The Motherfuckers Club Ch. 05


It’s 10 am. Carole grabs little Jimmy’s hand and heads down the elevator to meet the others.

Everyone is already there. Little Jimmy makes a move to kiss her on the lips but Carole moves her head out of the way, gives the boy a quick peck on the cheek, and bids the boy goodbye. She sees her son Ricky who is wearing a really nice blue shirt and some black slacks. God, her boy is…so fucking beautiful! She finally makes eye contact with Ricky. The sexy Dr Stella is whispering something in his ear and they kiss each other goodbye. She walks over to say hi to her son, wondering how his night went with the sexy Dr Stella.

“God morning my gorgeous hunk of a son! How was your first night in the arms..of another woman?”

“Mom, Dr Stella is awesome! She taught me some new moves too! She showed me things that I am only going to use on you, not any of the others.”

“MMMMM!!! I can’t wait to get you all alone! You know tonight it’s just the two of us…in that big bed…all night. Are you going to be able to handle your sexy smoking hot mommy?”

“Shit mom! I’m totally worn out right now, but you’re making me hard again! was your night with…little Jimmy?”

“Well baby, like I told you when we were getting dressed, it was just sex. The sex was incredible. But the rest of it…I hated. To be honest baby, I really hope I never have to hook up with him again….I can’t wait until you make love to me tonight. Especially after last night I really need to feel loved again.”

Dr Stella was right!

“Mom, I know you and Jason….want to…”

“Yes baby, we want to…hook up …in the worst way. How about today you start working your charm on Mrs Cook? She’s just the sweetest nicest thing. And, she’s got a rocking little body too, don’t you think?”

“Shit mom, yes. She’s got really nice legs…and I’d really like to attack that tight little ass of hers. And yes, she is really nice too!”

“And Ricky…you don’t know it but she really has a thing for you.”

“Wow! A real sexy horny milf! Someone besides my own mother…! Wow! Mom, my cock is getting hard again.”

“Okay, here’s the deal. Ricky, today I want to make moves on Mrs Cook. And I’ll be all over Jason. Let’s forget all the others, okay?”

“Shit mom, sounds good to me, but right now I need some coffee.”

They spot Andrea talking to her son Jason. Carole gives them a big wave and motions them to come over and say hi.

“Hi Andrea!”

“Hi Carole! Let’s get a table for four.”

“Sounds good to me.”

The two women share a big hug. They sit down and pour themselves a cup of coffee.

“MMM!!! Hi Ricky…you look amazing for 10 in the morning!”

“Thanks Mrs Cook. You…look pretty amazing yourself.”

She stands up and turns around, does a little pirouette.

“Ricky, you like these little shorts?”

“Oh yes Mrs Cook! yes…I do!”

“And good morning Jason! I really like your new blue shirt. It makes you sexy and mature.”

“Good morning Mrs Baker. Mrs Baker, you always…pretty!”

As the 4 of them get a refill on their coffee.

“Boys, did you guys have a good time last night?”

“Yes. We did.”

The boys smile and nod yes. The two mothers give the boys a big smile. No one is in the mood right now for anything but more coffee and some breakfast. Ten minutes ago sex didn’t interest them at all, but both of the boys are sitting next to the sexy blonde cougars. Andrea is running her bare leg along Ricky’s slacks.

“Andrea, Jason…. Ricky and I were just talking. We’d really like it if we could just hang out today with you guys. Ricky and I…aren’t really interested…in the others.”

Young Jason looks at his mom. Both of then sit up in their chairs.

“Guys…Jason and I…were just thinking the same thing. So today its you and Jason..and Ricky and me? It that okay with you Ricky?”

She continues rubbing her bare leg along his slacks. His cock is starting to stir.

“Yes… Mrs Cook..definitely yes!”

“Okay boys, today its just the four of us. Boys, you got two smoking hot horny cougars all to yourselves!”

Everyone smiles.

“More coffee!! Boys why don’t you go and talk to the others. Carole and I have some catching up to do.”

The boys get up and leave the table.

“Carole sweetie…I’m dying to know…how was last night?”

“You have any aspirin? I have a splitting headache, and I almost threw up this morning. I don’t think the weed liked all the red wine I had.”

“Sweetie, I’m sorry I forgot to tell you. The weed doesn’t interact very well with red wine. Makes you sick. But white wine, its okay. You get a really nice high and no nausea. Here’s two aspirin.”

“Give me four. I my head hurts like hell and my little girly parts…are sore. down there.”

