The Morrisons Ch. 06


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This is a continuous story where each chapter builds on the previous chapter. If this is the first chapter you’ve encountered of The Morrisons then I suggest you go back and read the previous chapters first so you will understand the characters actions in this chapter.

**Author’s Note: This chapter advances the relationships you’ve already read about in previous chapters. You will meet new characters in this chapter, one of whom will have a sad story to tell. That part of the chapter needed to be told because it sets the stage for future chapters as part of the story foundation. Sounds interesting? …… Then please read on and enjoy this chapter! …
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From Chapter 5

Sexually satisfied, everyone settled back and rested in the water talking. Marion was the first to express her gratitude to everyone for allowing her to feel comfortable enough to act out her fantasy. Beth, Barbie and Terri also expressed their new found comfort with the present company to enjoy themselves sexually. Everyone floated in the water enjoying the moment. What a wonderful day this started out to be.

Chapter 6

Barbie and Beth had moved closer to Terri and the three of them were talking, while Patty stood next to Tony and Marion was rubbing against Ted. The three girls giggled and the two married couples looked at the two sisters and Terri and saw they were locked in a three way kiss while rubbing their tight bodies against each other. Their hand soon dropped from rubbing each other’s back to massaging each other’s ass cheek. Everyone was getting along just great when the phone rang and Terri rushed to get out of the pool to pick up the phone.

Terri answered the phone with, “The Morrison residence, Terri speaking.”

Immediately Terri heard a familiar voice saying, “Terri this is Jeff ……Jeff Simpson how are you doing? I’ve been so worried about you.”

Excitedly Terri said into the phone, “Oh Jeff, I’ve been waiting for you to call, I’m doing very well. My new job is the best ever, and you wouldn’t believe how much fun I’m having.”

Looking toward Ted who was still in the pool, Terri made hand gestures to get his attention then she pointed at the phone and wiggled her finger at him to indicate he needed to follow her into the house. Ted was quick to get out of the pool and run across the deck and follow Terri inside where she pointed at the kitchen phone and indicated for him to pick it up and listen.

In an excited voice Terri continued saying, “Jeff I can’t tell you everything on the phone but I want to tell you everything is going to work out for you to. Don’t ask for details but I’ll tell you I haven’t forgotten my one and only friend who helped me at the store. Plans are being made and some of them involve helping you so you won’t be blackmailed by Harold any longer. Jeff, hold on for a little while longer at the store because things will change soon.”

Jeff was smiling when he said, “Thank you so much for thinking about me Terri, it’s starting to get really rough around the store. Old man Harold is really pissed off that he can’t find you and he has some goons out looking for you so be careful.”

“Do you remember that foreign girl Hanna who came to work at the store a few weeks before you left?” Jeff asked.

“Yes, I remember her. She is that shy girl who came to work and did her job without talking to any of us. Then she would leave immediately when it was time to go.” Terri recalled into the phone.

Jeff said, “Harold has been taking her in the back room for the past few days. I made an excuse to go in there yesterday and when Harold saw me at the doors he told me to come in and the first thing I noticed he had Hanna standing in front of him dressed in her bra and panties. Harold made me sit down and watch. Hanna was crying while she begged and pleaded with Harold to give her something to put on but he yelled at her telling her to strip naked! He told her to take off her bra first then he grabbed it and pulled it off her. He called her some names and told her to get her fucking panties off. When she hesitated he pulled his belt off and threatened to whip her with it if she hesitated to do what he told her to do again. When she took off her panties he grabbed them and ripped them to pieces and told her she couldn’t wear a bra or panties at work again. Hanna continued to beg for some clothes to put on while Harold just laughed kartal escort at her then made her pose in a lot of degrading positions, while he took pictures of her.”

“Harold stood up and grabbed her by the arm and shook her and told her to be quiet. Then he asked her if she was a virgin and when she didn’t respond immediately he slapped her bare ass with his hand several times then warned her he would use his belt the next time. Hanna said she was a virgin so Harold made her get up on his desk and lay back. He spread her legs wide and pushed his finger into her pussy and felt around and then he told me to check her and make sure she was a virgin. When I refused Harold said I would be sorry if I didn’t do what he told me to do because he had some friends who would hurt me then they would go to my house and fuck my wife and hurt her if I didn’t cooperate.” Jeff continued.

