The Return of Justin D’Enfer Ch. 04


Justin and Justine D’Enfer sat silently at the side of a huge room, waiting for the scene to begin. They grinned at each other like children as they heard the footsteps come down a corridor that lead from their captive’s rooms. It was a lovely day in every way.

Brenda Reese, a chubby, red headed woman wearing glasses and a nurse’s uniform, stood placidly while two former Green Berets led their captive into the large game room. Adele Tailleferre sat in her wheelchair silently, her eyes gleaming over her wrinkled face that had seen more than ninety summers. The captive wore an orange jumpsuit, a black blindfold and brown sandals on her feet. The nurse began without preliminaries. “You know why you’re here?”

“I know there are many people in this world who would like to make me their captive, as well as a couple of governments,” the captive said proudly, sneering around her blindfold.

“There is no government keeping you here, other than the master of this place, who is supreme. You were discovered abroad illegally, using a false passport. For the past three months you have been developing a housekeeping service for a special clientele in Atlanta. You have also been collecting information about your clients, as well as gathering information on any other prominent person or family member you can.”

“So? How is this unique? How is this a crime?”

“You are not being held here for a crime. You are being held because you are a threat.”

“Damn straight,” Adele cackled. “You’ve been a danger since you learned how to walk.”

“Ah, Auntie Adele, so good to hear your voice,” the captive cooed. “So this is a family occasion after all. I should have known your wizened hand was pushing the buttons. Too bad you’re too old to chase young studs any more. I’ll bet you can’t even buy them.”

“Celeste Jane Tailleferre D’Enfer,” the old woman snarled. “Forty six years old and still a diva. You may still have a great body. . .for a woman your age, but your boobs are sagging a bit too, so you have nothing to brag about.”

“I think we need to progress things a little,” Brenda cut in. “Gentlemen, do your duty.”

They were in a large room with huge plate glasses overlooking the sea. At one side, a ladder was affixed to the floor and ceiling. In a large sunken central area was a set of unusual stocks and a mattress, and opposite the ladder was a bar. The room was elegant with clean lines that swept gracefully to shape a harmonious whole.

The Green Berets forced their captive to the ladder, where they affixed her hands to manacles bolted to the sides of the ladder. One rung was just below her chin, and they forced her face into a rectangular restraint. Her ankles were also locked into shackles built into the bottom of the ladder. Once the men had done their work, they withdrew silently. Brenda approached and removed Celeste’s blindfold; Celeste blinked in the daylight streaming into the room and looked around as best she could. “All right, Nursie,” she sneered. “You’ve got a nice place here, nicer than the one you obviously rented in Atlanta. So your little story about hiring my service to clean your house and perhaps some special things I have to offer was a complete lie. I’m here on an island off the coast, prisoner of my dear Aunt Adele, who probably wants to flog me to death just for kicks.”

Brenda shook her head. “I don’t work for Adele, this isn’t in the territory of the United States of America, and you’re not going to die by anything that’s done to you here. You are here to be broken, to be removed for a position to be a threat to anyone, and to become a submissive resident of this household for the rest of your life.”

Celeste spat toward Brenda, who dodged with surprising agility. She smiled and said: “I’ll let that pass. You’ll be repaid in a few moments.” Brenda reached in the pocket of her uniform and produced a set of medical scissors. “This cuts through anything, as you will see. We have a lot of uniforms for you to wear.” Methodically, she began removing the captive’s jumpsuit, revealing a firm, well tanned body with excellent curves. After disposing of the ribbons of fabric, Brenda lifted the captive’s breasts so they hung over a rung of the ladder.

“So I’m going to be your playtoy now, for Adele’s amusement?” Celeste asked cooly. “The old bat is too far gone to take abuse so she’s going to take it vicariously through me.”

“No, wrong once again,” Adele joined in. “You’ve got a bigger audience than little old me. There’s others who want to see you suffer, and I think they have some plans you may not expect. pendik escort Brenda, I think you need to get ready for what comes next.”

