The Love Bug Ch. 06



I don’t think I’d ever been more confused: I was naked in my son’s bed, on top of my daughter, who was wearing only her panties. We were both screaming, and in ran my son, and my daughter’s best friend. Also naked.

My son Jeremy put his hands on my shoulders and “It’s okay, Mom,” as if his penis weren’t almost in my face.

Part of me wanted to lean forward and take it into my mouth.

Okay, focus… I know I was in here last night talking to him, then I went back to my bedroom and almost raped my husband Rick, even though it had been years since we’d last had sex: I don’t even take my birth control pill anymore, because there’s no point putting up with the side effects.

He wasn’t at all interested at first, but after a while he was as much into it as I was, and we had the sort of sex we hadn’t had since before we were married. The sort of sex, in fact, that got made pregnant with Karin at sixteen, and a bride five months later.

And then a few hours later, a few minutes ago, despite the fact that Rick and I had fucked each other into near comas (my pussy was still sore, which I know hasn’t happened since before I gave birth to two kids), I felt an urge to come in here. Almost like a dream.

Whatever it was, it went out of my mind as soon as Karin and I screamed.

Though I knew I was still paying more attention to Jeremy’s penis than a mother should.

“You must have been sleepwalking,” Karin said soothingly. “That’s why you’re disoriented.”

And then Rick ran in, wearing a robe. “I heard screaming, is everybody–?” And he stopped short, noticing everybody’s nudity.

Karin and Naomi suddenly seemed to remember as well: Karin pulled the sheet over her chest, and Naomi grabbed Karin’s nightgown from the floor next to the bed and held it up in front of body, very ineffectively. Naomi patted the bed next to her, and Naomi climbed in, also drawing the blanket up to her collarbone.

“Um…” Karin said to Rick, “Jeremy and Naomi were messing around in my room, so I came here to sleep. And then Mom was sleepwalking. Simple.”

I accepted it, but it was too simple. Especially since I’d never sleepwalked in my life, and that’s not what this felt like. Also, Naomi didn’t seem to like the “Jeremy and Naomi were messing around in Karin’s room” part, she didn’t even appear to like Jeremy, but I’m not sure how else she’d explain her and Jeremy running in here naked together.


It had already been a weird night: Joanne had come to bed, stripped naked — she never slept naked — pulled down my boxers, and begun playing with my dick. These past few years, I’d become convinced she forgot I had a dick. It wasn’t doing a thing for me at first, but after about fifteen minutes suddenly my dick was porn-star hard and we were going at it like animals in heat.

The first thing I remember after just about collapsing in post-coital exhaustion was being woken up by screams coming from Jeremy’s room. I threw on robe and dashed over.

I got there to see my daughter Karin sitting up in bed, topless, Joanne siting next to her naked, and Jeremy and Karin’s friend Naomi standing naked next to the bed.

I tried very hard to avert my eyes from Karin, whom I hadn’t seen without a shirt since she was 11 or 12, but I was having far less luck ignoring Naomi, a gorgeous girl with large, firm breasts. And a mound of wispy pubic hair.

“Um… Jeremy and Naomi were messing around in my room, so I came güvenilir bahis here to sleep. And then Mom was sleepwalking,” Karin said, as she and Naomi covered up and Jeremy pulled on a pair of gym shorts.

It all sounded kind of sketchy to me; but I really couldn’t think of any more plausible scenarios, so I just said “Jeremy, why don’t we go downstairs and give the ladies a chance to get themselves together in peace.”

And once downstairs, I asked him “Is there anything you need to tell me?”

“Nope,” he said.

At the very least, if he was entering into a relationship with his sister’s best friend, that could get complicated. And no good can come from family dynamics getting complicated.

I didn’t even ask him whether he’d been traumatized seeing his mother naked.

Seriously, sleepwalking??

Karin called down from the top of the stairs “Jeremy, everybody’s out of your room.”

“Thanks,” he called back, gave me a quick goodnight, and dashed upstairs.

I wondered briefly whether Naomi was waiting for him in his room (and whether I should object, not that it made a difference anymore), or whether she was going go through the motions of sleeping in Karin’s room, which she’d done countless times over the years. It sometimes felt as if we had two daughters, though I might struggle a bit thinking about her that way now that I’d seen her in all her naked glory.

