pull his head closer and his mouth into more intimate contact with her sex. She’s too late, as he had already begun to lean back and stand up.

“There going to wonder where we are, unless we get going.” he says as he pulls at the towel around her shoulders and begins to pat her dry.

“What about you?” Annie asks as she slips off the counter and pats her self down. She shuffles back to the toilet and lowering the lid, she sits down and motions for Danny to follow. When he gets near, she reaches up and promptly pulls on the waistband of his shorts to expose the contents of the bulge that had been growing since exiting the car.

Pulling his shorts down exposes one of the hardest cocks she had ever seen. It was so stretched and so ramrod stiff that it looked like a warrior’s lance. She takes the cloth from his hand and applies the warm soapy lather to his cock and balls but his cock remains so stiff she can not bend it toward her without him having to bend over. She strokes upward to his torso to where his cum had landed and down to his thighs to where her juices had run. As she leaned forward to wash off the evidence of her encounter her face rests against his hip. She looks longing at the hard vertical cock in front of her and the two swollen sacs hanging below.

Annie puts the cloth down and ever so slowly reaches out to weigh his balls sacs and feel their fullness. She slides her hand up the base of his root and begins small short strokes that urge his discharge. She looks up at his face, as he watches her jacking him off. As her strokes get longer, his hips begin to thrust and his hands go to the back of her head. Guiding her gently, he suggests her head and mouth get closer. Pushing downward he directs her to his balls which she attacks with abandon. She licks and sucks each one, taking them fully in her mouth as she continues to stroke the length of his rampant spear. He encourages her mouth upwards so her lips are brushing the leaking head of cock.

“I love the taste of pre-cum with a hint cinnamon.” Annie purrs as she shows him her tongue running slowly around the rim of his cock. “We don’t want another mess do we? Will you cum in my mouth?” she asks as she slips her velvet lips over the angry red mushroom head of his steel hard cock. None of his mother’s friends had been so sexy. They had wanted sex but never offered themselves as fully as the older woman now who so completely focused on sucking his cock. He had staying power but not now, not with her.

“Yes Mrs. Sullivan, YES, here I cum!” he gasped as he feels the surge of his cum and forcefully penetrates her mouth with his cock. He holds her head there as her tongue swirls around the underside and her convex cheeks confirm the power of her sucking. He loves the feel of her bobbing head that encourages his release. Her mouth fills with his silky semen and her throat swallows the copious eruptions.

She reaches up and pulls him toward her as he buries his length of cum pipe into her face. She holds him there until she has swallowed his entire hot teenage load and he has stopped holding her head. Annie is amazed that he is still hard as she withdraws. She pulls the skin even tighter on the shaft of his cock to see a coating of cum and saliva. She expertly licks him from crown to scrotum to clean him off. Danny winces with the continued attention and with one final swirl of her tongue she laps on the tip of his cock to collect the last of his ejaculation.

Looking up and opening her mouth to show she swallowed it all, Mrs. Sullivan reaches for the warm cloth and with a final caring gesture, wraps and holds it lovingly around his pulsating cock. Then taking the end of the towel, she pats him dry.

“There. Now, we’d really better get going.”

“What kept you guys?” Kathy calls out as she sees the two coming down the path to where she is talking with the three men. The three males stop their conversation and watch Annie braless tits rise and fall, bounce and roll as she and Danny walk down the path.

“Well, you didn’t spill your coffee when you drove, but in the car as you rounded that last turn, I spilled my hot liquid over Danny and myself.” It was quite a mess, but we got cleaned up. I see you met every one. Hi Jr., how are you doing son?” responded Annie

“Fine mom, we’ve been working hard. This must be Danny. Hi there. I’m Annie’s son Jr.” he said extending his hand.

“Sorry about not being more on the ball. I’m Brice, we’ve met before and this is my son Jake. Welcome.” boomed Brice’s kaçak bahis loud voice.

Danny, dwarfed by the much larger boys, seemed a bit intimidated. Although he was Jake’s age, he didn’t feel a connection. While confident around women, thanks to Kathy’s training and his experience with her friends, he was still uncomfortable boys or men close to his age. He awkwardly shook hands and tried to hide the dark stain on his shorts.