The redhead nodded, and went over to the stocks. Removing her blouse, she revealed a set of huge mammaries two sizes bigger than the captive’s, with huge areolas. She knelt behind the stocks, lifting the bar up and lowering it to capture her tits, which started swelling almost immediately. Putting a ball gag in her mouth, she put her hands behind her back and waited, looking over the captive’s shoulder.

Celeste looked over the scene, and sneered again. “Very lovely and very appealing, Nursie. I imagine you’re going to torture me by letting me look on this scene and be powerless to do anything. I salute you, nice try. . .”

Her words were broken off by a loud crack. Justine danced in front of her after just swatting her ass with a ping pong paddle. “Hi, Mamasita. Miss me?”

The captive looked Justine up and down: the young woman was almost a perfect replica of her mother in her mid 20s. She danced in glee from one bare foot to another, otherwise she wore a pair of denim cutoffs and a black halter top. “Well, young lady, I see you still haven’t learned much decorum. Glad you got over your doormat relationship with Ferd. So you put this little farce together?”

“No, Mamasita, but I helped it along. My dear cousin Chelsea probably didn’t tell you about our little trip through Europe a few years ago, and she got in touch with me when she shouted for help in coping with you. I know all about your little games in Atlanta with Chelsea and Auntie Pru, you wicked woman, and now they’re over.”

“And which one of your boy toys did you summon to help you with this little plot? There were so many before I left home; a mother can do only so much to keep her daughters from becoming harlots.”

The sound of leather meeting flesh interrupted her. A red welt appeared on Celeste’s breasts and nipples; the attacker had landed his blow perfectly across her front. Celeste yelped and tried to look around, but she was bound to the ladder very tightly and could not turn to see who her fresh attacker was. A voice addressed her from behind: “I bet you don’t recognize this little piece of heaven. But of course, this was always in your hand and not landing on your skin.”

“Justin,” she wailed. “My baby, my little man. What have they done to you?”

He walked around in front of her, naked except for a pair of boxer shorts. A smile creased his face and he waved a custom made tit flogger, pretending to strike her again and deliberately missing. “Mamasita, my dear. How long it’s been. How are you?”

“I’ve been better, my son.”

“I’m sure. And you’re a little fuzzy down below, maybe I should do something about that later, like I used to, Mamasita. I still have my supplies. But I digress. I’m the reason you’re here, Mamasita.”

The captive blinked several times. “But my son, everything is for your benefit.”

“Really? You try to hack into my company’s database almost every day for two months and that’s to my benefit? You invade the home of my children and take over, making their peaceful lives a living hell with your domination?”

“But my son, you’ve made so many mistakes. You’ve let yourself get sidetracked by venial appetites, created ugly situations for yourself. . .”

“But my mother, my company is in the Top 25 and I did it all myself. My relationships are in good shape and I have a happy home here. The future looks bright, as long as a misguided parent doesn’t decide to bring my empire down just for kicks.” He tapped his palm lightly with the whip. “No answer, it doesn’t surprise me. So I arranged to bring you here, with the help of those in this room and a couple of others. Your devoted sister gave us some resistance, but she saw our way with some effective persuasion, particularly since it was in her best interests.”

“Prudence will burn in hell for her betrayal.”

“Auntie Pru is the closest thing this family has to a saint on either side of the family,” Justine cut in. “But even saints have their limits.”

“Let us get to the business at hand. As my servant Brenda has said, our purpose is to make you a submissive member of this household. It will be your chance to help take care of your little boy for the rest of your life. You will not be permitted to leave here. Before you think about it too much, let me tell you that the guards who escorted you here are paid well enough to be bribed with money, and are staunchly homosexual, so they cannot be seduced. As Brenda said, maltepe escort this island is not part of the United States of America, and I will not let you know where it is exactly. If you were able to read stars you’d figure out its position, but I know you can’t do that. I have your fake passport in a safe place far away from here, as well as your other personal effects. There are no computers you can get to on this island, and only one has Internet capability via an undersea cable.”

