The Personal Ad


Monica was a stunning woman. From the auburn hair that draped over her elegant shoulders to the tips of her perfectly manicured toes, she was what most men would think of as perfection. She was a tall woman with a slender build and firm natural breasts. In her younger years she was a model, and that career choice landed her a wonderfully wealthy husband, and by wealthy I mean filthy fucking rich. While the marriage did not last, Monica was left with more money than she would ever need, and a wonderful son, David, who she felt was more than any mother could dream.

David was average in size and build but well above average in just about every other regard. He had well groomed, curly brown hair to match his eyes, a strong jawline, and a smile that made women melt in his strong hands. He was very intelligent as well, earning a scholarship to a very prestigious school even though, being just as wealthy as his mother, he could have gone there without it. He was also a member the schools lacrosse team and had won several martial arts tournaments. What truly made David stand above the rest however, was his confidence. He was completely confident in himself in every but somehow never came across as arrogant.

It was almost time for David to return home for the winter break between semesters and Monica was very worried about her young son. She took care of Davids finances while he was away at school because he was extremely busy, and he had complete trust that his money was in capable hands. She didn’t mind doing it either, it made her feel needed by her son who really needed very little from anyone. While paying some of his bills she came across a charge that struck her as odd and, after a bit of investigation, found that her David had taken out a very disturbing personal ad.

The ad explained how busy he was and that he was looking for a steady, faithful, attractive girlfriend for the remainder of his time at school. The disturbing part foe Monica was the fact that, while the ad said he was certainly not looking for a prostitute, he was a very generous gift giver and the position would have a weekly salary. The first two dates would be an interview and both would be tested for diseases. After both parties were cleared and agreeable sex would be an expected part of the relationship when reasonable.

She could not believe her son would do something like this and it made her sick with worry. The plan was to confront him about it and convince him to remove the ad but Monica knew it would not be easy to change his mind. When David made a decision he normally followed through to the end. She just couldn’t imagine why he had done it. Girls had always fallen all over David. Hell, women had too. She once caught him with a woman older than her.

When Monica saw the driver pull up her worries were momentarily forgotten. Her boy was home and she greeted him excitedly at the door. David was happy to be home as well and greeted his mom with as much enthusiasm as she did him. They squeezed each other tightly and exchanged kisses before heading to the sitting room for small talk about how things had been for each of them over the past few months, and how Davids trip had been, and what their plans would be for the days ahead. They then decided to freshen up a bit for dinner and Monica planned to bring up the ad as they ate. She saw no reason to delay the inevitable.

Food was brought in and they quickly said grace, although neither of them ware really religious. As Monica started to each, she said to David, “You know, I saw the ad you placed,” trying to open the conversation gently and get a feel for where her son was coming from.

“Oh yeah, what did you think?” he replied, “I thought it would be a great way to keep the drama out of my life while I’m so busy at school and who knows, I could actually meet someone nice in the process.”

“You can’t be serious David. You are not too busy to have a real relationship, and if you are then you should just wait until you’re finished with school and start looking for someone then,” Monica continued, but she knew she had an uphill battle. “I know you would do the testing but what about diseases, or even pregnancy David, this is a dangerous idea and you know it,” she was making a good argument but could see it falling on deaf ears. “I don’t think this is what your father had in mind for you when he gave you your inheritance money either,” she added desperately, before finally pausing for Davids response.

“Mom I know you’re worried but I’ve thought about all these things,” he began, “I considered my options and this was my decision. As far as dad goes, he already knows. I told him before I put the ad, and he had many of the same concerns but he didn’t try to stop me.”

Monica silently began to cry as David continued.

“Mom don’t. I know you love me, and I love you, but you have to let me live my life, and for me this is my best, and really, only option for now,” he said softly but confidently. He really did hate to see his mother cry, but he knew what he was doing and had to convince her that he would be konyaaltı escort just fine. “I’m sorry you can’t see this my way, but I hope you can come to terms with it and we can still enjoy our visit. I miss our time together and was really looking forward to seeing you a lot while I’m here,” he said truthfully, trying to help Monica feel better.