“When I stepped between her naked thighs he started taking pictures. When I hesitated to put my finger in Hanna’s pussy he picked up his belt and brought it down on Hanna’s naked tits making her scream in pain. So I quickly fingered her pussy and Harold took pictures. Harold said for my hesitation he instructed me to drop my pants and underwear which I did immediately because he raised the belt again. Then he told me to put my cock head into Hanna’s pussy. Hanna looked at me with fear in her eyes but I did what Harold told me to do because I didn’t want him to hurt Hanna anymore.” Jeff said into the phone.

When Jeff paused Terri was quick to ask Jeff, “Do you think you can get a couple of those pictures he took of Hanna so we can use them to prove the abuse Harold is doing?”

Jeff said, “Harold is off today so I can use the computer and transfer the pictures from the camera to a flash drive if you want me to. The camera is locked in the desk and I have a key.”

“That would be great if you could transfer the pictures without deleting them off the camera so Harold wouldn’t know you have them.” Terri said.

“Jeff what are you doing later this evening about seven o’clock?” Terri asked.

“I’ll be going right home after work. Why are you asking Terri?” Jeff replied.

“Jeff I hope you trust me because I can’t tell you what’s going on but could you bring that flash drive out here to the Morrisons this evening about seven o’clock? You can bring your wife with you if that’s possible.” Terri asked.

Jeff said, “Terri I do trust you and yes I can come out there tonight but I will have to check with my wife and see if we can get someone to watch the kids.”

“Ok, do you have a pen or pencil handy, I’ll give you this address for the Morrison’s.” Terri said.

After writing down the address Jeff said, “I’ll go back to the store and get the pictures and I’ll be so happy to see you tonight.”

“I can’t wait to show you my new home and for you to meet Dan, Kim and Jenna Morrison.” Terri said excitedly.

After saying good bye to Jeff, Terri hung up her phone and she watched Ted hang up the phone he was using. Terri looked at Ted with some very sad eyes before she said, “We have to do something to stop that fucking son of a bitch before he hurts Hanna, Jeff or Jeff’s wife.”

Ted said, “Don’t worry about a thing Terri I will be here tonight at seven.”

Terri and Ted were still standing in the kitchen talking when the phone rang again and Terri answered it saying, “The Morrison residence, Terri speaking, how may I help you?”

She was surprised to hear Jeff on the phone again and she motioned for Ted to pick up the phone as she asked, “What’s the matter Jeff? Did something happen?”

Jeff was quick to say, “No nothing has happened but I was wondering if I can bring Hanna with me tonight when I come out there so you can see her and she can tell her story to whomever you have working to help us?”

When Terri looked at Ted, he was shaking his head up and down indicating yes so Terri said, “Ya know Jeff that might be the best thing to do. Do you think she will come out with you?”

Jeff replied, “I’ll do my best to talk her into it. She is scared of Harold and because Harold is off today, he ordered me to watch her.”

Terri said, “Try to keep her safe Jeff and bring her with you tonight.”

Jeff said, “I was worried what Harold would do to me or say to my wife if he got pissed off at me so I told my wife everything. She’s skeptical about the whole situation but for now she isn’t mad at me but I’d like you to tell her how Harold forced you to sit on my lap naked and how he made me finger your pussy under the threat of blackmailing me.”

Terri said, “Jeff I will be glad to talk to her and straighten everything out for you. I will be looking forward to seeing you and meeting your wife around seven o’clock this evening.”

When Terri hung up the phone this time Ted said, “I can’t wait to hear from both of them tonight. Right now, I better get down the driveway and check on my guys and see how they are maltepe escort bayan doing.”


When Kim and I walked into the kitchen that evening Terri was right there to give us both a hug and a kiss welcoming us home. We could see the love reflected on Terri’s face as her eyes sparkled and her smile always broadened when she looked at us.

