The Old Fisherman at the Fishing Camp


Sadie wanted to come with him on this one. He was OK with that. She was a good sport, even if she had no clue how to ‘smell out’ a fish. She was content to hang around in his battered Boston Whaler full of tangled lines and busted five gallon paint buckets recycled as creels and chum pails. She liked to lay back in the bottom of the boat on a pile of old life jackets, her feet up on the rail, loose shorts sliding down her strong legs, pole over the side, some kind of bait-chunk on a big hook with a bobber, cold brew in one hand, half asleep, sometimes half-dreaming. Her hand wandering.

One reason she agreed to rough it at the fishing camp was because her daughter was willing to come along on to keep her company. Some mothers and daughters do nothing but bitch. Not these two. They just went right into rhythm, whether they were cooking, or knitting, or yes, fishing. Sadie’s daughter Penny was a chip off the old block; pretty much the same height, same thick chestnut hair that bounced out in all directions, though Sadie’s was shot with grey; sturdy legs with strong thighs, though Penny’s ankles were a bit more tapered; asses with big round cakes, natural tits that both women liked to hang loose inside flannel shirts.

Both of them loved to cook, and that was a good thing, because the Old Fisherman usually didn’t eat too well if he came alone, just digging dinner out of a can of pork and beans. Now there was Sadie’s mulligan stew with tender chunks of chuck and lumps of carrot and potatoes. Penny made an apple pie with a crust that dissolved in your mouth. They collaborated on trout filets, fresh from the lake, crisp batter on the outside, tender within. Home fries. Beer.

It was mellow. And the days before Brian arrived were like a dream. The three of them headed out in the boat pretty damn early most mornings, a lunch of cold cuts on French bread in the cooler next to the bait. Who cared if the sandwiches picked up a bit of a fishy smell? Sadie and Penny each took a side of the bow, tilted back, tan legs up, shirts unbuttoned, beer. Usually he took the stern and piloted the boat, first fast, kicking up spray that wet the women, sticking a shirt to a nipple, soaking a lock of hair. They didn’t care. The day was hot, a storm at the edge of it.

Once he found his spot he kicked the Evinrude almost down to nothing, just riding the against the wind to stay even. Not much casting. They dropped lines and let them drift. Before long, without a lot of effort, they pulled in a couple of big steelheads. Then nothing.

He could tell that Penny was restless and horny. She tossed her thick hair, jiggled her knees, swung them from side to side as she lay back in the boat; took a long, long time spreading sunblock onto the insides of her thighs below her ragged Daisy Mae cutoffs.

Of course, one reason Penny agreed to come out to the camp was that his nephew Brian was joining them. The Old Fisherman liked Brian. Of all his nephews Brian was the most simpatico. They thought alike. They enjoyed the same beer. Brian loved to fish. Time was they did long summer afternoons the two of them drifting most of the day and chucking beer cans into the bottom of the boat.

Different from the days he took Sadie out. They drifted around the lake too. But sooner come later he would eat her out in the hot sun, in the swill, banging his ass on the thwart as he dug his chin into that steamed clam.

But he had never had Sadie and Brian up here together, much less Penny. Penny was something new. The energy level was a little higher. Oh, she liked to drink her beer and didn’t fuss too much about smelly bait. But it was pretty clear she liked to keep active.

“Any place to hang out and dance around here?”

He told her about the Stone Church in Newcastle and The Green Room over on 109.

“Maybe Brian and me can go there.”

“I don’t know. I don’t see him being much of a dancer.”

“Don’t care. I can dance and he can just stand there and watch and wobble. I just want to get out and move tonight.”

“Ask him. I’m sure he’ll be game.”

“That’s settled then.”

Penny leaned back against the thwart and chewed on her sandwich. But her knees kept waggling. She didn’t stay there long. The next thing he knew she was stripping off her top and shorts. In a heartbeat she was over the side. The boat skewed something fierce and Sadie dropped her beer can with a curse.

“Mama, I’ll race you back to the dock.”

Penny sliced at the water with her cupped hand, sending a small wave into Sadie’s lap.

“Damn, girl, I’m gonna drown you!”

Sadie was out of her clothes in a moment and the Whaler teetered fiercely again as she leaped over side. The two women had a fierce water slapping fight. Some loose flesh and tight nipples got pinched under the surface. Penny took off with Sadie close behind.

