The Red Bikini Landscape Service


All characters are 18 years old or older.


Glen had two Grandmothers like most people. Grandmother Marie Pullins, his father’s mother, was 75, morbidly obese and had to use a cane to help get around. She rarely got out of the house much except to go to church or socialize with her friends once a week or so. She wore her hair in a short, no nonsense, minimal care style and favored sack type dresses since they were easy to get on and, more importantly, easy to lift up when those sudden urges to pee came along. She had health problems, diabetes being chief among them, but was not yet on insulin and also had high blood pressure and somewhat reduced kidney function. But despite her health problems she always had a big plate of at least three kinds of fresh baked cookies when Glen and his father Mike and mother Karen came to visit. She was the typical model grandmother that could be found around the world in any culture.

Glen’s other Grandmother, Sandra Davis, was the complete opposite of Grandmother Marie. Sandra had given birth to Glen’s mother at the age of eighteen whereas his father was the youngest of three brothers and Marie had him when she was well into her thirties. Since Karen had Glen when she was twenty and Glen was now eighteen Grandmother Sandra was a relatively young fifty-six but she would not tolerate being called Grandma, Nana or any other names associated with her ranking in the family tree so Glen called her Sandra. It seemed a bit weird but that’s how it was.

Sandra was also the opposite of Marie in her appearance and lifestyle. She had worked in commercial and high end residential real estate in Las Vegas for many years and was very successful at it making her quite wealthy. She had an active social life and frequently flew to domestic and foreign destinations to set up deals or sometimes just to have fun. She had no health problems of which Glen was aware other than a bit of a smoker’s cough during cold weather.

But it was her face and body that turned heads the most. Sandra had beautiful features with nary a visible wrinkle and wore her makeup tastefully. Although people suspected it, she had never had plastic surgery of any kind. She possessed a trim yet curvy figure and long blonde hair, artificially lightened of course, that reached to her chest.

And what a chest it was.

The woman had a set of tits that were absolutely astounding. She was a DD cup for sure and likely measured in the 35-36 inch range. There was no hiding them and she had been stared at and had lewd comments made to her for her entire life. But she learned to use her fearsome breasts to her advantage over the years. Depending on the occasion she would either mostly cover them or show just the right amount of cleavage, which ever style was appropriate for the occasion, business or pleasure.

Glen really didn’t notice them much until he hit puberty after which he had to make a real effort not to blatantly stare at them. She was his Grandmother after all. This meant that when Glen and his parents visited her at her somewhat modest ranch house in Vegas he had to spend a lot of time in her pool or with a big towel bundled up on his crotch. When Sandra came to visit it meant pillows in his lap in the guise of something to prop his arms on. Sometimes he just gave up and went to his room so no one would see the boner he had from looking at his Grandmother’ tits. Glen’s mom, Karen, was no slouch in the boob department either sporting a nice set of C cups but they didn’t have the same effect on men and boys as Sandra’s awesome rack. And in a few minutes Sandra was going to arrive right here at Glen’s house.

Sandra was going to stay for a week or so not so much for a visit but because Grandmother Marie had fallen and fractured her hip a month or so ago. The surgery to repair it had gone well but she needed some time in a rehab facility to regain her strength before she could be sent home. She was going to be released in two days and his parents were going to drive up tomorrow and stay with her until they were sure she could get around at least enough to take care of herself. While Glen was eighteen and could manage on her own his parents felt like an adult in the house would be a good idea. Not that Glen would throw a huge party or drink all the booze in the house. He was a good kid but his parents knew that he would be bored to death at Marie’s house and so arranged for Sandra to come and stay with him.

Glen sat in a rocker and drank some iced tea on the front porch waiting for his mom and Grandmother to arrive. Karen had gone to pick Sandra up at the airport a couple of hours ago and had sent him a text that they were on the way home. He had not seen Sandra in almost a year and he wondered how she looked and, more important, what she would be wearing. Glen leaned his head back and dozed for a bit enjoying the warm summer breeze. He was in a tank top and gym shorts, his usual summer attire, a bit sweaty from the heat. His mother honked her car’s horn as she konyaaltı escort pulled into the driveway startling Glen awake. He stood up and walked down the stairs to greet them. His mom got out of the car first, the trunk lid opening as she closed the car door.

“Come on and get this luggage, Glen,” said his mother.

