The Old Fellahs Show Their Hands


This is the final sequel to ‘The Old Fellah Needs a Hand’ which concludes the story of an eighteen year-old girl’s frolics with the neighbour she calls Gramps and her actual Grandpa, both in their eighties. Out of all the stories I’ve written, this one has been closest to my heart. I hope you enjoy it.


I was glad that Gramp’s flat wasn’t on another level of our apartment block, the skimpy tight dress I wore meant that to walk up or down a flight of stairs would’ve given anyone passing a close up view of my snatch. I had to keep yanking my hem down to cover my bum as I walked along, wishing I’d worn a longer jacket. I’d bought the mini-dress from a mail-order catalogue and had no idea it was so revealing until I tried it on in my bedroom; I’d never had the guts to wear it outside until today. Today was going to be a special day. The dress had a spring flower print in floral reds and I was wearing dark plum coloured hold-ups with beautiful lacy tops. I hated wearing heels so I had just slipped into my scruffy Converse boots. I didn’t think anyone would mind.

I let myself into Gramp’s place and found them both looking very relaxed in his lounge.

“Phew-whee, lookit you!” Gramps said, ogling me.

I crossed my arms and snarled, “I’m annoyed with you.”

“Aw, c’mon sweetheart, I-“

“Are you crazy!? Sending dirty pictures of me to members of my family? What were thinking?”

“Just one member, him.”

“We had discussed it,” Grandpa said.

“Oh, had you!” I was indignant but I wasn’t exactly sure why.

“I wouldn’t have done it if there’d been any chance of-“

“What if someone else had seen them? My Nana, my Mum!?”

“You were wearing a mask, babe. Remember?”

I lapsed into silence. Gramps and Grandpa exchanged glances.

“I’m going to give you some space,” Gramps huffed his hefty body up out of his armchair, “Gotta go shopping anyway, I got the munchies.”

They both chuckled. When Gramps had gone, Grandpa remained on the sofa, watching me with a broad smile on his face.

“I resent being manipulated,” I said.

“Of course you do. Anyone would.”

“It’s not that I didn’t like how it worked out…”

“You look very nice. Very nice. Very… sophisticated. Elegant.”

I pulled off my jacket and tried to climb down from the unreasonable height of my ire. Grandpa stood up and held me from behind, his arms wound around my belly.

“You are so beautiful,” his voice was dangerously soft, like the snake in Disney’s Jungle Book, “We both thought you wanted this, but that maybe you couldn’t admit it to yourself. So we… we nudged you along, that’s all.”

“You’re a right couple of playas, ain’tcha?”

There was quiet jazz playing, the room had a smoky haze lingering in the afternoon sun. I recognised the scent.

“Are you both high?”

Grandpa chuckled, “I had to steady my nerves, meeting you is, is, well, a date with a fantastically attractive young lady doesn’t happen every day.”

His kissed my neck. His hands began to roam over my body.

“You didn’t think grass was invented yesterday, did you? I’ve been smoking Mary Jane since I was younger than you are now. It goes with the jazz.”

“What’s this playing?”

“Baby, this is Coltrane.”

“Is cold train different to jazz?”

“Don’t worry about what it’s called, just let the tones flood over you, ride the music, feel the the flow of the notes he’s blowing.”

It was undoubtedly romantic music, I swayed gently with my Grandpa to the weird, changing rhythms that you couldn’t quite catch. He fondled my breasts and, being careful with my dress, he pulled the straps down off my shoulders and rolled the dress down until my boobs were bared. I heard him gasp hot breath in my ear as his rough, strong fingers held my naked boobs.

“Oh my,” he purred.

I closed my eyes and danced slowly to the atmospheric old-fashioned instruments. His hands toyed with boobs and my nipples were soon stiffly erect and sensitive to his playful touches, sending shivers of weird feelings running through the length of my entire body. Should I be doing this? I kept asking myself. I’d known this man all my life.

His hands strayed south and I smiled, knowing there was a naughty surprise in store for him. He wiggled up the hem of my dress so it was even shorter and his probing, exploring fingers soon discovered my lack of underwear; he dipped a single finger deep into my juicy pussy.

“Mm, you devil you,” he kissed me as he molested me deliciously, “No bra and no knickers, you little hussy.”

I turned so I could kiss him properly, he pushed two fingers up inside me as our tongues danced in a sloppy intimate smooch.

I took a breath from our passionate kiss and asked, “What

would you like to do first?”

I watched him ruminate on the many possibilities.

“Do you wanna eat me?” I suggested.