Both of them were strong swimmers, and despite the drag of serious chest pontoons, they moved through the water pretty quick, tight buns breaching from time to time. The Old Fisherman felt blessed. He had a woman who was strong bahis firmaları and beautiful and she had a daughter that matched her feature for feature, sass for sass. And they all got along.

He hoped that Brian wouldn’t mess it up. Brian was the quiet type. But then, he was the quiet type, too. So, really, that shouldn’t be a problem. Funny that Brian and Penny had never really met up. No, there was that one time right after he first met Sadie. The kids were pre-teens. He remembered a day when he was mostly drail fishing off Nauset Beach. Sadie was up in town bossing over the quilting bee she did and the kids were wandering the beach. They didn’t talk to each other much. Brian chased gulls. Penny sketched the shore birds on a little pad. After a while they ended up making a sand castle together, hardly talking, building something pretty wonderful. Sadie took a lot of pictures of it when she came down.

Now was a sea change. Brian had been in Kandahar. Penny had had ‘almost a marriage’ with that musician. Different times.

The Old Fisherman didn’t pull in the lines. He just kept the motor at trolling speed and headed toward the cabin. The gals were far off now, splashing toward shore. Then he noticed someone on the dock. Brian must have made good time. Quite a greeting party. If the Old Fisherman wanted to do the decent thing he would zip in and give them their shirts as they left the water. But he didn’t feel that decent. He took his time. Pretended to be catching a fish.

Two heads bobbing in the water and Brian hunkered on the dock talking to them. After a while the two women waded to waist-deep water. Stood there talking pretty relaxed and bare breasted. Brian turned and walked toward the cabin. Sadie and daughter followed. Before she left the dock Sadie turned, cupped her mouth and shouted, “You can come in now, idiot, you’ve had your fun. Don’t forget to bring our gear to the cabin. Gave him the finger over her shoulder. Penny did the same.

Then she and Penny followed Brian, lovely butts swaying, perhaps a bit more than they had to.

Dinner that night was good. The Old Fisherman grilled the steelheads and some zucchini. Sadie roasted some potatoes in the old wood stove. They sat around killing a few bottles of the local red lager. It was a little raw, but after a couple that didn’t matter. Penny was curious about Brian’s time in the service, but he wouldn’t say anything, just that he served two tours and “survived a near miss but my buddy didn’t.”

They didn’t pry.

Sadie and the Old Fisherman got to telling tales about the people around the lake. The lesbian couple who liked to go down on the dock and play mad electric guitar duets. The good old boy who could go on and on about looking for beavers without ever cracking a smile. The quiet school teacher who invited local women to sex toy parties.

Penny punched her mother on the arm. “How often did you go?”

Sadie saluted her daughter with her glass, sloshing a bit.

“None of your damn business. And I won’t ask you to return my blue rabbit either.”

You’d figure this kind of talk would have Penny and Brian getting friendly with each other, but they stayed kind of aloof, just kind of scoping the other one out a bit out of the corner of an eye. But the Old Fisherman could tell that Penny hadn’t chilled off much since the fishing. She was wearing a loose jersey top without a bra and it was fascinating to see how her nips danced against the fabric. She kept rubbing her elbows against them. And she couldn’t sit still. He caught her crotch-watching Brian from time to time. But Brian wasn’t taking the bait. He sat way back in the tattered big chair, sipping his brew, and gazing at the scene through half-lidded eyes.

Sadie, on the other hand, sat close to the Old Fisherman and rubbed his back. Her knee rubbed a little semaphore against his. She was pretty drunk when she asked him to dance. She pulled him to his feet, but he was too wobbly. She got pissed off, realized she was shit-faced herself and headed for bed.

“You come tuck me in, you old fart. Don’t be long.”

The Old Fisherman indicated that he had a bit of beer to finish and then he would be up. He took out one of his back twisted cheroots.

“Anybody want a smoke?”

Penny made a face but shook her head.

“Not unless you got a smoke.”

“You don’t mind if I light up?”

Brian shrugged. But after a bit he got up and headed for the door.

“Get some fresh air.”

The Old Fisherman could tell that Penny wanted to scoot right after him. But he hadn’t given her a wink or a nod or even a glance. He could tell she was frustrated, gazing at the window, hands clamped between her knees. Finally she shook her head as though to clear it.

“I don’t get it. I figured he’d want to … catch up, maybe talk about what he’s been doing, what I’ve been doing, have some … fun. You don’t figure he thinks I’m … gross or something?”

The Old Fisherman took a serious drag on his cheroot.