“So??? Come on!!! Give me the details! I’m waiting…!”

“Well, we got along really well at dinner. He was very nice in fact.”

“So dinner was good, then what?”

“As soon kartal escort bayan as he got back to our room it’s like he changed. He attacked me. It’s not that I didn’t like it, though. It’s been a really long time for me and I needed to get fucked…hard.”

“And, did he deliver the goods?”

“Yes he was everything you said he was. But you didn’t tell me, the boy is a dom! He called me bitch, slut, he fucked me in every position there was! Lets just say I made it through the night, thanks to the weed and the wine, but my gorgeous new gray stilettos are going into the trash can.”

“What? How in the hell did you break your heels?”

“I’m not sure. The little shit was pounding me so hard. I was having one orgasm after another. I remember I had my legs spread…but my legs must have been shaking as he pumped another load into me. I remember he shot and somehow my heel flew off. It landed on the other side of the room. I see the gray spot where it hit the wall and must have broke the heel off.”

“Carole!! Why…you little slut! You liked it…didn’t you?”

“I remember falling asleep after 2…laying in a lake of semen. The whole room reeked of drying sperm. Woke up at 8, but laid there, not waking him up. At 9:45 I woke him up and said we have to get cleaned up and get downstairs. I avoided the shower sex that way.”

“But the sex…was good, wasn’t it?”

“Yes the sex was amazing, the rest of it, not so much. To be honest Andrea, I’m glad it happened. I got fucked like a horny bitch in heat, and to be honest I really needed that. But I just told Ricky, I really hope I never have to hook up with him again.”

“Carole, look at our boys over there, talking to little sexy Eileen. They can’t take their eyes off those fake tits of hers.”

“I noticed that yesterday too. I’ve been thinking lately about maybe getting a boob job. Mine are starting to sag just a little.”

“Well, at least you have nice bit tits. I bet Ricky can’t wait to get his hands on them. But sweetie, look at me. I got these little 32 B’s going on. My little boobies aren’t even…perky!”

“Well, Andrea…you make up for it with that long legs and that hot little ass of yours! I wish my ass was half as sexy as that little butt of yours. I bet Jason loves your ass.”

“Well, I do have to admit. I do have a nice little ass. I have a million dollar ass but ten dollar boobs! But, I’ll just tell you that I’ve always known how to use my great little ass to my advantage. Carole, I’ve already made the decision to get my boobs done. I have an appointment this week to talk to a doctor who I heard is amazing. You should see the job he did on our friend Brenda Moore. I guess he has a method that requires one night in the hospital. Then you wear a special surgical bra for a couple of weeks, then in two weeks you are good to go. Carole, know I have nice legs and ass but I’m flat chested. I really have wanted nice boobies for a long time, and I’m gonna do it!”

“This week? Is the doctor booked…months ahead?”

“I heard he likes to do two surgeries at a time. It’s better for him, keeps the operating room and nurse costs down.”

“HMMM!! Two at once. Maybe…hmmmmm! Andrea…would you like some company?”

“Just think…in two weeks our boys having two big titted cougars…!”

“The prospect of Ricky and Jason, getting their hands on four big fake tits is starting to make me a little wet down there.”

Suddenly Michelle comes around and hands everyone the schedule for today.

“Okay everyone! Did everyone have a good time last night?”

Ricky looks at Dr Stella and they nod in agreement. Little Jimmy stares at Carole but she pretends to be looking somewhere else, nodding yes.

“Okay here’s the schedule for today.”

“11 am…everyone into the hot tub. I think it will help…rejuvenate everyone after last night…bikinis please in the hot tub, ladies. At noon, its Nuru massage in the spa. Ladies, grab a partner and you will learn the skill of Nuru massage. Its from the Asian culture. Lots of oil…I mean lots of it! You gently rub your naked oily body over your partner’s naked oily body. It’s very soft and sensual. Just perfect after last night!”

The women all look at each other, each woman trying to pick out the boy they want to pair up with up. Andrea and Carole have already made up their minds.

“Then we have a something to eat, and everyone get into your best clothes! We are going to have a little dance. Girls, if the tops come off, or the bottoms fall off for that matter, then so be it!”

“Then back and change for your romantic dinner with your son. The chef told me he has some special porterhouse steaks and some Atlantic salmon just flown in this morning.”

“After dinner, head back to your room and lock the door! Everyone down here tomorrow for breakfast and goodbyes, then checkout time is 11 tomorrow morning.”