She wiped the tears from her eyes and even smiled just a little. “I miss you so much, my sweet boy,” Monica said, staring lovingly at her only child. “Of course we will enjoy this time and spend as much time as possible together, but,” she stated, “I will not come to terms with this and you will have to hear me plead my case at least one more time before you make a huge mistake.”

They were almost finished eating and David made this concession to his mother. “Alright mom I’ll always hear you out, just try not to nag me about it too much because you’re not going to change my mind,” he said as he stood from the table.

“Well I guess that has to be good enough for now,” she said as her son approached her. “I know it’s as good as I’m gonna’ get tonight,” she finished as she hugged her sons waist and he kissed her on the top of her head.

“I have plans with the guys tonight,” David informed her as he was leaving, “but do you want to do something in the morning like tennis, or something?”

“Tennis sounds good. Be careful and don’t stay out too late,” she called out smiling, doubting he heard a word that she had said.

Monica did not sleep well that night. She tossed and turned, worrying about David. She had to convince him not to do this, but how? She tormented herself for hours but no answers came.

Morning came late, but it was a beautiful day. David and Monica had a late breakfast together before a few casual games of tennis. After that they visited some old friends and had lunch before returning home to relax before the show. Monica had seats for opening night of a high budget musical and they were both very excited and wanted to be well rested. David was on his laptop while his mother napped in the next room over. After a light dinner they both thoroughly enjoyed the show and planned on seeing it again before break was over if they could get seats.

The next day was Sunday and went very much like the day before, without the musical of course. They enjoyed their time together and Davids ad was all but forgotten, or so he hoped.

Monica had not forgotten about her sons ad however, and during lunch on their third day together she brought it up again.

“So David,” she began, nervously, “have you given any more thought to your personal ad?”

“Actually I have mom,” he replied, very excitedly. “I checked yesterday, and I have three hits. I’m considering going back a little early to start the interview process,” he finished.

“You know that’s not what I meant David,” She started, sternly. “You’re not really going to leave me early for that train wreck you are so determined to make happen are you?” she continued, very disappointing.

“I know that’s not what you meant mom, and come on, its just a couple of days. This is very exciting for me….,”he didn’t finish.

Monica sat sullenly as he spoke but they both knew the day was over for her. She was deep in thought and would be until she could figure this out.

“Well mom,” he said finally, “I hope you feel better. See ya tonight.” Then he left.

“What am I going to do?” Monica was talking out loud to herself as her driver sped down the freeway toward home. She wished she could just fill the role herself, but quickly put that out of her mind. She could never do that and even if she could David would never want her anyway. She had to come up with something. Perhaps one of her friends would be willing. Who was she kidding, of course they would, but that would be no different than what he was doing.

When she got home Monica quickly started a bath. She needed to relax and think. Her time was getting shorter, and soon her boy would be gone. Back to school to interview his new professional girlfriend. She truly didn’t know why it sickened her so much, but the thought of David paying someone to be with him made her want to vomit.

As she entered the bath the warmth of the water consumed her. The steam was refreshing as she breathed it in. As the bubbles caressed her near flawless body, Monica decided. She would offer herself to her son. She was a model for heavens sake and still could be if she chose to. “If anyone can do this, I can,” she thought.

As she dressed she lost all resolve. She couldn’t do this. Not with her son. Not with anyone for that matter.

She went back and forth with herself deep into the night unable to sleep. Finally she got up to get something to snack and heard Davis playing a video game in the theater room. She turned and went back to her room, careful not to make a sound and give away that she was awake. She took off all of her cloths and sat to do her make-up. When her make-up was finished she perfumed herself lightly and wrapped her body in a burgundy silk robe. kültür escort She had tortured herself enough. It was time for Monica to offer herself to her son.

David heard his mom come in and looked up from his game, “Hi mom,” he said, casually, “What’s the matter, can’t sleep?”

“No son,” she said, evenly, “I can’t sleep. I have important things occupying my mind. I need to ask you some important questions, can you turn that off?”

