The Senator’s Daughter

Big Tits

Some things about life are much better and easier when your father’s a rich and successful senator, you don’t really need to work for one thing, you have all the time and money you could ever want to indulge in whatever fun you want, others are less good, like being an only child in a household where your parents were never around. I was nineteen when the events of this story happened. My father, Senator Mark Feldman, had just been re-elected and was very busy all the time, some times spending days away from home when he had important business to attend to in the city. My mother, Madeleine Feldman, was the president of her own company and had a fortune that was at least an equal to my father. She, too, was a very busy woman, spending more time off at work than she ever spent at home. I don’t know how great their sex life together was, although I suspect fairly non-existent, in fact it was a surprise to me how they ever managed to conceive me in the first place, they spent so little time in the same place at the same time. I tended to think that the only reason that they were still together was because they were both too busy to get a divorce or find someone else. I, Dean Feldman, was the only product of the marriage. I don’t know whether I was unplanned, it seems unlike them to leave something like that to chance, but I do know that throughout my childhood they acted pretty much as if I was an unwanted burden on their precious time. I was raised by a succession of strict nannies, who never stayed around long enough for me to form any kind of bond with them. That continued until I was about 12, after which point I pretty much raised myself. My mother at least tried to take an interest in my schoolwork and encourage me those rare times when she was home early in the evening, but my father couldn’t really care less about me, all he seemed to care about was advancing his political career.

Anyway, all this meant that through my teenage years I was pretty much left to my own devices, alone in our vast mostly unoccupied house. Having been brought up with little social interaction, I was, by nature, a shy boy and didn’t really make friends very easily so I spent most of this time alone. Naturally, this resulted in me exploring and experimenting with aspects of myself that might have remained submerged under other circumstances. As it was, I was to discover that my shy, retiring personality had its outgoing, exhibitionist opposite buried deep within me. Itwas this personality that came out as I began to explore other things, things like the smooth, sensual sensations of wearing women’s lingerie. I started out with just my mother’s underwear, but as I explored the delights of the internet, I became bolder and began to order plenty of things of my own, I did, after all, have the advantage of my parents’ vast wealth and plenty of time and opportunity. These were now things that would suit my feminine persona, sexy, vivacious, outgoing, dominant, everything my masculine persona was not. This was the way that “Delilah” was born. Of course, once I’d perfected how to dress, walk, talk and act like Delilah, there was no way that I was keeping her locked away at home. My parents were never around, so it wouldn’t be difficult to go out and even spend whole days or nights living as Delilah. There may be another time to recount all the fun I had in those early days, discovering more and more about myself while the world discovered more and more of Delilah. Some time maybe I’ll tell you about it, but for the purposes of this story all you need to know is that I was such a hit as Delilah that I got a job. As Dean I’d never had a job, I’d been too self indulgent to really want one and I didn’t need the money, but this was a very special job. Delilah had been hired as a performer at a sex club that catered for people who liked their women with a little something extra. Delilah was a major hit with the people who frequented the club and soon I was the main act. Every Friday I would perform my act before an ever growing crowd of guys and girls, and some like me who were somewhere in between, simulating or actually having sex with my hot assistants or pulling punters out of the watching club to join me. Sometimes I would even ask them to join me for a private session later on. That’s where this story begins, I’m nineteen, bored, rich, lonely, annoyed with my absentee parents, and leading a double life, as shy introverted layabout senator’s son Dean, and feisty, sexy, crossdressing sex club star Delilah.

It was Friday and I knew well where I had to be. My mother was at home that evening but my father wasn’t. The senator was busy at the office and would probably stay over in the city as he often did. I’d told my parents that I liked to go out on a Friday night in the city and that I’d always spend the night at my friend Delilah’s place, that way they were never suspicious of what I was doing all those Fridays when I wasn’t around. In my bedroom, I opened up my closet and found the bag where I kept Delilah’s performance outfit. I was dressed in my normal escort ataşehir masculine attire of jeans and a casual shirt, I would change at the club. I waved to my mother as I shut the door behind me and shut the door on this part of my life. I jumped into my little red sports car and drove off into town, leaving behind the suburb that represented the respectable, affluent side of my life, and heading for the sleazy club that would allow my dirty side to flourish.

