The Party


It was summer when Marie’s older brother Dustin finally got around to visiting the family. He was a junior in college. One of those guys who made girls swoon, though he never noticed. When he gave up his heart, he gave it unconditionally and with all the trimmings. He had gorgeous amber colored eyes. Very rare seeing as how everyone in the family managed to have blue eyes. His hair was a dark wave of brunettes and gold’s .He trained in martial arts, so he was very masculine. He practically stood six feet tall, while Marie only stood five foot and four inches tall.

Marie, on the other hand, was barely noticed by anyone. She always wore dark colors, which made her look extremely flat chested. Her cherry blonde hair was almost always matted up and twisted in an odd shaped bun on the top of her head, and always wore baggy clothes. Like she were afraid to show herself off to anyone.

He returned home at around three to get ready for a party when he heard his sister talking on the phone with one of her girlfriends.

“So you’ll do it?” she had asked, a worried look on her face. When she got her answer she seemed to brighten a little, but the fact still remained…….She was worried and somewhat fearful of what she was about to do.

As soon as she hang up the phone, Dustin came waltzing in the room, as he usually did, like he owned the place. Giving his sister one of those bored, nonchalant older brother kind of looks. “So….. where ya going sis?” he asked. Though he didn’t look it, he was a bit concerned for her.

“God! Go bug someone else for a change” was her reply as she shoved passed him and got her jacket on.

Oh how Dustin wanted to show her what he really felt about her. How he wanted to hold her and brush out that rat’s nest she kept above her head. But he kept his mask on; believing society would condemn him if he ever tried. “No need to push sis, I was just asking.”

Without another word spoken, Marie was out the door and Dustin got hit in the face with a piece of paper. “Ack, what did you do that for?” he whined slightly, looking over to his best friend Peter.

He completely ignored the question “We need to go out to the cafe’ very soon Dust, there are these guys coming to make sure we are stilling having that party tonight.”

“Oh, The party” he groaned slightly before grabbing his own jacket off the rack. “I completely forgot about that.” This was kind of true, seeing how he had his mind on Marie ever since he got in the car to drive home.

“Well, we better be off before the guys end up saying there won’t be a party and leave on us” was his reply before they got in the car.


As soon as Marie got in the car with Jenna, she knew her best friend was NOT in a good mood at all. She blasted her music to full power, totally Death Metal, and began to curse at almost anyone who got in her way. Marie didn’t even bother to ask, she knew Jenna was mad at her boyfriend again.

When they got into the cafe’, Jenna almost immediately found her brother on the first look inside. You could tell, due to the low throated swoon that had escaped her lips “oh………How did your brother get here so fast? Didn’t I just see him inside your house?”

Marie looked over at her brother and her heart thumped loud in her head. She jerked her eyes away from him and sighed “Somehow, he always seems to beat me to everywhere I go. I think he has a private jet or something.”

“I’m sure he does.” Jenna replied, still swooning over her brother like every chick who set eyes on him. “Well…. I’m gonna go girlfriend, you take care ok?” she patted her on the back, not giving Marie time to reply when she left for her car.


Dustin stared at his baby sister as if she were a delectable piece of fruit, ripe and ready for the picking. All his friends thought she was horrendous, except for his best friend. Pete knew how much he loved Marie, how much he anguished just to touch her.

“Ya know, if I were you I’d have already went for it. I don’t believe in societies mumbo-jumbo about how your love life should be.” said Pete, always the skeptical one about society.

“I know, pal. But I’m afraid of what she’ll think….. I’m afraid of what her friends would think of her if they found out.” he answered, just as sickened at society as Pete usually was.

Just after he said that, his temples seemed to catch on fire as he watched a strange man approach his baby sister and hug her. It was a simple gesture, but it caught him off guard and made his blood boil.

“Hey honey!” the man greeted her with a light smile, backing away slowly after he had hugged her. “I was thinking on how much time we have spent together.”

Marie’s smile was faded, slanted down instead of up. “We haven’t spent much time at all together, Jake.” So that was the man’s name: Jake. Dustin had never met him in his life and he knew practically all of her friends.