“Sure mom, no problem,” he replied, pouting a bit as he turned the game off, sure that he knew what was coming next.

“You’re determined to go through with this dating thing aren’t you?” she asked flatly.

“Yes mom,” he sighed immaturely. He was normally more mature but this was really getting on his nerves now.

sensing his frustration, “Relax,” she said, “I understand that you’re going to do this, and I’m not going to try and stop you any more. I just need to ask you one more very important question.”

He was relieved that his mom was finished nagging although he wasn’t quite sure he believed her yet. “OK mom, what is it?”

With only the blue light of the television to illuminate her body, Monica slowly opened her robe and let it fall to the floor. She posed. Her right foot slightly in front of her left, standing tall, palms out pointing toward the floor with her delicate fingers. She turned her head slightly. Her only words, “Can I apply?”

Words cant convey the amount of things that went through Davids head at that moment. His mother was standing before him nude, submitting to his will, and she was beautiful. He had never realized just how stunning she was, but she had him stunned now. From head to toe he stared wordlessly for nearly ten minutes while he processed the situation, and she didn’t move. She had made everything perfect for him. Her golden brown bush was even sculpted perfectly to draw his attention to her moist sex.

When he finally spoke his words were not profound. “Are you serious?” was all he could muster.

Finally moving from her pose, “Yes son I’m very serious. You had no other choice and neither do I. If you want me I will get a place to be close to you, and I will give you what you need,” she said, looking deep into his soul, searching for his answer. “Do you want me?” she asked.

“Yes,” he said slowly, in a daze. He said it before he even realized what he was saying.

Monica started to smile, thinking she had succeeded, but she was quickly dragged back to reality.

“Wait!” David spoke, snapping out of his daze. “I can’t do this. You’re my fucking mother. I need sex. I can’t do that with you. I can’t fuck you and you couldn’t fuck me. Why are you doing this? You’re fucked up. I told you this was going to happen and there is nothing you can do about.” His words were a blur and so were his thoughts. David was angry and confused. “Good night mom. I’m going to bed!” he said, angrily. As he walked down the hall she could her him faintly, “What the fuck?” he asked.

Monica was stunned and cold. What had she done? All she could do was gather her robe and return to bed as the tears started to fall. She cried herself to sleep. Emotionally drained, Monica was certain that she had ruined her wonderful relationship with her son.

Sleep did not come so easily for David. He was confused and, quite frankly, he was horny. He just couldn’t wrap his mind around what his mom could have possibly been thinking. He also couldn’t stop thinking about her nude form and how it made his cock scream for release. After hours of tossing he finally gave in.

He pleasured himself to thoughts of his mother sliding onto him as he sat the leather sofa. She would slowly and loving stroke his hair as her slowly slowly and lovingly slid up and then back down his hardened shaft. He stared into her eyes and then she held him tightly to her bosom as he came deep inside her.

After he made himself cum, harder than he had since he first started masturbating, David fell into a deep sleep, filled with erotic images of himself and his mother, involved in every kind of sexual act you can imagine. He awoke covered in his own semen and even more confused than ever.

The next day was very awkward and forced for both Monica and David. They spent very little time together and almost nothing was said between them. David had decided to go back to campus and they didn’t even say good-bye when he left. They were both miserable, and would be for months to come.

David tried to follow through with his personal ad scheme, but it was no good. He couldn’t even enjoy the thought of it anymore. He was emotionally suffering and it showed in everything that he did. He had no social life left, his grades had fallen almost to the point that his scholarship was in jeopardy, and her nearly got his nose broken in the first round of a karate tournament that he was projected to win.

Monica wasn’t any better. She hardly left the house, ate barely enough to stay alive, and cried every day. Her depression was deep. She loved her son more than anything and he would never forgive her. markantalya escort She felt herself slipping away and had no one to grasp onto. She was alone. No one could understand this. No one.

David was drunk. Spring break was still weeks away but he had to see her.

When he David woke up he was on a plane. He was on a plane with a major headache and had no idea how he had gotten there. He was on his way home. Suddenly he felt fear. Had he called her? He didn’t remember. This is why David didn’t drink.