Both guesses were wrong: as everybody was scrambling from room to room upstairs, Naomi slipped downstairs, carrying an overnight bag. Quietly, as if she didn’t want anybody to know she was leaving. “Mister Rick,” she said — which is what she called me since she was 14 or so and Joanne and I told her she could call us by our first names but she couldn’t quite bring herself to — “I know it’s late, or really early or whatever, but could you drive me home?”

She didn’t explain; but she seemed upset about something, so I didn’t ask. I told her she could wait in the car, and I ran upstairs (Joanne was dead to the world, no great surprise) and just threw on a pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt. Didn’t even bother with socks or underwear, because I was only going to be gone for a few minutes.

When we set off, I wasn’t sure whether I wanted Naomi to talk to me about what was going on, or not. And now that she was involved with Jeremy, I didn’t know what would be more disruptive: if she were dating Karin’s brother, or she broke up with Karin’s brother.

I didn’t want to lose Naomi as a sort-of member of the family, and I would have felt that way even if I hadn’t just seen her naked.

Fuck, why did my mind even go there?

This was a kid I’d known half of her life, and my daughter’s friend and maybe my son’s girlfriend.

But I knew I wasn’t going to get the image of her naked body out of my head any time soon.

“You’re looking forward to graduation?” I asked. The dumb question seniors get asked countless times over their last few weeks of school.

“Yes and no. It’ll be nice finally leaving home, but… it’ll be tough leaving home.”

I laughed “I hear you.” She wasn’t wearing a bra. I don’t think I’d ever seen her without a bra.

Well, except for fifteen minutes ago, of course.

Come on, Rick, think about something else.

“I’ll miss all you guys, of course.”

“And us you,” I assured her.

Was she staring down on my crotch? Shit, I should have worn underwear. Or a protective cup. I cannot be getting an erection in front of Naomi.

You türkçe bahis know the very worst way to keep yourself from getting erection? Ordering yourself not to get an erection.

Naomi pulled the neck of her t-shirt away from her body, as if it were getting too warm.

Unfortunately not far enough that I could look down at her chest and– oh come on, Rick, stop that.

I glanced down at my own crotch, to see how bad it was. And she saw me doing it. “Sorry,” I said. What else could I say?

“Don’t apologize, Mister Rick. It’s flattering.”

“Still,” I said, I shouldn’t be–“

“Shh,” she said, “it’s really hot.” He placed her left hand lightly onto my lap. Well, okay, onto my dick. “I bet I know how to make this even harder.”

“Naomi, you really shouldn’t–“

She pulled off her t-shirt. “You don’t mind, do you, Mister Rick?”

“Of course not,” I had to admit. “I’m just afraid I’ll crash the car.”

“Am I that distracting?”

“You know you are.”

“Good thing the sun’s not up yet and there’s nobody else on the road.”

“Their loss,” I said.

“Bet your ass.” She gave my dick a long, slow stroke. “I never noticed this before,” she said a bit breathlessly. “I bet I can make it even bigger.”

“Do your best,” I said, with a grin.

She lifted herself up a few inches and slipped of her shorts. Other than her sneakers, she was now wearing nothing but very small panties. When she noticed me appreciating the view, she said “At least one of us remembered underwear.”

“That hardly counts,” I pointed out.

“Are you complaining?”

“Hell, no.”

She took my right hand and placed it on her breast. “You can touch too, you know.”

My God, have I ever touched a breast this perfect?

“Oh, that’s so nice, Mister Rick.”

While I enjoyed her breast, she began stroking my dick in earnest.

This girl was going to me make me cum in the front seat of my car, something I hadn’t done since… well, since I was several years younger than she is now.

But she kept stopping when I felt myself getting close. She wasn’t just teasing me, was she?

When we reached her house, she grabbed her bag, opened the door and stepped out of the car — in just her tiny panties. I thought I was going to explode, when she said “You’re going to walk me to my door, right?”

“Of course.” I was taught to always walk women to the door.