The man’s seeming to have had a fake smile plastered ataşehir escort on his face suddenly became a furious ball of uncontained rage. “Well we could have gone out a few times if you had answered my calls instead of ignoring me!”

She began to cry, making Dustin’s blood boil even more. “I told you, I needed a break……… The relationship was moving to fa…” she didn’t have time to finish when Jake’s huge ugly hand slapped her in the face.

“Dustin, calm down…” Pete whispered, restraining him just as he was about to stomp off and punch the snot out of the guy who had slapped Marie. “Just listen…… We can’t do anything about it in here unless we want the police to come. And believe me; we do not want them to come.” He reminded Dustin.

He calmed down slightly, still outraged at the man who hit his sister.

Jake calmed down after seeing her tear up and smiled slightly. “There’s a party tonight, Marie. I’ve been hoping to take you to it and show you all my friends.”

Her voice was very soft, very sad when she answered “You know how I hate being around a lot of people Jake. I’d be nervous and scared.”

“You’re coming with me whether you like it or not!” the man said in a matter-of-fact way, his hand at the ready to hit if she declined. Which she didn’t. “Put your coat on, it takes my car a while to start and I don’t want to get there late.”

“Did you hear that Dustin?” Pete smirked slightly, letting his arms free. “The man is taking her to OUR party. It is the only party going on around here that I know of”

He jerked his arms up to his chest and crossed them, a look on his face as if he were ready to spit “Let’s go then. If he so much as touches my sister in a harmful way, I’ll kick his ass!”


Jake got Marie to the party fifteen minutes after it had started, groaning and griping about how he hated his Chevy. A look of distaste painted on his face as he jerked her out of the car and took her inside. When she looked at how many people there were, she began to shake from head to toe.

“Oh come on, it isn’t THAT bad Marie.” Jake jerked her tiny body close to his, so close that she could feel his erection on her thigh through the material of their clothes. It made her feel repulsed, like she was going to be sick just by touching him. Fear made her keep her wits tied. “Plus, after I show you to all my friends, I’m going to take you to a spare room and we’ll be alone.”

Marie sighed, letting her boyfriend show her off to all his friends, which he had quite a few. First there was Anne and her boyfriend Kyle, who greeted her with a smile though she felt they didn’t like the way she presented herself. Second was a group of guys, who seemed to always hang together, they all greeted her with the least bit of interest. As if she was just another piece of dirt beneath their fingernails. Then there was another couple, Angelina and her boyfriend Eric. They treated her pretty fairly, shaking her hand and talking to her a little while before they ran off to get a drink from the cooler.

“See?” Jake smiled at her, pinching her ass and she squeaked “That wasn’t so bad now, was it… “

She took it as a rhetorical question, walking with him around the first floor of the house for a little while. Glad that he hadn’t gotten angry at her since before they had got to the party. She was about to thank him for that, before he suddenly grabbed her by the arm. “Okay, We’ve been down here long enough….. Let’s go upstairs and I’ll show you what you’ve been missing.” he told her, tugging her up the stairs.

Suddenly she was distraught, a certain overwhelming panic washing over her like she knew something dreadful was going to happen in the blink of an eye. She jerked her arm out of his large, clammy hands as quick as the feeling came and shook her head “I don’t think it is a good idea, Jake” it felt like she had a frog in her throat. Like she was cornered and no one would save her.

Jake growled at her, his entire face changing from the happy-to-be-with-you look to the my-way-or-the-highway look he was giving her right now. “I brought you here DAMNIT!” he hissed, grabbing her wrist harshly, jerking her up the stairs. “And I am not going to leave without having gotten something from you.”


Dustin was in Pete’s kitchen when he heard the most subtle scream in the next room. He knew the people who were invited to the party, all of them were very close and very intimate with each other. None of them would have screamed if a man wanted to take them upstairs to have a little fun. No one……….except his baby sister.

He rushed into the next room and immediately ran into Pete. “Hold up big guy, what’s the hurry?” Pete asked, very surprised.

“My sister……….. Didn’t you hear the scream?” he said, the words coming out real fast.

“No, I was right by the speakers…. I couldn’t hear a thing.” he had replied, Dustin running past him and going up the stairs. kadıköy escort bayan He could hear his sister’s cries, the faint sound of her screams in another room. There were so many rooms, with people occupating every single one of them except for his because it was locked.