When the plane landed David found his car in long term parking and drove. His mind was a fun-house again. He was afraid, excited, happy and sad and so much more, all at once. He needed to get a grip, so for ours he drove around the city.

When he finally stopped he ordered a drink. What was he doing in a bar again? This confident young man was afraid and he needed some courage. One shot of courage coming up. Then another and another.

He startled her. She wasn’t expecting anyone when he came into the room. He was clearly drunk and wreaked of alcohol from across the room.

“Mom,”he slurred, tears already beginning to well up in his eyes.

“What is it baby?” Monica replied, standing to meet him.

“I’m so sorry,” he sobbed, hugging his mother tightly as his tears poured onto her shoulder.

“No baby it’s OK, I’m sorry, it’s my fault,” she sobbed back, her tears now flowing as well. She rubbed his hair as the embraced.

A few minutes past and Monica lead her drunken son to the theater room and they sat together, holding each other. Monica was happy again. She had her son back. After about an hour she started to doze off when she heard him start to speak.

“Mom,” he said.

“Yeah baby,”she replied.

“I need ash you a queshin,” he was slurring badly.

“OK,” she replied again, starting to worry.

He looked at her, “Diju mean it?” he asked

“Yes David, I did,” she told her son.

“Do you shtill?” he asked meakly.

She smiled lovingly at him and caressed his hair. “Yes baby, yes. I still do,” she whispered into his ear.

They slept until Monica woke from stiffness due to the awkward position. She guided David to her bed and helped him off with his shes and socks. She then laid down next to him and they slept some more.

Monica woke to the feeling of her robe opening and rolled toward her son. He stopped like he was caught doing something he shouldn’t be, and perhaps he was, but his mom just smiled.

“It’s OK,” she said, opening her robe up for him the rest of the way, “I love you you know.”

“I love you too mom,” he said with a warm smile.

“We love each other, and we are not going to fall in love with each other, but I will fulfill every need you have until the time comes for you to find the one who you will fall in love with,” the words flowed from her lips, them her lips pressed against his. Their tongues were soon dancing and her leg moved over his. As she started to climb atop him he stopped.

“Hold on mom, I have to piss,” he said and took off to the bathroom.

Monica couldn’t help but laugh, “Brush your teeth too.” His breath was nasty.

He returned to her naked and hard. He leaned over the bed and kissed his mother deeply. He was confused no more. It felt so good, and her hand gripped him as they kissed. She broke the kiss and her hand slid through his thick chest hair as he stood. She wrapped her lips around her sons manhood for this first time and heard him gasp with pleasure. Monica’s right hand cupped his balls as she supported herself on that elbow. Her left hand squeezed his ass as she sucked his hard cock deep into her mouth over and over until she knew he was cumming. As the first blast entered her mouth she started to swallow. Hoping to get it all and please her new lover. She thought it would never end, but she drank him down. Deep down, one, two, three more times before releasing him with a pop.

He kissed her deeply again, tasting his own sperm on her tongue and not caring. “That was amazing mom,” he said.

“Glad ya liked it,” she replied, smiling widely, “Now lets go get some breakfast so we can come back up and fuck the day away.”

David had a concerned look so Monica said, “What’s wrong?” a bit concerned now herself.

Nervously, “I want to make love to you first.”

“Oh sweetheart, of course,” she replied sweetly, “now lets get some food.”

They both went to breakfast nude, and the look on the servers face was enough to make them both burst out in laughter. After breakfast they embraced at the table and kissed, eyes closed, sucking each others lips and tongues, hands roaming freely, bodies pressed hard together. They kissed that way for nearly twenty minutes before David lifted his mother and carried her off to bed.

In the bedroom he placed her gently on the bed and kissed her again. This time they both kept their eyes open, staring intently into one another. His hand moved up her stomach to her breast and she moaned into his mouth. He kneaded her breasts as the kissed. He moved between her thighs and was about to enter. No turning back after this. Her legs spread and he melted into her. Every smooth escape and every quick penetration produced intense pleasure. They both came quickly. Cumming together, coupling as one.

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