A wide grin spread across his face.

“You remembered, that I’ve never done that.”

“Not even with the sex workers?”

“The who?”

“The ataşehir escort prostitutes, Grandpa.”

“Oh, shit, honey, a whore’s cooze is the last place you’d want to lick, believe me.”

I pulled a face of disgust as he chortled and sat back down.

“Come to me, bring your sweet sugar over here, angel.”

I kicked off my sneakers and climbed up on the sofa, standing on the cushions so my cooze (what a cool word!) was level with his face. I brought my body closer as his hands ran up and down my smooth, soft, dark purple nylons. Feeling extremely shameless, I rubbed my sloppy cunt on my grandfather’s face.

I moaned out loud as I felt his tongue open me up and slide into my juicy mess. He circled his tongue and I moved my hips in response, fucking his mouth. He kissed me and licked me and I rode the waves of depraved pleasure that were coursing through me. His hands were constantly on the move, stroking my legs and bum as I squished my pussy on his eager, greedy mouth.

When he found my hard, hot, little button to nibble, on my mind turned to liquid and I cried out. I humped my pussy against him and his head was knocked back against the wall with a violent thud. We dissolved into giggles and I lowered myself to his lap as he laughed and rubbed his injured skull. I kissed him and devoured the scent and flavour of my nasty creamy cunt on his lips.

“Looks like you had the munchies too, Grandpa.”

We kissed again for several long minutes. My crush on him was just growing bigger and bigger and my overwhelming emotions poured out of me through the passion of my kisses. I must’ve been sucking the very breath from my grandfather’s aged smoker’s lungs because he pried me off his face.

“Easy, tiger,” he complained hoarsely.

I buried my face in his neck, panting.

I whispered in his ear, “Can we fuck now? Please?”

“It would be impolite to refuse such a charming request.”

I squatted on the floor, giving Grandpa room to unbutton and push down his trousers and underwear. I smirked with admiration at his upright, proudly erect cock, displaying all the rigour of a man sixty years his junior. The only thing that gave away his age was the cute white pubes nestled at the base of his thick pink throbber. He watched me watching him as he gave it a few strokes.

“I have some rubbers in my coat, over there,” he said, gesturing with his head.

“Yes, condoms, right, yes.”

I laughed at how hypnotic it was to watch him wank. I retrieved a condom from his pack.

“I had words with Frank about you two not using a rubber, that was very risky of you.”

He wagged his finger at me. I caught it and brought it to my mouth to slurp on. He left it in my sucking mouth as I knelt down and ran my hands over his thighs and his cock and balls. He pulled his finger out of my mouth, it dripped with my saliva, and stopped jerking his cock.

“I’m sorry, Grandpa, about the unprotected sex. I got carried away.”

I turned my head so I could rub my lips up and down his wide, warm shaft. He opened his thighs wider and the smell of his sweaty crotch was flipping my insides around. I swirled my tongue on the stinky dew-drop hole at the tip of his penis.

“I guess I’m just a bad girl.”

“Yes. Yes you are.”

My fingers trembled with excitement as I stretched the condom over his stiff meat. I put one knee on the sofa and eased my pussy on to the fat head of his dick. I sank down on him. I gasped and convulsed as he filled me. I immediately began screwing my pussy on to him with all my inexperienced but enthusiastic effort. He raised his eyes to the ceiling in an expression of ecstasy.

“I’d forgotten how young pussy feels,” his husky voice was breaking up.

“How do I feel?”

He snorted and wheezed, “Fucking tight!”

I squeezed him internally, trapping him with an animal clench and he exhaled a long, blissful breath. We found our rhythm and I was happy to do all the work, fucking this lovely, sexy old man as he groped and slobbered over my bouncing boobs.

“That looks fun!”

Gramps was standing in the room and watching us with an undisguised joy. I buried my face in my grandfather’s neck.

“Does he have to be here?” I asked, pleased really.

“Now, honey, that’s not nice. It is his home, after all.”


“And he did help bring us together. I think he deserves some… consideration. It would be the nice thing to do if you gave him a little nosh.”

“What’s a nosh?”

I turned my head to find that my elderly pervert neighbour had dropped his pants and was holding his fully engorged prick out to me as a peace offering. He stepped closer and rubbed it over my lips and nose. It left a sticky residue on my face.

“He means… suck on it,” Gramps grinned.

I looked at my grandfather and then at the other old fella. I looked at my grandfather again and he gave me a reassuring nod. I looked up at my dastardly neighbour and I opened my mouth. He pushed in his swollen, bulbous cockhead and I started kadıköy escort bayan to suck.