“Please…… Jake… please don’t do this.” she begged, his high sense of hearing helping him find the exact room she was in. Unfortunately for Dustin the door was locked. Even though Jake had been in a hurry, he was still smart enough to lock the door before he had her.

“It would be easier if you didn’t fight me, Marie. You always fight me.” he accused, slapping her when she was about to beg him to stop again. He knew that eerie sound enough to know the man did it, the sound echoed in his head.

As soon as he heard the sound of flesh against flesh, Dustin didn’t even bother knocking. Instead he began to throw himself into the door with the full force of his body. Inch by painful, antagonizing inch, the door began to cave in.

He heard another long echo of skin against skin, his sister crying in the background. When he finally busted the door down, he came in to the room to find his sister stark naked on a bed, with Jake kneeling above her. He was panting, so enraged that he could have killed anyone that got in his way at the moment.

“Oh look…” Jake said, pushing her face towards Dustin “Big brother coming to save the day right? I always knew that you were plotting against me.” Jake looked over at him with narrowed, hostile eyes. His hand came up real fast just above her face.

“Don’t you DARE hit her!” he growled, fisting his hands beside his body. “If you do I’ll be forced to humiliate you in front of all your little friends.”

The man dared, slapping Marie so hard that it left a large bruise on her soft buttery skin, a droplet of blood sliding down her bottom lip.

Dustin came at Jake, grabbing him by the shoulders and throwing the man against the wall with enough force that it left a hole in the wall. Dustin then grabbed him under his arms, noticing that Jake, too, was just a nude as his sister.

“Let go of me you stupid fuck.” Jake grabbed hold of his arms and gripped them tightly, he groaned with agony as he felt the meaty hands send charges of pain up the sides of his arms.

With a hard jerk of his arms he sent Jake flying, adrenaline building up so much that he obtained quite a head ache.

“Ick……… you make me want to vomit.” He spat on the man, “How can you get off knowing that the woman in the bed doesn’t want you?”

There was an awful silence and Dustin thought he could hear the man’s gears turning as he thought over what Dustin had said. The man, so outraged now that he had pointed this out, threw himself at Dustin when he caught the guy in both arms.

“What?” he growled as he slammed the guy against the wall “Can’t take the truth huh?” He slammed Jake hard against what was left of the door. Bringing his knee up to the man’s groin and he heard a satisfying sound as he hit the guy’s balls with full force.

Jake’s body cringed trying to disarm itself of the pain; even he knew how bad that must have hurt him. The guy had just become a hysterical wreck.

Dustin had no mercy left in himself to drop the man. Oh no. He had none left, as he threw the man right through the door. He went flying, his head landing hard against the railing of the stair case and he wanted more.

He walked, taking his time, over to the fallen man and picked him up again. “At what point were you going to stop…” he said as he picked the man up, watching the guy’s hand go to his groin again. “When she had passed out? Or when you had killed her?” with much managed strength he shoved Jake up in the air and threw him down the steps.

There was one scream, which was Angelina as she stared at the blood on Jake’s face. Pete came in the room very calmly, looking up at Dustin before looking back at the man on the floor. Jake scrambled to get up as Pete commanded in a loud, strong voice “Alright, party’s over…. Everyone get there stuff and leave.”

Dustin stared down at everyone, his fury still built at the hilt of his patients. When the naked Jake began to walk up the stairs, he hissed at him in such a cold, soft tone that it was dangerous “If you walk in that room you’ll never see the light of day again.”

Jake glared, but said nothing as he went to the coat rack and wrapped his coat around his waist, hiding his pathetic, soft prick before he went outside to his Chevy. Growling and griping the entire way. Dustin knew the pain of his blow to his groin wouldn’t ease up, but begin to swell over the next few days.


When he came back in the room, Marie was curled up like a ball in the corner of the room, sobbing and shaking. He bent down in front of her, looking her over “Sweetheart… are you alright?” Even though she was a disaster, he could feel his cock hardening beneath his pants uncomfortably. escort maltepe He had never seen her nude, never really seen her exquisite curves until now.