Glen went around to the trunk to get the bags only to be stopped in his tracks by Sandra.

“Oh my God look at you!” she squealed as she grabbed him and pulled him in for a big hug. “You’re taller than your Dad I bet!”

Not quite since Glen’s Dad, Mike was 6’4″ but at 6’1″ and a solid 190lbs Glen had definitely matured a bit since Sandra last saw him. He returned her hug lightly feeling her tits compress against his chest. She wore a light blue pantsuit made of thin material and a loose yellow top that showed just a touch of cleavage but couldn’t hide the volume.

“It’s good to see you too,” said Glen as Sandra gave him a quick kiss on the cheek. The two separated and Glen reached in for her luggage. There was one large and one small suitcase and he pulled them out of the trunk with ease then carried them up the stairs. He stopped and waited on the porch as his mother and Grandmother caught up to him.

“Just take them up to the guest room,” said Karen.

Glen took both bags and carried them upstairs and put them in the middle of the floor of the guest room them went back down. His Mom was in the kitchen but he didn’t see Sandra.

“She’s on the porch having a smoke. I wouldn’t let her smoke in the car on the way here,” said his Mom.

Since Karen had just stopped smoking herself 3 years ago Glen knew she was adamant about not having anyone smoke around her so he went out on the porch and sat on the rail across from Sandra. She sat in the same rocker he had been in when they arrived. She held her hand holding the cigarette up as her elbow sat on the arm rest and leaned back in the chair, her face looking up at him. While Glen didn’t really care for girls that smoked somehow Sandra made it look so sexy as she took a puff then blew the smoke towards the ceiling. Keep looking at her face, Glen told himself, keep looking at her face.

“So how did football and wrestling go this year?” she asked as Glen struggled to keep eye contact.

“Ah, football, not so good. We were 4 and 6 and our coach got fired. Wrestling was better. We went 7 and 3 in dual meets and 4 guys went to the state tournament but no one except Jordy got past the second round. Jordy placed 3rd in the state. I missed going to state by one win.”

“Well that’s great for you. Are you going to try and wrestle in college?”

“I don’t think so. Those guys are all older and most of them are former state champs. But my friend Jordy did get a partial scholarship though.”

“I remember Jordy. Nice boy.”

She wouldn’t say that if she knew how much Jordy obsessed over her boobs and would likely be here bright and early to ogle her unabashedly.

“Do you have any plans for the week or anywhere you want to go?” she asked.

“Not really. Besides Dad has a list of chores he wants done so that’ll keep me busy.”

A loud whirring noise came from the inside of the house. Sandra’s face lit up.

“Margaritas!” she exclaimed as she crushed her cigarette in the ashtray then got up and headed inside. Glen followed her in and, sure enough, his mom had a pitcher full of margaritas, glasses and salt ready.

“Gimmee, gimmee, gimmee!” said Sandra as she picked up the nearest glass.

“Oh you’re horrible,” said Karen as she filled Sandra’s glass.

“This is my first drink all week I’ll have you know.”

“Oh.” Karen shrugged her shoulders and poured herself one. Judging by the two half gallon jugs of tequila and bottles of margarita mix it was likely going to be a long night for the adults in the house.

Glen heard the front door opening and closing and a moment later his father came in the kitchen, a 12 back of favorite beer tucked under his arm.

“There she is!” he said loudly as he quickly stepped towards Sandra and gathered her up in his meaty arms. Mike built soundstages for a living along with doing some local video shoots and his jobs required a lot of heavy lifting. He was broad and muscular and Sandra had to tiptoe to get her arms around his neck as his father gently lifted her off the ground.

“Great to see you. How was your trip?” he asked as he set her down.

“Oh I slept most of the way. It was fine,” she replied.

“Good thing you got some rest. Let’s get this show started, “Mike said as he tore a beer out of the 12 pack and popped the top.

“I’m going to go up to my room,” said Glen.

“Ok. We’ll call you when dinner is ready,” said Karen.

Glen went upstairs and found his phone. He checked his messages and found 3 from Jordy.

Is she there yet? How does she look? Is she still hot?

Glen sent his reply. “You’re a horndog. Come by tomorrow morning and see for yourself. kültür escort Not before 10.”

In a moment his phone beeped. “I’ll be there.” The reply followed by an emoji of a panting dog.

