The Secret Life of Simon and Debbie Ch. 02


I walked down the path, determined not to look back, but when I heard the door close I couldn’t help myself. Glancing over my shoulder I saw Debbie standing in the front room, watching me go, and smiled at her. I didn’t quite understand where things would go from here, and I knew a lot of people wouldn’t like it, but there was no way we could just act as if nothing had ever happened.

I turned and closed the gate, taking one last look, and as I turned to walk down the street I almost knocked Sadie down.

“You should watch where you’re going Simon.” She said.

“Sorry Sadie I guess you are right.” I replied.

“What are you doing here anyway?” She asked.

“Nothing much just had to help your mum with her new bed.”

Sadie looked at me with a wry smile.

“Oh yes that sounds like a likely story.” She said.

“What’s that supposed to mean cheeky.”

“Nothing don’t you worry about it.” She said as she opened the gate and went towards the house.

Sadie was the total opposite to her mum. She wasn’t afraid to tell you exactly what she thought, and didn’t care whether it upset you, and she had a reputation around the estate for sleeping around. I didn’t know whether that was true but she seemed to definitely like sex, or at least talking about it, as she never managed to have a conversation without the subject ending up being about blow jobs or fucking. Maybe she talked so much about it because she wasn’t getting any, at least that’s what I had begun to think.

At twenty two years of age I had often thought that Sadie should have found her own place by now, she could afford it, but I knew living at home was a lot cheaper so it wasn’t a surprise she was still with her mum. Occasionally the two of them would go out together, Debbie acting like an older sister, and I had seen them on more than once at a club or pub at night. When she made the effort at night Sadie did look stunning. She would often wear tight tops that drew attention to her tits, that looked slightly smaller than Debbie’s, and either mini-skirts or figure hugging jeans. She was never short of male attention either but, whether she was a tease or a slut, she always went home with her mum at the end of the night.

As I walked away from Debbie’s, towards home, I really hoped that Sadie would be out when I went back round. There was so much that Debbie and I had to speak about and Sadie being there would make that impossible. Changing my mind about going home I headed towards town, there was still a couple of hours until I should be at Debbie’s, and to see if there was anyone I knew about.

Knowing it was still early I didn’t expect to run into anyone and was surprised, or more like shocked, to see my mum looking in shop windows.

“Alright mum what are doing down here?” I asked her.

“Just looking I am fucking sick of sitting at home alone.” She replied.

“I only asked there’s no need to be like that.” I snapped at her.

“Well all you want to do is spend the day around at my sister’s”

“Are you surprised I don’t want to be at home with you and that attitude?” I shouted.

“It’s not my fault I just wish your dad was here.” She screamed.

The mention of my dad almost caused me to explode, and if had been anyone else I would have hit them, but I froze. It was the first time, except for the month straight after his death that she had admitted that she missed him. Whether she was just feeling sorry for herself, again, or whether she genuinely meant it I hadn’t got a clue but to hear her mention him had left me unable to stay with her anymore.

“Look mum go home get cleaned up and then think about what you just said.” I told her.

“And what the fuck are you going to do?” She asked with a hint of venom in her voice.

“I shall be home some time later now just go.” I told her before walking away.

As if I hadn’t got enough to think about I now had to worry about what was going through my mum’s mind as well. Maybe later, when I was at Debbie’s, I would say something to her about mum. Debbie knew that she had struggled to come to terms with my dad’s death more than she had her own husband’s, but that was due to Debbie’s refusal to wallow in self pity and do the best for her kids. Maybe I would go round a bit earlier and watch for Sadie to go out.

Looking at the time I saw that it was coming up to half past six, ninety minutes before Debbie was expecting me, so I headed to the local burger bar to grab something to eat. I was going to just get something and take it out to eat but, as the place was fairly empty, I decided to eat in. After ordering I took a seat near the window and stared into the street.