And sadly, this won’t be the first time I’ve done so with an erection I was going to have to go home to attend to.

When she unlocked the door, she kicked off her sneakers and said “My parents aren’t home. So you’re also going to walk me upstairs, right?”

“Are you sure?”

“Fuck yes!”

As soon as we got to her room, she stripped off her panties and tossed herself onto her bed. Her fine pubic hair did nothing to hide the fact that she was already visibly wet.

I pulled off my t-shirt and sweats.

“Have you ever fucked a woman in the ass before?” she asked.

That worried me a little: my dick felt harder, and bigger, than it has in decades, even more than when I was with Joanne earlier. If this is what she wanted, I was afraid of really hurting her.

“Yes,” I said. But in fact it was almost a lie, since Joanne and I had tried it once shortly after we were married, but I’d barely gotten the head in before she made me stop. The thought had never stopped intriguing me, though.

“Someday I want you to do that do me; but right now, I want you güvenilir bahis siteleri in my pussy.”

I reached for her big, perfect… young… breasts, but she wrapped are arms around me and pulled me toward her. “No,” she insisted. “My pussy. Now.”

“Are you on–?”

“Now,” she shouted.

I’m not sure waiting was even an option for me at this point, so I slid my dick into her. She was so much tighter than Joanne, but just as wet as Joanne had been earlier. Naomi was only the second woman other that Joanne I’d had sex with since marrying Joanne.

There was a part of me that knew this was terribly wrong, for so many reasons, but I literally couldn’t help myself. I know how crazy and self-serving that sounds, but this was an urge I couldn’t fight.

Thank God Naomi turned eighteen a couple of months ago, because I really don’t think that would have stopped me either.

At least I knew she wasn’t a virgin — but I’m not sure that made anything better, since she was my son’s girlfriend.

All I knew, all that mattered, was that my dick was enveloped by her warm pussy; and that I was pumping into her as hard as I could, as hard as I ever had, and that was groaning and cumming

There was also a part of me that knew I shouldn’t cum inside of her, but also a part of me that absolutely had to.

When I did cum, it was as if I hadn’t cum in weeks, not hours.

I started to pull out, thinking we were both sated — I was exhausted, anyway, even though I was still hard — but she just got on all fours, shoved two fingers into her pussy, then used my cum to lubricate her own anus. “Oh god, Naomi, I want to, but I don’t want to hurt–“

“No, no, I need you to fill my pussy again. But I want your finger in my asshole while you do it. Finger-fuck my asshole.”

So as I continued fucking her, I slipped a finger in. Just the fingertip at first, just to make sure my cum was enough lubrication and that she wouldn’t change her mind, and then I pushed it in my knuckle. Oh, Fuuuuuuck! she screamed and when I say “screamed,” it’s a good thing the nearest houses were separated by wide yards on either side, because if somebody had called the police to report a girl screaming during the pre-dawn quiet, there’s no way this would have ended well for me.

I really don’t now where I got the strength, but we went at it for another twenty minutes or so, Naomi whimpering (happily) through most of it, until I finally filled her with a load of cum as copious as the first.

And then she fell asleep underneath me. Not too surprising, since it was just after 5 in the morning. It was a struggle for me not to pass out next to her, but it might be awkward if she woke up with a naked “Mister Rick” in her bed.

I made it home, probably more by instinct than anything else. I barely managed to kick off my sneakers before throwing myself down on the living room couch. No way I was making it upstairs: for one thing, I didn’t want Joanne asking me any questions; for another thing, those fifteen stairs were fifteen more than I could handle at the moment.

The next thing I knew, I was woken with a start. “Dad!” Karin said in what sounded like a frantic tone. Shit, I had an erection. I grabbed one of the throw pillows and put it on my lap, hoping she hadn’t noticed.

Not that I should have felt too awkward about it, since I’d seen her topless a few hours earlier.

She really had looked hot that way, I remembered.

“Dad, how long have you been lying there?”

“Since.. five thirty or so? Why?”

“I’ve been right over there for the past fifteen minutes reading my– oh fuck, no!”

“Honey, what’s wrong?”

She pulled her nightshirt over her head. “Oh fuck no, Dad…”

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