Glen put his phone on the charger and stretched out on his bed. The ceiling fan was on and he closed his eyes as he enjoyed the cool air flowing around him. He dozed for a while and woke up with a jolt after his father roughly knocked on his bedroom door calling him to supper. His parents and Grandmother had obviously been knocking back the beer and margaritas judging by their loud laughter over story after story of days gone by. After a great meal of burgers, hot dogs and chips the grownups retired to the warm evening air out on the deck and Glen went back up to his room. He played on his phone for a while deciding not to go online. He was tired and soon fell asleep.

He woke up sometime later and decided to take a shower. It was quiet in the house so he figured everyone else had gone to sleep. He took off his shirt and headed for the bathroom down the hall. The doors to his parent’s bedroom and the guest room were closed so he quietly made his way to the bathroom. As he reached for the doorknob it suddenly opened.

“Oh,” Sandra squeaked, not expecting to see anyone there. Glen froze in his tracks as well. Sandra was wearing a light, gauzy robe that was open in the front. Underneath she wore a white satin nightgown that, mercifully, was not see-through. However the shiny fabric clung tightly to her skin and he could clearly see the outline of her tits down to the bumps around her nipples. Glen was so stunned he stared directly at Sandra’s huge tits without even realizing it. After a few awkward seconds he looked up, feeling the heat of embarrassment coming off his face. She made no move to close her robe or otherwise cover herself.

“Ooops,” she said cheerfully. “Traffic jam.”

Glen shook his head, bringing him out of his fixation and Sandra’s bosom and stepped to the side allowing her to pass. “Sorry,” he mumbled as she walked by.

“See you in the morning,” she said as she walked down the hall. Glen watched her curvy body and round ass swish and sway until she went into her room.

He quickly went into the bathroom, shucked off his shorts and turned only the cold water on. Then he took a deep breath and stepped into the shower.

“Shit!” he exclaimed as the frigid water washed over him eliminating any thoughts inappropriate thoughts he had.

The next morning he got up and put on another clean set of clothes. He walked down the stairs and heard knocking as he reached the bottom. He veered over to the front door and saw Jordy’s face peaking over the glass at the top of the door. Glen glanced over at a clock; 10:00 on the nose.

Glen opened the door putting his finger up to his lips in the universal “quiet” sign. Jody walked in looking all around the living room but seeing only furniture.

“I think she’s still asleep,” said Glen.

Jordy shrugged his shoulders. “Where we going today?”

“Nowhere. I’ve got yard work to do. Want to stick around and help?”

“No way dude. I’m going to head to the park and hang out.”

“You’re a great friend, you know.”

“Glen? Are you up?” called Sandra from the deck.

Jordy’s face lit up as he bolted towards the back door only to be yanked back by Glen.

“Man, settle down okay,” admonished Glen.

“Okay, okay,” said Jordy as he motioned for Glen to lead the way.

The two friends walked out onto the back deck to see Sandra lounging in a deck chair wearing a red bikini that seemed to have had minimal fabric involved in its making. Her magnificent tits strained against the skinny straps that held up the top. Her legs were stretched out with her right one bent at the knee a bit. Her entire body glistened from the sunscreen she had applied because while she liked to lay in the sun she had a light complexion and didn’t want to suffer any damage from sunburn. She smiled as she removed her sunglasses and greeted the two boys.

“Sleep well?” she asked.

“Yeah,” Glen answered. “You remember my friend Jordy?”

“Of course,” she said cheerfully. “How are you dear?”

“I’m fine Miss Sandra. How are you doing?” he finally stammered.

“Oh it’s just Sandra, please. What do you two have planned today?”

“I’m going to get started on the yard work. Jordy is …”

“I’m going to help Glen out in the yard,” Jordy interrupted as he put an arm around Glen’s back, giving him a little pat on the shoulder.

“Aww, I’m sure he appreciates that. I tell you what you two get started and I’ll get going on some lunch in a little bit.”

“Sounds good. C’mon Jordy.” Glen started down the stairs to the back yard giving Jordy a little tug to get him to come along.

“Nice to see you again Miss Sandra,” said Jordy as he followed Glen.

The two walked back to the toolshed where Glen opened the door and handed Jordi a rake. “Start raking under markantalya escort the hedges. Watch out for snakes.”

Jordy was still looking up at the deck as he took the rake then walked over to the nearest hedge and began raking. Glen took out a set of hedge trimmers and began lopping off errant branches from the hedges a bit farther away.