I couldn’t believe that after all the years of lusting after Debbie I had actually made love to her, and in her brand new bed. My mind raced as I wondered what we were going to talk about when I got there. There was so much that needed saying but actually saying it was going to be difficult. Deep down I knew ataşehir escort bayan that there was no way Debbie would let things get out of hand, like they did earlier, again. Visions of her gorgeous naked body, her tits inches away from my mouth, gyrating on top of me filled my head. I didn’t know how I would be able to go round and sit there as if nothing had happened, and I definitely wouldn’t be able to take it if she told me it would be best if I stopped going around so much. Still I thought I had better be prepared for the worse.

I finished my food and went back out into the street and started to head towards Debbie’s. I had been sat in the burger bar for almost an hour and the walk to Debbie’s would take fifteen minutes at most meaning I would be twenty minutes early, at least that should be early enough to see Sadie go out. As I walked I tried to think of what to say to her but no words I could think of would be able to express my feelings. I didn’t love her, that would have been too much to handle, but I didn’t want her to think that I had used her for a quickie.

As I turned into Debbie’s road I stopped and saw four people standing outside what looked like her house, but I couldn’t be sure as the light was fading. It was only when I heard Sadie scream that she wouldn’t be too late back towards the house that I realised they were just waiting for her. At least she had gone out that meant Debbie and I would be alone, and be able to talk. I hung back a bit as Sadie seemed to look up and down the road before she, and her friends, headed off in the opposite direction. I was relieved she had gone that way as I didn’t want to have to explain to her why I was back there again, that could have been awkward.

After waiting five minutes, to make sure Sadie had definitely gone, I headed towards Debbie’s. Once I reached the gate I stood and stared at the house, the living room curtains were shut, and prepared myself. Taking a couple of deep breaths I walked up the path and rung the doorbell, instead of just walking in like I always did, and waited. After what seemed like an age the door finally opened and, looking like she had when I had left earlier, stood Debbie.

“Hello Simon glad you could make it.” Debbie said.

“I knew we would need to talk.” I replied.

“Yes we do come in.” She said and as I did she looked up and down the road, like she was making sure nobody had seen me arrive.

I walked in and went and sat where I had been sitting earlier that afternoon. Debbie followed me in and sat on the sofa, but at the opposite end, and looked at me. I saw that she had been crying since I had left, she had made no effort to hide it, and was about to say something when she stopped me.

“Before you say anything Simon let me go first please.” She said almost pleadingly.

I didn’t answer, I just sat back looking at her, and waited for her to begin.

“This afternoon we did something that was very wrong Simon.” She started. “But the truth is I enjoyed it, probably far more than I should have.”

“I know we did and…” I started to say but Debbie cut me off.

“If anyone found out we could both get into very serious trouble you know that don’t you.” She interrupted.

“Yes I do but as I’m not going to say anything and I’m sure you won’t everything will be okay so don’t worry.” I said quickly not wanting her to stop me again.

“It’s not as simple as that Simon though is it?” Debbie told me.

Before I had a chance to say anything else Debbie slid along the sofa, so she was right next to me, and put her hand on my thigh. I really wished she hadn’t done that as my cock twitched and the first signs of an erection began to appear. I placed my hand on hers and was about to move it away when she squeezed gently.

“Simon you know that since your uncle died I hadn’t been with anybody else until this afternoon right?” She asked.

“I did know yes and I should have been stronger and not let it go so far.” I replied.

“It’s no good wishing what you should have done Simon.” She said. “The thing is it happened, and I could have stopped it as well, so where do we go from here.”

That was the one question that I was dreading hearing, more than anything else, and I honestly didn’t know how to answer her. I knew what I should really reply but I also knew what I wanted to say if I was going to be honest with her, like I should. I needn’t have worried because before I could say anything Debbie took the initiative away from me.

“I don’t want a proper relationship, I will never be able to feel for anyone like I did for your uncle, but I am a woman and I still have needs.” She started to say.

“I understand that Debbie and I know I should probably stay away for a bit.” I said.

“No Simon that’s not what I was trying to get at.” She said abruptly. “I definitely don’t want you to stop coming.”

“So what do you want Debbie what are you trying to say?” I replied puzzled.

Debbie escort kadıöy let her hand drop from my thigh and reached both hands up and cupped my face. Without saying another word she leant forward and lightly kissed me on the lips, before pulling away.

“Simon I want you to take me to bed again please.” She asked almost begging.

