The Seduction of Caoimhe Ch. 09


Chapter 9 – Tara

We just got out of the shower and I’ve done my best to hold back my nerves. Caoimhe can sense the tension, but she hasn’t said anything about it. This isn’t just about getting her to the next level, but also wondering if I should mention Dillon. I’m not supposed for at least another day, but if I wait it may cost me far too much.

If I wait and she doesn’t react the way we all hope she will, then that leaves me less time to correct my mistakes and time is something that’s already being lost. If I act to soon, then I may loose her altogether. It’s a difficult choice and one with no clear answer.

I wish we had the money for another room, since I could use their advice right now. Unfortunately, I can’t reach out to anyone without a phone and it won’t work out here. One of the reason we chose this resort is the inability to reach anyone in the outside world. We are free to do as we wish here, which is why I can use some help from a friendly voice.

I was supposed to bring up Aunt Kayleigh today, but she beat me to it. Everything about today was to lead her to a willingness to be with both of us and now the entire plan needs to be reworked. I’m pressing ahead because I must, but there was nothing that prepared us for that kind of eagerness.

Caoimhe is every bit as daring as Kayleigh, maybe even more so, which is a nice surprise. It didn’t even take that much for her to get comfortable with our nudity. I had expected the flushing cheeks to still be on her, but I haven’t seen any hint of that in a while now.

There’s one part of our bodies that remain untouched and that’s what the lube’s for. I’m tempted to reach for the wine and pour us both a couple of large glasses, but I also want to see how she reacts completely sober. That’s why I’m frozen right now and I have no idea which direction I should take.

I wish Caoimhe would make this a little easier and reach down for my dark hole, but she hasn’t done that. She’s come very close and I know she stares at it when I have an orgasm, which is the reason she likes me on top when we sixty-nine. She just can’t seem to bring herself to take that next step and I wonder if that’s a place she won’t allow herself to go.

I told her we would do whatever she wished and never even hinted about doing anything I wish. We’re sitting on the bed and my legs are spread wide for her enjoyment. She so loves the way my pink looks, especially when my fingers press my lips to the side. That’s exactly what I’m doing right now and a little drool escapes her open mouth.

I love the way her green eyes stay focused on my body and the way her breathing changes just a little. As she enjoys the view of pink, my mind is starting to formulate a plan. My lips spread a little further and I’m dripping down with the anticipation of what’s going to happen next.

I summon my inner Kayleigh. “I’m glad you like looking at my pussy, Caoimhe.”

She’s a little startled by my words, but her eyes remain focused. “What, mommy?”

I smile, even though she can’t see my face. “I said, I’m glad you like looking at my pussy. You make me so fucking wet. Do you know what I want to see right now, Caoimhe?”

She’s a little flustered, but I can sense the slight change within her. These words excite her and I’m willing to do whatever it takes, including using words she’s never heard me use before. Her eyes are pulling up to mine and her hand wipes away the drool.

She grins as she asks, “My pussy, mommy?”

My grin is a little wider. “Not just yet, Caoimhe. I want to see your asshole.”

Her green eyes widen. “My what?”

I hold her eyes with mine. “Your asshole. I know you’ve been looking at mine when we sixty-nine, so it’s only fair that I see yours.”

She shakes her head a little in an attempt to deny the truth. “Mommy, I haven’t…”

My voice cuts her off, but there’s no anger in my voice. “It’s alright, Caoimhe. There’s nothing wrong with looking at my asshole. Hell, your Aunt Kayleigh and I do a hell of a lot more than look.”

I can see her eyes are trying to grasp everything, but there’s no sense of losing her from being more direct with my words. “Like what, mommy?”

I smile warmly. “Like touch each other there as we cum. It’s fun to feel the spasms press around my finger. We also lick each others assholes.”

Her head is no longer shaking and I fear I pressed too hard. “Really, mommy? You’ve done that with Aunt Kayleigh?”

My smile remains warm and my voice turns a little softer. “Really, Caoimhe, we’ve done it a lot. It’s fun for us. We also finger each other and use some toys. I don’t want to just see your asshole, Caoimhe, I want to play with it for a while. How about a deal? You let me play with your asshole and then you can play with mine.”

Her face is hard to read as she thinks things over. “I don’t know, mommy.”