“She sure got you didn’t she.” kidded Jr. as he gestured at Danny’s dilemma. Seeing the uncomfortable look on the young boys face, he tried to smooth over his faux pas. “I try never to drink and drive, text and drive because I always do the same thing. It happens to all of us. And if it hasn’t, it will.” Jr. continued with a big grin.

Annie noticed that the men and now Danny were grouped facing the two women and with both groups not wanting to look into the sun it came in from the side. Looking at Kathy she noticed that the sun penetrated the translucent fabric and highlighted the shape of her breast. The part that was not covered hinted at swollen nipples and deep shadowy cleavage while the exposed part was red from sun and the attention. It was obvious to her that this had been planned either by the men or by Kathy. She also realized that she was standing the same way and that her curves were also being naturally featured.

“Boys, I’ve had enough for awhile, we are almost out of material until the rest is delivered tomorrow. Why don’t we call it a day? I’m disappointed with our progress but there is not much we can do about it. I’d like to suggest the following, you grab some cokes from the fridge and the three of you take the boat for a spin, while I take a glass of wine with the ladies.”

“Wow, that would be great, thanks Dad.” whooped Jake.

“I’ll go up and get the drinks while you and Danny find the life jackets and make sure the boat is gassed up. I’ll be back in a few minutes.” offered Jr.

Putting his arm around his mother, “It looks like you had a nice day. Did you have fun with your lady friends?”

Brice led the way, up to the house and pointed out numerous things to Kathy while Jr. and Annie followed behind. Annie changed the deflected the question and soon got Jr. talking about what they had done.

Walking side by side, Jr. let his hand slip to grab his mom’s ass and didn’t find a hint of any panties under her dress. He thought he had noticed that she did not have a bra on down by the lake. Wow, I guess that she went to the luncheon with nothing on, but her dress and shoes, he thought. He held his hand on her ass as they walked and with his fingers pulled the fabric up at the back so that he could place his hand on her naked buttocks. He swept his hand around and found no sign of panties or a thong or the bottom of a bathing costume. Yes indeed, she was bare-assed naked.

Jr. slowed down his pace to fall in behind his mother and reached under the back of her dress with his other hand. Holding both of Annie’s cheeks, he gave them a little squeeze. I haven’t seen these since Chapter 16 which although was this morning, seem like a long time ago he thought. He followed behind step for step by holding her hips tight and pulling her ass into his crotch. Like a little school boy might do. A little school boy with a big cock.

Before they exited the shaded path, they noticed that since Brice and Kathy had gone into the house, and the boys were at the dock, they in a private place. Jr. stopped abruptly and kept his mother tight to his body. “Wait a sec.” he stated firmly and Annie did.

“Nobody can see us, bend over.” he directed as he flipped the back of her dress over her hips so it lay along her back and dry humped her naked buttocks. He reached way under her dress, below her body, and caught her hanging breasts and squeezed them. “Nobody can see us and I need you to take care of me. I missed you today, while you were away.”

Annie knew better than to argue and knew that they had to be quick. She immediately turned around, only to find that Jr. had already taken his swollen cock out. He knew she would service him. She was his mother and knew what he needed.

Falling to her knees, she watched as Jr. stroked his cock to fullness in front her as she held onto his thighs for balance.

“Unbutton your dress for me.” Jr. urged, as her fingers flew down the row of buttons before pulling the dress aside. Jr. looked down at his mother’s gorgeous body as her nipples swelled and pulled at the wrinkled red areola

Brice meanwhile had gone to the kitchen to get the white wine, while Kathy walked to the window to survey the view to the lake. Looking down the path, through an opening in the budding leaves, she saw Annie on her knees pulling her dress back to expose herself to Jr. as he masturbated right in front of her. Her eyes opened wide in amazement as she watched Annie reach up to cradle his balls, before leaning into to take his cock in her mouth. With her back to the house, Annie had no idea that Kathy was watching but Jr. had see her in the window. He held Annie’s head into his crotch as he felt her lips grip his cock. He felt her teeth slide along the veined exterior as he pushed further in.

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