“Oh, good girl,” Grandpa said.

I tried and failed to fuck and suck at the same time, it was like rubbing your tummy and patting the top of your head. After a few comical minutes of graceless uncoordination, I worked out that all I had to do was allow myself to be their toy. Grandpa sensed my surrendering to their powerful thrusts and the way he touched me comforted and encouraged me, letting me know I was doing a good job. He held on to my hips and pushed up into me, his strong arms lifting and dropping me on his fat cock in such a darling way that I was soon creaming all over him.

Gramps was holding my head with one hand and guiding his sexy old dick in and out of my mouth as I kept my lips tight around the pulsating helmet. I was riding an earthquake and very near to coming. I was a dribbling, drooling, sweating, gushing mess. They were discussing me as their cocks plunged in and out of me and their hands wandered over every inch of my flesh and nylon-covered legs. Even though they complimented my physical attributes, it felt so dirty and wrong to be talked about like a ‘thing’. These aged dudes had turned me into their slut, their toy, their plaything and I felt truly at home with my newly adopted role. I should stop fighting this, I told myself, and accept just how amazingly good it felt.

“James,” Gramps said and I panicked, wondering who the fuck James was and if a third cock-wielding pensioner was about to get involved but then my fevered brain remembered that James was my grandpa’s real name.

“James,” he repeated, gritting his teeth, “I am about to unload in your granddaughter’s mouth. ‘Zzat alright?”

“Be my guest,” replied Grandpa.

Gramps’ hand tightened on my hair, gripping me and dragging me along his dick until he was poking at my gargling throat. After a minute of eye-watering suffocation I tried to pull away and the first waves of hot daddycum erupted down my gullet. His body spasmed, his belly shook and it seemed to pour out of him, drowning me. His hand released me and I jerked back my head. He held his prick up against my face and shot hot stringy spunks over me until he was spent and collapsed, panting heavily, on the sofa.

I raised my chin and swallowed all the salty gooey fluid in my filthy cock-sucking mouth as Grandpa resumed bouncing me up and down his dick, making my bottom wobble with each shuddering impact. Moments later I succumbed to the first thigh-cramping, stomach-churning, cum-squirting, thunderous squealing orgasm I’d ever experienced in my young life (sadly, I would go on to have precious few of those in the years to come; each one a treasure to be remembered fondly).

I was lying on the floor. Tremors were being triggered in my limbs and in my body and under my skin and in my eyelids and fingertips as I writhed and whimpered. I think I may have been talking but it was probably gibberish. I rolled on to my back and tried to catch my thoughts and assemble them into some kind of rational order.

“How long have I been here?” I asked.

“On the floor? About a minute, maybe two,” Grandpa replied.

I felt a hand patting my leg.

“You alright, angel?”

I opened my eyes and tilted my head to see Gramps passing Grandpa a smoking joint as they watched me.

“She’s quite something, isn’t she?” Grandpa said.

Gramps just nodded and blew out a white fume of pungent smoke.

All I could do was breathe and tingle. I was wearing my pretty little dress like a belt and felt conspicuously naked. One of my stockings had descended to below my knee. I couldn’t say for how long but I curled up in a ball on Gramp’s carpet and took some time to let my racing heart calm and allow the dreamy elation I was experiencing to wash over me.

The hot sweat on my skin began to cool and I found my longing for more fun and games was rekindled. I rolled over and got on to my knees and elbows. I wriggled my butt at Grandpa and slapped my hand down hard upon one buttock.

“Dearest grandfather,” I said, my voice croaking, “Do we do it now?”

“Do what now, my love? What do you mean?”

“Is this the moment you stick it in my ass?”

Gramps guffawed and Grandpa laughed.

“I can’t think of a better time than right now,” he was still laughing as he joined me on the floor, whingeing about how painful it was on his poor old knees.

“I’ll, er, give you two some privacy,” Gramps said, hauling his body up off the sofa and exiting the room.

“Frank!” my grandfather called, “Mate, do you have any olive oil?”

Gramps shouted from his kitchen that he did and re-entered carrying a dark green bottle. He tipped up the bottle and I felt the slimy liquid being drizzled over my bottom.

“Extra virgin,” he joked with a stoned chuckle and then left us alone.

“I’ll need another rubber, I took the last one off while you were rolling about on the floor.”

I looked back over my shoulder at him, “You won’t need to use a condom escort maltepe up my bum, Grandpa.”

“Oh, that’s… no, I suppose I won’t. I’ve never done this without one before.”