“Maybe he’s got something on his mind. Maybe he’s kaçak iddaa … shy. You are sending out a lot of … energy. And he might have somebody he’s thinking about, though I’ve never heard tell of someone, at least not lately.”

“You could be right. Maybe that’s it. I guess I should ask him though. No reason to just wonder about it. And I want to go dancing and I don’t want to go alone.”

Penny was up and out the door in seconds, and a few moments later the Old Fisherman heard some animated chat, pretty close to an argument. Then the truck engine roared and tires spit gravel as it tore off in a hurry.

The Old Fisherman wasn’t feeling so very lively at that moment, but he figured he’d better get upstairs and do his duty. At the very least he could finger Sadie something serious while he sucked hard on her thick nipples until she popped once or twice.

Her breath was purring quietly in the darkened room; but when he slipped in next to her and put his hands on her tight round hips she barely stirred. Even a little stroking didn’t rouse her. Almost relieved he lay back and snoozed.

He woke with a major pisscock and a need to relieve himself. Sadie wasn’t in the bed. Maybe she had beat him to the bathroom. But no, he had it all to himself. Could she have gotten hungry for a midnight snack?

It was very dark but he didn’t bother to put on the lights as he went downstairs. He didn’t need to after all the years he had roamed the place. He knew every creaky board and squeaky door. The night was pretty silent. A few lonely peepers and the mournful call of a loon.

Sadie wasn’t in the kitchen. Maybe she was out on the dock. She sometimes did that, just sat there and looked at the moon in the water. There was no moon tonight.

As he moved through the family room something rustled on the dark couch and Sadie’s warm alto growled out at him.

“Finally. I wondered when you would arouse yourself enough to come looking for me. I am in serious need of some TLC. Come over here. Come to mama, there’s a good boy.”

As he came around the couch a firm hand patted all over him until it found its prey. His prick began to come to attention as her fingers fumbled to get through the cloth of his boxers. Finally she just jerked them down. Pulling him close, she wrapped her ample warm breasts around his stiffness, sliding them up and down in the moist summer air. He couldn’t see her but he felt her hot breath on his belly and he knew it was only a matter of time before her lips enveloped the swollen head.

He felt her move forward on the edge of the couch and wrap her legs around his own, pressing her crotch against one shin. She wasn’t subtle about it. Usually Sadie kind of sidled up to him and rubbed on him like a cat. This was more fierce. Her muff was sopping and pressed hard against him, scrubbing back and forth as though to scratch some deep itch.

Her nipples ground against his hips. He had never felt them so tight. Soon she could wait no longer and engulfed his cock. Her mouth was so hot. Her tongue swarmed all over it. She sucked him hard, almost too hard, groaning deep in her throat as she took each pull. Her fingers gripped him tight, but she couldn’t seem to get enough. Sucked him in so deep he could feel her hot breath of her nostrils on his belly.

Once, deep in her throat, he spurted just a bit and she stopped, squeezing his cock tight with one hand and holding his balls with the other. She came up gasping.

“No, no. Not yet. I want you in me. I want you deep in my cunt. Jesus, I want you deep in my cunt. Please now wait. Easy. Easy. Let me turn around, and then, please, if you can, just take as much time as you can. It’s been so long. I really need to be reamed.”

Still holding his rod, he felt her turn around, knees braced against the edge of the couch now, hands against the back. She pushed her ass toward him.

“Come on, please. Shove it in me now. Now, please. I’m going crazy.”

He grasped her firmly by the hips and drove it home.

She screamed.

Pulling her as tight to him as he could, he held it there, grinding. Pushed her buttocks apart so he could get in even deeper. Ground it slowly in a circle one way. Ground it the other way. Pulled it very slowly all the way out and he felt her lose it just a little, her knees wobbly, hips buckling. Something hot and damp dripped on his foot.

Then he slowly pushed in again. She was so tight. Often when she was this hot Sadie got so wet and loose that he straddled her legs, squeezing her quim together. Not this time. He could feel the ripples as he slowly plowed in. He felt the suck of her as he slowly pulled out. He was having such fun he knew he could hold it for a while. But he need to get to the short strokes.

Soon he hardly had to do any of the work. His old gal was thrusting back against him on every in stroke. Her firm ass slapped his belly.

She was growling.

“Oh, yes. Oh, yes. That’s right. Just right. Pound me. Pound me. Deeper. Deeper. So close. So close.”

And then she couldn’t say kaçak bahis words any more. It was as though she were speaking in tongues.