It was getting dark when I arrived. The club was in a gay district and there were lots of couples of men and guys dressed as girls milling around outside the graphic neon signs. Looking at the wall I could see a poster with Delilah’s photo on it, I smiled to myself, the transformation was so great that I doubted anyone else on the street would recognise the picture and me as the same person. A little electric thrill ran through me, I was already getting turned on by these thoughts and I hadn’t even got dressed yet. I went around the back and was about to slip in the back entrance next to where the dressing rooms were, but was stopped by a tough, heavy set bouncer.

“Sorry, you can’t go in there,” he said, barring my way with his arm, “That’s for performers and staff only.”

I gave a girlish giggle and purred in my feminine voice, “Larry, it’s me,” he looked blank for a second before recognition flashed across his face,

“Delilah, sorry I didn’t recognise you like that.”

I smiled to myself once more, pleased with how total the transformation was, how totally separate these two personas of mine were. Little was I to know that tonight was when my two worlds came colliding together.

I got a dressing room to myself now I was the star, and this was where I headed in order to prepare for the evening’s fun. First things first, I ran a hot bath and soaked myself in it, getting my body totally clean, washing away all residue of my life as Dean. Feeling totally clean and refreshed, I took a leg razor from my bag and proceeded to shave my legs, which were never exactly hairy, just covered in downy blonde hairs, but I needed to make them totally smooth, and the rest of my body, leaving my cock and balls totally shaved as well. Finally, I got out of the bath and wrapped myself in a towel. As I waited to become dry, I laid out my clothes for the evening, all tight shiny PVC, the dominatrix look was essential to my performance and to Delilah’s character.

Now totally dry, I applied some glue to my chest and attached a pair of C-cup silicone breasts to my slender frame, instantly they changed my appearance from boyish to curvaceously feminine, I was well on the way to becoming Delilah. Next, I covered my waist and breasts in a tight black leather corset that laced at the front and turned my figure even more feminine, narrowing my waist to 26 inches, and pushing my breasts up so that they almost spilled out. I coupled this with a tiny black PVC mini-skirt that barely covered my thighs let alone all of my longlegs. The feel of leather and PVC on my skin was already making my cock twitch a little but there wasn’t time for that now so I tucked it between my legs. I never wore panties to perform my act, although other times as Delilah I loved their silky sensual feel on my cock. Next were the gloves, also black PVC to match my skirt, they came all the way up to my elbows, and my crowning glory, the boots, which made up for my skirt’s failure to cover anything by being thigh high so in fact much of my legs were clad in PVC. The tiny, sharp heels were six inches high and added to my height which was already almost six foot to enable me to tower dominantly over almost any man.

My outfit was ready, which left just my hair and make-up. Dramatic and slutty was the key to getting Delilah’s make-up right and I’d had a lot of practice at it by now, giving her blushing red cheeks and deep, dark scarlet lips. I looked into the mirror and licked them eagerly, they were the kind of lips that were perfect to see wrapped around a hard cock. False eyelashes drew attention to my green eyes, as did lots of dramatic eye-shadow. Not that it mattered at all as the final transformation of my face involved covering the area around my eyes in a black mask. Finally, I topped the whole look off with my favourite wig, I could sense tonight might be something special, it was platinum blonde, far blonder than my natural hair, and long and wild and wavy. I struck a couple of sexy poses in the mirror, turning myself on a little so my cock was now semi-hard. I’d like to fuck that, I thought, and it thrilled me to know how many other men, and women, would be thinking the same thing soon. Having checked myself, I was ready to go out and perform. I grabbed my leather whip, my last accessory, and headed out into the hallway where I met Trish and Cindy who performed with me. Unlike me, just a crossdresser, these two were both authentic shemales with real breasts that I envied greatly, but I was still the star of the show so it didn’t bother me too much. Cindy was a busty, kadıköy escort short brunette and Trish was black, even taller than me with unnaturally massive breasts and a cock to match. They were both dressed in corsets and mini-skirts like mine.

“Let’s go girls,” I grinned as we headed for the stage.