“Very thorough, my son, I compliment you. So I am your prisoner. That’s better news than I expected.”

Justin smiled. “Now Mamasita, it’s time to start your training. You know I’ve been taking care of Aunt Adele, and Brenda is my slave as well as my servant. I will torture her before you. You will receive different stimulations. Ready, Justine?”

“Ready,” Justine said, licking her lips. He turned to stand before Brenda, whose breasts were turning bright red and whose eyes were gazing up at him in adoration. With a sharp crack, he started working on her mammaries, alternating from light blows to medium blows to sharp lashes. Justine lifted a ball vibrator to her Mother’s exposed labia, whose buzzing added undercurrent to the proceedings. Every time Brenda groaned, Justine smacked Celeste’s ass with the ping pong paddle, pushing the vibrator tighter and tighter against the older woman’s clitoris.

Adele sat in the corner, and sighed at every event in the scene before her. Her gnarled fingers twisted and she licked her lips in pleasure every time she heard the padded against the captive’s ass. “Whip her harder, boy, harder. Make your old Auntie proud!”

“Justin is doing a great job, isn’t he Mamasita?” Justine cooed from below the captive. “Look how evenly he’s covering her skin. The tears are welling up in her eyes. Now he’s stopped, he just stroking her abused skin gently, tickling her nubbins. Look, he’s grabbed her nipple and he’s squeezing it, his fingers are so strong like iron bars. You’d love to be doing that, wouldn’t you Mamasita? You used to do this to a lot of women, you were doing this last week. I can tell: you enjoy giving women pain. But will you enjoy receiving it?” A sharp crack punctuated the last comment as Justine landed a blow to her mother’s now thoroughly red ass.

Justin had grabbed Brenda’s rock hard nipples and was twisting them at shoulder blade level. Her body shook and her head nodded as she moaned through the ball gag. Suddenly he released them and started a frantic series of blows that kept her breasts bobbing until his subject howled and quaked in a monstrous orgasm. As the same time, Celeste quivered and shook, her body releasing its confinement and frustration in an orgasm of its own.

Justine went over and undid the gag. Brenda breathed heavily a few moments and accepted some water through a straw. “Thank you, Master, thank you. Let me show you how much I love you.” Justin walked over and she lowered his shorts, exposing his huge, half erect cock. Her hands cradled him gently, stroking him a few times before engulfing the head of his dick in a hyperactive caress.

A few moments later, he withdrew from her embrace; she pouted to lose him, but released her discolored tits from the stocks and stood. “Go take care of yourself,” Justin said calmly. “You can collect Adele in half an hour. Thank you, Brenda.” She smiled and left quietly, cradling her sore breasts.

“Mamasita,” Justin said slyly. “It seems we’ve discovered something about you today. Maybe you’ve discovered it for yourself. Interesting, isn’t is slut sister?”

“Doesn’t he have a wonderful cock, Mamasita?” Justine cooed. “You’ve seen it before, I know, because he told me.”

Celeste licked her lips and tried to compose herself. “Yes, you little bitch. You are right, my son is a handsome man.”

“Wouldn’t you love to have that monster? Have that huge pole sliding in and out of you? Kneeling before it to worship it?”

Adele grinned broadly. “It’s so wonderful, Celeste. So huge and wet and wonderful. I wish he’d come over here so I could suck it.”

Celeste gave her aunt a glare that would paralyze. “So what would you have my do, son?”

“What are you offering, Mamasita?” Justin replied with a stern look.

“I offer you guidance, help, service.”

He shook his head. “I do not need much guidance, and I have the other two in abundance. You know what I want. Slut sister, I think you need to be on the mattress, wearing less.”