“Do you think that’s a good idea?” I asked her.

“Don’t you want to make love to me again?” She asked tears beginning to well in her eyes again.

“Debbie I would love to make love to you, now and every day, but…” I started to say.

“Then just do it please let me worry about any repercussions that may come our way.”

Unsure if I was doing the right thing I got up from the sofa, pulling Debbie up after me, and led her up the stairs to her bedroom. As I walked into her room I noticed that she had added white lace drapes to her new bed, making it look like something out of a historical romance. Leading Debbie gently I sat her on the edge of the bed before sitting next to her.

“Are you really sure this is what you want Debbie?” I asked her softly.

“Yes Simon I do this afternoon made me realise what I have been missing.” She answered.

I looked into her eyes, could see that she was serious, and gently kissed her on the cheek and lips. Slowly I eased her t-shirt over her head, freeing her gorgeous tits, and dropped it to the floor. Cupping one of them in my hand I lightly flicked my thumb across the nipple, causing it to stiffen instantly, before lowering my head and flicking my tongue over it. Debbie gasped as my warm breath touched her skin and threw her head back, pushing her tits out at the same time. I took her nipple in my mouth and ran my tongue around it, and cupped her other tit at the same time. Gently I massaged her tit as my tongue worked her areole and nipple slowly, Debbie’s breathing quickened as I worked on both her tits, one with my tongue the other by hand.

Letting her hand drop she slowly started to knead my cock through the material keeping her away from it, my cock hardening rapidly as she did so. I bit on her nipple gently and she let out a small yelp before using her free hand to pull my head closer to her. I flicked her nipple once more before I laid her gently on the bed flat.

Kissing my way down, from her neck to the top of her jeans, I reached and deftly undid the button before sliding the zip down, before running my tongue up her body again. Easing myself on top of her, my cock pushing against her stomach, I pushed my tongue into her mouth. Our tongues intertwined as we passionately kissed each other, our hands running over each other’s bodies as we did so. We kissed for a few minutes before I pulled away and made my way slowly down her body again.

Gripping the top of her undone jeans I eased them over her thighs, breathing in the aroma of her sweet pussy, before letting them fall to the floor. Gently I eased my middle finger between her lips, Debbie parting her thighs a little to allow me easier access, and began to rub her swollen clit. Debbie’s gasps were getting louder as I rubbed her sweet, erect bud for her and I knew she wouldn’t be long until she came. Easing a second finger inside her I squeezed her clit gently, causing her to orgasm almost instantly.

As soon as Debbie had cum I lowered my head and flicked my tongue against her wet opening, pushing it inside to taste her juices. I kept my fingers in her, fucking her with them, as my tongue danced over her clit. Her body was convulsing wildly as I continued to lick and finger fuck her pussy, her juices flooding over my tongue making me want more. Debbie was moaning loudly as orgasm after orgasm tore through her body.

“Simon take your trousers off let me see your hard cock please.” She asked breathlessly.

Removing my fingers from her pussy I struggled to take my trousers off, and lick her pussy at the same time, but eventually my trousers joined her jeans on the bedroom floor. My cock was throbbing and I reached between my legs and began to wank myself slowly, desperate not to cum until I was deep inside her pussy.

“Lay on the bed Simon let me wank and suck your cock.” Debbie said running her fingers through my hair.

I stopped licking her and eased myself on to the bed, laying next to her, and feeling her warm skin against mine. Debbie reached for my cock and wrapped her fingers around the shaft, gently stroking my cock, as we kissed each other again. Her fingers were so gentle against my cock, unlike some of the girls who I had been with and that had wanked me that hard I thought they were trying to pull it off, and I was getting closer to cumming. Holding her hand I stopped her movements.

“I’m not going to be long Debbie if you keep that up.” I told her.

Instead of stopping and letting me fuck her she lowered her head and wrapped her warm, moist lips around the head of my cock before slowly taking my full length all the way in her mouth. Moving her head maltepe escort up and down slowly Debbie cupped my balls in her hand and gently massaged them as she sucked my cock. Pushing my head into the bed I began to thrust my cock gently forward each time she lowered her head, making sure she got the full length every time. Debbie suddenly quickened her pace and before I could stop myself I felt my balls twitch and the first jet off cum shot from the end of my cock, deep into her throat. Greedily Debbie sucked on my cock, making sure she had swallowed every drop that I had, before lifting her head and smiling at me.