I look into her green eyes and see a host of emotions within them. “About me playing with your asshole, or you playing with mine?”

There’s ataşehir escort bayan hesitation before she answers. “Me playing with yours. I’ve been looking at it and I like watching it spasm, but I don’t want to do anything else.”

She’s lying to herself and I can see it in her eyes. Whatever door was opened, she doesn’t want it to open all the way. There’s so much turmoil within her and I won’t push. At least she doesn’t have a problem with me having some fun with her. Caoimhe will come around, but I won’t force the issue.

My face shows reassurance as I say, “That’s alright, Caoimhe, we’re here for you. I’m glad you can tell me things about what you don’t want to do. We want you to be comfortable with us, not pull away. How about this? Once I’m done playing with your asshole, you can look at mine for as long as you like.”

She nods and I can see relief wash over her face. “Thanks, mommy. What do you want me to do?”

It’s more than relief that I see on her face as a sense of eagerness starts to take hold. I’m glad it’s my dark hole that she’s hesitant about, rather than hers. She’ll get there, even if I have to use some wine to open that door. I need them all open, but I can’t expect it to happen right now.

One door at a time is all I need and she’ll be ready for the three of us. I know that will be the most difficult door to open, since Dillon has that wonderfully large dick. I don’t know if she’s ever caught a glimpse of him, but it doesn’t matter either way. His size can be scary, if you’ve never had anything like it before.

Once she’s ready, provided I follow the plan, it’s so much more than just her pink hole being opened by Dillon. I want to see her lips wrapped around his manhood as he opens her throat. I want to see him buried all the way inside of her dark hole. I want all that and so much more, but it’s one step at a time and can’t afford to get ahead of myself.

I focus all of my energy on this one moment. “Get on your hands and knees, Caoimhe.”

She smiles at my response, but the turmoil is still strong within her. I know her legs are too close together before she lowers her hands, but still enjoy the view. Her crack parts to reveal a little of her dark hole and my hands reach out to caress her tight cheeks.

My fingers feel the heat of her flesh and I can feel a slight tingle spread across me body. “Spread your legs a little more, Caoimhe”

She spreads her legs without question and her dark hole is revealed, but it’s still not enough. “Like this, mommy?”

My fingers slowly trace the white crack and she lets out a sigh. “A little more.”

She’s a little clumsy as she spreads her knees apart further and gives me a much better view. “Like this?”

I grin as I say, “Perfect. Now press your tits onto the bed.”

She lowers herself down and both holes are before my green eyes. “Perfect, Caoimhe. Stay just like that. I’ll be right back.”

My fingers pull back as she responds, but it wasn’t clear what her words were. Her mouth must be pressed against the pillow, which caused her words to sound muffled. I wonder what she’s going to sound like when it’s his dick muffling her.

I remind myself that it’s too early for such thoughts and my fingers part from her body. The tingle is gone as I get off the bed and head to my bag on the floor. It’s already unzipped and all I need to do is grab a couple of items. The lube and black buttplug are within easy reach, but I hesitate with both in hand.

I wonder how she’ll react to the buttplug and my finger. Am I pushing things too quickly? Maybe I should just leave them here for now. My fingers don’t open as I decide it’s better to have them with me and not need them, rather than need them and not have them with me.

Everything’s coming down to how she’ll respond as I explore. She’s in control of everything right now and I won’t push it. I won’t push her away. Not after how far we’ve come and there’s too little time left to win her back. Mistakes are something I will not allow and must continue to be patient.

I return to the bed and set both items to the side within easy reach. My body presses between her legs and she’s dripping down her thigh. My fingers reach out and softly touch the ridges that encircle her dark hole as my lips press down onto one of her tight cheeks. Caoimhe lets out a sigh of encouragement as I hold myself steady. Her scent is a wonderful mixture of both holes and a little sweat added in.

Tingles are moving throughout my body as my lips find another spot on her firm surface and my fingers slowly start to explore each ridge. Another sigh of encouragement from Caoimhe and I take it as a very good sign. I was expecting her to pull away at this point, but she shows no sign of backing down.

Her voice calls back and it’s no longer muffled. “That feels good, mommy.”

