The Rescuer Pt. 06


Everyone having sex is at least 18. This is a work of fiction. I made it all up. This story more so than most of my writing is proof that I write fiction. That means that no, I am not in the Army, I don’t live in Canada, I have never been on a dog sled, and this story will most likely never happen. It is a heck of a story, so check reality at the door and enjoy it for what it is.

Warning: this is a self-edited story. I do use Grammarly to help reduce my ability to murder the English language. Special thanks to goducks1 for his help.


Chapter 23 — A Horse Ride

Brian’s point of view:

We spend a good month planning everything out. It takes another three months to get the construction equipment and materials to us. The barn is the first thing to go up. The horses will be needed to help move supplies around and pull the rope for the crane they constructed. We won’t let them cut down any trees. That slows them down, costs us more, but damn, in the end, we will have one hell of a view outside.

Penny is infuriating at times. Some things just don’t matter. Yet she insists that everything be the best money can buy. The lodge is strengthened to hold the extra weight and custom windows are flown in. All the fixtures are the finest available. Items are coming from all over the world. It seems like every week we have a barge coming in with a ton of materials, food, and furnishings. We are practically a 5-star hotel now. I can’t believe the money she put into the cabins where we will rarely sleep.

She hired excellent people. We converted a spare bedroom into a conference room so Penny and I can do psych visits. It has been an enormous help with the architects and construction companies as well. That part has been worth every cent. We now interview people via the video conference system using Skype.

Since the stables are going up first, she needs her people immediately, and she hires a consultant to find the horses. Penny has her own vocabulary, but in my words, she needs riders and pullers. We need wagons, buggies, saddles, and all kinds of stuff I didn’t even know had a name. She built a mini blacksmith to do demos, and to make things we need. Parts are hard to come by out here. Her guy can now make some of that stuff.

With all the people working on site now, more accidents and sickness need addressing making Kim rather busy. When I do see Penny, she is never far from her horse. The shy and meek Penny is slowly eroding away. A more confident and outgoing Penny is emerging. Kim, Mary, and Penny are now effectively running the businesses.


Life is horrible right now. Construction started on the lodge, our home. We had a few cabins built near our lake, and we are living there for now. Mary’s parents are back at their home since all the bedrooms are torn apart. Mary and Penny are sharing a cabin, and neither is complaining. I believe they are keeping each other satisfied.

We set up a storage building as a makeshift cafeteria for the construction workers and ourselves since the kitchen is torn up. We sit outside at picnic tables. Fall is here, so the mornings can be a bit cold. At least we aren’t in tents like the workers.


It’s Saturday morning, and Penny has us all up early. She is excited. I assume she has news for us, something is done again.

Penny is all smiles at the table, “After breakfast, I’m kidnapping all of you. You all have been dislodged from your homes, eating this terrible food, and working your asses off. Today, you get to see the fruits of your labors. I’ve re-arranged your schedules, and everyone knows to call the satellite phone if there is an emergency. This weekend we’ll have fun.”

She wouldn’t say anything after that.

After breakfast, she leads us behind a building and standing there are a pair of enormous horses, Clydesdales. You know the horse, they pull beer wagons, play, and make cute commercials. They are magnificent animals. They are decked out in bells and beautiful harnesses. They are pulling a “bus.” It’s a wagon that sits low so you can step into it. It carries about twenty people, and there are two wagons. We don’t need two wagons, but the effect is cool and shows us she can take forty people at a time.

The wagons are painted and look awesome. Yellow and red paint with lots of wood showing. The wheels are rubber, and I noticed that there are shock absorbers to help soften the ride. Seat belts keep people in their seats. Good. We get in, Penny is with us. Two of her men are driving. Along the way they ask for our names, where are we from, how long are we staying. They point out unique things along the way. I never paid attention to any of those things before.

There is a place where the view makes two trees look like an X. There are views of a lake and a meadow as well. They point out the tree and flower types along our trek. A hawk is in the air, it’s location and name are pointed out as are all animals on our journey. I notice that there is a dog by the drivers, so I ask about that. Mary escort ataşehir allocated and trained a dog specifically for the wagons. No kidding. Before we know it, we are at the stables.

The horses are already saddled up and loaded with gear. The same dog comes with us. However, before we can go out, we take a course on how to handle a horse, how to treat it well, how to show your happiness, and what to do if trouble comes along. Then each of us must go through an obstacle course before we can go. We all do well.