Justine jumped up, ran to the mattress and shed her clothes joyfully, as she kartal escort would run to take a skinny dip. Kneeling immediately, she knelt to take his cock in her mouth, licking and sucking urgently and working her mouth and tongue up and down his shaft, dipping to lick his balls. “Envious, Mamasita?” she said between licks to his scrotum. “Don’t you wish this was you? And wait until you see my face when he fucks me; his cock feels so good in my cunt. It was made for him.”

“You damned little slut!” Celeste screamed. “How dare you defile your brother like this? He deserves better than this. It was bad enough you and Prudence corrupted him in the first place, and Adele has been warping him to her will for years. No, don’t let him put his dick inside you; no Justin, stop, stop if you love me! Oh my God, I can hardly look at this.”

Justine was flat on her back with Justin above her. Her head turned as her brother plowed into her, facing the captive. “You will look at this, Mamasita. You will give up your pride, you will give up your idea of what we are and accept your fate. That’s why we, ah, ah, ah, ah, fixed your face this way, so you can’t look away.”

Trying to close her eyes, Celeste was shocked at a blow that made her breasts wobble. “There’s no ducking it, Celeste,” Adele said. The old woman had wheeled her way around the exterior of the room and was beside the ladder. She held a yardstick in her hand like a one room schoolteacher. “If you look away you’ll pay. Piss me off and you’ll pay. But keep looking and you’ll be rewarded.” The vibrator was pressed to her slit and reactivated.

The couple worked harder and harder, and Justine’s breasts bobbled wildly as her brother fucked her. From time to time, Celeste tried to look away, but another smack of the yardstick against her breasts refocused her. A line of wetness oozed around the head of the vibrator and her breathing got shallower and faster. Justine ground her hips and started howling, her body drenched in sweat, her orgasm consuming her.

After they settled down, Justin stood and came over close to his mother. “Here’s the deal, Mamasita. Here’s how you get out of your situation. You accept me as your master, to do my bidding whenever and however I desire. You will treat Justine, Adele, and Brenda with civility. You will be watched closely, so escape is not an option. Even if you could get away, I will track you down and bring you back here, to be chained naked to a ladder for my amusement and your resubmission. If you behave, I will take good care of you. You will be able to talk with Auntie Pru regularly and she can visit you here, but you may not leave.”

Celeste looked at him with defiant pride. “And how am I to I submit to you, my son?”

“When you submit, I will climb this ladder so you can do something you’ve never done before with any man. Dad told me you’ve never done it, and everyone else who would talk about you has confirmed it. You will suck my cock with my sister’s cunt juices on it, and let me ejaculate on your face. That will be the sign you submit.”

“And if I don’t?”

“The boys will carry you back to your cell, and you’ll be locked in until we try to persuade you again. It may be a few days.”

Justine came and sat on her heels at her brother’s feet. Adele fished her ancient breasts out of her gown and applied a couple of hemostats to her nipples, wincing and puffing as the pain set in, then settling back, flexing her fingers with a peaceful smile on her face. Justin stood, his dick hard and red, his hands on his hips. A long time passed as they stared at each other, mother and son, unblinking. Finally Celeste sighed, looked down and said: “I submit.”

Justin climbed the ladder quickly, his cock at her mouth level. Justine took the vibrator from Adele and pushed it against her mother’s crotch, flipping it on. After a long moment staring at the penis directly in front of her face, she opened her lips and stuck out her tongue. He moved forward, and she began sucking, letting him move in and out at his will, her tongue moving all around his red flesh. Opening her mouth wider, she accepted more and more of him, relaxing her throat to embrace his entire length. At first she worked reluctantly, but she grew more and more enthusiastic about her work and was soon eagerly consuming his man meat.

Justine reached up and squeezed her mother’s breast, drawing a groan. She put the vibrator back to her mother’s slit, and began to milk her breast, occasionally tweaking and twisting the hard nipple.

His breathing became faster, and he pulled out. His sister reached up to stroke his cock and his mother closed her eyes. As the hot, opaque liquid painted her face, she quivered and moaned as another orgasm overtook her senses, and she smiled beatifically through the streaks of semen pelting her skin.

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