My lips press to another spot on her tight cheeks as my fingers continue the path of exploration. I won’t press to the center just yet, since escort kadıöy I want her to be a little more ready. There are more sighs as I cross over familiar ridges and press into new territory with my lips. I pull my head back and watch as the center tightens at my soft touch.

She lets out another sigh and I know how to bring Dillon into the conversation. I just need to wait until she’s in that afterglow of her next orgasm and take advantage of the moment. I won’t tell her everything, but enough to get her mind to open another door.

I pull my finger back and caress her lips as my tongue reaches the ridges. I can taste the familiar bitterness, but there’s something a little sweet about her dark hole as well. Caoimhe presses her body back a little as she lets out a soft moan and I take my time with everything.

The smell from her pink hole is overwhelming all others as my tongue presses against the center. I can still taste the bittersweet flavors on my tongue and want so much more. It’s almost maddening as my fingers are slowly coated with her sweet release.

Caoimhe starts to moan out a little more as I press my tongue, but there’s no give at all. If this were my sister, then my fingers would be spreading her open a little, but Caoimhe’s not ready for that. She will be in time, but I must wait and settle for the pleasant sensation of her ridges around the tip of my tongue.

She continues to press back against me and the moans are getting louder. I know it’s time to move on to something a little more intimate. My fingers are slick, but I can’t take any chances that the one in question won’t be slick enough.

I pull back and she lets out a groan of disappointment, but I’ll return soon enough. It’s a little difficult to work the bottle, since my fingers are covered from what her pink hole has released. This isn’t the first time I’ve been in this situation and it won’t be the last.

I can feel the coolness of the lube as I coat my index finger and set the bottle to the side. I’m glad I brought it with me, that and the buttplug, since she shows no sign of wanting me to stop anything. The heat of her body combines with mine once again and I hold myself for just a moment as I admire the ridges.

My slick finger presses the center and her body presses back to greet it. She lets out a sigh as I start to enter, but take my time. I only have the tip inside of her and even that feels amazing. Her dark hole tightens to force me out, but her body presses back to take more.

My finger slowly presses in, never fast enough to cause any discomfort, and her moans are music to my ears. It’s amazing just how tight her hole is as I press a little deeper and know I haven’t felt anything quite like this in a very long time. I want to kiss her cheeks very badly right now, but my eyes won’t pull away from watching as my finger presses in.

It’s just the one finger and I know she’s going to feel something a little bigger very soon. The buttplug is going to be used, since it’s clear Caoimhe has no interest in stopping me. My entire finger is being pressed like a hot vice and I love the way it looks. Her body presses back a little, but I have nothing more to give her.

I slowly start to move my finger in and out of her tight hole and her moans increase. My free hand reaches for the buttplug and manages to get some lube on it, without pulling away from her. I want the transition to be as smooth as possible and I can’t believe just how wet I am.

As I slowly pull my finger all the way out and lose the sensation of hot pressure, the tip of the buttplug goes in easily. There’s a slight his from Caoimhe, but it was far less than I was expecting. I slowly insert the black inside of her tight hole and love the way it looks against her pale flesh.

I’m not going to do anything more than insert it all the way and I have more than enough lube for that. Her body presses back, despite the fight put up by her dark hole and she lets out a pleasant sigh. I can see the ridges part beautifully as I slowly press against the pressure of her tight hole.

It’s all the way in and I can see her grip the edge. My fingers pull back a little, but not enough to lose the grip and grin as her ridges push apart a little more. My movement is slow and with great purpose as I move the black plug back and forth.

It may not be very big, but it’s perfect for what I need. It’s all about preparing her for him and getting her used to the idea of having something more than my finger inside of her dark hole. The temptation to pull it out a little more is great, but I want something far more. What I want is to see her face as daddy slowly presses his dick inside of her tight hole, but that will have to wait.

I pull away from Caoimhe’s body and lay on my back with my legs pressed together. “I want you on top, so I can eat your pussy while I play with your asshole.”

Her breathing deepens as she moves into position and the black plug looks even better from this view. maltepe escort I can feel her tongue press between my legs, but I won’t open them for her. This is all about making her feel amazing things as her dark hole presses against the base of the buttplug.