By the time we hit the trail, I feel comfortable with my horse and my ability to control her. Kim got a horse that didn’t like her. The guide was checking for that, so they exchanged horses. They explain that horses are like people, sometimes two just don’t like each other. The next horse was awesome.

Each rider has lunch in the saddlebags. At lunch, we just happen to stop at the top of a hill overlooking a lake. The view is stunning. The guide sat out two large blankets for us to enjoy our lunch on. Penny pointed out that had it been raining, they have a dining tarp they can put up. We continue riding through the forest, and it is getting dark, yet we aren’t close to the stables.

Penny can see me thinking and explains that this is the overnight trip, the longest they have right now. We pull up for the evening at a point where the lake empties to a small stream. We tie up the horses. There is a small building for feed, cots and to hold the tents. Behind the building is a ton of cut firewood. Some firewood is in the building, just in case it rains. When I say building, I am generous. It’s a sturdy five-foot square structure tied up to a pair of trees. On top of a small hill is a big firepit lined with stones along with some split and sanded logs to sit on. They have done an excellent job.

The guide cooks us dinner over the fire as he tells stories. This is a whole new level of guide. Easily blows away the ones I have hired. On the other hand, this is more of a guided tour. My guides specialize in finding things to hunt. I think they could be more like the guides Penny has though. I will have to work on that. We finish dinner as the sun is going down over the hill on the opposite side of the lake. Perfect placement for this camp.

Kim comments, “You put a lot of thought into the lunch and overnight spots, didn’t you?”

Penny looks stunned that Kim is talking to her but quickly recovers, “We spent a week searching for good views in the right areas. We had to adjust the trail in the end to match the locations. These are just too good.” She now addresses all of us. “You’re all probably a bit sore from the bumping, and some of you may be horny as hell. Depending on your body and the saddle, sometimes it hits just right. Anyone ready to hump a friend?”

Mary screams out, “OH MY GOD! I’m ready to fuck a tree. Almost immediately the saddle was crunching my vagina, like you said, in just the right way. It was crazy. I apologize now for all the screaming I will do later.”

We all giggle at her.

Penny continues, “Cots are nice for sleeping on, sex is better on the ground. If anyone’s a bit sore, sleep on your side, your rear end needs a rest tonight.”

I ask, “When did you get a dog? Or is that a guide dog?”

Penny smiles at me, “This is one weird dog. He loves horses and horse shit.” A round of ‘Ewwww’ goes around. “Yup, almost every day I have to clean him. He just showed up one day and wanted to be up by the driver. Mary gave me a dog, but this one drove the other one off. He wanted this assignment.

“Two days ago, we are going down a trail, I never saw anything, but he stands up, points, growls, and barks. I have my gun ready, but nothing ever showed. I guess he scared him off. If I am going out, he comes with me. Otherwise, he goes on the wagons or with the guides. I could use a few more, to be honest. I sure feel safer with him around.”

Penny looks at Kim, “Your dogs still come into your room from time to time. They are much better to cuddle up with. They have a huge advantage … they don’t smell like horse shit.” We all laugh at the situation.

The fire is dying down. It’s still warm, but the flame is long gone. The guide bakes a peach cobbler in the Dutch oven. That was delicious to eat while watching the stars up in the sky.

Mom interrupts the silence, “I want to thank you, Penny. Thanks’ for taking us away from the clutter, dust, and mayhem that is at home right now, and for this awesome weekend of relaxation. I had no idea our property was so beautiful.”

I inquire, “With the direction, we’re heading, I take it tomorrow we’re hitting the hot springs, right?”

Both Penny and the guide look my way with shock and glee on their faces.

I giggle, “Based on your looks, no. It’s a cool little area that has a warm spring bubbling up. It’s not easy to find, so I’m not surprised you missed it. I know our property well, it’s my playground. We can go swimming tomorrow.”

Dad shocks me by talking again, “I doubt kadıköy escort any of us brought swimsuits.”

I give my dad a big grin, “I don’t intend for this to be my first-time wearing clothes.” Dad has a big “o” on his face as understanding hits him.

Mom laughs hysterically at dad. Even Penny slips a giggle.

Mary is the first to yawn, yeah, like she wants to go to bed. She stands up and puts out a hand for me.

I say to everyone, “Good night everybody. Penny, I agree with Mary and mom, this was really nice. Your guide did a fine job. I suspect this will do very well.” Mary is pulling on my arm to speed me along.