She looked like a goddess. She was all soft curves and beautiful in every way. She had full, plump breasts with tiny pink beads in the middle of each of them. A flat belly, with a tiny sparkling rain drop belly ring in the middle of the cutest belly button he had ever seen. Not only did she have freckles on her cheeks, but she had them all over her arms and on her chest. At the very bottom of her belly there was a soft pillow of reddish blonde curls hiding her pussy. And though she was badly bruised, and in no good condition, she had an effect on him that no one else had ever achieved.

She brushed a lock of hair away from her face, electric blue nails sparkling at him as she moved her hands. “He…………wouldn’t listen to me” she cried.

Dustin moved in then, catching her tears with his tongue and licking off the blood around her bottom lip. “He had no right to hurt you, sweetheart…. Men like that don’t listen; they do what they want without thinking of the consequence.”

After he said that, she shocked him by asking a question that he’d never thought she would ask “Do……..Do you hate me Dustin?”

His eyes teared up at the sound of her voice. Could she have seriously ever thought he hated her? “No……..never.” he replied, picking her up and holding her in his arms “I have never hated you, ever.”

A small, hint of a smile came to her lips. Apparently that information had cheered her up a little bit. He gave her the most intriguing smile back, watching as her cheeks turned red in the process.

“I’ve always loved you, Marie……..More than I think you know.” he told her, his breath rustling her hair. “When I saw that guy slap you the first time, it angered me so much I could barely contain myself.”

She opened her mouth to say something then shut it as though she thought better of it before whispering softly “I…..want to tell you something, but I’m afraid of what you’ll think.”

He gently squeezed her tiny form to him, running his hands down her back very slowly. “Whatever you tell me, I’m sure I won’t think badly of it…… “

She lifted her chin up slightly, opening her mouth a few times before she finally came out with what she wanted to tell him. She trusted him, he knew that was true. “I…….love you…… I mean I really love you. More than a sister should love her own brother.”

He was utterly speechless for what seemed an eternity before he managed a reply. Making sure his tone was soft, and easy to believe. Though, what he told her next was definitely the truth. “I’ve felt the same about you… I’ve been trying to hide it because I was worried what you’d think……. I was worried what would happen if your friends found out about it.”

She surprised him again, with another question he thought he’d never hear from her mouth. “Would you…… make love to me? Don’t worry about my bruises…….just……..make love to me!” she begged softly, her voice sounded like music to his ears.

He slowly laid her down in front of him, looking at her with a loving smile as her brilliant blue eyes met his glowing amber ones.


“You are beautiful Marie” her brother claimed, yet one more time among the many other times he had told her that in the past fifteen minutes.

She squirmed in total agony, whining softly. Just when his hand was about to touch her silken wet pussy he had pulled it back up to her stomach. “Stop teasing me, Dustin! I want you inside of me.”

When he had calmed her down completely he had picked her up and placed her on his own bed instead of the one that horrible event had taken place. He had brushed out her silky cherry blonde hair and let it free against the skin of her back. He had never imagined her hair to be as long as it was now, hanging down below her waist line.

Right now though, she was lying on her back, her hair laid out like a pillow beneath her head, and her nipples beckoning for his attention. “I don’t wish to hurt you Marie” he answered, shoving his hand through his short brunette hair.

Every muscle in his body rippled every time he moved. He had strong arms, a hairless chest a girl could die for, six pack abs, and a tight ass that no one could ever get tired of looking at. “You won’t hurt me, Dustin……. “She whined again, wiggling and squirming on his bed.

“Alright…. but I want to do something first.” he replied huskily, slowly moving down the bed and grabbing her ankles. She gave a low whimper when his soft lips touched the skin on top of her ankle the first time. Feeling like she was in heaven when he began kissing all the way up the inside of each leg before stopping at her warm, wet pussy.

She got slightly nervous, wriggling and biting her lip as she asked hesitantly “What are you doing?” Having had no experience, and no one telling her what things were.

“You’ll see…….. trust me, it won’t hurt.” he replied, right before he stuck his slick tongue along her pink lips and began to snake it in between them. He started running the end of his tongue against her clit, making her wriggle and moan, gripping the sheets in her fists.

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