Everyone has had a good time so far but everyone is really looking forward to the climax of the whole weekend…Dr escort maltepe Stella refers to it as mother son bonding.

“Also boys…go ahead and take a Viagra at breakfast…and another one at dinner. Don’t want to disappoint your mother do you?”

Andrea grabs Carole and the two blonde milfs sit at the private booth with their sons. They have already decided that today Ricky will be Andrea’s date and Jason will spend the whole day with the sexy classy Carole Baker.

After breakfast mother and son go to the room to change into their swimwear. Jojolove had shown Carole a neon green new swimsuit for Ricky called a boykini. The tiny pouch barely held the teenager’s cock and balls. The tiny pouch did a fair job of hiding the essentials but not quite all of the youngster’s developing pubic hairs. If the boy gets a hard-on, which he probably will right away, there’s no way that little suit is going to do the job.

Carole looked spectacular in her skimpy little string, called a tear drop model. The tiny maroon bikini was going to drive all of the boys crazy! But she really hoped that young Jason would like it. Looking at her son staring at her, the gorgeous blonde mother knew that her teenage son loved it. That young cock of his was already hard for his mommy!

“Ricky, baby, don’t we look good together? in our little bikinis?”

“ are already making my cock ache. Maybe…we should take a selfie of ourselves and sent it to dad.”

“I’d love nothing more that to have a camera on the ceiling tonight and send your dad the video.”

“Mom, I’d love to do that too. Show dad what a good thing he had and then he fucked it up.”

“Well, baby, I know how upset you were when we got divorced, but I hope that maybe you are liking the way it’s turning out.”

“Mom, I am having a great time.”

They hold hands and head to the pool and spa area. A few moms and sons are swimming in the pool. Andrea and Jason are sitting in one of the two hot tubs.

“I see you two are a little late! We were beginning to think that you two were probably busy upstairs…thought that maybe you didn’t want to hang out with us today.”

“No, guys, Ricky and I can’t wait to see..what happens today.”

“Ricky that little suit you have on. You look absolutely scrumptious in that thing. And Carole…in that little string, Jason and I can certainly see why maybe Ricky wouldn’t want to leave the room all day! Hurry and get in here…the water feels great. Carole, sit next to me and let Jason sit on the other side. Ricky why don’t you come over here and keep me company?”

The two hot cougars sat next to each other while the boys flanked them on either side.

“You know today we are going to learn something called Nuru massage. I don’t know anything about it, but I know it involves a lot of oil! You boys are going to have a good time rubbing a whole bottle of oil on two horny smoking hot cougars!”

The bubbling water in the hot tub feels wonderful. Carole immediately starts to feel the events of last night start to fade away. Her headache is gone and her inner thighs and cunt start to feel normal again.

“I think I must have found the best spot. I’m sitting right on one of the jets. It feels like it’s waking me up down there!”

Andrea finally has her opening. Time to make her move.

“Let me get up here….I want to see..! Oh my GODDD…YES!!! It’s amazing….It’s like an instant orgasm..!”

Andrea is now straddling Carole. The two bikini clad blondes have their arms around each other. Slowly writhing in the tub against the jet of water, the two women seem to be getting into each other. Andrea kisses her new friend…just lightly.

“Sorry Carole…I just got caught up in the moment. I know you’re not into it…”

“Andrea…it’s perfectly okay. In fact, I wouldn’t mind at all if you wanted to kiss me again…”

Jason and Ricky are sitting on either side of their bikini clad blonde mothers. Jason has seen his mother in action with her best friend Michelle, more than once. But this is something else! Mrs Baker, the hottest woman on the planet, is making out with his mother!

Ricky’s cock is rock hard in the bubbling water. Shit his mom…and Mrs Cook? I mean are they going to…?

Andrea kisses her again….then again. They are making out, not even paying attention to their own sons sitting on either side. Carole scoots down in the hot tub. Her head above water but laying flat as she can. Andrea starts rubbing her crotch against Carole’s tiny teardrop. Both of the blonde milfs are excited as hell. Carole kisses Andrea harder…hoping that her son loves watching his mother with the hot assed Mrs Cook.

“Boys, what do you think? Do you want help us…get out of our suits?”

The boy reach over and Jason takes off Carole’s top. Her lovely big tits now for everyone to see. Ricky fumbles with Mrs Cook’s top, his hands shaking from the excitement of watching two gorgeous milfs go at it. The boys start on the bikini bottoms. pendik escort Jason has his hands inside of Carole’s tiny string, just starting to pull it down…suddenly Michelle speaks up…

“Okay everybody! Out of the hot tubs!!! It’s been a half an hour. Time for massage class.”