“Then this’ll be a first time for both of us.”

I laid my head down on my arms and pushed my behind out high, offering him my exposed orifice. I heard the squelching of him lubing up his cock and then his fingers sliding around my increasingly oily hole.

“Are you ready?” he asked.

I wasn’t. The head of his dick nudged my slimy shithole. I tensed up.

“Relax, baby, let it… that’s it…”

He pushed hard and I bit my lip to keep from crying out as the head that felt as big an elephant’s foot pierced my bum. Once the head was in I felt the rest of his length slide inside with relative ease. He pulled it back out and then shoved it back again. I expressed some weird, indescribable noises as he repeated this a few times. My body shuddered at each motion, my boobs jiggling back and forth. Each time I was as shocked at the re-entry as much as I whimpered at the withdrawal.

“Oh my, this is so… fucking… tight!”

I was glad he was so pleased. It wasn’t the worst thing I’d

ever gone through, but I wasn’t sure how pleasurable it was. I was worried that my invaded anus would never be the same again. Grandpa was grunting and shoving, shagging my arsehole with a energy that surprised me.

“Oh my,” he said, pounding away behind me, “You drive me crazy.”

I felt his passionate thrusts increasing in tempo and force. He leaned over me, his full weight upon my back. I couldn’t hold him up and I crumpled to the floor, my bunghole squeezed him even tighter as he too collapsed. There was a moment of stillness as he lay on top of me, squishing me into the carpet and then his thick cock throbbed in my sensitive butt and he was flooding my bowels with fountains of sperm. He bore down upon me and pumped his erupting semen deep into me.

After, he rested on me, breathless, sweating and murmuring sweet nothings in my ear.

He realised that I might be feeling a little crushed. He apologised and pushed himself up on his arms, lifting his weight off my prone body and allowing me to fidget and stretch. He asked if he had hurt me, I wasn’t sure if he meant with the crushing or the buttfucking.

“A bit,” I admitted, “Specially at the end.”

“Why didn’t you say?”

He was genuinely concerned.

“I wanted to be a good whore.”

“No one can say you weren’t that, baby. If you, er, let go I can, um, pull it out.”


“Yes sweet angel?”

“When it… when you take it out,” I was embarrassed, “Will I poop?”

“No, honey, there’s no way that tight little hole is going to be leaking anything nasty. Believe me.”


I found Gramps lying on his bed, reading. He put down his book and stroked my legs as I sat next to him.

“How’s your cute bum?” he asked.

“Violated,” I joked, “Brutally.”

“You’re braver than I am! I wouldn’t like it done to me.”

I lay down alongside him.

“Perhaps we should try it? I’ll order a horse-dick dildo off the web and I’ll bring it round one night. Just make sure you’ve got some olive oil.”

“I’ll give that a miss, if it’s all the same to you?”


I kissed him. He rolled on to his side and looked at me, touching my face tenderly.

“If I was a younger man, I’d snap you up and never let you go. I’d keep you ’til the end of time!”

I smiled at the romantic pervert.

“Am I forgiven?” he asked.

I ran my fingers through his grey hair and raised my face to kiss him.

“It’s hard to stay mad at someone when your face is still wearing their cum.”

We were still frenching when Grandpa exited the bathroom and came to find us.

“I see you two have made up nicely,” he chuckled and lay on the bed next to me.

I was in a senior sandwich, and I alternated kisses with each of them as four hands began to explore me. Their fingers met at my still swollen, still sensitive slit and they played with me in a luscious and irresistible way. My heart was filled with affection for them both and my body responded to their tender but determined touches.

I opened my thighs wider to allow them more easy access and they accepted the challenge. I closed my eyes and relished their attention. I wasn’t sure whose fingers were doing what exactly but I was touched everywhere I needed to be to create another rising surge of orgasm, building up inside me on a crescent of accelerating emotions.

They leaned down and each (had they planned and timed this?) began to suckle on one of my nipples as their expert filthy fingering drove me on closer and closer to climax. Suddenly my mind was filled with an image of them both using me at the same time, Gramps screwing my cunt and Grandpa banging away up my arse. I felt a thumb spear my butthole as I was having this daydream and my imagination took me over the edge and I jiggled and wriggled in a wailing, squawking climax.

Dumb fireworks exploded in my muscles, my legs twitched like I was a sleeping dog dreaming of chasing rabbits. I lay in pooled patch of own warm sticky juices. I smelled so nasty. They lay on ether side of me, licking my most moist areas and gently touching my electrified skin.

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