“Oh no, oh no, oh no. OH MY GOD!”?

She slammed herself back against him, legs shaking, head thrashing. Hot gushed around his cock and he let loose, balls aching. Poured it in.

She collapsed forward into an almost invisible bundle on the couch. He didn’t have the heart to lead her upstairs and he certainly couldn’t carry her. So he wrapped her up in the blanket they kept there as best he could; found her damp forehead in the dark and planted a kiss on it and headed for the door. His body was so hot he wanted just to jump right into the lake.

He was happy he had put in the boardwalk to the dock the year before. Though he couldn’t see a damned thing, he was able to follow it with his feet. Of course there was the little blue light they kept at the end of the dock and that helped too. And as he grew close to the light he thought he heard a voice, a woman’s voice. It sounded like Sadie’s voice, but it was pitched high with emotion.

“Yes, oh yes. Just like that. Oh that is perfect. Don’t stop. Oh please don’t stop.”

The young folks. Of course. He should turn and go back. But he didn’t want to. And he wasn’t going to. Very, quietly he headed to the little beach a few feet from the dock where he slid into the cool water, trying not to splash. Then he slipped through the water until he was almost under the dock. They couldn’t see him in the pitch black and they were almost invisible themselves, just highlit a bit by the blue light. Brian’s broad back leaned forward between two pale thighs. The rest of Penny’s figure was eclipsed as she lay back in one of the adirondack chairs. Brian was working hard.

His head could not be seen, but the two thighs, like wings on either side of his back opened and closed in time to the rhythmic moans of his partner.

Each “Ohhh!” grew a bit longer, punctuated by a sharp intake of breath. At first they rose in pitch, similar to the call of the loon, echoing across the lake. But then they dropped tone by tone. Penny had that same deep contralto as her mother.

“Ohhh, god. Oh pleeease! Oh more, oh more, oh more. Oh never stop.”

And then came that indescribable sound, part growl, part moan, part baby’s cry, a sound that has made men weak for millennia. Even in the cold water the Old Fisherman could feel himself stiffen again and a bit warm seed drift into the fishes’ world.

The legs lifted and locked around Brian’s back.

“Thank you. Thank you. But now I need you deep in me.”

The Old Fisherman shuddered, like mother like daughter. Would Penny also want to take Brian’s rod like a dog?

“There’s an air mattress in the locker over there. Maybe you could get it and stretch out on it.”

Brian peeled away from his delicious meal and came across to the locker which was almost over the Old Fisherman’s head. He fumbled around in the darkness until he got it open, pulled out the mattress and laid it on the dock close to where the Old Fisherman was hiding. He lay down on it face up.

The blue light gleamed on his formidable rod, stiff and slick and ready for his mate. She rose slowly, a blue glint making a halo of the long full hair around her face. She bent over the far side of the dock and took a sip of water in her palm. Ghostly shadow of a pale thick curve of ass. He felt rather than saw her come across the dock to Brian. Her hands caught the light as she touched Brian’s body, straddled him with a dirty little laugh, lowered herself onto his long cock until it was all gone.

She gave a satisfied sigh, followed by a deep groan as she was completely filled.

“Oooo, you’re so big and hard tonight. I am going to ride you something good.”

As she began to rock up and back her chin lifted high and her mouth opened. That wordless moan that the Old Fisherman knew so well poured out into the humid night air. The dock shook as she pumped her powerful thighs onto Brian’s swollen cock. Then one slow grind to the left and another to the right. Again. And again.

The moan became a growl and he could tell she was fighting for it. Knew without being able to see that the strong fingers of her left hand were now tucked into the moist folds under her clit and she was rubbing hard. Her breath was coming in faster and faster pants, rougher and more raw and filled with hunger.

She had fully aroused Brian, too because he was beginning to roar, softly at first and then more fiercely, pushing up into that sweet wet hollow.

Their sex cries became a chorus, matching each other. She was shouting at the sky, echoing across the lake and the Old Fisherman was glad he was hiding a little behind her. Because as that mouth he knew so well caught an edge of blue light he was certain that this wasn’t Penny. It was Sadie.

Of course, he could have surged out of the water yelling at her, “What the fuck are you doing?”

But he had just given a good roistering to someone who was definitely not Sadie. Someone Sadie might not be so sympathetic about his fucking. Besides, he didn’t own Sadie. He knew she had stepped out on him a few times and he had done the same. They had an unspoken agreement not to make that a deal breaker.

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