I heard the sound of applause as the club’s manager announced me as “the delightful and divine Delilah”. I came out onto the stage and just stood there in the spotlight for a few seconds, completely still until I was sure I had the enraptured attention of all the eyes in the room, Trish and Cindy stood behind me. I cracked my whip and music started up, I started to sway my hips sexily as the cheers and catcalls came from the watching audience. I wrapped my whip around Cindy’s waist and pulled her into a kiss, forcing my tongue down her throat. Cindy didn’t seem to complain, I felt her breasts press against mine through our leather corsets. Trish, meanwhile, had come up behind me and was massaging my breasts as Cindy pulled away, I could feel her massive cock pressing against my arse, which was barely covered by my tiny skirt. My own cock was growing again and now a slight bulge was visible in the tight skirt. Using the handle of my whip, I pushed Cindy to the floor, she ran her tongue up my long PVC boots and over my bare thighs until she got to my skirt. Trish’s hands were now on my waist and, with a rapid move of her hands, she whipped my skirt off and threw it into the front row of the watching men to reveal my cock springing forth beneath. There was a ripple of pleasure from those watching as she did this. I pushed Trish to the floor as well so she and Cindy were facing one another, both on all fours, their skirts riding up their bare arses. I pushed their heads close together until their lips and tongues met in a wet slurping kiss, Cindy’s pale white skin contrasting with her red lips and the chocolate brown of Trish’s. Their lips moved seamlessly from each other towards my cock which now stood proudly forth from my body.

I let out a sigh as Cindy and Trish’s tongues simultaneously ran across my quivering shaft, and looked out into the watching faces to see what effect my little show was having on them. And that’s when I saw him and gave another gasp, only not one of pleasure this time. There, among the faces watching my performance, one stood out far more than the others. It was one that I was familiar with, one that maybe I wasn’t as familiar with as I should be, but still. It was my father, Senator Mark Feldman. Straight-laced workaholic Mark Feldman, who never seemed to have time even to spend with his son. Mark Feldman who didn’t seem ever to be remotely interested in guys or gay sex. Well, there he was, watching two hot shemales licking the hard cock of a guy he didn’t realise was his son in drag. He was dressed in kind of grey suit and tie that he wore at the office but looked a little out of place in a club like this. He was visibly uncomfortable, open mouthed and obviously not used to such a sight and I wondered if it was my dad’s first time at a club like this, I’d never seen him in here before, and I would have noticed. His discomfort seemed if anything to be enhanced by the fact that he was clearly enjoying the show, his legs were crossed as if to hide a growing erection. Sitting alongside him, looking significantly more at ease, was his PA Gary, who I knew was gay, and who I suspected would have been the driving force behind encouraging, if not almost forcing, my dad the senator to be there tonight.

My heart skipped a beat as my eyes behind the mask met my father’s, a million thoughts went racing through my head. What if he recognises me? was the first. Something that I quickly dismissed, there was no hint of recognition on his excited face and I knew full well that even I didn’t really recognise retiring Dean in dominatrix Delilah. My next thought was a kind of thrill that Delilah’s powers were so strong I could even entice my own father, this gave me a naughty little grin that I’m sure the audience appreciated, and a whole new set of ideas. How far could I take it with my dad? What could I push him into? The thrill of having power over such a man who valued his own power so, the excitement at the taboo of the incest and the chance to humiliate and dominate and punish the father who’d been absent so much in my life all conspired to make me know that I had to have him, here, tonight.

Often, during performing, I would bring people up onto the stage with me, it spiced things up a bit and was an unusual thrill for both them and me. Now, I pushed Cindy and Trish hard away from my cock so they fell back, and then I strode off the stage and into the throng of watching guys and girls, my sharp heels clicking on the ground. Unsurprisingly, as I strode purposefully through the crowd, a number of hands grabbed and caressed my curves and my cock. I didn’t mind this, in fact I loved their touches and attentions, but they didn’t distract me from my purpose. Even though he was staring directly maltepe escort bayan at me, my dad didn’t realise where I was headed until I was right in front of him. His detached stare implied that he had forgotten he was involved in this sexy scene, so alien to his normal way of life.