Kim says to the group, “Penny, do you have a spot in your tent or am I solo tonight.”

Penny smiles at Kim, uses her Russian accent, “I think we can work something out … boss.” She stands up and takes Kim’s hand.

Mom and dad go to their tent. The dog stays by the fire, the guide sleeps under the stars closer to the horses.

Mary starts by saying, “I am sorry Brian. My nipples have been hard all day, I leaked all over that beautiful saddle and horse all day. He didn’t mind. I need you right now. I don’t need my nipples played with, I don’t need your fingers in me, and as much as I love your oral, I am way beyond that right now. I won’t force you to rush this, but I do want to move on to the main event. Strip now.”

Kim yells out, “Dammit Mary, keep it down over there. We don’t want a play-by-play description either.”

Mom yells out, “Whoopie, these men are awesome.”

Mary whispers into my ear, “I’ll try not to make noise.” She pauses. “No guarantees.” She giggles.

Mary quickly rips off her clothes and discards them on the floor in a corner. There is a blanket on the sleeping bag. Mary is in position, on her hands and knees. Her neck is strained so she can look over to me and see why I am not fucking her yet. I am still in my clothes. She lets out a long breath, she is frustrated.

I slowly remove my shirt, I fold it, I set it on the ground. I pull off my jeans, fold them, and put them on the ground.

Mary growls at me, “If you fold those fucking boxers, they will never find your body.”

I hear Penny yell out, “No! Don’t waste him. There aren’t many good men left.”

I chuck my boxers into the corner, on my other clothes. I drop to my knees. I am rock hard, I knew she was in heat all day. I rode behind her and could smell her. I too am horny. I am still gentle as I shove my meat into her love box. As I expected, she is moist already, no worries there. Better safe than sorry though, it’s the decent thing to do.

I start at faster than average speed. No complaints from Mary. Typically, I go slow with her and allow her to enjoy my stick for a long time. However, tonight, that won’t work. She is too far along and needs a better speed. Mary responds well both verbally and with the way her tits swing. When I get the right pace, they sway perfectly. We both love that.

My cock is in an oven. Mary runs warm, but tonight she is a forge, scalding hot. Tonight, she tries to curb her vocal antics and she … fails miserably. It’s just the opposite. She is moaning louder than is typical for her. It’s a deep guttural moan, not her usual squeaky moan. She also has a happy and giggly moan. Tonight, she is in rhythm quickly and meets my thrusts. When she is wound up like this, she is a wonderful fuck.

I love the audio feedback. She is sweating which has its own aroma, and that is mixing with her natural musky smell. Her body sways although there isn’t much moonlight, so I can’t see her too well. That doesn’t matter, I know her body, I picture in my mind what I can’t see. I can feel her body move as her tits slap her body.

She swears she doesn’t do this, but as she nears her orgasm, her moaning is rising in pitch. It’s a running battle with us. Yes, you do. No, I don’t. She really is a funny girl. Right now, her pussy is swallowing my cock and making me very happy. I have caught up to Mary, I am nearing the end.

I hear Kim scream and then it’s muffled.

Dad yells out, “Too slow Kim, we heard you.”

I am stroking my shaft in and out of Mary, this is so good. My cock is sliding effortlessly in her pussy, as it welcomes me in. A few minutes later I hear Penny scream something in Russian. No muffled voice, full out scream. Geez, they need a room. That makes me giggle.

In a staccato voice, Mary tells me softly, “Penny. And. Kim. Are. Getting. Along. Much. Better. You. Will. Get. Her. Soon.”

I slow down and whisper, “I am happy with you and Kim. That’s all I need.”

Mary stops fucking me, her head is down, and she says, “Penny cries herself to sleep every night. She’s lonely. We’re pretty good friends, but I can only do so much. I already offered some of my time, Kim just isn’t ready yet.”

My dick is throbbing inside of Mary.

I say to Mary, “I have the world’s two best women. I’m a fortunate guy.”

Mary snorts loudly, “You are correct, but she’s a perfect ten, and you like maltepe escort bayan her. I know you do. Your cock throbbed inside of me in response to her name. I understand, even I can’t resist her. No way you can, she’s too pretty for her own good. She really is a shy woman though. She’ll never ask you directly.”

We hear mom scream out a long drawn out wail followed by an “OH YES! WHOOT!”