Jason and Ricky are more than disappointed. In another minute their gorgeous sexy blonde mothers would have started to…shit…maybe they would have gone down on each other…!

“Carole….I’m sorry…we got carried away like that. I mean sweetie, I know you aren’t bi. I hope you aren’t mad at me.”

“Andrea…I’m not…sorry at all…in fact I hope maybe we can continue…later…where we left off. Boys, would you like later…to see us, continue where we left off?”

The two boys smile and nod yes! What normal 18 your old teenager would love to watch his sexy blonde mother…with another sexy blonde milf?

Everyone headed to the spa, there a young Asian lady was there waiting for them. Carole made it a point of walking behind young Jason, her mouth watering at the sight of his tight teenage ass in his tiny red swim trunks. The events of the past ten minutes with the sexy Andrea Cook and just a glimpse of her gorgeous son Jason made her hair trigger horny! When she woke up this morning she never wanted to have sex again…and now..if Jason just touched me…anywhere…I’m gonna get off big time!

There are 10 air mattresses lined up on the spa floor. Everyone stands around as the sexy little Asian lady introduces herself.

“Hi everyone, My name is Mistress Chan. Today I will be your guide into the world is what we in Asia call Nuru massage. Basically is starts out as a massage that you are all familiar with. You massage your partner, then he massages you. It starts out with the male undressing his partner, then he massage her, rubbing the special Nuru oil everywhere on her body. Then ladies its your turn. You slowly undress him and then you rub the oil all over him. That sounds good so far doesn’t it?”

Everyone smiles and nods yes. Everyone can’t wait to get started!

“Now wait everyone. Not so fast! You are just getting stated. The oil is extremely slippery, way more than just basic massage oil. The idea is that the two of you get each other literally bathed in this special oil, then the female will gently rub her naked body over the male, then turn over and switch. The idea is slow…and sensual. Michelle tells me we only have an hour here, maybe 90 minutes tops. In the Asian culture 90 minutes is just the start. The idea is to make it last all day if possible. You are going to experience a sensual paradise you never knew existed. That’s just a very basic intro. As I guide you step by step I will tell you to totally please your partner.”

Carole almost has an orgasm just hearing about what is going to happen.

“Okay everyone, first lets select partners. Lets make it ladies choice.”

The overweight bitch Sandra Smith makes a beeline for Ricky.

“Sorry Mrs Smith. I’m with Mrs Cook.”

One disaster avoided!

Carole hears someone say something, turns around. Sandra Smith grabs Jason’s hand. Michelle sees what is happening and darts over to intervene.

“Sandra…hands off! Jason is already with Carole.”

The overweight Mrs Smith snaps at Michelle.

“It figures. You guys already had this all planned out. Boys you don’t know what you are missing here.”

She ends up with her own son Jimmy. A couple of the other women are also with their own sons, not opting to share this experience with anyone besides their own flesh and blood.

The whole day would have been totally ruined if that fat arrogant Sandra Smith would have got her mitts on one of our boys, Andrea thinks.

“Okay, everyone has a partner. Now ladies give your partner a hello kiss, and tell each other how much you re looking forward to this.”

Carole kisses Jason…noticing the bulge straining to be let out of his tiny swim trunks.

“Jason…I’ve wanted this since the first time you came over to the house. So today…its you and me..okay?”

“Yes, Mrs Baker…ohhh yes!”

Carole looks over where Andrea is kissing young Ricky, hoping that the two of them will connect half as much as she seems to be connecting with young Jason.

“Now boys, go ahead and undress your partner. Your partner is giving you a very special present, the present of her beautiful body. Boys…in awhile you will not only have that glorious body but you will own her soul also. Boys, think of it as unwrapping a special present. Slowly undress her and drink in the glorious naked female form.”

Jason is in heaven staring at the drop dead gorgeous blonde naked milf smiling back at him.

“Jason…you like, what you see?”

“Mrs Baker…you…you’re beautiful.”

“Okay ladies lay on your tummy. Now boys, look at your partners beautiful back, the backs of her legs, her beautiful round buttocks. Now boys, grab the bottle of Nuru oil and start applying it to your partner. The secret is using about twice as much oil as you think. After a half hour in the hot tub your partner’s natural oils need rejuvenating. Now slowly…I mean slowly, rub the oil on her back…shoulders, feeling her soft skin start to wake up.”

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