Kim and I sniffed the air and Kim beat me to the draw when she asked, “What smells so good?”

Terri said we’re having baked chicken from an old family recipe, I think you will love it. Then Terri told us she had set up a meeting at seven o’clock with Jeff Simpson who was coming out here. She told us that Ted was at the house today when Jeff had called so he was going to be at the meeting as well. Terri told us Jeff was bringing out some pictures that Harold took of the new girl named Hanna. She informed us Jeff might be bringing his wife and Hanna with him.

Terri told us dinner was ready and she would serve it while we went upstairs to get comfortable. As we were walking out of the kitchen, Jenna walked in and said, “Something smells great what are we eating tonight?”

Terri turned to Jenna and gave her a hug saying, we’re having baked chicken and its all ready so hurry up and go get comfortable and I’ll have everything ready when you get back down here.

While we were eating dinner all of us took turns talking about our day and by far Terri’s day was the most interesting. Terri said, “You probably saw Ted’s crew was here today digging the holes for the footings. He said they will be pouring the concrete for them tomorrow. Ted also said he went over to the prefab concrete company and chose some decorative pillars that matched the size he needed. When he’s ready for them, the company will deliver the pillars with the equipment to set them on the footings so you won’t have to pay any additional fee for a wrecker. He said he ordered the gate and all the hardware that that will be delivered in three days. Ted said he needs to store the electronic stuff in the garage for a couple of days until he is ready to use it. So it looks like we will have the security gate up by next week.”

I looked at Kim saying, “Well honey it certainly sounds great to me. I’ll be happy when it’s up and we have the system up and running.”

Dinner was finished and the table cleaned up by six thirty so each of us went up to our rooms to put on some clothes for our meeting tonight. Kim, Jenna and Terri decided on a pair of shorts and a tank top so I decided to pull on some shorts and a tee shirt. All of us were back in the kitchen when the door bell sounded.

Terri said, “I’ll get the door.”

Soon Terri walked back into the kitchen with Ted and Marion following her. I greeted Ted with a handshake and hugged Marion and said, “Welcome.” Kim followed my lead but she hugged both Ted and Marion and welcomed them.

Ted turned to me and said, “I listened in on the phone conversation when Jeff called today and I hope he can bring that new girl out with him tonight and so I can get a statement from her because it sounds like Harold has advanced beyond just making the girls pose naked for him to beating them. If she will give me a statement tonight, and Jeff brings me those pictures, I will have enough to search his store and house and arrest him.”

I told Ted I fully agreed with him and although I want my chance at all three of them I would willingly stand by and wait my turn. I told him getting the guy off the street was the most important thing that could happen for Terri and now the other people involved.

The door bell sounded again and Terri left the kitchen to go answer the door. All of us in the kitchen heard a squeal followed by Terri saying very loudly, “Jeff!” Only a few moments later Terri led the way to the kitchen to introduce Jeff Simpson, his wife Tina and Hanna Lindquist to all of us.

Kim said, “Terri please take our guests into the living room and make them comfortable and we will be along shortly with some snacks.”

I followed along and asked what everyone wanted to drink. Jeff said a beer would be fine for him and when I looked at Tina and she seemed shy so I said I had some very good vintage wine if she would like to try some. Tina accepted the wine then I looked at Hanna who said she didn’t drink but would take a soda if I had one. Terri said, “Dan, I will have some wine; what are you going to have?”

I said, “I’ll have a beer with Jeff.”

Terri left and went to the kitchen and brought back everyone’s drink orders. After passing out the drinks Terri chose to sit down on the other side of Jeff so she could talk to him. I didn’t interrupt as both Terri and Jeff talked excitedly. Terri told Jeff that she was so lucky to have been hired as our housekeeper and she proudly told Jeff she was a new daughter in the Morrison family.

Jeff congratulated Terri on her new job and continued talking how he had worried escort pendik about her after not hearing anything from her until today. With Tina sitting by his side Jeff explained, “Terri as I told you on the phone earlier, I told my wife what happened at the store because I didn’t know what Harold would tell her and I didn’t want him to be the first one to break the news to her.”