“Hey sexy boy,” I purred, wrapping my whip around his shoulders and pulling him into a wet kiss (I’m French kissing my dad!, the thought whirred through my head for a second), “Come on up on stage.”

He didn’t exactly seem to know what to do, he seemed reluctant yet at the same time excited. As it turned out, I had to practically drag him up on stage amidst cheers from the other guys, particularly vocal ones from Gary who was egging him on.

Up on stage, I pushed him away from me and cracked the whip in the air.

“Now strip for me, honey,” I said in a commanding voice. As he hesitated for a few seconds, I decided to take control and whipped him once, “I won’t ask you again,” I said angrily, my body tingling with the thrill of this power I had over him as he blushed red and the watching people laughed, “Girls, help this man out of his clothes.”

Trish and Cindy were only too happy to oblige and had soon torn all the clothes from my father’s ever more embarrassed body to reveal his cock, tiny but undoubtedly aroused and erect even during, or perhaps because of, his public humiliation. I prodded his little cock with the end of my whip.

“You’re not packing too much down there are you?” I teased, “Looks like I’m going to have to use you as my little slut-slave.”

My dad didn’t know where to turn at this, he looked as if he wished the earth would just swallow him up, yet at the same time his little cock was even harder. Trish brought me over a studded dog collar with a leash on it and I strapped it around the senator’s throat.

“Now you’re my bitch,” I purred cruelly as the audience cheered once more. “On your knees, bitch,” I said and yanked the leash so it pulled him down onto his knees, his face was just inches from my cock which was now fully hard and erect at the treatment I was handing out to my own father.

I could see a look of desire and temptation in his eyes and I knew that I had him even though he held back looking scared.

“Come on bitch,” I said, bringing my whip down across his shoulder in a way that made him wince with pain and me grin with pleasure, “You know what you’re supposed to do now.”

I rested one foot in my thigh high boots up on his shoulder to prevent him from getting up and used my gloved hand to bring his mouth closer to my cock. His lips opened and allowed the swollen head inside his mouth, I could feel his tongue caress it gingerly. I pushed about an inch of my cock into him, holding his head with my hand and forcing it in, even when he began to gag I didn’t let up, and soon half my cock was nestled inside my dad’s warm mouth.

“Now suck it, slave,” I commanded.

Inexpertly, my dad began to withdraw my cock from his mouth and take a little of it back in. But I wasn’t going to stand for this, and instead grabbed the back of his head and forced the whole 7 inches deep down his throat which had him coughing and spluttering.

I laughed, “If you’re not going to do it properly slave, then I’ll have to it for you.”

With that, I began violently and rapidly to fuck my father’s throat with my throbbing hard cock. After a while, he seemed to get into the rhythm of it and no longer spluttered so much and I was able to take my foot away from his shoulder. He didn’t move away, in fact he moved in closer. Seemingly oblivious to the audience, he diverted all his attention to my cock and he was growing to have a better idea of what he was doing as used his hands to stroke my shaft and play with my balls while his tongue lingered around the head. I saw another wince of pain, although this time there seemed to be a lot of pleasure mixed in with it, as Trish knelt behind him and squeezed hard on his erect cock.

“You’ve got a real good submissive bitch here Delilah,” she grinned and the audience laughed once more, “He’s loving this even more than you are.”

“You like sucking on my big hard cock do you slave?” I taunted, I knew that however much this was turning him on, this submissive behaviour was equally humiliating to him, and it embarrassed him even more that the public humiliation was excited him so much, “That’s right, you want to feel my cum in your throat, you want my cum all over my face don’t you daddy?” He didn’t seem to register what my calling him daddy meant and this pleased me too, I knew now that I was close to the climax of the show, so to speak, and began to take control again. “That’s it, make me cum for you, daddy,” I cried as I felt my orgasm boiling up inside my cock, “Oh yes, I’m cumming!!!” I screamed, my dad swallowed the first shot which hit the back of his throat, but I wanted to see his naked body soaked in my cum. I withdrew my cock and jerked it off as I shot my load over his face. Trish and Cindy stood beside me, jerking their own cocks off over him until by the end of it he was totally covered in our sticky juices and totally humiliated. If only they knew he was a senator then he would feel even worse about it, if only they knew he was my father he would probably die of shame.

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