My tongue reaches out for her clit as my eyes focus on the black tip of the plug. I can’t taste the sweetness, since the bitterness is still overwhelming, but that will change soon enough. Caoimhe moans out as I start to press my tongue against the most sensitive of places and she starts to drip onto my face.

My fingers slowly move the buttplug back and forth as I watch her stretched ridges grip above me. Her moans are getting louder and her tongue more desperate to gain purchase between my closed legs. Caoimhe’s hands are trying to force my legs apart with all the strength she can spare, but it isn’t going to happen just yet.

The dripping slowly coats my flesh as the sweetness starts to override the bitterness and her body tightens on mine. Her ridges spasm hard around the black of the plug and there’s no part of my face that doesn’t get covered by what she releases for me. I love the sound of her moans as the sweetness builds on my tongue. It’s my tongue that has gotten her here and every orgasm brings her closer to what we desire.

My green eyes focus on the spasms as more of my daughter washes everything away. It’s just her sweet release and the wonders of her dark hole as she moans out her pleasure. There’s no going back, only forward as my tongue leaves her clit and my mouth opens to swallow the last of Caoimhe’s release.

Her body starts to relax and the spasms end. Caoimhe tries to fall onto my body, but I have far more strength than she does. She falls over with ease and lose sight of the black plug. All I can taste is the result of her orgasm and I don’t think there’s any part of my face that hasn’t been touched.

She’s exhausted as I taste the marvels of her orgasm on my lips and breathing deeply in an attempt to recover. Now is the time to bring up Dillon, since I can take advantage of the emotions swirling around within her. I lay next to her, since she doesn’t have the energy to come to me.

It’s going to be a while before she can stare at my dark hole and I hope a great deal more. I’ll find out soon enough, but right now there are more pressing things that I need to do. There will never be a good time for this, but this will certainly be my best chance.

I smile as I caress her hard nipples. “I’m glad you like hearing me say things like pussy and asshole, Caoimhe.”

Her green eyes try to focus on mine. “Why, mommy?”

I look into the emotions within her eyes. “Because Aunt Kayleigh uses more colorful language than me when we’re together and I don’t want you to be embarrassed. Have you ever wondered why Aunt Kayleigh and daddy look away from each other?”

She nods and manages to get out, “Daddy doesn’t like you being with her.”

My green eyes brighten. “Not at all. When I’m gone, they spend time together. Those looks are from love, not hate.”

Her eyes are starting to focus. “You mean Aunt Kayleigh and daddy?”

I nod and my voice shows only warmth. “Are lovers. Yes, Caoimhe. He’s an excellent lover and I don’t mind sharing with her.”

She shakes her head in an attempt to clear it. “Isn’t that cheating?”

I shake my head and my smile remains one of love. “Not at all. It’s only cheating if I don’t know about it. Daddy makes me feel wonderful and I want Aunt Kayleigh to feel the same thing. I just wish we didn’t have to hide it from any of you. I guess we won’t have to do that with you anymore. Please don’t tell the boys.”

There’s a sea of emotion behind her eyes. “I won’t, mommy, I promise. I just can’t believe it. So, right now, they’re…”

I decide on a more colorful word. “Fucking, Caoimhe. That’s right.”

She shakes her head. “I can’t believe it.”

My eyes try to keep the storm going a little longer. “Believe it, Caoimhe, they’re fucking each other right now.”

She shakes he head a little harder. “Not that they’re fucking, but I didn’t catch on. It was so fucking obvious. Shit. Have the three of you ever…”

I don’t let her finish, but there’s a grin that gives a pretty clear indication. “That’s a story for another time.”

* * *

18 Years Ago

Everything is so different between me and my sister. I no longer have the old grudge that ate into my heart. There’s no longer the desire to see her punished and I’m so much happier these days.

It may have started out as nothing more than the raging hormones of a pregnant woman, but it’s far different now. I’m no longer the one pregnant and we’re all thrilled that she’s having twins. Provided nothing goes wrong, my husband is going to get himself fixed, since we can’t risk me having another pregnancy. Three children is what we’ve always wanted and it looks like we get our wish in our own little way.

Caoimhe is finally sleeping through the night. I thought this day would never come. Right now we don’t have to worry about our unique life, but that’s going to change and we have to work out a plan to keep her, them, from finding out. They deserve to have a normal life and that is the furthest from what we have.

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