After a couple of hours the hedges were looking well-trimmed, the ground beneath them clear of debris and everything had been bagged and ready to take to the dump. The two boys had sweated through their clothes because of their landscaping efforts. They were hot and thirsty and ready for a break.

“Lunchtime!” Sandra called from the deck. Glen and Jordy walked over and climbed the stairs up to the deck. They went inside and immediately moaned a sigh of relief as the cool air conditioned breeze blew around them. The table had pitchers of water and iced tea on it along with a platter full of sandwiches and finger vegetables in the center. They sat down and looked across the kitchen where Sandra had her back to them as she took some sherbet out of the freezer

The bottom of the red bikini was a thong.

Jordy’s hand flew up to his mouth and he sunk his teeth into the webbing between his thumb and index finger as his eyes flew open wide. Glen shifted his chair so he was looking at least partly away from Sandra’s incredible ass. Goddammit! He thought as he grabbed a piece of celery of the platter and chomped into it. Jory grabbed a sandwich and bit into it, sparing his hand for a moment. Sandra breezily slinked over to the table with the sherbet and some bowls and spoons and sat down where she could see both of the boys.

“Wow!” she said. “You two have certainly been working hard. Just look at you.”

Both the boys were dirty and wet from sweat for sure and they glanced at one another as if to confirm Sandra’s assessment.

“That’s enough work for today. You both go clean up and go somewhere and relax after lunch. I insist,” she said as she took a swallow of her tea. She had minimal make-up on and was still absolutely gorgeous but even so the two boys were hard pressed not to stare at her still glistening tits as they seemed to test the very limits of her bikini top.

“Dad said…” began Glen.

“Don’t worry about that. Finish lunch and go have some fun.”

The three made easy conversation as they ate with the boys eating nearly everything Sandra had prepared. Glen and Jordy emptied both the pitcher of tea and water as they replenished their dehydrated body’s fluids. Sandra excused herself to go outside for a smoke leaving Jordy and Glen at the table. Jordy turned and looked at her ass as she went out the door.

“Dude your Grandma is a total MILF,”

Glen looked directly at Jordy and shoved him on the shoulder. “Don’t say that man.”

“Come on dude. Even you see it. She is hot!”

“I said don’t say things like that. She’s my Grandmother.” Glen said a bit more forcefully as he shoved Jordy a bit harder.

“But she looks like a mature porn star, man.”

“Porn star?” said Sandra as she stood in the doorway. She had come back in to get her lighter and the boys had not noticed. “Who told you that?”

“Oh shit,” said Jordy.

All was quiet for a few awkward moments until Jordy finally spoke. “I’m sorry Miss Sandra. I shouldn’t have said that. I’m really sorry.”

Sandra walked over to Jordy who hung his head in shame and embarrassment and put a hand on his shoulder.

“Don’t worry about it Jordi. I’m not ashamed of it. It was just a different time in my life that’s all,” she said as he sat down.

“Wait, what?” said Glen. “What do you mean?”

Sandra paused for a moment. “Ooops. I guess I let the cat out of the bag. You didn’t know about that I guess.”

“You actually were in porn movies?” said Jordy his eyes nearly bugging out of his head.

“You really did that?” exclaimed Glen.

“Okay I did. Not for long but I did. It was relatively easy money and I made enough to get me started in the real estate business then I quit.”

“Holy shit!” said Jordy.

“Do mom and dad know?” asked Glen.

“They do but we don’t talk about it. Not because I regret it or anything but because it’s in the past and really doesn’t affect our relationship.”

“Holy…crap!” said Glen not wanting to use foul language in front of his Grandmother.

“But here’s the thing. Before either of you run to a computer and try to find me on some porn site you need to know I didn’t use my real name so Googling Sandra Davis won’t lead to any videos of me.”

Both of the boys were quiet since they each thought of doing exactly that.

“But I’ll make a deal with you two. Get this house and yard looking pristine and Glen, I’ll tell what my screen name was. You can share it if you want. It’ll be up to you. But until then, Jordy,” she said more firmly as she looked directly at Jordy’s face. “If word of this deal gets out no one gets to know what name I used. You understand?”

“Yes ma’am.” Said Jordy.

“Okay you two get cleaned up and enjoy the rest of the day.” That said Sandra got up and began clearing the dishes. Without a word the two stunned young men got up and helped.

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