Tina leaned forward on the couch and looked at Terri before she said, “Terri you have nothing to worry about from me, I understand that Harold forced you and Hanna to do things that were inappropriate and I’m not mad at either of you.”

Nothing more was said until Ted, Kim, Jenna and Marion came into the living room and sat down. Once everyone was seated and had some snacks I said, “Jeff I understand there have been more developments at the store since Terri has been gone; did you get the flash drive for us?”

Jeff looked around the room nervously until Terri spoke up and said, “It’s ok Jeff you’re amongst people who are interested in helping all of us.”

Pointing towards Ted, Terri said, “We only introduced him to you at Ted before in the kitchen but officially he is actually Police Sergeant Ted Johnson and he is here to help us. I’ve told Ted everything Harold did to me and it’s going to be very important for both you and Hanna to tell Ted what Harold has done to both of you since I’ve been gone.”

Hanna started crying and said, “It’s too embarrassing to tell other people what Harold has done to me.”

Terri got up and moved next to Hanna and said, “Hanna he started with me and made me do embarrassing and humiliating things but if you want those things to stop, we have to tell someone so they can help us.”

Kim brought a box of tissues to Terri and she handed some to Hanna. Terri asked Hanna, “Do you want Jeff to start telling what he knows or do you want to tell us. This is important Hanna and it will take all the strength you have to make Harold pay for what he has done to us. I am going to testify against him and despite what Harold probably told you, he can go to jail for what is has done to me and is doing to you.”

“Hanna if you are going to tell me what happened then I have to ask you if you agree to let me record your statement.” Ted asked.

Hanna looked at Ted and said, “No I don’t mind if you record what I have to say.”

Ted said, “I would ask that the rest of you stay quiet as Hanna speaks so what she has to tell me won’t be mixed with everyone else. Hanna I need for you to tell me your full name, age, address and phone number and then tell me again that you know your statement is being recorded and that you approve.”

After Hanna finished telling Ted all her details she looked at Terri and said, “Harold told me that the cops won’t do anything to him because he owns my body and he’s only been doing what’s good for me.”

Ted interrupted saying, “Hanna, you have to tell me what Harold has done to you and you can’t leave out any details. I believe Harold wanted to intimidate you so you wouldn’t talk to the police and that’s why he told you the cops won’t arrest him but that isn’t true.”

Finally Hanna started by saying, “Harold has done some very embarrassing and humiliating things to me in the last four or five days. It started when I was getting some stock out of the back room and Harold found me in there alone. He took me into his small office and started feeling my breasts and my pussy through my clothes. I tried to stop him but he told me if I didn’t do as he told me, he would punish me. He told me he had been watching me and following me and he knows I live alone in an apartment. He told me he knows where I live so if I didn’t cooperate with him he would send some people to my apartment to take care of me.”

“That first day he made me strip completely naked then he took my clothes and told me I could work in the back room completely naked or sit in his office for the rest of the day. I didn’t want anyone to see me completely naked so I stayed in the office all day. However, once the store was closed he gave me the small broom and told me to go out and sweep the floors while I was still completely naked. He said the small broom would take me longer and he was going to watch me work. He said that was part of my punishment for being lazy and sitting around the office during my shift. When I was done sweeping the floors he took me by the arm and walked me outside in the alley behind the store and made me get in his car still completely naked. Then he took me to his friend who owned a salon and after making sure no one was on the street to see me, he made me walk naked into the front door of the salon and go to the back. I met some guy named Bill who took me into a room told me to get up on the table and lay back. Once I was on the table and lying down, Bill strapped my legs in the stirrups and spread my legs obscenely apart. My small pussy was stretched open when he finished pushing the stirrups to the sides. It was so humiliating and embarrassing to be spread open like I was and he didn’t cover me with anything, he just left me laying there with the door open. Then he put straps across my abdomen and my shoulders to hold me down.” Hanna recalled from her experience.

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