“That tasted wonderful Simon I’m sorry I just had to do it.” She said almost apologetically.

“You don’t have to be sorry that was brilliant, you really know how to suck cock.” I replied.

“But I really wanted you to make love to me Simon, not fuck me like earlier, but make love.”

I reached down for her and pulled her towards me, wrapping my arms around her, before kissing her forehead gently.

“We will Debbie just as soon as I can.” I told her.

We lay like that for a while before Debbie reached down the bed and, using just her thumb and forefinger, brought my cock back to full stiffness. I rolled on top of Debbie and, holding myself up, I gently pushed the tip of my cock against her pussy. Easily my cock slid into her and Debbie let out a gasp. Wrapping her legs around my back she held me tight, as I slowly lowered myself onto her, my cock going deeper into her.

I started to rhythmically move in and out of her pussy, going slowly and gently, Debbie holding me tightly as I did so. Debbie’s pussy felt so good tightly gripping my cock and I started to thrust faster, and as I did she dragged her fingernails down my back causing me to push harder. Soon I could feel the build up in my cock again and, with one final deep thrust, I unloaded cum deep into Debbie’s pussy and as I did she screamed out cumming at exactly the same time. I felt my cock twitch for a couple more times and knew that I was totally drained. Sweat was dripping off our bodies and, as I rolled off her, she held me so tight it was as if she never wanted to let me go. I turned my head to look at her and smiled, as she looked back at me, before kissing her gently on the forehead.

“Are you okay Debbie?” I asked her pulling her even closer to me.

“Yes Simon I am that was so beautiful I never thought I’d feel like that again.” She said.

We held each other close and just lay there, neither of us wanting to move and end what we had just gone through. Eventually Debbie rolled onto her side and snuggled as close to me as she could get, pushing her ass against my cock, and as I lay there I listened to her breathing become shallower. I eased myself against her a little more and closed my eyes, breathing in the smell of sweat and sex on her skin.

I don’t know how long we slept for, or even if we really did, but my eyes flashed open suddenly. I sat up quickly and felt Debbie next to me, her breathing telling me she was still asleep, and wondered what the time was. It was pitch black outside but, as I felt like I had slept for hours, I knew it must be getting close to morning. Gently I nudged Debbie awake and she rolled onto her back, her eyes partially opening, and she smiled at me.

“Thank you Simon for making me feel like a real woman again.” She said through her half-closed eyes.

“I should be the one thanking you.” I replied.

“Why have you woke me up anyway I was having a lovely dream.” She said.

“It must be very late and I really shouldn’t be here should I.” I told her.

Debbie lifted her head and looked around the room, her eyes becoming accustomed to the darkness, and agreed with me.

“You better get up and go.” She told me. “But I will ring you in the morning.”

I swung my legs out of the bed and, in the darkness, found my clothes and put them on.

“Okay I shall be waiting for your call.” I told her before kissing her on the lips and walking out of the room, leaving Debbie sitting up watching me as I went.

I walked quietly down the stairs and out of the front door, pulling it gently behind me until I heard it click. The night was cold and I went to put my hands in my pockets, but as I did I felt something in one of them, and pulling my hand back out I saw I was holding a piece of paper. I was sure that it wasn’t there earlier, I never left screwed up bits of paper in my pocket, and I unfolded it to see what it was. Written across the paper, in barely legible writing were six words, and straining my eyes under a street light I read the note.


I re-read the note a couple of times and assumed that Debbie had put it in my pocket while I was asleep. Smiling to myself I put the note back in my pocket and carried on towards home. The house was in darkness when I arrived and, after creeping in and upstairs, I closed my bedroom door and lay on my bed. I took the note out of my pocket and read it again, smiling to myself, when my mobile phone went off on my bedside cabinet. I picked it up and looked at the screen. The message had come from an unknown number and I pressed the button to open and read it.


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