I pick up my pace again, we are last. They are probably waiting for us. I now go beyond my fast speed and am fucking her pretty well. I don’t have the anger to give her what I gave Penny and to a lesser extent, Kim, but I do have an abundance of muscle. I use my muscles to help slam me into Mary with more force.

Mary, the Mary that wanted to be quiet, is now shouting out, “OH FUCK! Fuck me! Oh Yes! Just like that! Harder!” I slap her ass hard, it stings my hand. She laughs at me. “Oh yes! Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck MEEEEEEEE!” She orgasms.

Her cunt clamps down on my cock causing me to spurt my cum into her honey pot. Mary screams out a shriek that lasted thirty seconds and then calms down to a gurgle like she just died. I swear they were just outside of our tent clapping their hands and cheering us on.

Penny yells out, “You go, girl, ride that stud and take his seed deep inside of you.”

Mom shouts out, “Way to go Mary! Now we can sleep. You make enough noise to wake the dead!”

Dad seemed at a loss, “Um, nice job Mary.” He never has been a man of many words.

We stack the sleeping bags, put the blanket over us. Mary spooned with me as I hold her in my arms. We both sleep well all night.

Chapter 24 — Skinny Dipping with the Family

The next morning, we all wake up late. Breakfast was made, but the guide burned it. Penny gave him hell for it. She swore in three languages. We all just smiled, shit happens. The fruit was good.

Today, I take the lead with the guide. I generally know where I am going. It’s been over ten years since I was last here. It is hidden in trees, and of course, all the trees have grown. I guided myself by the landscape, and after twenty minutes, I find it.

There are flat rocks around the spring making a natural patio effect. Lots of moss grows here, so everything is green. For a single teenager, the pool was huge. For seven of us, it isn’t so huge. We easily fit; however, you can’t swim laps or anything. Its irregular shape makes it hard to estimate the size, but it’s roughly 25-30 feet square.

We tie up the horses, and the guide takes them away, a few at a time, to feed and water them. He knows not to be around. Everyone stands around, looking at each other. Shy meek Penny is back, she looks scared. I boldly take off my shirt and pants while everyone stares at me. Still bold but getting nervous that I will be the only one, I drop my boxers and walk with my cock swaying.

Mom snickers at me, “Is that thing always hard?”

I jump in the warm water. This spring isn’t cold or boiling hot. It is mild enough that it is very relaxing yet not enough to steam. I look back, and Kim, Mom, and dad are slowly stripping.

Kim says to Penny, “With a body like you have, there is no reason to hide it. Drive the men nuts.”

I do admit, as she slowly and seductively strips, both dad and I are mesmerized.

Dad says softly to me, “Damn, you didn’t want to fuck her? Bring me next time.”

Mom was first to laugh out loud. We all follow with laughter. Penny is putting on a show for us. She knows her body is incredible. She takes her time to fold her clothes. Penny is last to get in. Kim stands next to me and wants to be held. She wraps her legs around me, and I nibble on her ear and neck. That tickles her.

Mom says in a relaxed voice, “Oh Brian. You should have told us about this place long ago. This feels amazing.”

I point out the obvious, “The point of a secret location is to keep it secret.”

Penny says dreamily as she massages her breasts, “The price of this trip just increased $100. This is perfect after a long day of riding.” Everyone agreed.

After Kim let go of me, she stepped over to Penny and gave her a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

Kim says, “This caps off a perfect weekend. I know we have a lot of riding to do still, but this is awesome. The water goes up into me, and it tingles. My nipples are rock hard. Is everyone else feeling this?”

Mary, Penny, and Mom say yes while dad and I say no. The girls giggle. The girls share hugs with everyone but me. Penny won’t come near me, I don’t push it.

Surprisingly to all of us, Kim says to Penny, “It won’t kill you to hug Brian.”

All the wind leaves my lungs. Wow. Did Kim just say that? Timidly, Penny gives me a half hug. It’s like I have bugs on me.

Kim teases her, “He’s all man, you won’t hurt him. Give him a real hug.”

Penny is grinning now. She smashes her large breasts into my chest and pulls herself closer to me and puts her head over my shoulders. I can feel tears dripping on my back. She is relaxed. Suddenly, she realizes what she is doing and pushes away from me. Kim is right there, blocking the direct path to exit the pool and towards her clothes. Kim embraces Penny and then kisses her on the cheek. They both get out together. Blankets are there, and we lay out for a while to dry off.

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